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Making Heather’s Dream Come True

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Heaving a disappointed sigh, Brad looked across his desk at his pretty assistant. “So, you’re saying you want a change, and you really want to leave?”

Heather nodded and sat forward in her chair. “It’s not that I don’t like working with you Brad, I really do. You’ve got to be the best boss ever. But…” Biting into her lip, she stared down at her hands in her lap. She just couldn’t look him in the eye, too uncomfortable to finish what she had to say, it was just too embarrassing to share.

Looking at her nervously sitting across the desk from him, struggling to decide what to say, Brad always thought she was a stunner. Such a pretty, blonde, petite and with the perfect nice round ass, and the most stellar pair of tits he’d ever seen. Nice and big and perky, he knew they’d be a perfect mouthful. And if it weren’t for company policy about no hooking up of any kind in the work place, Brad knew he would have hit on her by now. Every time she bent over, his cock would twitch hard in his pants, just itching to get at her. Under different circumstances, he’d have loved to have gotten it on with her.

But then again, now that she was determined to leave…

Finally he cleared his throat. “Whatever it is, Heather, just go ahead and say it. I won’t be offended, I promise.”

Swallowing hard, already feeling her cheeks beginning to burn with embarrassment, heaving a sigh, she finally just spit it out. “It’s just that we work so many hours on these projects, sometimes it feels like we work non-stop day and night; which barely leaves me any time for a love life. To be honest, I’m starting to feel so deprived that I’m desperate enough to actually consider going online and hooking up with the first willing able-bodied man I can find, I’ve just been feeling so hard up without a man in life.”

Handsome Brad ran a hand through his thick dark hair, not even sure he’d heard her right. But just to be sure, he leaned closer and murmured, “Are you trying to tell me that you need to get laid?”

She nodded, letting out a relieved sigh. “Oh, yes. So badly, it’s unreal. But I just don’t have time for any kind of sex life with this job. And now I’m frustrated enough to start climbing the walls. So, I don’t see how I have any choice but to leave, as much as I like working for you.”

He blinked, shocked to discover that someone as hot as she was, wasn’t getting any. His shirt suddenly feeling too tight for his body, Brad reached under his tie and undid the top button, and loosened his tie while he was at it. He knew one thing for sure, the way every guy in the place was lusting after her if she wanted to get fucked, it wouldn’t be hard to do. It would be like trying to find ice in the Arctic. The possibilities for hookups were endless. He could probably name thirty or forty guys off the top of his head who would be thrilled to get a piece of her.

Of course Phil in IT, sprang to mind, since he made no secret of the fact he’d been desperate to get at her since the day she started working for the company, over two years ago. And even Mickey, the VP of finance, had told him after a few drinks at the Christmas party, when she’d looked particularly alluring in a short red, shiny low cut dress, that really she’d showed off her cleavage, how much he’d love to bend her over and sink his cock into her. And then there was Danny, head of maintenance, who’d whispered to him one day in the coffee shop that if she worked for him, that he’d have fucked her senseless by now.

And there were just so many others, he could barely remember them all. And of course there was him, who’d only ever dreamed of getting into her pants. Though he’d love nothing more than to get her up on his desk, eat out her pussy and fuck her till she screamed — he still had to be sure.

Just in case this was some kind of trick, he asked, “So… you’re saying if you were able to meet these uh… needs of yours here in the office, you’d be willing to stay?” Truth was, she was an amazing assistant, best he’d ever had. And somehow had the ability to know just what he needed without him even having to ask, and she could almost finish his sentences for him, they were so in sync. They just worked together so well that he hated the thought of losing her.

Heather quickly nodded her head, glad that he was beginning to understand just how frustrated she’d been. “Not many people know that I have a really high sex drive, insanely high actually. And now I just can’t take it anymore and need to get my itch scratched before I lose my ever lovin’ mind.”

Brad slowly began to smile. He knew just what to scratch it with, too, and right now it was twitching hard in his pants at the thought of finally getting at her. “So… you ever think that I might be able to help scratch that itch for you?”

Heather’s chest heaved with relief when she realized she’d finally gotten through to him. “Of course, Brad. I’ve imagined the two of us getting it on together so many times, it’s unreal.” She leaned close Ankara escort and confided, “And my pussy’s getting wet just thinking about what it would be like with you.” He was a really good looking guy, with a great body, that she knew would look even better out of his clothes.

And as she confided about her little problem, his cock was almost busting past his fly to get at her. Already imagining how good it would feel to finally get her up on his desk, spread those shapely legs and sink his cock into her wet little hole and give her the fuck of her life, like she was begging for.

Aroused beyond belief, deciding they’d talked long enough about what she needed — Brad got up and locked his office door. Then he stood looking down at her, and probably uttered the biggest understatement of his life when he told her, “Well, I’m game if you are.” Since she’d gotten him so fucking hard, all he could think of was getting her naked and burying his cock inside her so deep, she’d be begging for mercy by the time he was done.

Heather clapped her hands together and smiled up at him. “Oh, I was really hoping I could stay in this job. I love working for you, Brad, but a girl’s got needs that just have to be filled sometimes, you know?”

He knew only too well about needs, especially with the way his cock was aching in his pants with the need to get at her, and fills those needs of hers, too, till he had her screaming his name.

And then he looked down, surprised to see that she was reaching for his belt and unzipping his fly, before he’d even fully wrapped his mind around the fact that it was actually going to happen. And without uttering a word, his faithful assistant had her hand wrapped tight around his cock, giving it a good hard squeeze. Jerking him up and down in her soft little fist, smiling up into his eyes as she hungrily lapped up the bead of pre-come weeping from his slit, softly whimpering at the taste of him — holy shit, he could hardly believe his eyes.

Beautiful delicate little Heather was actually sucking him off.

Finally, after all this time together, getting to hold all of his long hard man meat in her hot little hand had Heather licking her lips, desperate for a good long taste, her mouth already watering like crazy just at the sight of him, never mind how good he’d feel filling her mouth. She grinned at the feel of his heavy cock filling her hand. “Oh, gosh, you’re a big one aren’t you? For some reason, I just knew you would be. And this is just what I need.” Maybe even more than what she needed, but she’d just take as much as she could, happy to have something to finally satisfy the unrelenting craving simmering inside her, like a slow burning flame, threatening to explode, she’d just been so desperate to finally get it on.

Dropping to her knees on the carpet, she moaned and licked at him, like the most delectable treat she’d ever tasted, savoring every silky smooth inch of him from root to tip. Impatient to really get at him, she pushed his pants down his legs, grabbed hold of him at the base and began to suck his long, hard length deep into her mouth, smiling up at him as he threw back his head and let out a groan.

Floored that his lovely assistant was actually giving him a blow job, Brad stared down at her mesmerized at the sight of her fisting his cock in her hot little hand with over half of him already packed in her mouth. And as his balls began to painfully tighten with how insanely hard she was working his cock, he knew he wouldn’t last long.

In all the time they’d worked together, he’d never dreamed of seeing her like this, down on her knees, with his cock buried deep in the heat of her mouth, with her little tongue lapping over every inch of him. Rolling his eyes skyward as the incredible sensation of having his dick sucked, and sucked hard, worked its way through his body, he clutched her head and shifted his hips and slowly began to fuck her pretty mouth. Shocked by how insanely hot it looked to actually see her lips stretched tight around his swollen cock as it slid in and out of her, already had him aching to shoot inside her and fill her up with probably enough cum to choke a horse.

Holy shit, who knew the girl wasn’t just good at keeping up in the office but was also a pro at giving head?

And the way she was gently grazing him with her teeth as she cupped his balls, rolling them between her fingers almost had him and losing it down her throat as she coaxed his balls into giving up their load. But as good as it felt to feel his dick buried in her mouth, what he wanted more than anything was to finally see her out of yet another of the conservative little dark suits she wore into the office every day. And now he was desperate to finally have a look at those nice big melons and that pussy she’d told him was almost dripping, his dick twitching hard in her mouth at the thought of finally seeing her naked.

So, before she’d gone so far that he wouldn’t be able to pull out without Ankara escort bayan losing his load down her throat, Brad put his hands under her arms and with an audible pop she let go of him, yelping in protest as he helped her to her feet. Seeing her looking confused, he told her point-blank, “Now get your ass up on the desk.”

As shocked as she was thrilled at the change in him, since he was normally so polite, Heather didn’t hesitate, delighted to finally hear him ordering her around for the first time ever. And once she was seated just where he wanted her, his gaze trained on her big beautiful breasts, Brad was quick to unbutton her little silky white blouse. And the moment he pulled it open he shook his head groaned at what he found inside.

Her tits were fucking amazing. Big and round with good-sized rosy red nipples that he could see were already poking to be freed from her lacy white bra, apparently itching to get in his mouth. And once he’d unfastened her bra and slid it off her shoulders along with her blouse, he moaned even louder as he cupped those big beauties in his hands and then lowered his head and went in for a good long suck.

The moment he clamped his mouth around her, Heather squealed with delight as Brad opened up wide feverishly suckling at her tingling nipples, drawing them one after the other deep into the heat of his mouth, and really making her quiver. Teasing them with his teeth and tongue, he had her squirming and whimpering and clutching at his head, desperate for even more. In fact, he was getting her so hot, she was almost squirming right off his damn desk. She’d never been happier to have Brad for her boss than right now. Ooh, lordy did it ever feel incredible to have his mouth on her girls, especially with the way he was setting them on fire, getting them so hot and tingly, she wondered if they’d actually ignite.

Pleased as hell to finally be getting at her luscious pair, Brad toyed with her tits for what felt like an eternity. But as he laved all around her swollen nipples with is tongue, how could he help it, when they were just so perfectly big and round and soft. Having only ever dreamed of even getting a peek of them, he just couldn’t get enough of the feel and taste of them on his tongue. All he wanted to do was suck and nip and lick, and knead her big ripe melons till at last he stood back satisfied to see the erotic sight of them gleaming in a coat of his saliva, nipples swollen and the peaks pebbled hard as diamonds with her arousal.

After feasting on her tits, his cock aching to get at her, he wiped a hand across his mouth, and told her, “Now get the rest of your clothes off.”

Quickly nodding her head, Heather did as she was told, hopped of the desk and peeled off her skirt, her pussy so hot now it felt ready to combust. Then she tossed everything aside until she was standing in just her high heels and the tiniest fucking piece of lace he’d ever seen, barely covering the blonde patch of hair sitting over her sex, she looked so damn sexy practically naked that he couldn’t hold back a groan.

No surprise, his dick twitched hard at the incredible sight of her, so to keep it happy, he wrapped his hand around it and gave it a few good strokes. Then impatiently pushing everything aside on his desk, Brad picked her up and sat her down in the center, and as he tugged the scrap of lace away from her pussy, he let out an even louder groan. Staring between her legs, with a sense of wonder, he’d never seen a cunt as wet or as pink with arousal, just begging to be fucked. His cock throbbing like crazy now to get at her, he told her, “You know if I took a picture of your cunt looking as hot as it does right now, you’d have over half the guys in the office in here wanting to fuck you blue.”

Just the thought of it sent a shiver of anticipation running right through her, especially with how much she loved sex and how long she’d had to suffer without it. Looking up into his heavy lidded gaze, she asked, “Really?” She actually had no idea that anyone even noticed her around the office, much less found her attractive.

“Oh, yeah, you might not know it, but every man in here would do anything he could to get with you. And I’ve heard them say it, too. But if they ever got a look at how delectable your pussy looks right now, you’d have them lined up out the door with their cocks in their hands just begging to get at you.”

Pretty anxious by now to finally get at her himself, Brad tugged off the rest of his clothes until he was standing naked with his cock fisted in his hand. Balls aching with need, he gave himself a few more long hard strokes, then took hold of her thighs and spread her legs open nice and wide.

Then he sat down on his chair, and shook his head at just how gorgeous her cunt looked gaping open, so pink and slick just to begging to be filled and fucked hard.

But desperate for a taste, leaning in, he lashed his tongue along the length of her from back to front, groaning as Escort Ankara the amazing taste of her washed over his tongue, filling his senses with a feeling of desire that almost overwhelmed him. Licking over and over into her pussy, he murmured against the heat of her flesh, “Oh, fuck, Heather, you taste sweeter than I ever dreamed. And if you really want more, I know every guy in here would kill to get a piece of this.”

Holding his head tight in her hands, Heather began to moan and quiver from head to toe as he lapped deep into her pussy, then pushed a finger inside her, and began working it in and out of her deliriously happy little snatch.

The idea of finally relieving the aching need boiling up inside her for more months than she cared to remember, and the thought of finally being sated, not only by her hunky boss, but almost every other available guy working in the office, had her almost coming on his desk. Fuck, what a thought. And now she could hardly wait.

As he ate into her deep, she desperately clutched his tight hair in her fingers, Heather spread her thighs just as wide as they could go, squirming and squealing as he nearly devoured her, sending a wave of pure unadulterated pleasure radiating from her quivering cunt straight up her spine. “Oh, fuck, Brad,” she murmured on a shaky breath, closing her eyes and throwing back her head. “Does that ever feel good — just so fucking good to finally have your mouth on me. Oooh, I just love the feel of you fucking me with your mouth.”

“Tell me about it, you taste like heaven,” he told her as he added a second finger. Working them in and out of her hard and fast, he sucked on her clit, giving her a nice little finger fucking, getting her nice and primed to take his cock.

Heather swore she was seeing stars as he worked her pussy into the biggest orgasm she’d ever dreamed of. Shamelessly lifting her ass right off the desk, she literally fed him her pussy, desperate to get the relief that only he could deliver with his amazing mouth. “Oh, fuck, yeah,” she muttered. “Eat me, Brad, eat me good. Oooh, I just love your mouth.”

Brad smiled against her pussy. “No need to beg, honey. You’ve got to be the best thing I’ve ever tasted, and I could eat you all night. And I now can hardly wait to get my cock in you and really make you squeal.”

Her hands desperately twisting in his hair, as he cupped her ass and lifted her pussy tight against his mouth, making a meal of her, she thought she’d pass out as she felt herself beginning to come so fucking hard, she was sure she was actually seeing lights starting to see flash before her eyes. Oh, wow. She’d needed this, like she needed to breathe, and man, was he ever delivering. Lordy, not only was he the best boss she could ever ask for, he knew just what to do with a cunt, too.

Finally feeling her whole body begin to unravel, he pulled back and muttered, “Fuck me,” loving the sight of her falling to pieces as she began to climax. Her entire body breaking into a shiver, eyes closed, mouth open and panting, trembling from head to toe he’d never seen a woman come as wickedly hard. Brushing back he hair, he held her steady in his arms. And as she shivered and she cried out, “Oh, fuck, I’m coming so damn hard,” no one had to tell him. But desperate to get all he could, Brad got back between her legs and kept lapping till he’d licked up every last drop of the delectable juices oozing from her quivering pussy, as she slowly began to find the ability to breathe again.

After watching her come that hard his aching balls felt ready to burst with the need to fill her. Standing and clutching his cock in his hand, he nudged the head into her opening and then slammed into her good and hard, both of them letting out a shuddering moan as they both stilled for a moment to appreciate, after all this time working together, how good it felt to finally have his cock buried inside her.

And Heather just quivered that much harder as he clutched her ass and picked up his pace, fucking her till he swore his hair was beginning to sweat. As he filled her up over and over again with his deliriously happy cock, he murmured, “Jesus, Heather, if I had any idea you needed this, I’d have taken care of you a long time ago, especially since I’ve been dying to get at you for as long as I can remember.”

Wrapping her hands tightly around his forearms as he tunnelled in and out of her relentlessly hard jerking her body on the desk, all she could do was quiver and moan. Then smiling up at him she murmured, “And I’ve just needed this so badly for so long, that I can’t believe how good it feels, to finally get it on with you. Thank you so much for taking care of me like this, Brad. You have no idea what it means to me.”

He smiled right back. “No need to thank me. Believe me, I think I’ve needed this just as badly as you. We’ve all been working hard around here.” He chuckled at his double entendre, as he continued to work her pussy punishingly hard. “Especially us guys, all wondering what it would feel like to actually get a chance to get between your legs like I am now, and give you a good hard ride. If you had any idea how many other guys in the office are aching to fuck you, you’d probably faint.”

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