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Magic Fingers

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Hi Readers,

Well, here’s a little quickie for you. Just something that almost happened to me in the real world lately. There is a line here between reality and fantasy, I won’t tell you where it is it would spoil the story.

As ever I hope you enjoy the read.

Dani. xx

Magic Fingers

“Hey, Dani,” my colleague Sasha waved at me as I walked past her desk. We’d only talked over conference calling since the pandemic, so it was almost strange to see people face to face in the office again.

“Hi, Sasha, how are you today?”

“Busy as ever, hey would you like to catch up over a coffee later?”

“Sure, why not? Let me know when you are free.” I looked at Sasha and smiled whilst appreciating her good looks. She wasn’t stunning but her strawberry blonde hair and green eyes were delightful. She was slim, with small breasts and hips. Not curvy or stunning but she still had a quality about her that made her attractive. Sasha wore a black, loose chiffon blouse that was quite transparent with a black strappy camisole top underneath. Her black skirt had a red waistband and was also of multiple layers with varying transparency.

“Will, do, Dani,” she smiled as I walked off to my own desk.


Later I looked up from my screen and saw Sasha standing there.

“Hi, are you ready for that coffee now?”

“Sure,” I closed out my screen, stood up and followed her.

“I thought we’d go to the place next door rather than the stuff in the office kitchen, is that ok? My treat.” Well, I wasn’t going to argue with someone offering me decent coffee.

“Thanks, that’s kind of you.” We entered the coffee shop next to the office, ordered and then took our coffees to a table at the back of the shop. We sat and talked first about work then the conversation got more personal until Sacha really started to open up to me.

“So, yeah I’m single again.”

“Sorry to hear it.”

“Don’t be, I’m glad to be rid of him to be honest, even the sex was rubbish.” I must have looked surprised by this revelation as she continued.

“Ha, Yeah, Tom was a two-minute wonder in the bedroom. Pump, Dump and fall asleep immediately.”

“Oh, that doesn’t sound fair. I can understand then why you don’t miss him.”

“Nope, not at all, I’ve had more orgasms since he left than all the time we were together.”

“Well, Ankara Ucuz Rus Escort that sounds like an improvement, but I thought you said you were single again.”

“I am, but I’ve found out just how much pleasure I can get just from fingers.” She looked at me and wiggled her fingers in the air.

“Ah, magic fingers, eh? You can’t beat magic fingers.”

“Well, you can, but I’ll take magic fingers any day.” Sasha laughed.

“Oh really, Sasha, any day?” I started to laugh too and wiggled my own fingers towards her face.

“Hmm, are you saying you have magic fingers too, Dani?”

“I’ve never had complaints, Sasha and I’m not one to tell stories about past events.” At that we finished up our coffee and walked out of the shop to get back to work. As we left the shop Sasha stopped and turned to me with a big smile on her face.

“Follow me,” was all she said. Deciding that I had nothing to lose I followed her down the street, made a few left and right turns and then we were heading down a narrow alley with shops on each side. She stopped outside a fashion boutique and then when she was sure I was still following her stepped inside. Of course, I followed her and watched curiously whilst she picked a short white dress out of a collection and walked towards the back of the shop. She exchanged words with an assistant and waved me towards them.

“It’s ok if he comes in with me, right? I need his advice.” Sasha asked the girl.

“Sure, no problem,” she waved me through and took us both to a large curtained changing room at the very end of the store. Sasha hung the white dress onto a rail on the wall as the girl closed the curtain behind us with a swish.

“What’s going on, Sasha?” I asked. She moved in front of me and put her finger over my lips to make me stop talking. Then she reached up and whispered into my ear.

“I want to experience those magic fingers of yours that you were boasting about.”

“Here!?” I hissed as she kept her finger on my lips.

She simply nodded, took her hand from my mouth and began to loosen the skirt at her waist. I looked on in awe as she let the skirt with its many layers drop to her ankles and she stepped out of it now only wearing a pair of white lace briefs that had a high cut leg. Her Yenimahalle Rus Escort mound was evident with hint of a crease, but the sight was covered as she bent to pick up her skirt. She turned to hang it on a hook on the wall and gave me the view of her pert backside enclosed in the soft white lace designs. That was enough to get me fully erect, but more was to come. With her back still towards me she wiggled her hips whilst hooking her thumbs into the waist of the panties. A bit more of a wiggle and they peeled down her cheeks. Her firm white cheeks jiggled as she lowered the panties to her ankles, stepped out of them and hung them with her skirt. My eyes were glued to her as she turned back to face me. Her firm abdomen showed she kept herself fit, but my eyes drifted further down as I appreciated her golden whisps cut into a fine strip above her pussy lips. She sat down on the only chair in the small room and beckoned me towards her, she opened her legs wide as I approached, her office heels still attached to her feet.

“Kneel,” was all she said as I complied, followed by, “magic fingers, please.”

I complied and settled myself between her legs, then reached out and traced the outline of her pussy lips with my forefinger. Sasha shuddered as her tender skin parted easily, her feminine juices trickled out and over my digit. I watched as Sasha leaned back with her eyes closed.

“Yes,” was all she uttered as I continued to slide my finger up and down her slit. The wisps of blonde hair darkened slightly as they soaked up her wetness. Her vulva was fully parted now and she continued to shudder with each up and down movement of my finger. I couldn’t resist or stop myself, I leaned in closer to smell her aroused scent. She smelt good. She’d demanded fingers and I slid a second one between her lips, not yet entering her, but teased her, nonetheless. I wanted to taste those sticky juices, my tongue lapped at her opening, she moaned and my saliva added to her own wetness. Hmm, she tasted good. Time to press on as she opened her legs wider and pulled my head into her crotch with her hands.

“Don’t stop,” she whispered.

I didn’t need anymore encouragement. I slipped one then two fingers into her opening. She moaned louder now. I curled them round to stroke her, deep inside, pressing against the front of her vagina. The movement bumped her most sensitive parts against my mouth.

Sasha squealed in delight as I licked her clitoral hood whilst gently rubbing her from the inside. Her flesh parted and my tongue hit the most sensitive spot.

“Oh God!” she cried out. I felt her inner muscles contract around my fingers. She was almost there, her womb pulsated as she reached her nirvana. I continued to lick and to stroke. There was no stopping her now, she was past the point of no return. Her legs tightened around me and I felt her sharp heels graze my back. Her fingers were entangled in my hair as she lost control.

“Fuck!” she screamed as her body went over the edge and into convulsions. Her hips bounced making it harder to keep my tongue on her clit. My fingers though stayed firmly inside her as she rode her orgasm, her breathing my best indication of her physical state. Slowly her breaths grew longer and little by little her body relaxed. Her hips settled back down into the chair, her pussy released its hold on my fingers and finally she let go of my head. Her feet still held me in place between her thighs.

Once she had recovered enough to talk, she smiled at me.

“Fuck, you do have magic fingers, Dani.”

“Glad you enjoyed them, Sasha.”

“Mmm, thank you. She stood up and started to dress herself, finally picking up her panties and stuffing them into my suit jacket pocket with a smile.

“You earned these,” she winked. Sasha gathered her things together and picked up the white dress she’d brought in to ‘try’ on. I could only follow as she opened the curtain to the changing room and walked out, handing the dress to young shop assistant.

“Was it alright for you, Miss?” the assistant asked about the dress.

“Almost, but I think it was just a little bit too short.” Sasha responded as she headed for the street. I followed two steps behind, almost terrified by what we’d just done.

As Sasha walked out the shop doorway, I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see a thirty something woman holding me back.

“One moment please sir,” she spoke firmly and I stopped.

Sasha looked back and waved as it was clear I wasn’t following her further.

“Um, yes?” I asked

“I think you’d better come with me, sir.” The pressure on my shoulder indicating I should comply as she gently pushed me to the back of the shop.


Sorry, that was so short, but hope you enjoyed it anyway. Not sure yet if I will continue this story or not, so many others that need my attention. For all you Dani Implants fans there is another episode on its way.


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