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Make Myself a Sandwich

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You hear a knock at your door. You walk over and open the door to see me standing there wearing a black coat.

“It’s you!” you say completely shocked to see me. I just smile and walk in brushing past you. I take a few steps past the door and remove my coat revealing that I am wearing a sheer negligee and stockings. I look over my shoulder at you. You haven’t even closed the door you are just standing there in shock with your mouth agape. I place my coat on the chair, walk over to you and with one finger slowly push up on your chin to close your mouth. Staring directly into your eyes, I take the door from your hand, close and lock it.

I cross my arms under my boobs which just lifts them higher. “Wow,” you say staring at them. I take a step back, looking you pointedly up and down. My gaze lingers on the swelling I can see in your pants. I look you in the eye again and quirk an eyebrow. You just stare at me blankly for a moment still in shock. “Oh, you Samsun Escort want me to take my clothes off?” I just smile. You take off your clothes like an excited little boy.

I guide you over to the couch. I stand close in front of you. I run my hands up your stomach and chest. My fingers spread wide, you feel my breath on your chest, my fingers brushing over your hard nipples. I look up at your face. I just stare into your eyes. And then I firmly push on your chest, knocking you off balance so you fall back onto the couch.

I drop to my knees in front of you and push your knees wide apart. Starting at your ankles I run my hands slowly up your legs, up your thighs. You feel my breath on your balls. I lick up one side and then the other. I lick again from just the edge of your asshole, up the center of your balls, up your stiff shaft. I Lock eyes with you again. My mouth just hovering over the tip of your pulsing cock. I lick the Samsun Escort Bayan very tip gently. Then trace the rim of the head, teasing with my tongue. Slowly I lower my mouth down your shaft. Almost painfully slow. I start to move you in and out of my mouth. I make the first sound you’ve heard from me since I got here. I moan as I take you into my mouth. My hips are circling, my body undulating as I devour your cock. You can feel the wetness of my spit as it slides down the base of your cock and down your balls.

You feel my big tits rubbing on your thighs and your balls resting on my cleavage as I bob my head up and down on you. I push you all the way into my mouth, balls deep so you feel the back of my throat with the head of your cock.

I grab your hands and put them on my head. I guide you to grab my hair, holding my head tight against you. I start moving up and down your cock again. And I push on your hands on my Escort Samsun head, making you now control my speed and depth. I give all control over to you. You are tentative at first but soon you are just overtaken with the feeling of my mouth on you. You thrust hard into my mouth, thrusting with your hips and pushing my head down onto you. You pull my head up again by the hair and thrust again. Faster and faster, you thrust into my mouth over and over.

My moans are mixing with yours. Your balls are covered in my spit. I can feel your momentum getting more frantic, overcome with need. You scream out as you shoot your hot load into the back of my throat. I keep sucking. I massage your balls with my hands and milk your cock so I can suck every last drop out of you.

I smile up at you but you aren’t even looking at me. Your head is back and you are breathing heavily, just saying Fuck and Wow over and over. You feel me stand up and hear rustling in the kitchen.

When you open your eyes and look up at me you see me standing there in front of you with a sandwich. I get that sly grin and you see the twinkle in my eye.

“I thought I’d go ahead and make myself a sandwich,” I laugh.

You just collapse back again. “wow”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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