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Lynn, From The University

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My sweet Molly girl, thanks for the latest. Yeah, the news about you and your dad was not exactly a surprise, although a lot more does make sense now. Like that morning we fucked while you had phone sex with your “boyfriend” (you moaned into the receiver that you could almost feel him inside you), even though you dialed your dad’s home number. It was very hard to keep quiet, because it was damn hot watching you take my cock up your ass while you “pretended” for your phone lover, but we made up for that silence after you hung up, didn’t we?

All kinds of things happened that summer we met, between your freshman and sophomore year in college. You were a precocious 19, working as an intern for the academic department in which I at 31 was wrapping up my doctoral dissertation. I remember meeting you and thinking you were very cute yet world-weary, and we had some great conversations in the office and the library. I also knew you were the daughter of a close friend of the dean’s, and that made you off-limits until I got my dissertation all the way finished; you of course had other ideas.

Lynn, the woman you remembered that wasn’t Nicole, was beginning work on her master’s degree. She was about my age, tall and tan, with long brown hair and a toothy smile. We found out that she had been working in Nevada as a blackjack dealer by night and yoga instructor by day. Interesting background, I guess, but she was one of many women working in the department that summer and far from the most vivacious towards me, so I didn’t think much of her at all after classes started.

My perception changed one night during a party at the department chair’s house. When I arrived, the booze was flowing and the spread looked terrific; Dr. Daniels always threw a great bash. I recall seeing you, underage and glum with your bottle of diet 7up, but you were talking with the other interns. As I was loading up my plate in the buffet, Lynn slid right up next to me. I noticed she was being much more friendly to me than ever before, touching my arm and making intense eye contact.

Lynn kept insisting that we go bowling for some reason, so when she started rubbing my chest with her soft hands, I figured I’d follow her Daisy Dukes-clad ass out of that party and see where it took me. Once we got to the lanes, she made quite a show of bending over to reveal her round ass and all the cleavage her halter-top could provide. Lynn continued to feel me up aggressively, even squeezing my butt, so when she flashed a tuft of her pussy hair at me after rolling a strike in the fourth frame, I knew the bowling portion of our show was over.

We drove directly Trabzon Escort to her house, a little cottage not far from where I lived, and the fun heated up when Lynn stripped down to her lacy black bra and panties and helped me take my shirt off. She kissed my forehead, my face, my shoulders, while her soft hair brushed against my neck. My hands caressed her flat stomach and I licked her protruding nipples through the bra. Eager to unwrap this surprise, I unhooked her bra and slowly pulled down the strap down one at a time, pulling it away from her skin and releasing her perky breasts to the musky evening air.

Lynn groaned her approval, and when she shoved her hands into her panties and then traced the perky nipples with her own dampness, I groaned right back at her. I lapped the outside of the underwear with my tongue, then bit onto them and pulled them down her legs.

In a strictly empirical sense, she was an exceptional woman: her cunt was just gushing fluid, as if someone had poured out the entire contents of a bottle of baby oil and drenched Lynn’s hips and legs. She slid down the entire length of the couch, propping her soaking legs on my shoulders, and after two deep breaths, she leaned forward and I mean ALL the way forward, curving her back into a tight coil so her face actually approached her waist. A long moist tongue, with which I had very recently become familiar, emerged from her mouth and began to flick at her damp pussy while I watched in slack-jawed amazement just inches away.

Her juices dripped to the floor when she stood up to face me, and she threw her head back and moaned through a grin while she coated her hands further, pushing as many as four fingers into herself at once, searching for her G-spot. She then lathered up her breasts and the few remaining dry spots on her body while thrusting her pelvis towards me.

Her fingers never touched it, but her clitoris began to poke up out of her pubic thatch, throbbing like a lubed piston on its own momentum, and her pussy continued to pump out that amazing elixir. I was mesmerized by this spectacle. Within just a few minutes, Lynn’s knees buckled and she looked right at me to say, “Here I come.”

Damned if she did not: this freak moved her hands out of the way and tightened her body like one single muscle, ejaculating out a shot of goo different from anything I had ever seen before.

I was down on the floor to catch the next pulse with my tongue, not making contact with her but knowing I could not miss this opportunity. The third blast actually drenched my face, as Lynn grunted and willed this magic out Escort Trabzon from her depths. I eventually talked my legs into lifting me up to standing position and then swept Lynn into her bedroom for a very thorough tongue bath.

By then, she had come down some from the alcohol and her performance, and her original personality began to assert itself. She began to chatter about how scratchy my beard was (I wasn’t expecting any of this when I left my house unshaven, obviously) and finally just grabbed my head and pulled it off her. “That’s enough,” and she meant for the night. She did lean into me for a farewell kiss on my cheek and said she’d like to make me dinner tomorrow…?

I nodded in agreement and staggered off in the general direction of my house. After about three blocks, I realized I had left my shirt behind. The heat of the night’s events kept me plenty warm, though, and my head hit the pillow about three hours before I had to teach a class.

In the morning, as I droned on in front of a room of sleepy undergraduates, it dawned on me that I was present last night as a witness rather than a participant. I began to narrow my remaining expectations, right up until Lynn stuck her head in my office after class and cooed that she still hoped I’d join her for dinner as she was “preparing something satisfying, seeing how hungry you were last night!” OK, goddammit. Fish on.

After a carefully close shave, I returned to Lynn’s house that night as directed. A shout urged me to enter when I knocked on the door, and I discovered her gyrating on the couch, clad only in my shirt from last night, unbuttoned to display her bobbing breasts, and bright red panties.

When I asked what she was doing, she replied, “Warming up your dinner!” She then stood up to squeeze the growing bulge in my shorts. “Is that what you like?” she whispered. “Do you like it when I rub your cock like this, Jim? Tell me you like it…say it.”

I did just that as she nibbled and sucked my neck, trapping one of my thighs between her legs; I closed my eyes and grabbed Lynn’s waist when my horny dining companion began to rub her pussy up and down. I could already feel her waterworks trickling out the bottoms of her panties. My cock bulged, and after the previous night and now with this aggressive solicitation, it wouldn’t be long before I blasted off.

Lynn peeled back her soaked panties and tossed them aside. “Are you thirsty…?” I followed her wellspring into the bedroom where she jumped up on the bed, spreading her legs for my easy access.

I dove in, letting her juices flood my face and chest Trabzon Escort Bayan while I defined her cunt with my tongue. Her lips parted with a pop when I began to probe her depths with my fingers; it was all wonderfully moist and spongy. Her clitoris once again emerged from her brown bush, and I licked its length as I reached up to tweak her breasts.

Lynn was already there, though, pinching her erect nipples. I dove back down to finish her off, but she leaned forward and gasped, “No, show me that hard cock you’ve been saving for me and fuck me – now!”

My erection nearly tore off my shorts for me, and I cast them aside with my juice-drenched shirt to mount this contortionist in heat. I slid up to her mouth for a long kiss, and then I licked her nipples until she was twisting with frustration.

“Put it in me, fucker! Stop teasing, it’s time to fuck!” Lynn grabbed my cock and began to steer it towards her pussy. I looked into her eyes and smiled when she asked if she was wet enough for me; she was wet enough for ten cocks and she knew it.

She pulled me closer, an instant away from splashdown, when her face tightened up and she suddenly pushed me off of her.

“No no, I just can’t,” she wailed. I am sure I wanted it more, but I knew she wanted it at least some, yet she was not kidding. I sat up and watched her sob for a minute, and then asked if she was all right.

“I’m fine, but you – no, this just isn’t right.” She explained that the only reason she had started all this was because I reminded her of her old lover, but she had no genuine attraction to me. She went on to say that what she had done last night, and just now, was a mistake. My stiff cock drooped in the face of her tough love.

“I tried to pretend that you were Bruce, but you’re only a superficial resemblance of him. Do you understand?” My translation was that I had wasted my time, when I could have been doing something – or someone – satisfying. I stood up and replied that I was glad that she had put an end to this before it went too far, and that if she gave me my shirt from last night back, I wouldn’t bother her again.

Lynn looked at me aghast and stripped off the shirt, dropping it on the floor. “Bruce would have known what to do right now, but you don’t have any idea, do you? I don’t get what the girls at school see in you.” Many snappy comebacks flooded my mouth but I choked them all down in favor of “me, either” while I picked up my shirt and took my leave.

I walked out of her house and into Rahfuse’s, a quiet tavern nearby. Though I was filled nearly to bursting with a load twice denied, there’d be plenty of time to masturbate later; right then, I needed a drink. I was halfway through my second double bourbon when in walked destiny. I think you remember how it went from there, yes? Tell me everything, Mol, and spare no details.

Missing you (especially now) –

Your Jimmy

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