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Maria and Her Boys Ch. 28

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Yes, I am an older woman who enjoys younger men. Who pursues and seduces them. You probably would call me a cougar — I confess I have gotten used to that idea.

I’m in my very late forties. And I crave young men — ones who are young enough to be my son, barely men but fresh and keen to learn. They are eager to please me and to be pleasured. They are willing to be taught how. And well-behaved – I don’t keep them otherwise. Their young dicks get so hard for me. They throb perfectly and shoot so many loads of sticky baby-making stuff. Once I’ve taught them some stamina, they can give me as many as three big loads in one play time.

As the older woman, its exciting to see my boys learn and gain in confidence. It makes them better lovers, quick to give me what I want. Like screwing me hard when I need that. Or licking my bottom when that’s my desire. Soon they become more like grown men, ready to pleasure their girlfriends and – one day — their wives.

I teach them so many things. Then I let them go. And find another.

Matthew is different. Because of his wonderful, muscled body. And his lovely, thick manhood. He was so eager to please that he brought out a different side of me. Or maybe I should say he brought out more of the real me. I felt like I had licence to indulge my fantasies and to explore things I’d never been game for. One of those things was to have real control over my young lover, to take advantage of his willingness to make me happy. I thought of him as submissive — ready and willing for anything I asked him. I got curious and did some research and I hoped it was true.

The thing is, his submissive side made me feel more confident myself — especially about exploring more dirty and kinky pleasures. Since he was so obedient and malleable, I didn’t feel like I need worry about him judging me. When I am in control, I know he is content to let me explore new things. I still feel like that is most of the time.

I wasn’t expecting him to get the confidence to want to take charge of our play. To take his pleasure from me anytime he desires. I actually love that. I really get turned-on by letting Matthew have what he wants, experiencing his fantasies for real — with me. But it can be confusing, as well, to know I am submissive to him at times.

He likes to spank me and pull my hair while screwing me. I agree its wrong — and probably dangerous – for a woman to let a man do those things. But its so naughty and wicked that it really appeals to that other side of me. The truth is that I love it. Yes, it hurts. His spanking stings my bottom. And its so exciting to feel all of that, to experience his passion and his physical power over me. I know his cock gets harder. Definitely, I orgasm harder.

What makes me confused is how I feel when he wants to take charge. I don’t know if there is a line I need to avoid crossing. I cannot refuse when Matthew wants me to do kinky and debauched things. Masturbating for him — giving him that special experience – was amazing. It was even better for me than it was for him. And, its true, I have allowed other young men watch me pleasure myself. But how much control do I want him to have? Do I, as the older woman, want to be so submissive to a boy of his age? If he is leaving me soon, maybe its best if Matt focuses on his fantasies about small Asian women?


That Sunday morning, I was so happy to have Matt in my bed. It was the morning after the night before — he had screwed me hard and slapped my bum. He’d decided to pull my hair and hurt me while he fucked me from behind. Then he came massively and gave me a wonderful, big load of his sticky stuff.

I woke up wanting the most special morning. So I gave Matthew a special treat by masturbating as he watched. I fucked myself with a vibrator and then let Matt fuck me with it, as well. I took his load in my mouth and enjoyed every single drop. Then we had some wonderful sensual sex. As I so often do with Matt, I encouraged him to screw my bum and that, too, was erotic and intense.

Later, we shared a shower. I was very happy. And still very impressed by his big muscles. It felt natural to wash him under the water. I wasn’t thinking about being submissive. It was as much about my enjoyment as his. But I was content to let him know how much I admire his body and appreciate all his hard work.

Of course, I could not help myself giving a special, gentle clean to his young penis and his lovely, shaven pouch. He was thick in my hand and his balls hung so nicely. I indulged myself and washed him much more than was necessary. And I was not surprised, or disappointed, when his penis started to grow until he was half hard.

Then something got into my head. I can’t explain it or even really describe it. I know I was not feeling submissive. What I wanted was a special treat for me. Something nasty and forbidden.

“Don’t get hard, sweetie,” I told him with a grin. “You have to pee first.”

From the look on his face, he already felt Maltepe Escort the urge to empty himself. And my wicked thoughts got stronger and I could not stop myself.

“Pee for me, sweetie.”

I sank to my knees in front of him. Its what I wanted to do. Right then, I saw nothing wrong with it. The shower was cascading over me, warm and clean and his beautiful dick was right there. I was excited to be so close to it. I only needed one hand to cup his balls and use my fingertips to cradle his shaft at the base. My Matthew needed to pee and I wanted to experience that in a very intimate way — like before, I wanted his hot pee on my skin in a totally wicked and taboo act. There was no thought of stopping myself.

The falling water was loud. I felt even smaller than usual. But I had to speak up, to say out loud what I wanted. It was wild and exciting at the same time.

“Pee for me. sweetie,” I said to him. “Let it all out.”

I was aiming him — he must have known that. And I felt the tiny movements as his body prepared to unleash his hot stream on me. There was only a split second for me to lower my eyes and see the start of his powerful stream shooting out from the tiny hole. I was thrilled to see what his lovely penis could do. His gushing stream landed at the top of my cleavage — where I’d wanted it. Such power and heat, his stream strong and warm even under the shower. It was amazing to see and to feel. And Matthew makes me feel safe even when I feel wicked and dirty.

In a moment, I was shifting my aim — testing the wonders of his amazing cock. His pee went higher, spraying on my chest. And then I was directing him to my neck. The warmth of it was incredible and I tilted my head back to feel him all over my soft neck. I am sure his stream looked so intense against my pale skin.

I looked back down, seeing his long and strong flow bursting from his wonderful shaft. It was so easy, so natural, to lift it higher and let him cover my chin. I knew what I was doing but I felt like I was not in control of my hand.

He had a more pungent, strong smell that morning. I think its natural for a man’s morning urine, especially if he was drinking the night before. I wouldn’t say it was unpleasant. Not when I let his stream graze across my lips. I knew Matt was staring at me. But this was not a show for him. It was all about me and my own dirty curiosity. I had to know.

I let my lips open. Yes, I really had to know. Like I wanted, I got a small tase of his pee — strong, like ammonia.

That was not enough. My mouth opened wider. I was still aiming him carefully. Now his stream was landing directly onto my tongue. He still had power, from the same hole as his virile semen but so very different. The scent was strong but the taste was not bad — maybe a little salty, but thrilling since it was my young man’s piss that I was sampling. I know most of it ran out of my mouth but I just had to try — I swallowed a tiny sip of his forbidden fluid.

Maybe I would not have cared if it was awful. It was so empowering and incredible to do that with a man. And, like I say, it was precious stuff because it comes from his dick. I was surprised that it did not taste at all bad, apart from the aroma. And I was more shocked that I had done it so easily. I had drunk pee that had been shot into my mouth by my young man.

A little frightened, I lowered my aim, just as his stream reduced to a trickle. It was fun to take the last of it on my big boobs. It was only then that I realised how hard I was panting. How excited I was. Kneeling in the shower and letting a boy urinate on me and letting him see me sample and drink it.

“Good boy,” I smiled up at Matt.

I felt a tiny bit of shame and embarrassment. I guess I knew it was vile and nasty. But I felt invigorated. And quite proud. I’d been a little frightened but know I knew it was exciting. So fabulous to discover the experience. I loved playing with his dick like that and it was a buzz to overcome my inhibitions.

“I love being wicked,” I confessed to him. “I know you like it, too.”

Does it sound terrible that I was turned-on by receiving his pee like that? Maybe I can explain it by reminding myself I’m in my sexual peak — still. I have the strongest urges, seemingly all the time. Things I never thought of even when I had my loving husband — as he was back then – to play with and tempt. But he left and my new sexual lifestyle allows me to have these desires and to act on them. I can try new lovers and be dirty and slutty.

In that mood, I wanted to dry him off. It would have been enough just to worship his amazing body. There was no harm in reminding Matthew how much I appreciate his physique. But my vag was tingling after what I’d just done. And from drying his muscles and his six-pack. And from seeing that his prick was fully erect. I was drying it and fondling it, knowing he was throbbing. I looked up and saw the lust on his face.

I did not hesitate. I wrapped my lips around that Cevizli Escort young, throbbing shaft. I sank deep, letting my lips stretch around his bulk. The sound of his moan was loud in my ears. Having just washed and dried him, it was fun to take him in my wet mouth. And to cup his shaven balls, fondling them softly as I used my lips and my tongue to make his shaft grow even harder.

It was no surprise I was horny again and ready to be screwed by my lovely young man. That’s what I was thinking — how much I needed his dick inside my vag and how good he’d make me feel. And he’d taken me once before in the bathroom, you remember. I didn’t need to say anything. I just climbed to my feet and leaned forward over the hand basin. Nature — and Matthew’s lust — did the rest.

Matthew was in the mood, too. And I know he loves the view from behind, my shapely legs and my firm, shapely bottom. His strong hands to spread my flesh as he aimed at my entrance. The feeling of his physical power and his lust made my vag gush in anticipation. And I gasped with joy as his young cock began to penetrate me.

The basin was cold against the warm flush of my skin. He quickly worked his full length inside me, hearing me groan with pleasure. It was just moments before he was fucking me with powerful thrusts that filled me and made my big boobs bounce underneath me. The sounds of my lust were so loud against the hard porcelain.

“You like fucking in here”, he observed between his own panting.

I heard the note of confidence in his voice. The sound of a grown man. And I felt the way his powerful muscles were controlling me as I was bent over the hand basin. It was so amazing. And it sent me off to my first orgasm.

“Fuck me anywhere, Matt,” I rasped.

He started to bang harder, making my head bump against the hard basin. And his balls were slapping against my vag lips. That made me cum again. It was strange to hear my sounds so loud. But all I wanted was for him to keep screwing me over the basin.

“I want that cock…” I groaned. “My good boy…”

It was so primal. And after his pee it was reassuring to be screwed like that.

“Fuck me… oh, Matt…”

His physical strength, his power, was amazing and turning me on so much.

“Fuck me… shoot, Matt… give it to me…”

Yes, I love his semen. I love everything that comes out of his penis. And its so raw and satisfying when a young man shoots his load for me.

“Make me dirty…” I urged him, knowing I’d shower again with his stuff leaking from me.

And, suddenly, Matthew was shooting a big, sticky load. Except he was not in my vag. At the last second, he’d pulled out of me. I wanted to stop him, to beg him to fuck me hard while he was shooting inside me. But then I felt it — his big wads of stuff splashing on my back. My sweet big was stroking his cock and shooting his baby-making stuff on my back and my butt cheeks. Oh, that was so hot.

I let Matt do that sometimes, shooting on my back instead of my boobs. Its naughty and wicked. I love the sensations and the idea of being coated with his potent stuff. Its kind of a waste on my back since I can’t see back there — but its kind of kinky in a way that I really enjoy. Its intense fun to hold myself in doggy position, watching in the mirror as he makes me messy and sticky.

“Oh, Matt… I was panting heavily. “Oh, good boy….”

I was back in the shower as he dressed and left. We never really cuddle and kiss at the end. And by that point I was already deep in confused thoughts.


Our sex play that night and morning was not just erotic — it was scorching hot. I’d gotten crazy and debauched. Matt had gone with me every step of the way. Some of what we’d done would be considered kinky and disgusting. Maybe I still think that way. Am I going too far? What kind of woman do I want to be, even as a cougar? Am I taking advantage of Matthew — or is it the other way around?

In the moment, I was eager and excited for everything. Having him pee on me, being fucked like an animal in the bathroom, the long and languid anal screwing. Even my close friends would be shocked if they knew. These are such taboos and I still can’t explain my fascination, my need to explore. But it felt natural and right. And I enjoyed everything so immensely.

Then again, from another viewpoint, was there something else going on? Especially tasting and swallowing his pee. And turning around for him to fuck me from behind. Honestly, it can be exciting to give myself to a lover like that. Even moreso when its my sweet, hunky Matthew with his powerful, manly body that I adore. Of course, I want to pleasure him, to let him experience great sex. There’s nothing wrong with giving my body to him when I am in the mood – which is often.

But I’d gone further than that. Hadn’t I? Kneeling in the shower, taking his urine into my mouth. Letting him take charge of our screwing in the bathroom. Oh yes, it was intense and very Atalar Escort satisfying. But I was showing a side that perhaps I don’t really want Matt to see. As much as I enjoy a young man having the confidence to take what he wants, I’m not sure how I feel about being deferential and submissive. Or so dirty.

Oh, when Clive took charge of our sex play it was new and exciting. And he showed me a passion that my ex-husband had lacked for so long. But Matthew? With his physical attributes its only natural that he wants to have control — and the idea is incredibly sexy, the thought of a young man so overcome with lust for me.

Can I have both? But do I risk him wanting to always have control? Aren’t I more comfortable being the one in charge? Can I still be the older, experienced and horny woman who trains her young men? Perhaps I ready to explore my own dirty thoughts but a little afraid of what might happen if I give Matthew the same chance. Is the slapping during doggy sex only the start? In which case, have I made a dreadful mistake letting him see my fascination with his pee?

Or maybe I am just thinking too much since, I know, my affair with sweet Mathew will end soon.


Happily, I have Patrick to help me answer some of those questions. I am very excited about him, a new young man and a wonderful prospect. Oh yes, I realise how wicked I am to be so easily plotting and preying on a nice boy. He is the sweetest of all my sweet young men so far. So very different to the other boys — even the ones I had in my own younger days. Back then I was never attracted to a boy like Patrick, I guess because they were too quiet. And he is almost the opposite of Matthew – small, barely taller than me, and almost timid. Perhaps I judged Matthew too soon but I am really thinking that Patrick is naturally submissive. Which I think is the reason I want him so much – curiosity.

On the other hand, there was no mistaking his reaction to me on his previous visit. He may not have a large dick but there was no mistaking the bulge in his pants. I was already certain I would have plenty of fun with Patrick. So long as I didn’t scare him away.

Things had been going well, so far. My early ruse worked, having some project materials for him to collect from my home office. Being young and eager to please, he never really questioned me — even last time when I exposed my cleavage and encouraged him to ogle my boobs. I should have felt guilty about making him uncomfortable but I didn’t — I was far too excited to be seducing a new young man, especially one who is making me work for it. And I was thrilled to see that bulge.

I might as well be honest and tell you that, after all my angst regarding Matthew, its been a sweet relief to have a new distraction. And the chance of a new, young lover in my bed. Yes, he is very different from my Matthew in attitude and in his body. But that just reminds me of why I started chasing young men — because they are young and not fully matured. Just like the boys I let screw me when I was still a student. And I have been very excited about the idea of Patrick’s young penis. mM plan is to have him visit me regularly. So I sent him another message.

“Come visit this week? Finish work early one afternoon.”

He replied within minutes which I assumed was a very good sign. Or perhaps he was just being good-mannered. As I say, I realise that Patrick is eager to please and would likely have agreed no matter the circumstances. But, reading his message, I felt my heart race and my vag start to tingle.

What was Patrick really thinking about another visit? Not knowing for sure made it all the more thrilling. Of course, there was the risk that this time he’d react badly and flee. Perhaps he’d changed his mind and no longer lusted after a slutty older woman. Then again, I also knew that he was besotted with my C-cup breasts. All of which made my heart race and my mouth go dry.

I couldn’t help thinking about Patrick all that day. I tell myself that I am in my sexual peak and that’s the reason why I am horny so often and why I find myself having thoughts about sex all during the day. Luckily for me, I have usually managed to find a nice young man available to help turn those thoughts into reality. And this day I was thinking about Patrick and the fun I was going to have after a day of working. I confess all that thinking and lusting made me kind of crazy. So, instead of a plan to go slow, to lure him carefully, I was struggling to stay in control by the time he arrived.

I chose to wear a favourite loose a shirt and a tight pair of shorts that showed-off my legs and my bottom. Of course I had no underwear. That was only a little bit daring and fitted my mood exactly. By then I was determined that Patrick would actually touch me.

So I opened my door to Patrick feeling horny, excited and nervous. He looked sweet — and very young — with his business clothes on and his lovely, brown eyes that were almost the same height as mine. I was tingling at the sight of a nice boy on my doorstep. I suspect Patrick is so inexperienced that he didn’t really see the signs of my wicked need. But I gave him a nice smile to hide the fact that my heart was pounding and my nipples were hard.

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