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Madison Turns a New Leaf

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My name’s John and I was in my third year in college when I met Sally. She was my true love and my future wife, but Sally had a friend that same year that was jealous of her being with me so she sabotaged her grades, and Sally had to stay home in Southern California where she had to make up classes hours and hours away from me. We were to remain together via long distance and her friend turned jealous enemy named Madison prospered as a student and became a teacher’s assistant. I thought I had seen the last of her until I walked into my new Biology lab course. She was teaching and immediately recognized me.

I was never attracted to her. She was blonde with blue eyes had a little weight to her around the waist and had large tits which I only thought was because she was thick. She was only around 5’4″ and had the biggest bitch attitude in existence. A few weeks go by in class and she requires us to submit a paper on the changes of the woman’s body during pregnancy. The final two weeks before our spring break would be prep before turning it in. The first for rough draft editing and revising, and the second for submission. After the first week, we’re handed back our papers and mine is covered in red ink, all over. On the back was a note: “To help you write a stronger essay, meet me in my office hours. You seem to not have grasped the lesson yet. I am available from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Mon – Fri. Come to my apartment…” and she also included a phone number to confirm the appointment.

Everyone else’s paper seemed unscathed except for mine, so I grew suspicious but more so pissed off. I didn’t want this chick to ruin my grades as well. So I text her and set up the appointment on a Friday night. I arrive at her apartment and knock on her door. She opens the door looking stern, not amused, and allows me in. I looked around, seemed like a cozy place, not too girly. “Sit down, please.” She said as she grabbed a mug of coffee and a textbook and proceeded to sit next to me in the same recliner.

“So why is my paper all-“…

“Silent.” She said loudly as I stopped in surprise. “I wanted to talk and teach you personally. Like I said I don’t think you’ve captured the concept all the way. Let’s begin with the first few changes.” She continues. I roll my eyes thinking this will be stupid as hell, a repetition of what I’ve already heard in class, but then I feel her hands grab mine and guide them to her chest. My eyes get big and I try to jerk my hands back and she fights back forcing each hand around her tits. “These breasts are in the stage of developing milk, which is necessary for the nourishment of a child.” She began. I was taken aback and was no longer fighting but rather held her tits in my hands as she continued, slightly confused. “You know, breast milk is the greatest thing a baby could eat. It’s not just for babies either, and it’s really nutritious. You work out John? You lift weights?”

I couldn’t take my eyes off of my hands and where they were. She was wearing a low v cut white t-shirt and I was feeling this large black bra behind it. I was lost for words and for a second I just wanted to slide my palms past her low collar and into her bra, but snapped back and answered “yeah, why?” “Breast milk is also a secret new way that guys can use as a supplement to gain muscle and some body builders use it too. You like these tits john? You like ’em don’t you?” I couldn’t take my eyes off of the sight she would keep her hands around my wrists pulling pursaklar escort my hands further onto her breasts as she pushed her chest forward. I could feel heat and pulses radiating from her tits and when she kept pushing her chest forward her cleavage grew. I wanted to say no but my head was instinctively nodding. Just as I thought she would seal the deal and remove everything up top, she pushed my hands off and stood up.

It was like someone had slapped me awake from a dream, and she walked around the coffee table to the other couch opposite from where we were. “Good.” She began. “I want you to know something John. I am a big bitch. I know what I did to Sally was wrong, and what I’m about to do to you is also very wrong. But it’s what’s necessary.” She continued. My mind was still trying to bring itself back together and was trying to figure out where she was going with this. “When I was friends with Sally. I was jealous of the two of you. I would always walk by your door when I wanted to come over and most of the time I’d hear Sally’s moans of ecstasy. I am not too good with hooking up with guys and so someone one day messages me on a dating site, we meet up, and he sleeps with me. I end up pregnant. However I had a miscarriage and my body continued to develop, and as I just presented to you I am lactating now.”

My mind was picking all this up and for once she didn’t seem like the bitch I thought she was. She was just hurt, broken, devastated. “I don’t have anyone, and my mother doesn’t even bother to talk to me over the phone…” she began to choke up a little. I wanted to take this girl into my arms and wipe her tears, not out of love but out of sympathy. She shook those emotions away and then laid the offer on the table “Anyway, John, usually around this time of day I have to pump my breasts. They’re awfully full but lately my nipples have felt so tired and sore from the plastic sucking at them, and I know it’s probably not fair to you to turn you on like I did and not at least offer you a little peek at my titties…”

I looked down and sure enough I was not one bit aware of the huge erection I had. I looked back at her a little embarrassed and muttered “sorry”. “No, it’s ok. It’s what I wanted you to feel. It’s what I want…”

I looked back at her confused and almost began to question her remark before she ran over my statement again. “So john…” she got back up and sat back down next to me and grabbed my hands again. “Would you like to nurse from me?” My mind went from her remark to her offer and even though I tried to hide my excitement, I couldn’t help but to smile and nod my head. I had never told anyone, not even Sally about my deep fantasy of being breastfed like a baby, of being in an adult nursing relationship. So here was my day.

I got up to let her get a blanket and as she sat back down she placed it around her shoulders and lifted her shirt just above her chest enough to expose her large tits sitting in the large black lace bra. I laid down with my head on her lap and hugged her waist with my arms bringing my face right up to her chest. She pulled out the two pads from either bra cup and wrapped the blanket further around us now placing me in a cozy bundle. She reached over and pulls open the center clasp of the bra between the cups and releases her right breast first. Her breast was probably a DD or even bigger but it surprised me that it was as perky as it was, with pink areolas rize escort and a darker shade on the tip of the large nipple. Her chest was showered with tiny tan freckles and her breasts had very pale blue veins not as visible as most, traveling from the areola and up.

We looked into each other’s eyes as she reached over with her left hand and placed it around her breast and her areola forming a “V” and offered it to my lips. I open up and take in as much as I can and seal a latch. Her nipple, already large, grows further out into my mouth and I can already begin to taste a creamy sensation. “Suck away my darling, eat. Drink mama’s milk” she whispers almost without thought.

I begin my suckling and dive into our bond of peace. It takes a few seconds before I can feel seeps of her milk filling my mouth. I continue my rhythm of sucking and swallowing, as she presses her breast with her fingers looking down gracefully at me. I dig my face just a little bit deeper into her breast and continue. Her milk is growing stronger. It is sweet, very sweet. Like sugar cane in water and a hint of vanilla ice cream at the end. It’s so delicious and more and more keeps coming. Her warm breast radiates heat onto my cheeks and my tongue brushes her nipple, flicks it every now and then. She begins to rock me as I eat from her, holding me close. Fifteen minutes pass, her milk is not stopping, but she lets go of her grip on the right breast and opens up her left side. I don’t want to stop and lift one had to the left tit to toy with it. She lets me play with it and smiles but then breaks my latch with her right breast. Her tits now look scrumptious, sexy, and I wanted her, but knew better to control myself. I stood up and readjusted for the other side.

Again she holds her tit to my lips and I latch right back on. Her left tit is slightly bigger and I can tell it will also be a storm of her milk coming. Her nipple gets larger in my mouth and this time my hands are free, my left hand is playing with the right tit that I just suckled and other hand held the one I was sucking on. Her hands were free as well and one of them I felt traveling down my shorts. I was hoping she’d just hand me but only played and fondled, as I drank her milk. Another fifteen minutes passes along and I want to burst but I’m not close. She on the other hand sees me let go of her breast and lets go of my cock to take her shirt completely off. She removes her bra and slides my shorts off of me.

I’m hoping she only wants to blow and hand me, but no. “John…” She began as she got up. She began to unzip and take off her pants. “I honestly wanted to breastfeed you but I also want your dick. I want another baby, please just do it for me, my family is rich and I’m well off I promise I’ll leave you alone if you just do this for me” My mind was still drunk in peace with her tits but knew it was wrong to cheat on Sally and also wrong to have kids at any age I wasn’t ready or even raising them for that matter. My boner was also fighting me as the pleasure was unbearable. I hadn’t had sex since Sally left town so I was definitely wanting it. “John if you don’t do this I’ll fail you and I will report you for sexual harassment!” she exclaimed as she took of my shirt. My mind weighed the consequences and the pros, I’d only lose Sally on one end if I get arrested and my name and face go out on papers and maybe all over facebook.

Sorry Sally.

I picked Madison up off of her feet and ankara rus escort carried her to her room. We landed on her bed and I pushed inside of her. “Oooooh Myyyyy GoooooooooD!!” she moaned out. She looked up at me in a pleasured but also concerned face. “You’re fucking bigger than I thought…but I don’t care…just fuck a baby into me John!”

I grabbed Madison’s sides and proceeded to pump in and out of her fast. It felt phenomenal, like I was running into an oasis. She felt so good and I wanted more and more of her. I thrusted harder and harder into her and her moaning grew louder. I found her tits with my mouth and I began to suck on them again getting milk. Her milk was like a catalyst to me as I fucked her faster and faster. My mind was going blank and I picked up from her tits and I kissed her. I kissed her again, and we both looked into each other’s eyes and accepted. We kissed passionately as I thrusted and her moaning was also becoming pleasured gasps. She held me close as she tightened up and I could feel her sex tighten on my penis. I gave in and gave her my hardest and fastest thrusts as I began feeling my own climax rising. She came first and then on one last shot back up, I climaxed into her.

We breathed heavily, catching our breath. I pulled out of her as I laid next her.

I awoke as she came out of the bathroom in her bedroom. “It’s uh, late John. I don’t know if you wanted to head on home or what.” She said. “What time is it?” I asked rubbing my eyes. “It’s 2 a.m. and I uh…need to pump again so if you’re planning to go, then I suggest you should go now. You wouldn’t want to watch me doing it, it looks weird.”

“No. I’ll stay.” I said. “You sure?” She asked.

“Yeah”. I responded as I pulled her breasts out of the nightgown she’d gotten into. “Oh, uh ok then” she said with a smile as she acknowledged that I wanted to nurse again. She laid on her side a breast into my mouth and her hand caressing my hair as I drank her milk.

* * *

“Want some breakfast before you head off for class?” she asked as we awoke that same morning.

“Yes please” I said as I nudged her cleavage. She pulls out her breasts again and I drink my morning milk like a baby. My morning wood did not help and I soon found myself entering her again, not to fuck her but to make love. Madison had a spell on me now. Nothing like any before. Perhaps it was her milk, or perhaps her sex was better. I couldn’t tell.

For the next few days outside of class we’d meet up in the library and find a quiet, abandoned area where we could nurse and I stayed over every night. We’d have sex every night from then on and I seemed to have motivated her as she lost a lot of weight since feeding and fucking me. I had told Sally that I was moving on over the phone, and it was like nothing when she said she had too. Madison would be my destiny now. I would hold Madison’s hand as we walked everywhere. I’d do the playful slap to her ass, and when we were alone and intimate she’d become my ‘mama’ and would nurse me to my content.

Three weeks had gone by since I let go of Sally, Madison’s breasts had grown another cup as she produced as much milk as I demanded, and her waist was thinning down. We’d hadn’t stopped having the most amazing sex ever and then she announces to me one night as she’s riding me in candlelight that we are going to be parents. I cheered as her milk escaped the sides of my mouth after I popped her tit out in excitement and surprise. Little did I know that it was only the beginning to an extended sexual and intimate ride for us. I was going to propose to her soon and she even wanted a friend of hers to join our little experience, but that would ruin our next chapter if I told you know wouldn’t it?

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