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Lust In A Underpass

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This is a true story it happened about 15 yrs ago. It is exactly as I remember it, and is based what I seen that night. It is the incident that opened up the world of wife sharing to us.

I do not consider myself to be a cuckhold, or a wimpy husband. But the fact is that I love seeing my wife having sex with other men.

I find watching her being pleasured by another man is a massive turn on for us both and has been a part of our sex lives now for the last six yrs.

We had just moved to another part of town, and was getting settled in our new home.When I had a accident at work that put me in hospital for 3 months.

My wife Kim had her hands full trying to look after me and the kids and,work full time aswell. Kim is a very attractive woman even now she can turn heads, she had long curly hair down to her shoulders a great body and is very pretty.

When I got out of hospital I was still on crutches and wasn’t very well at the time I had a back injury and a badly broken leg doctors told me that it would take time before I got back to something like normal.

Before I had the accident Kim and I had a very active sex life but at that time I wasn’t able to manage anything sexual due to my injures.

Though we did try a few times but I found the pain to much and had to stop which was very frustrating for us both .

So basically Kim hadn not had any sex for the last 3 months. Anyway about a fortnight after me getting home Kim asked if I minded if she went out for a evening with her friends.

I couldn’t go because I didn’t feel up to it,I said yea it was OK not a problem being that she was only going down our local pub. And she needed a break.

She said great gave me a peck on the cheek and said that she was going to get ready to go out. After a while she came downstairs dressed in a black skirt that was just above her knees, and a blouse that showed her figure off.

She looked great, she said that she would be home by 11.30 and if I needed her to phone the pub and off she went. So myself and the kids settled down for the evening with the TV.

I sent the kids to bed about 10.00 and I nodded off to sleep. I woke just after midnight Kim wasn’t back I wasn’t too bothered, I thought she wont be long now she must be having a last drink.

1.30 came and went and she still hadn’t come home

by 2.30 I was starting to get worried, and decided to ring the pub. I thought that they must be having a lock in which was a normal thing for a Saturday night.

I spoke to the landlord who told me that my wife had left about 1/2 hr ago. I though strange the pubs only a 10 min walk from the house,maybe she had called in her friends house on the way home.

So I phoned her friend up and she told me that she had left Kim in the pub and didn’t know where she was.

It was now 3 am so I decided to hobble down the road to see where she was I thought that maybe she had too much to drink and had fallen somewhere.

The kids where fast asleep and there was no chance of them waking up, so I grabbed my crutches and made my way out the door.

I was making slow progress down the road towards the pub when I heard two people talking quietly in a underpass that crosses a main road into town.

I thought strange why would anyone be down there this time of night theres,not any traffic on the road at this time on a saturday night better check it out maybe its Kim.

So I made my way down to the entrance and peeped around the corner, I could see two people talking they where about 7 or 8 yards away from me standing under a light.

IT WAS KIM and a man that I had seen in the pub a few times but didn’t really know I was about to call out to her when, I thought no lets see whats going on here.

Kim was rocking back and fore and giggling she had obviously had a lot to drink. The man was standing there facing her with his hands on her hips, and her hands where on his shoulders.

She was telling him that bornova escort she hadn’t’ had any sex for going on 4 mths cos her hubby had been involved in a accident, and couldn’t manage to make love too her.

I thought what the hell is she doing here telling a stranger about her lack of sex life. Was my normally quiet and dedicated wife thinking of fucking this guy.

No surely not, Kim wouldn’t do that. As that thought went through my mind something strange happened I could feel a stirring in my loins as my prick started to harden at the thought of Kim fucking another man.

As I stood there I watched his hand move up to one of her breasts and gently squeeze it. Then he moved in close to her, and she moved so her back was up against the concrete wall then he kissed her on her lips.

To my horror she started to kiss him back,should I stop this now.All I had to do was call out her name I was feeling jealousy but at the same time my prick was nearly busting out of my pants.

He pushed her gently back against the wall still feeling her tits with one hand and gently rubbing her ass with the other. Kim started to push him away no. no. stop we cant I’m married she said,but he just kissed her again and I could see his two hands as he started to lift her skirt up her above her thighs.

She didn’t try to stop him and kissed him back harder, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing but it was as if I couldn’t speak, I don’t think I wanted to I wanted to see my wife get fucked.

I could see Kim’s panties just below her pushed up skirt. I watched him as he slid his hands in to touch her bare ass. Kim was starting to respond and was pushing her hips forward into him.

Then his hand moved down to her front and he started to rub her pussy through her panties,she let out a little moan and whispered no.no. we cant I’m” a married woman. I heard the guy say yes we can who’s gonna know he kissed her again.

I watched as he slid his hand into the top of my wife’s panties and started rubbing her special little place. A place that I had thought of as my own up until now. A place that no other man had been for the whole of our courtship and our marriage.

She was starting to respond to his caresses and she opened her legs a little wider for him. I could see her hands tighten against his back as his fingers found the wet entrance to her pussy her head went forward onto his shoulder, she moaned and whispered no no please then gasped with pleasure as his fingers slide into her.

The guy moved his hand to the front of his pants and undid his fly, and pulled out his now thick throbbing prick.

He then put his hands back on her ass and pulled her towards him as he pushed his prick against her.

Thrusting his prick to and fro,in between her legs. Kim gasped and moved her legs further apart so he could rub his prick against her pussy through the fabric of her now wet panties.

Kim moaned as he rubbed his prick against her clit She then bent her leg and put her foot against the wall and pushed her hips into him. He gently pulled her panties over to one side, exposing her silky wet softness, she let out a soft moan as he rubbed his prick against her pussy.

He held onto her thigh of the leg that Kim had placed on the wall, then he put his other hand onto her ass and lifted her up to his waist he pushed his hips upwards forcing Kims legs farther apart as his prick searched for the wet opening that would let him inside her. She gasped as the thick knob end parted her pussy lips and he found his way into my wife.

Kim drew her breath and gasped as he pushed his full length into her, she groaned… No,…No, we cant …, he started to move his prick faster and pushed it harder into her she could feel him as he pumped his prick deep into her.

She moaned with pleasure and shock at what she was doing she gasped please,please stop, We cant do this, you have to stop. Then she pulled buca escort her ass back into the wall to deny him further entry into her. He paused and looked at her and said but why stop. We have gone this far,and I think that you need to do this as bad as I do.

Kim looked at him and said God yes I need it more than you know but I have gone too far,I am married and I shouldn’t have let it go as far as it did. I’m going to hate myself when I wake up in the morning….Why …he asked as Kim pulled her open legs away from him and put her feet back onto the floor.

Nobody but us will ever know about it, I wont say a word to anyone it will be our little secret just between us two. Kim looked at the floor and said,but,but,what if my husband ever found out. The guy laughed and said hows he gonna find out do you think I’m gonna tell him. Look he said there are only the two of us here and he wont know if you don’t tell him.

Then he pulled her to him and kissed her. Kims hand reached down onto his hard prick and held it, she moved her hand back and foe making him groan with pleasure.

Then she pushed him back from her and knelt down in front of him and put the throbbing end of his prick into her mouth and started to suck on him, she pushed more and more into her mouth as he pulled her head into his crutch. He started to moan then he pulled his prick out of her mouth and lifted her onto her feet kissed her again and said to her, look I dont want to cum in your mouth I want to cum inside your pussy.

She looked at him then down at his prick, then moved her hand onto it again and smiled at him and said in a low sexy voice.. okay then,fuck me…I was stunned my darling little wife was going to make love to this stranger in a underpass.

He smiled at her and pushed her gently up against the wall again and kissed her, I watched as she responded to him his hands started to undo the buttons on her blouse and he undone her bra she was gasping and moaning.

He was sucking on her breasts and he pulled her skirt up, then he knelt down and started to pull off her panties Kim stepped out of them.

He tossed them away on to the dirty floor he undid the buttons on her skirt and pulled it down, she stepped out off it to and he tossed it by her panties.

He stood up and slipped off her top and bra Kim was now totally naked in a underpass with a man who was about to fuck her. He held her and started kissing her again.

Her hands went down to his cock once again and started rub it bringing it to its full hardness. His hand where squeezing her tits and the other one was rubbing her pussy, I could see her wetness glistening on the inside of one of her legs as she opened them wider for him,her hands were undoing his trousers.

He turned her to face the wall so he was standing behind her. She placed her hands on the wall and she bent over slightly and opened her legs surrendering her pussy to him. He took off his coat and pants and threw them next to Kim’s crumpled clothes.

I could see Kim looking at his throbbing prick over her shoulder And her eyes widened in anticipation of what was soon gonna be pumping cum deep inside her.

He stood behind her and rubbed his prick head against the soaking entrance to Kims pussy, then he pushed the head of his prick into my wife. I watched as Kim’s head went back her eyes closed and her mouth opened as she groaned with pleasure. I watched his prick as he pushed it into my wife stretching her more than I ever did. Filling her up as he entered her.

Then he started to fuck her faster I could hear his balls slapping against my wife’s ass as he fucked her hard, driving his prick deep inside her. Kim was moaning loudly and pushing her ass back into him, every time he thrust forward driving his prick further into her.

They fucked like this for I don’t know how long seemed like ages. She started to cum with a loud groan she almost screamed at him I’m cumming karşıyaka escort don’t stop he pumped into her even harder as she gasped with a huge orgasm. After 3 1/2 months she had finally been well and truly fucked.

I watched as he continued to pound my wife, he seemed to push his prick harder into her with every inward stroke almost lifting her off the floor. He groaned and strained as he filled my wife with his seed thrusting his prick deep into her,squirting his cum deep into my wife’s womb.

He lay his head breathless on my wife’s naked back. Kim was still moaning with the pleasure of feeling his still hard prick,throbbing deep inside her pussy.

As he pulled out of her his cum ran down the inside of Kim’s legs. Kim turned away from the wall to face him she had a big smile on her face. They kissed and I heard the guy thank her and he said that he had needed that so badly. Kim laughed and said not half as much as I did.

Kim pulled away from him and went over to where her clothes lay she picked up her panties and, tried to clean his cum off herself. He grabbed her and kissed her, and said not to bother because they hadn’t finished yet and that he had more spunk for her if she could get him hard again.

Kim giggled and said I bet you have but I am starting to feel the cold now, she picked up her skirt and blouse and put them on leaving her bra and panties off. She put them in her hand bag the guy was still naked from the waist down his prick was still covered in their love juices.

He kissed her again and she took hold of his half hard prick and stared to rub it,then she said as she knelt down, Mmmmm think I had better clean it off first. Kim put his prick into her mouth and started to suck all the cum off it. I was amazed I could actually see the thing growing again,he had only minutes before shot his load into my wife and he was getting hard again.

The guy started to moan as Kim sucked harder on him she was and still is dam good at sucking cock wasn’t too long before he had a full hard on again. He pulled away from her and laid his coat out on the floor.

Then he took Kims hand and pulled her towards it. She laid down on it and he put his trousers under her head as a pillow. He laid down next to her and unbuttoned her blouse, and pulled her skirt up to her waist he started to suck on her nipples, and finger her pussy.

It wasn’t long before she was moaning once again and thrusting her hips in rhythm to his probing fingers, he moved in between her legs. And Kim opened her legs wide for him, and wrapped them around this back as he slipped his prick into her once again.

Kim started to moan and move her ass with him as they fucked as one. Once more, he drove deep into her I could hear her gasping and moaning as she begged him to fuck her harder. He pulled her down into him by her shoulders and fucked her harder than she had ever been fucked in her life before.

I watched as she dug her fingers into his back then she screamed with lust for this strange prick to fill her once again. I’m cumming she moaned as she had another huge orgasm,then he stiffened I could see the muscles in his buttocks tighten,as he shot his second load of cum into my wifes womb spraying his cum deep in her uterus.

He lay on top of her with his prick still inside her. When he stood up Kim was still lying on the floor with her legs wide open,and spunk dripping out of her pussy and a big smile on her face.

It was then I left didn’t want them to see me so I started my way home. When I got home it occurred to me that they had not used a condom. And that with the amount of spunk that he had shot into her he might have got her pregnant.

However we were lucky but she must have worried about it until she had her next period.I went to bed and waited for her to come home,she came in about 1 hr after me so I don’t know if he fucked her again. When she came to bed I pretended to be asleep it wasn’t long before she fell asleep,so I felt her pussy under her nightie it was soaking and matted with his spunk.

I have never told Kim whatI seen that night and I never will. I don’t think that she has done it again cos the guy moved away shortly after he fucked her.In the morning guess what I found on the kitchen table ….. her pink panties

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