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Maitresse Wendy De Jacmel

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“Boo, either we’re fucking or I’m fucking,” Wendy De Jacmel said to Steve Vladimir, looking at the big and tall young black man as he stood before her, a worrisome frown on his dark, handsome face. He’d been stroking his big black dick with both hands for some time now, but it remained flaccid. Steve had been mumbling apologies and making excuses, blaming his malfunction on everything from work-related stress to weight gain and lack of sleep.

“I’m sorry about that, babe, this has never happened to me before,” Steve said pitifully, and Wendy De Jacmel smiled wickedly, and told him to sit down. Steve nodded and sat on the bed, watching as Wendy turned around and walked away. The curvy, big-bottomed young Haitian woman looked absolutely delicious, and he had jerked off to thoughts of her countless times, but tonight, his dick just wouldn’t work. What the fuck?

“Tonight I’m fucking you,” Wendy said, as she came back into the bedroom. Steve Vladimir blinked in surprise upon seeing her. Wendy De Jacmel stood there, looking gorgeous and scary with a shiny ebony strap-on dildo jutting from between her thick dark brown legs. With a scary smile on her lovely face, the young woman stepped forward, and Steve felt both scared and turned on by her formidable presence.

“Oh my,” Steve replied, and Wendy ordered him to get on his knees. When he didn’t obey fast enough, Wendy slapped him hard across the face. Steve grimaced, and rubbed his face, stunned by what she’d just done to him and the harsh, unforgiving expression on her beautiful face. Where on earth did this Tigress come from? Steve wondered, a bit worried.

“Steve, you’re my bitch, tonight and forever, I came over to Ottawa all the way from Malden, Massachusetts, and you actually dared to disappoint me, so I’m going to punish your ass and you will like it,” Wendy said, matter-of-factly, and Steve Vladimir nodded eagerly. I got the message, you are the boss, Steve thought, and recognition dawned on him. Wendy has always had a bit of the dominatrix in her, Steve mused, terrified and thrilled by the possibilities.

“Yes, Maitresse Wendy De Jacmel, I agree,” Steve replied with his head bowed, and Wendy nodded with satisfaction, flawlessly slipping into dominatrix mode from sex kitten territory. She watched as Steve knelt before her and dutifully kissed her feet, just like a good sub does for his chosen mistress.

They’d known each other since the Fall of 2003, where they met at Bay State University in downtown Boston, Massachusetts. One fine day in September, their eyes met while crossing the street on Commonwealth Avenue, and the rest, as they say, was history. Back then, Steve Vladimir was seeing this white chick named Brigida, and Wendy De Jacmel was dating this Haitian dude named Stuart Constantin. Wendy ended up marrying and divorcing Stuart Constantin, while Steve moved illegal bahis to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, for law school after his relationship with Brigida unraveled.

Fast forward fourteen years, and Wendy De Jacmel was starting a new career in health care, and taking care of her beautiful, stoic family. The life of a mother and a divorcee wasn’t easy but the smart, savvy and tireless Wendy definitely made it look easy. Just call me the Che Guevara of Black Soccer Moms, Wendy thought, musing on her rather unique situation.

Steve Vladimir came back into her life, having finished his legal studies and settled into a career as a private security consultant, and since they were both single and adventurous, they decided to have a crack at their decade-long, unspoken attraction. Time, though, had not left them unscathed. While it turned Wendy De Jacmel into a Haitian-American MILF Supreme, it left Steve Vladimir with a few issues…

“As I recall, you are bisexual, Steve, so pucker those full lips and suck my dick,” Wendy De Jacmel said, and she rubbed the dildo against Steve’s mouth. The burly black man looked at her and frowned, resigned to his fate. Truth be told, he’d been in love with Wendy for years and always dreamed of her becoming his. Of course, fate had other plans. He felt his dick harden, for he was both turned on and disturbed by the idea of being dominated by the woman he loved…

“Yes, Maitresse Wendy De Jacmel,” Steve replied, and Wendy smiled as she watched him suck her dildo. A decade ago, while Wendy was still married to Stuart Constantin, Steve told her that he was attracted to both males and females. In the Haitian community, being gay and lesbian was considered very taboo. As a bisexual Haitian man who was honest about his desires, Steve was akin to a unicorn in Wendy’s eyes. She always respected for his honesty…

“Would you look at that? You’re getting hard for me, Steve, you really like being my bitch,” Wendy said, and she watched as Steve’s dick hardened and lengthened, staring up at her like a snake. Steve nodded and continued to suck on her dildo, and Wendy gently rubbed his head. With his stylish Afro, Steve definitely looked good, and Wendy was going to have lots of fun tormenting the hell out of her boo…

“I’d get wood for you even from beyond the grave, my dear Wendy,” Steve paused to say, and Wendy grinned, and then shoved her dildo right back down his throat. Steve gulped on it a bit, and then resumed sucking on it. After Steve finished polishing Wendy’s dildo, she put him on all fours and donned latex gloves. Playfully Wendy slapped Steve’s ass, and then told him to spread his cheeks for her.

“Give me that sweet black ass, Steve Vladimir, you’ve given it to too many other dudes and those white bitches you used to sleep with, it’s my turn,” Wendy said, smiling at Steve’s butt as illegal bahis siteleri she lovingly stroked her strap-on dildo. Just like that, Wendy took some Aloe cream and used it to lubricate Steve’s ass, and she also smeared the lubricant on the dildo. Time to get this party started, as they say…

“That ass is yours, Maitresse Wendy De Jacmel,” Steve said, panting, and a grinning Wendy gripped his hips and leaned into him. Flicking her tongue over Steve’s earlobe, Wendy bucked her hips and thrust the dildo into his ass. Steve groaned sharply as Wendy pushed the dildo into his butt, and she held him into place as she began fucking him. Feel my power, big man, Wendy thought, laughing gleefully as she worked Steve’s ass over.

“Shut up and take this dick, you bitch, since you couldn’t fuck me, I’m going to show you what a good fuck feels like,” Wendy hissed, and she fucked Steve furiously, cramming the dildo up his butt. She wanted him to know what it felt like to be owned and totally ruled by a woman. Fear of female power and leadership seemed to be part and parcel of many a man’s psyche, and Wendy knew making it a reality would be fresh torment for her beloved Steve…

“Have mercy on my butt, Maitresse Wendy,” Steve pleaded, after thirty minutes of getting his ass relentlessly pounded and fucked, courtesy of Dominatrix Wendy and her strap-on dildo. Wendy sighed in disappointment, for she’d been having lots of fun wrecking Steve’s ass, and she pulled out of him. Definitely going to need cleaning up later, Wendy thought, making a face as she tossed aside the used dildo. Steve rolled on his back and looked up at her, a happy smile on his face.

“Hey, Steve-O, you’re hard again,” Wendy remarked, and Steve smiled and nodded. Apparently, getting tormented sexually by a dominant black woman turns on certain black men, and Steve is definitely one of them. Wendy looked at Steve’s long and thick, uncut dick and licked her lips. Without another word, the Tigress pounced on her lover and grabbed his dick. Steve held his breath as Wendy took his dick into her lovely mouth…

“Yeah, I like all this female domination shit, got me hard, now suck my dick,” Steve said, and he winced as Wendy grabbed his balls and squeezed them. Hastily he apologized, and she released her hold on his family jewels. Wendy smiled as she continued to suck on Steve’s dick, marveling as it lengthened and hardened in her hands. I’m going to do evil things with that chocolate sick, Wendy thought wickedly.

“Hmm, your dick tastes good, but before I let you fuck me, you need to eat this ass,” Wendy said, flicking her tongue over Steve’s dick head. Steve smiled and nodded. A few moments later, Wendy got on all fours, and shook her big dark brown ass at her boo. Steve came up behind Wendy and spread her big ass cheeks wide open. Sliding a finger into her canlı bahis siteleri butt hole, he smiled and then stuck his tongue in her ass. Wendy smiled as she felt Steve’s tongue in her asshole. Let the fun begin, Wendy thought mischievously.

“I love the taste of Haitian female booty,” Steve said, clapping Wendy’s ass cheeks even as he stuck his tongue so far up her asshole that one couldn’t tell where she ended and he began. Wendy rode Steve’s face, smothering his handsome visage with her big brown booty. As Steve tongued her asshole, Wendy stuck two fingers into her pussy, pleasuring her sweet spot. Moaning and groaning, Wendy squirmed as Steve’s tongue filled her asshole. This man is crazy but I love him and what he does to me, Wendy thought, elated.

“Oh fuck, I need your dick inside of me,” Wendy squealed, as she rolled off of Steve’s face. Steve grinned and stroked his hard dick, even as Wendy got on all fours and shook her big ass at him. He’d been dreaming about that ass ever since he first saw it years ago, in a devilish blue dress, one hot summer day. Steve rubbed his hard dick against Wendy’s big booty and she snorted impatiently. Grinning, Steve pushed his dick into Wendy’s pussy, and just like that, the fun really began for them both…

“Twerk that ass for me, Wendy,” Steve said boldly, and he playfully slapped her big bum. Wendy turned around and shot him a wuthering look. Steve held her gaze, and smirked. Wendy smiled back, and began twerking for her man. Steve gripped her hips and thrust into her, watching as Wendy undulated that big brown booty of hers, which turned him on even more. Hard and fast he pumped his dick into her, wanting to make her big ass pay for being so damn tempting.

“Oh yes, give me that dick, if you dare,” Wendy half-teased, half-squealed at Steve, to spur him on. Steve slapped her big ass and Wendy winced, then licked her lips. The young Haitian-American woman affectionately referred to ( by friends and family only ) as the Tigress of Jacmel absolutely loved the rough stuff, and Steve was more than happy to dole it out to her. She and Steve went at it until they collapsed in a heap of limbs on the carpeted floor, spent, but happy as can be.

“I think I’m going back to Massachusetts with you, Wendy, I can’t let your fine ass get away from me twice in a lifetime,” Steve Vladimir said, smiling at Wendy De Jacmel. She’s still the most beautiful woman I know, Steve thought, admiring her. Before she could reply, he took her lovely hand and brought it to his lips. Wendy grinned, pleased by his post-coitus manner. A lot of men change around a woman once they get their rocks off, but not this one.

“We shall see,” Wendy said to Steve, flashing him that fearless smile of hers. A smile that Steve found enchanting since their halcyon days at Bay State University in Boston, more than a decade ago. Wendy kissed Steve on the lips, and then got up and headed to the washroom. She could feel his eyes on her naked, sashaying ass the entire time. Round two when I come back, Wendy thought, licking her lips before closing the washroom door.

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