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Marcus Forte

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Marcus Forte is a Detective Inspector in the Police. He is in his early 40s, slim and at just over six foot tall is slightly taller than average. His deep brown eyes are set in a rugged face and years ago he gave up with hair so he is virtually bald with neat clipped side-burns. You wouldn’t say Marcus was handsome, striking is how most people describe him and charming, he is very charming. He prefers formal business suits; dark colours matched with dark shirts and thick silk ties and highly polished black shoes, oh and no underwear. People notice Marcus.

Early on in life Marcus realised that apart from his height and looks he had one other asset: during his early teenage years he developed a huge thick cock: eight inches flaccid and over ten inches erect. This initially made him very embarrassed then he realised that the size of his cock was of interest to others so if they were persuasive enough he let them see it; well it seemed only polite, somehow.

And the interest that the other boys paid to Marcus’ cock also turned out to be very pleasurable, after all it isn’t everyday that an 18 year old has an erect ten inch cock. In the showers was his favourite time at uni, boys would gather around and Marcus would let them entice his cock into an erection, then one or other of them would wank him off, for the sight of this huge cock shooting streams of cum across the shower room became a regular treat.

His favourite thing was for one or other of his class mates to put their fingers under his fleshy foreskin, then once his cock was fully hard he would get them to pull the skin right back revealing the plum-like purple head. He then liked someone to wank him off this usually required using two hands to get right around his cock, so thick was its girth. There was often a lot of competition to get the job of wanking Marcus off, once, as he was about to cum, one adventurous boy knelt down and took Marcus’ cock into his mouth, he nearly choked as Marcus pumped what must have seemed like gallons of cum as a result of the added excitement of being sucked off in front of a group for the first time.

During his time at university his looks matured, he was a good student and passed out with an excellent Masters degree in law and the rest of the time he was able to attract sufficient sexual partners, of both sexes, to make the leisure hours pass quickly. Although he did fuck girls Marcus preferred sex with boys and as his time at university was drawing to a close he fell in with one of the lecturers who developed Marcus’ sexual tastes further: he introduced him to S&M.

Obviously this scene is not to everyone’s taste but Marcus realised that his exceptional size meant that almost unlimited sex was available to him and he did develop pleasure in using his huge cock to its most devastating effects. After all if someone said “Fuck me hard” then that’s exactly what he did and he realised that the resulting orgasm as he plunged his huge hot cock into their eager arses was fuelled by their cries and moans. He quite liked the smell of leather too and his tutor encouraged him to experiment with different looks. As if his cock wasn’t big enough Marcus took to wearing a cock ring, initially just for sex but then he realised that the outline it gave him in clothes when he was soft drew even more admiring glances and sexual contacts. This and a preference for tight leather jeans, no underwear and loose T-shirts meant that people saw Marcus as a walking Ankara escort sex machine, this was not an illusion he did much to discourage.

By now Marcus was hooked on one of the most addictive drugs of all: sex. If he didn’t cum at least three or four times a day he felt cheated and so his twenties passed with his cock embedded in a variety of arses or mouths.

By his thirties Marcus had calmed down, slightly. He had initially decided on a career in law but found the work too bookish so decided to enrol with the police force. Immediately he realised that he had found his niche in life. He enjoyed the work and the camaraderie and quickly made a name for himself as potential leader material. He moved from uniform into the detective branch and there he put his considerable interpersonal skill to work again forging through the ranks to become a Detective Inspector.

Being a policeman meant that Marcus had to be more discrete in his search for sex: the drive was still very strong so during most of his free time he would scour the bars and clubs for willing companions. He was very successful in attracting company and even managed to persuade some to let him hand-cuff them to his bed. This was a bit of a throwback to his S&M interests and thus immobilised his willing “victims” would often endure complete nights with Marcus fucking them till both he and they were almost exhausted with spent passion. Several came back for more and a couple wanted him to take the theme further and offered to become his slave, an idea he considered carefully but regretfully rejected as impractical.

So today we find Marcus on a residential course: it is the third day and the group of about eleven other senor officers are beginning to loosen up and work as a team. Initially Marcus had felt slightly out of place in his usual business suit, the others had come prepared for a more causal approach not something that Marcus had considered and he felt a bit caught out by being off the mark. So at the end of the second day Marcus had returned home and packed some less formal clothes and on the third day the tutor noticed that Marcus had changed into a pair of dark jeans and an open-necked shirt.

Paul Rock, the tutor, was a civilian brought in by the police to take senior officers through a “personal development” course designed to help them think outside the box and develop their team skills. He enjoyed his work and he particularly enjoyed working with the police: so many virile men, real men. He’d noticed that the men and the women in this group fitted his stereotype for senior officers: the men were “open” and listened, the women had forceful views and were determined but he also sensed they were uncomfortable with the removal of their hierarchical structure (no “Sirs” and “Ma’ams” when Paul was around) and there was one who stood out, or rather held back. In spite of clearly being charming and intelligent Paul had noticed that D I Marcus Forte was reserved and holding back, this is until today when he turned up looking pretty buff in close fitting black jeans, a light blue formal double-cuff shirt worn casually outside his jeans with several buttons open at the neck and boots replacing the highly polished black formal shoes that had been in evidence the previous two days. Paul noted there was a shift in the group too so that when Marcus spoke the rest almost naturally deferred to him: interesting dynamics. During some of the group work Paul observed the Ankara escort bayan group dynamic, he also caught D I Forte flashing him the odd glance, a situation that caused stirrings in Paul’s groin.

The afternoon session finished at around five and there would be three hours before the evening’s session was due to begin, time for a bit of a rest and dinner. Before that Paul got himself a beer from the bar and took his notes outside to review them. It was a pleasant afternoon and he was soon deep in his work.

“Mind if I join you?” the voice startled Paul, he hadn’t even heard Marcus approach.

“Please do.” and Paul moved his case and some papers from the table so Marcus could put his drink down.

“Interesting course, have you done this before?” Marcus asked, settling his long frame into the chair and fixing Paul with his gaze.

Paul explained that he had a contract to do this work and that he ran up to three sessions like this a year, this was the second in the series. “How are you finding it?”

“Oh, I anything that makes you think is good for the soul, don’t you agree?” Marcus replied and shot Paul a glance. Paul once more felt a growing pressure in his groin, what was this all about?

“Hmm” Paul responded, “What are you getting from the process, then?” This guy was making him feel strange, a certain “vibe” not unpleasant just slightly unsettling.

Marcus made some non-committal comment and then sat back for a few moments to regard the view. He turned to Paul; “Would you come with me a moment, I’ve got something I’d like to show you.” And without waiting for an answer Marcus levered his lanky frame from the chair and walked off into the building. Paul was left in something of a quandary, what should he do? He quickly packed up his things and followed Marcus who by this time was across reception and making his way up the stairs. Paul followed him to the first floor and then Marcus disappeared into one of the bedrooms. Paul hesitated, then followed through the door, checking to make sure that the lock wasn’t on he closed the door.

Marcus was standing in the middle of the room with his hands on his hips. “I thought we might indulge in a little adult activity.” He said. How cliché Paul thought but at that moment Marcus stepped towards him and reached down and kissed him full on the mouth. After a second Paul responded and Marcus then put his arm around Paul and pulled him into his body. Paul felt the sinewy strength of this man and he felt himself melting into the embrace. Undoing Paul’s shirt, Marcus kissed Paul’s neck and worked his way down to the nipples which he expertly sucked and nibbled on. Paul was conscious of both the heat passing through their clothes but also a huge pressure in Marcus’ groin.

“So, you up for this?” enquired Marcus as he resumed teasing Paul’s nipples with his teeth unbuttoning the rest of his shirt and removing it from his body. In response Paul started to unbutton Marcus’ jeans but one of Marcus’ warm hands stopped him. “I need to know you’re up for this.” He said. “I have a bit of a dark side but I reckon you could handle that, and more.”

Paul bought some time by kissing Marcus’ neck and down to his chest.

“OK, how dark?”

“Pretty much.” replied Marcus, “But the pleasure is in the pain and I promise I won’t injury you but I will fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before, you up for that?”

By way of an answer Paul dropped to his knees Escort Ankara and kissed the huge bulge disappearing down Marcus’ leg.

“Good, I thought you might. Stand up for me and put your hands out in front of you.” And with that he reached behind him and produced a pair of hand cuffs which he snapped over Paul’s wrists.

This took Paul by surprise and he looked slightly alarmed. “Don’t worry I promise this will be the ride of your life” and he undid Paul’s trousers, removed them and manoeuvred Paul towards the bed. So Paul sat on the bed in his small white briefs with his hands cuffed in front of his body and Marcus went to a light bag and rummaged around in it until he found a couple of items, he then made his way back to Paul and took a soft silk scarf, made it into a blindfold and tied it firmly around Paul’s head.

“OK” he said, “Now you can have a feel of my cock.” And he placed Paul’s hands on the fly buttons of his jeans and Paul started to undo them. While he was doing this Marcus was pinching and playing with Paul’s nipples soon his thick hard cock was inches away from Paul’s mouth and Marcus gently moved Paul’s head until it was touching the fleshy tip. “Eat it.” he said and Paul opened his mouth and took the tip of Marcus’ huge cock in his mouth.

Stepping out of his jeans Marcus moved Paul back down the bed and knelt over him, he put his hand under Paul’s body, took hold of the material at the back of his underwear and ripped a large hole then he moved to the front and did the same. Paul was now lying on the bed with his hard cock poking out from his ripped pants, Marcus said, “Put your arms around my neck I want to move you up the bed.” So Paul did as he was told but as Marcus went to shift Paul bodily up the bed he positioned his huge cock at the entrance of Paul’s arse so that as he lifted Paul he impaled him directly onto his hard cock. Paul let out a cry which Marcus stifled with his hand and whispered into Paul’s ear: “Shhh, breathe with it and relax, you’ll soon get used to me.”

Marcus felt Paul begin to relax so he started a gentle fucking rhythm. Once he felt that Paul was mirroring his moves he speeded up and the two of them were locked together in a heaving mass of fucking. Marcus reached over to the table and took the key to the cuffs, releasing Paul from their grip, he also pulled the blindfold down from his eyes and it lay bandana-like around his neck.

“You look so fucking horny like that.” Marcus growled, “Go on, toss yourself off.” Paul needed no second bidding now his hands were free and soon he was clamping tightly around the huge cock that was humping him as he neared his orgasm. With deep grunts and breathless moans Paul came and ribbons of cum shot across his chest, this motion set Marcus off and he emptied his hot cum deep into Paul’s guts.

They lay exhausted across the bed eventually Marcus broke the mood and got up “Time to shower for dinner I think?”

After dinner, the group had a set session and one or two people noticed that Paul was quiet. After the session people started drifting off to bed, soon just Paul, Marcus and a couple of others were left in the bar. Marcus said his goodnights and went upstairs. He showered and just as he was getting out of the shower he heard a knock at his door. Still naked and wet he went over to the door and opened it Paul was standing in the corridor.

Marcus moved aside to let him in and Paul started to undress and get into bed. Marcus dried off and climbed in beside him, wrapping his frame around Paul’s. Soon his cock was hard and Marcus eased it once more into Paul’s guts, “I think I’m going to enjoy this course after all.” he murmured and began fucking Paul.

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