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Marcy’s Playground Pt. 03

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Sunday I both texted and called Jean-Luc to tell him he didn’t have to come to the picnic. He didn’t back out.

He picked me up on time. It was a very short drive to the lake. Short but still long enough for me to have nerves.

“It seems like you shouldn’t be meeting anyone I know from my regular life,” I said, before I realized how rude that might seem. “Like, my Melody’s life should be separate from daily life.”

“Like sex club friends zero, older friends one?”

That didn’t even make sense.

“I told Bevvie that Evan introduced us,” I said.

“Which is true,” he said.

Then we were there. I bit my nails. I didn’t know what I was afraid of.

We got out. Jean-Luc got two six-packs of beer out of the back seat. I looked at him.

“Hey, it’s a picnic,” was all he said.

The first person we ran into was Bevvie. Her eyes widened. I could tell she thought Jean-Luc was a major hottie. Her expression changed quickly from appreciation to wary and questioning.

“This is my best friend, Bevvie. Bevvie, this is Jean-Luc.”

He put down one of the packs of beer to shake her hand. “Bevvie. Is that short for Beverly?”

She nodded.

“That’s a beautiful name. And Bevvie’s a cool, original nickname for it,” Jean-Luc said sincerely. Just like that she was charmed.

Bevvie introduced us to the people we didn’t know.

Bevvie walked off to start the grill. As soon as she left, Brittany, a beautiful blonde cheerleader, and also my tormenting nemesis, flounced over. She was wearing a bright red bikini top that pushed her boobs up to her neck, and a bright red bikini bottom with a flounce on it that made her look like she was cheerleading even when she wasn’t.

“Hi,” she purred to Jean-Luc without looking at me. “Marcy, aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend?”

Hell no.

“Brittany this is Jean-Luc. Jean-Luc, this is Brittany.”

“Well, I’m so glad Marcy brought someone,” Brittany said. “Usually she doesn’t hang out with anybody. Maybe you’d like to come build a fire for me?” Then she batted her eyes at him. Literally fluttered her eyelashes.

Jean-Luc stepped behind me, put his hands on my shoulders, and then worked one hand through my hair.

“Well,” Jean-Luc drawled. “Any friend of Marcy’s is a friend of mine,” he said dryly in a way that conveyed he didn’t at all consider her a friend. “And I would build a fire for you,” he said, and then there was a slight menace in his voice. “But I’m no boy scout.”

Brittany turned on her heel and flounced away.

“Impressive,” I said.

“Yeah. I have plenty of experience dealing with sharks and other predatory animals. It’s the ones in sheep’s clothing that are particularly dangerous. Better to cut that thorny plant down before it does any damage.”

I twisted around and smiled up at him. “You’re handsome and smart. Anything you can’t do?”

“I suck at basketball,” he said.

“Nobody’s perfect.”

Jamie built a fire. Bevvie served hot dogs and hamburgers and potato salad. Jean-Luc had an easy time talking with everybody, getting them to talk about themselves, somehow managing to make them feel like they were the only person in the world, without neglecting me at all.

After a while the fullness from overeating and the late afternoon sun were making me tired. I got up and stretched. Jean-Luc did too.

“You want to take a walk?”

“Sure,” I said.

I told Bevvie we were going to walk, and we began to hike through the woods. We went quite a ways, and it was nice to be under the shade of the dense trees and get a break from the warm, end-of-July sunshine. We looped back, and were actually only about 75 feet from the beach by the lake when Jean-Luc spotted a tall platform in the trees.

“It’s like an old ranger stand or something,” I said.

“Let’s go up,” we both said at once.

I started climbing up and Jean-Luc got on the ladder after me.

“Great view from here,” he said.

I twisted around to look at him. He was staring at my butt.

Just like that, something changed in me. Gone was the shy virgin, who was partially embarrassed that she was working in a sex club. And also gone was the reticence that someone would find out how I met Jean-Luc, that things wouldn’t work out between us, that I’d never get over my mini-crush on Evan, that I’d never be daring enough to do all the wild and crazy things everyone probably did in Melody’s. I laughed out loud. I was new. I was daring. I was alive. And I was ready to eat the world, whatever experiences it might offer me. I was ravenous. I could gobble it all up.

We reached the top.

“What’s so funny, Lafferty?”

“All my shyness is gone,” I said. “Like I’m willing to try anything, do anything.”

“Oh yeah?” he asked. His eyebrows went up for a minute, and then his gaze got sultry and steamy. Suddenly, the air shimmered, like the illusion of an oasis of black water above a frying-hot road.

“Yeah,” I said. I put my arms out high and turned around in a circle. “Like seize the day.”

I could tell my giddiness was turning him on, but Maltepe Escort I didn’t know why.

“Okay then,” he said. He pulled me over to the edge of the platform, and turned me so I was facing out. He bent down behind me so his head was next to mine; he was checking my line of sight. Then he coaxed me a little to the left.

Through the canopy of leaves, I could see a small section of beach. Some guy was playfully chasing Brittany around the campfire. Jamie was talking to his cousin. Bevvie was standing with her back to us, her arms crossed.

“We can see them,” Jean-Luc said. “But they can’t see us.”

“Unless someone was standing a few paces behind where Bevvie is,” I said. “And they knew where the platform was and they were purposely looking directly at it.”

“Exactly,” Jean-Luc said. He straightened up, opened his legs so he was shorter, and fit the front of his hips to my backside.

“We’re all alone,” he said. “But not.”

Jean-Luc slid his hands up and down the sides of my waist. “When I first saw you, it was like there was a light coming out of you.” He made the caressing strokes longer. “A pure shining glow that I wanted to capture, hold in my hand, elevate, increase, and magnify a hundred fold.”

Jean-Luc’s hands slid over the bottoms of my breasts and back down to the top of my hips and up again.

He leaned his head until it was near my ear. “Devour. Fuck.”

My toes tingled and my mouth went dry.

He untied the back string of my bikini top. He slid his hands underneath the free-hanging fabric triangles.

“Ever had sex outdoors?” he asked.

“You know I haven’t,” I said.

He reached his hands up further, so his thumbs were stroking over my nipples. They popped out obediently for him.

“One of the great things about having sex outdoors, is feeling the nature on your skin,” he said. He gently blew on the back of my neck, and suddenly I was aware of breezes everywhere. The wind rustling through the leaves, the air around my feet, the push and pull of the tides.

“The other great thing about having sex outdoors,” he rolled my nipples between my fingers, and instinctively I ground my ass back into him. “Is the thrill, the possibility, the probability of getting caught.”

Jean-Luc bit the side of my neck.

“Watch them,” he said.

I saw Bevvie move to the left to say something to Jamie.

“And worry,” Jean-Luc said in a low voice, while sliding one hand all the way down my front, over my bikini bottom. “That they might catch you.”

A small, low whimper escaped me.

He untied one of the side strings at my hip and wormed his fingers in the front, pushing the fabric off to the side as he went.

“Do you want me to teach you more about sex, sweet star?”

“Y-yes,” I whispered so softly, it was barely audible.

“What was that?” he asked, and skirted his fingers around my folds, teasing me.

“Yes,” I said louder, and my voice came out deep and smoky, the voice of a stranger.

He continued to tease, his left hand drawing circles under the top of my bikini and his right hand, teasing the top of my thighs, which were already wet from anticipation. His breath was loud in my ear. I wanted to beg him to plunge his fingers in, to give me more, but I waited.

“Sex is not just physical.” Finally his fingers dipped inside, and I had to doubt him. “It’s not just emotional.” He gathered some honey on his fingers and danced a roundabout so deftly I cried out.

“Sshh,” he whispered, his voice full of smoldering seriousness and play. “They’ll hear you.”

Then he found my clitoris and I bit my lip.

“It’s not just physical, not just emotional. It’s mental.” He brushed a kiss against my temple. “And it’s spiritual.”

He pinched my nipple harder and a high-pitched peep escaped even though I bit down on my bottom lip harder.

“And it’s so, so much more.”

He started moving his fingers faster. My legs trembled, and then my whole body was shaking.

Jean-Luc gave me a quick nip on my ear and then kissed down my back. His fingers never stopped.

Then his voice was in my ear again.

“Are you wet for me, baby?”

I nodded. Although he didn’t need my affirmation, he clearly knew.

He pulled my hips back in one fast motion.

Then he went back to his torture, teasing and escalating and coaxing every electric feeling out of me. I grabbed the railing harder.

I was flushed and hot. The wood was so hard under my hands. The fabric of shorts made a crinkling sound as ground his erection into me. Two birds whooshed close past my face and I soared with them.

“Anyone could come by,” he said, “any minute.”

Then he gave a particularly vicious flick and I exploded.

I heard a soft, warm, appreciative chuckle from him. Then a condom rip.

“You ready for the mental game?” he asked.

I nodded.

“I can’t hear you.”

“Yes,” I said.

“You know what’s the best thing about fucking from behind?”

I shook my head.

He slid into me. Despite my vow to be silent, I cried out.

Jean-Luc Cevizli Escort bent over me, easily holding me in place.

“Everything,” he said in a husky whisper.

I bit my lip even more, almost afraid I’d draw blood. Jean-Luc pushed in a little more. The angle was different, hitting places so much deeper. I stood up on tippy-toe, arched my back, pushed even further back against him.

He pumped in and out, slow, deliberate movements.

I whimpered.

“That’s it,” he said softly.

Jean-Luc’s hands were everywhere. Caressing up and down my back. Sliding around my waist. Kneading and teasing my breasts, pushing me against him by pressing my shoulder, gliding over my hair.

“Oh God,” I said.

He plunged and retreated faster. His breathing sounded even harder, louder, raspier in my ear. Desperate.

In the middle of all that green, I could barely see. Everything was so lush, and vibrant, and magnified.

Yet only Jean-Luc mattered. His fingers, his cock, his voice.

The loose-hanging fabric of my bikini top swayed with each thrust of Jean-Luc’s hips. He went faster and faster, harder and harder. Just when I thought he would crescendo, he stopped. He pulled most of the way out and hovered.

“How do you feel?” he asked.

“Decadent, incredible. Wicked,” I said.

He rubbed his cheek against mine. “Good,” he said and slammed into me hard.

He pulled out slowly, “How about cherished, adored…”

Jean-Luc pulled almost all the way out again.

“Yes,” I said and nodded.

He slammed into me.

“Well-fucked, prized.” He began a slow in and out, building the tension again. My toes started to tingle.

“Naughty,” he whispered in my ear.

He grabbed my hips and started pumping faster.

“Incendiary,” he said. He reached around and rubbed that nub inside me, finding a special spot on the special spot and rubbing back and forth in time with his strokes.

“Bewitching,” he said.

He opened his legs wider and pushed up with each stroke, hitting a whole new place I didn’t even know I had.

Then he slowed again. Ran one finger down my spine. I arched even further for him. He slammed in and out and my mouth hinged open, my deep breath sounded so loud, a ragged intake and exhale as harsh as the woods.

“Commanding, powerful,” he said. It sounded like he was having difficulty talking.

How could he get any bigger inside me? But he did. I was sure of it. In perfect shade the heat increased, the leaves bending in toward us, drawn by his pull.


Everything became more vivid. The forest was on fire.

He fisted one hand in my hair gently pulled my head back.

“Beautiful,” he said, pressing every spot, inside and out, mentally and physically just right. I exploded.

I convulsed around him. He kissed the back of my ear.


Bevvie turned around and walked from the beach to the beginning of the path.

Oh God.

She put her hand up to her forehead, turned her head slightly left and right, searching.

Oh shit. Oh my God. Oh God.

“That’s the thing about sex,” Jean-Luc whispered very, very quietly in my ear. “There’s always the element of the unknown.”

Bevvie took a step closer to us.

Oh God.

Jean-Luc grabbed my hips, his big hands pressing firmly into the soft flesh, but still feeling to me as if they were in many other places too. He pumped in and out with a vengeance, all thrusting hip action, and savage plundering.

I grabbed on even harder to the railing, as he pulled me to him with each hard, fast, thrust.

“Marce?” Bevvie called.

Harder. Faster.

“Aren’t you going to answer her?” Jean-Luc whispered tauntingly in my ear.

I shook my head.

The fear, the excitement, the sounds, the sensations. I pushed even higher on tip-toe, wound up like a spring in a toy that had been turned too far and was about to break.

The pent-up connection rose higher and higher.

“Marcy, you’re marvelous,” Jean-Luc said. And then detonated.

I struggled to catch my breath while watching Bevvie turn around and go back to the beach.

“Phew,” I whispered.

“Phew is right,” Jean-Luc said back. “But that doesn’t even begin to cover it.”

I took a few seconds re-learning how to stand on my own without help.

Jean-Luc tied the back of my bikini top, and put the bottom back in place and tied the side. I climbed down from our hideaway, and he climbed down right after me.

He took my hand and we walked the path toward the beach. When we were almost there I stopped, pulling back.

“What?” he asked.

“We smell like sex,” I whispered, my voice came out loud, like a stage whisper shout.

He smiled at me so big, two dimples big enough to put dimes in showed in his cheeks. He leaned over to put his mouth near my ear.

“You better believe it,” he said.

We rejoined everybody.

“I was going to send out a search party,” Bevvie said.

“Not necessary,” Jean-Luc said. “I’m returning her unharmed.”

We all toasted Atalar Escort marshmallows as the sun set. Bevvie was considering a career in law, and she had a lot of questions for Jean-Luc, which he answered patiently and generously.

“You don’t have a brother, do you?” she asked.

“No,” he said. “But I have a cousin. And he’d be really lucky if he got to meet you.”

Bevvie looked surprised. I knew she was self-conscious about her weight. I had to give Jean-Luc props that he didn’t care.

“My cousin Brett just left for Africa yesterday, but when he gets back, I’ll introduce you. If he’s got any brains at all he’ll recognize a good thing.”

Ah, maybe that was whom he had to drive to the airport.

When it got dark I said to Jean-Luc, “I need to get going now.”

He nodded. We stood up and said our good-byes.

We got in the car and I started laughing uncontrollably.

“What?” he asked.

“I can’t believe we did that!”

He didn’t even pretend to not know what I meant.

“It’s all part of my plan to corrupt you,” he said.

“What’s next? Anal sex?”

“What? No!” He started the car and pulled out of the parking lot. “Hell no. You’ve been a non-virgin for less than a week. I think we can safely say we have a hell of a lot to go through first.”

“Do I get to see the proposed playbook?”

“Nope. You just get to experience each…” he paused at a stop light and looked and me. He drew a finger down my thigh. “Amazing, go-for-end-zone play as it comes.”

I smiled.

As we approached my house I got nervous. What if my parents had come home early? But the house was dark.

Jean-Luc parked in front of my house and gave me a beautiful, loving kiss.

“I can’t invite you in,” I said.

He gave a small nod.

“Thanks for an amazing day, sweet star.”

I smiled at him, and leaned in to kiss him again. When he broke it off he caressed my cheek. “You’ve got really nice friends,” he said.

“Ha! Wait until you get the full inquisition from Bev.”

“I can handle it. I’d walk through fire for you anyway, to be close to your sweet hotness, you know that. A little protective interrogation from a friend is nothing. I’m glad you invited me.”

“If I smile any more, my face might break,” I said.

He kissed me again.

“Can’t have that.” He caressed my cheeks. “I’ve grown really fond of your face.”

He kissed me again.

“See you soon?” he asked.

I nodded.

I hopped out of the car before I begged him to take me to his house.

He waved and drove off. I didn’t waste any time doing the football boogie boogie dance, but ran inside. I definitely wanted to shower before my parents got home. I didn’t want to be smell like burnt marshmallows and sex. Maybe I would get lucky, and they wouldn’t get home until after I was asleep; I really didn’t want to update them on what had happened to me since they’d been gone.


Monday morning I was back at Melody’s, and everything seemed different.

I was a hedon. I was a wanton slut. I had sex outside! Now, I really was the perfect receptionist for a sex club, right? Although, to really be the perfect receptionist, wouldn’t I have to, at some point, experience what went on inside?

While I felt totally different, the slow Monday start with just a few people coming in was the same. I got absorbed in my reading. A bright orange and yellow hardcover slid into my field of vision on my desk.

The new Laurell K. Hamilton book.

I looked up.


“Hi, beautiful,” he said.

I smiled at him.

“Thought you’d like this,” he said tapping the book. “I’ve never read her, but I asked my favorite bookseller for a recommendation on what you might like, and she recommended this.”

“I’m a big Hamilton fan,” I said.

He smiled.

“And I’ve been looking forward to reading this one, I haven’t yet.”

He smiled bigger.

“Should I get you a book?” I asked.

He shook his head.

A bunch of young, beautiful, twenty-something women came in. Swipe, swipe, swipe.

One redhead looked over her shoulder as she was walking in. “See you in there, Evan,” she cooed.

Bile rose in my throat.

“It’s unprofessional to want to rip her hair out, right?” I asked. “It’s very wrong to be jealous just because she knows your name, right?”

“I like it,” Evan said. He gave me his card and I swiped it and handed it back. He leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “I’ll see you on the way out, baby.”


A few more people came in. After I swiped everyone in there was a moment’s lull. I put down the book I was reading and started on the Laurell K. Hamilton.

He asked his bookseller about me? What did he say?

When he came out his shirt was unbuttoned an extra button lower at the collar.

“Marcy,” he said. His voice was slow and velvety. “How about dinner tonight.”

The way he said dinner sounded like ‘hot monkey gorilla sex’.

“Ah, dinner?”

“Yeah, dinner.”

“You know I’m sort of, ah, um…”

“I know about J.L.,” he said.

“Good. Okay. Good.”

He leaned over my desk. “Doesn’t mean I don’t want you for…dinner.”

“Okay, okay,” I said. “Dinner. What should I bring?”

“Just your sweet self,” he said. “And a toothbrush,” he said, but he winked. “Seven?”

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