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Lustonbury Festival Ch. 04

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Warning: Women are warned that pouring alcoholic beverages into the vagina may result in infection or other medical problems.


I’d never been to this festival before, or to any like it, but I had a friend who had visited last year. I hadn’t been able to go as I had only been 17 at the time, but now I had just turned 18 there was nothing stopping me. I arrived quite late in the evening and, after quickly putting up my tent, went to the dining tent to get something to eat. I had come on my own for the weekend, but was sure this wouldn’t be a problem. I knew there would be plenty of people who’d want to spend time with a young, 18-year old girl.

I met Kyle and Danielle in the dining tent, and was in lust with her from the first moment I saw her. I had never been with a woman before but this girl was so gorgeous, with her long blonde hair, blue eyes and glorious figure that I wanted her immediately. I approached their table with a steaming plate of chilli, and asked if they would mind me joining them. When they offered me the seat next to Danielle, I sat down and started making small talk. Maybe I should have waited a little before trying to get my hand into the girl’s knickers, but the thought of what I might be able to get up to with her at the opening ceremony had got me so wet and horny that I just had to try and touch her. I put my hand on her leg, very high up near the hem of her short denim skirt, and when there was no reaction I slid my hand under the hem. That was when I felt her stiffen, but she still made no effort to stop me, so I continued to slid my hand further up her leg, until I was just about to make my way into her knickers.

“Great!” she exclaimed, in response to something her boyfriend had just said, and jumped up from the seat. “We’ll see you there, then. Come on, Kyle. Let’s go.”

“What’s the rush?” Kyle said. “Nowhere else we need to be, is there?”

I looked up at her, smiling sweetly. “Yes, Danielle. Lets get to know each other a bit more.” Danielle placed her tray back on the table and sat back down, but I didn’t think it was a good idea to risk any more intimate contact. Not at the moment, anyway.

My first sexual encounter with Danielle began about an hour later, during the opening ceremony. We had three altogether, two out there, and one back at my tent. I think Danielle and her boyfriend must have been expecting something else, as they looked quite shocked when Hannah and Phillip removed Rebecca’s dress and began playing with her tits and pussy. Even though I knew what to expect, it still looked a little bizarre watching three people having sex on stage, while a crowd of over 200 people watched. I was watching Hannah playing around in Becky’s knickers when I felt someone behind me lift my skirt, and my own knickers were dragged roughly down my legs.

“Excuse me,” a voice whispered in my ear. “May I have the pleasure of this first shag?” I smiled and, without saying anything, lowered the zip at the side of my skirt. It slid away, leaving me in just a pair of knickers halfway down my legs, and I groaned as I felt the invasive penetration of two masculine fingers into my pussy from behind. At the same time a woman of about thirty approached me and, without a word, started unbuttoning my blouse. As confirmation that I was perfectly happy with what she was doing, I slid one side of the blouse off my shoulder while she removed the other. It fluttered to the ground, and after that I have no idea what happened to it. I was more interested in the woman, who immediately set to work massaging and nibbling each of my tits alternatively. At some point, someone removed my knickers from their position halfway down my legs, but I don’t remember who it was. Maybe it was the man behind me, who quickly replaced his fingers with his cock, and began rapidly thrusting it in and out of me. All I now is that when I looked up at Danielle and Kyle a few moments later I was totally naked, with a cock in my pussy and a woman’s mouth at my tits. The young couple now seemed to be the only people who hadn’t made a start, so I decided I’d lend the girl a hand. Extracting one of my breasts from the woman’s grip, I began massaging it myself, and called over to the pair.

“Hey, you two, aren’t you joining in? Come on Dani, come and have a nibble on this.” The girl made a nervous glance in the direction of her boyfriend, then hesitantly stepped towards me. She never looked me in face, but kept her eyes firmly glued on the breast that I was offering to her. When she reached me she put her hands out to take it and when she touched me I realised she was shivering. The poor girl was terrified, but she still took my breast in her hand and lowered her mouth to my nipple.

Danielle sucked and tugged at my nipples with enthusiasm, despite the fact the she had seemed so scared a few seconds ago. I could tell this was the first time she had done anything with a girl, and this knowledge that I was converting a straight girl to lesbianism excited me even more. As the two women continued to assault my breasts, the thick piece of meat inside me, which had been moving rapidly inside me for some time, suddenly began to throb. I bit my lip, knowing that it was probably going to erupt any second. I was right. It actually seemed to expand to twice its size, and I couldn’t help screaming as it stretched my tight pussy walls with each contraction. Warm fluid shot inside Ankara escort me with each pulse, adding to my own heat until I felt as if I was on fire. Seconds afterwards, my own orgasm hit, and our juices merged inside me, before leaking out of my pussy and trickling down my leg. He didn’t stop, though. Despite the fact that he had just emptied into me, his shrinking dick remained in my pussy and he continued his thrusts, though now at a much slower rate. He was now moving his attention to one of the women still sucking on my tits. His hands were stroking Danielle’s belly and breasts through the material of her blouse, and she was assisting him by slowly undoing the buttons with one hand, while with the other she continued to massage my own right tit.

While Danielle helped the man expose her breasts to his hungry hands and mouth, I decided to get more involved with the other woman. The woman, who was also somewhere in her 30’s, wasn’t quite as naked as I would have liked her. She was still wearing her knickers. At the moment I still had a cock inside me, though it was no longer moving, so I couldn’t get low enough down to slide the underwear down the woman’s legs. Instead, I just slide my hands down the front, and felt around the wet fur for her clit. Although this woman had not yet been stimulated herself, the surrounding atmosphere as well as her own attention to my own tits had gotten her furry crotch sopping, and it took only a moment to coax her excited clit from its hiding place. I would have preferred to have been able to taste it right there, but as I have already said I still hard a semi-hard cock inside me and going down on my knees while that thing was embedded inside me was not going to be the most comfortable experience. Instead, I took the hard pearl between my finger and thumb, and proceeded to pinch and rub at it, occasionally giving it a little tug as well. I felt her reaction, rather than heard it. One of my breasts was still engulfed in her mouth, so any noise she made would have been muffled by my tit flesh. What I felt was a sharp contrast to the tender sucking I had been feeling as she bit down in surprise on my hard nipple and it was me who screamed out in response to the stimulation between her legs. My own cry of pain mingled with that of Danielle, and as I bit my lip I turned my head to see what was going on in her encounter. My previous partner was biting at the girl’s nipples. Not just gently nipping, but really biting, even harder than the one I had just received by the look of it. Between tugs on her nipple, the man was removing his mouth from her breasts, and I could see the scratches and bite marks round the nipples and the areolas. I tensed myself, ready to intervene in order to protect the girl. She was older than me, but was evidently less experienced in this situation and I was sure she needed help. A moment later, though, I saw her grab hold of his head and hold it tight against her chest. Her face was still contorted in pain, and I could see tears glistening in her eyes, but she seemed happy for it to continue. I returned my attention to the wet crotch beneath my probing fingers. I had been paying so much attention to the gorgeous blonde that I hadn’t realised what I had been doing. Instead of pinching at the woman’s hard, tender clit I found that my fingers had shifted lower to her pussy entrance, and I now had no less than three finger inside her, right up to the knuckles. My victim was gasping and panting, and I had been so interested in Danielle that I hadn’t realised how much she was suffering. I looked at her twisted, moaning face then smiled evilly. The woman gulped as she saw the intention in my face and I nodded slowly. Then I slide my little finger into her straining pussy, and rammed all four in deeper. The girl threw back her head and howled.

Working from the elbow, I continued to ram my fingers in and out of the tight, straining pussy as the woman screamed and moaned.

“mmmm . . . . . . ohhhh . . . . . stop . . . . . ohhhh” I couldn’t make out all the words.

“What was that?” I asked. “I can’t hear you.” But I didn’t ease up on my attacks to make it easier for her to speak.

“uhhhh, ahhhhhh, DON’T STOP!” she managed to scream between groans. Whether they were of pleasure or pain I couldn’t tell, but she obviously liked what I was doing to her.

I was so engrossed in thrusting my hand into this woman’s sopping wet pussy that I hadn’t noticed that there was no longer anything in my own. The man had withdrawn his cock and as I now looked over at Danielle I could see why. She was grunting and groaning as he rammed it into her tight little hole with so much force that she shook and shuddered with each thrust. Her gorgeous breasts, now grazed and bruised, no longer held any interest for him. The older woman I was currently groping had a nice body, I was now getting really wet for her. But Danielle didn’t just have me wet, she had my pussy absolutely aching. She was the girl I wanted more than anyone else this weekend and now her sore, tender breasts were available I just had to have them. I extracted my hand from the wet passage, and the woman gave a last series of moans and groans as her pussy to return to its normal size around my retreating hand. I didn’t have the best access to Danielle’s chest, as most of her body was pressed against the man she was currently screwing. Dipping my head in from the side, though, I was able to Ankara escort bayan take hold of one breast, and slip my mouth over her sore, bruised nipple. Mixed sounds came from Danielle as she received my tender sucking of her breasts and the rough, harsh pounding to her pussy, whimpers of pleasure and near screams of pain. While we both continued to giver her our sexual attention, Danielle lifted one leg and wrapped it around her male partner, drawing him deeper into her. I decided to draw back for now, and allow her to finish off with this man uninterrupted. There would be plenty of time for the two of us later.

They were my two outdoor encounters with Danielle, although they were so brief and so close together that you’d probably just call it one, really. The best one came later, in my tent. Both Danielle and her new friend both came together, and he shot so much cream that a lot of it actually leaked out of Danielle’s pussy, trickling down her leg and soaking into the moist earth. He had been so rough and aggressive with her that once he withdrew she stumbled and collapsed to the ground. As he staggered off in search of his next conquest, strings of come still dripping from the end of his cock, I crept up to Danielle and helped her to her feet.

“I don’t know whether I enjoyed that or not,” the girl gasped, as she struggled to her feet. I supported her as she tried to regain her balance, and led her away in the direction of the other field where all the tents were pitched.

“I guarantee you’ll enjoy the next one,” I whispered into her ear, smiling at the thought of what I had in store for her.

My tent was a small two-man ridge tent, the kind with two upright poles, supporting a beam pole for the roof. Both uprights were outside the main tent, which meant there were no poles getting in the way inside. Plenty of room for the occupants to get up to all kinds of things. I entered first, and Danielle followed, and we lay down beside each other on top of the warm, twin roll mat I had already laid out. I started by tenderly stroking her long, shiny blonde hair, then her cheeks and her neck. Then I moved onto her breasts and nipples, which were getting a little swollen from the vicious attention they had received not all that long ago. I gently kissed her neck as I caressed her breasts, stroking so delicately I hardly touched them. My fingers just barely caught the fine hairs on her skin, and she giggled at the sensation.

“That tickles,” she giggled, fidgeting a little. But she made no move to stop me. I continued to run my palm down the length of her body, and her laughter continued. She struggled to keep still but failed, her body involuntarily making slight movements in a vain attempt to avoid my touch.

When I reached the girl’s crotch, I tugged a little on her knickers, and she lifted her bottom slightly off the roll mat so that I could slide them down. They went down her legs, over her knees and I slipped them off at her ankles. Her earlier partner had been so keen to get inside her that he hadn’t bothered to remove her underwear, he’d just stretched one of the leg holes so he could get his cock in. I discovered that Danielle was actually shaved down there, though I don’t know why that surprised me. I had assumed that because she was nervous in a group orgy situation that she was an innocent little girl type. But just because she was uncomfortable with group sex was no reason why she wouldn’t have a healthy sexual appetite with her boyfriend. The fact that she shaved seemed to suggest she might even be a naughty little minx in the bedroom. It also meant I wouldn’t be able to tickle her in quite the same way as I had with the rest of her body. I decided that a delicate caress of her lips would have to do instead. Gently moistening a finger in my mouth, I traced the outline of her sealed outer lips. She purred like a kitten and, as she became even more aroused, her lips began to part a little. I continued to run my finger around her outer lips, and she whimpered in anticipation, begging me to slide my fingers inside her. Instead, I removed my hand from her crotch and backed away, crawling across my small tent to my bag which I had stashed in the porch way. Throwing back the cover, I loosened the securing strap and extracted an almost full bottle of red wine. Tipping my head back, I poured a little of the liquid from the bottle. It spilled onto my chin, then trickled down my neck until it reached me chest. There it split into two streams, one running down each of my nipples. It ran out as it reached my navel, the last drops collecting in my belly button.

I crawled back over to Danielle, who had been watching me with lust in her eyes as I’d poured the wine all over myself. Putting the open bottle down next to the head of the bed, I encouraged her to sit up and pulled her head towards my face. There, she pressed her lips to my chin, and began following the sticky red trail down my neck, sucking the wine up off my skin. I whimpered as she reached my nipples. Licking over the small bullets and round my areolas with her rough tongue, she lapped up the sticky fluid from my breasts. Once she’d licked and sucked her way all over my body, leaving nothing but a light pink stain where the wine had been, I rolled over so I was on top got up on my knees, straddling her. Picking up the bottle, I poured a considerable amount of the wine onto her right breast. It spilled over Escort Ankara the sides, some of it running into the channel between her breasts, and some onto her chest and her belly. Some of it dripped further onto the built in groundsheet of my tent. I would have to wash that later, but I wasn’t worried at the moment. Right now all I wanted to do was lap up all that wine. I started by drinking up from the river running between her breasts, then licked and sucked the sticky mess from her nipple and areola. Danielle moaned and whimpered as my rough tongue lapped at her wet tits, and my lips tugged at her nipples. After a few minutes I had licked up as much as I could, and Danielle’s right breast was stained a light pink colour. I had consumed the equivalent of about a quarter to a half glass of wine, but there was still more that I wanted to do with the fruity liquid.

Moving lower down Danielle’s body, I held the bottle out over Danielle’s hairless, wet pussy, and gently spilled a couple of drops from the bottle. She shuddered as they hit her exposed clit and trickled down the side. One disappeared into the folds around her clit and the other travelled down the edge of her lip then fell inside her pussy. I lowered my head into her crotch and probed around her folds with my tongue, looking for the elusive drop of wine that was hidden there. After a moment I located it, and lapped it up, taking some of Danielle’s natural juices along with it. Next, I spread her lips open and poured a little of the wine round the edges of her opening. Some of it trickled down inside her, while some remained around her entrance creating a miniature waterfall of wine. Danielle murmured at the sensation of the liquid tricking into her. She lowered a hand to her pussy and ran a finger round her lips, gathering some of it up. Then she raised it to her mouth and licked it off, sticking out her tongue and running her wet finger along it as she gazed into my eyes seductively.

With the wine all cleaned up from the entrance to Danielle’s pussy, all I had left to do before passing the bottle over to her was finish off the liquid still inside her. Getting back down beneath her legs, I opened my mouth wide and attached it to her pussy like a leach. Then, sticking my tongue out, I began licking at the bits she had missed with her own finger, before slipping just inside her entrance and lapping up the drops that were still dripping. When she was clean, or as clean as I could make her, I buried my tongue inside her as far as it would go and began lapping up the contents of her pussy. I was surprised how pleasant it tasted, as both flavours seemed to complement each other. Definitely something I would want to try again. Excited gasps and sighs were coming from Danielle’s mouth as I drank from the cup between her legs. When I’d drunk as much as I could, I got up and offered the bottle to Danielle.

“Don’t drink too much,” I said with a wink, as I licked the mixture of girl cum and red wine from my lips. She sat up as I handed the bottle towards her, and was in a kneeling position in front of me by the time she took it off me. We were now both kneeling and facing each other, me with my hands on my knees and Danielle holding the bottle in both hands.

The young blonde began by pouring some of the wine onto my breasts as I had done with her, but this time it came from above, and just stained the tips before trickling off to land on my folded knees. As soon as she saw how much she was wasting, Danielle licked up the trail from the bottom of my tit, and then held her tongue out beneath my nipple, collecting the rest in her mouth as it dribbled of me. After a few seconds, she moved the bottle away, and engulfed my nipple in her mouth. I thought she’d been drinking the wine as it poured off me, but I’d been wrong. She’d kept it in her mouth, and as she sucked on my nipple, she was also bathing it in the thick, red liquid. After a few moments of washing both my nipples in this way, she moved back and gently pushed at my chest, indicating that she wanted me to lie down. She couldn’t speak as she still had her mouth full, both with the wine and with her mouths own juices that had formed as she sucked. Being unable to swallow without also swallowing the mouthful of wine, she now had almost as much saliva in her mouth as she had grape juice. I lay back on the roll mat as she indicated, and she lay down on top of me, her full mouth poised over my right nipple. Then she parted her lips slightly, and allowed a thin stream of the saliva and red wine mixture to dribble down onto my hardened nipples. I trembled with pleasure at this disgustingly erotic act, coming from a girl who I had earlier thought looked so sweet and innocent. After leaving a generous amount of the liquid dripping down my nipples, she backed off and returned to a kneeling position. She tried to smile at me, but this was difficult as she still had her mouth tightly sealed up. There was still some of the mixture in her mouth. The wine ran down my nipples and spread over my areolas, moving much more slowly than it had before since it had been thickened by the saliva content. Danielle shuffled backwards on her knees, her eyes locked on my face and my heaving tits as I looked at her and the thick mess running down my chest. When she was half way down my body she stopped and lowered herself again, her mouth now hovering over my twitching excited pussy. My clit had been completely exposed due to the excitement caused by Danielle’s saliva and wine mixture on my tits. I groaned as the thick liquid dribbled from her mouth again, landing on my hard, sensitive pearl like syrup on a scoop of ice cream.

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