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Lust at First Sight Ch. 02

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Author’s note: This is the second chapter of Lust at First Sight, the first part was published a bit over a month ago. Even if this story can be enjoyed as a standalone story, readers might want to read the previous chapter first to get familiar with the characters, the location and the outline of the story.


When I woke up the next morning, I saw the rays of the sun filtering through the gaps of the old blinds of the small cabin. I was alone, facing the wall in the squeaky bed and a strange feeling of loneliness rushed through me. However, as I turned around, the feeling immediately disappeared as I saw Suzie standing behind the small folding table, pouring hot water into two large earthenware mugs. She still had no clothes on, and small drops of water on her skin and her wet hair showed that she already had a dip in the lake.

“Good morning, sleepyhead!” she greeted me and then asked with a giggle, “It’s already almost 8 o’clock, what kind of fisherman are you exactly?”

“The convenient kind.” I answered laughing as I tried to get out of the bed.

“I only found some instant coffee, so this probably won’t be the best coffee ever, but we can go down to the store later if you want and I can prepare a decent one or maybe a latte,” she said as she gave me one of the mugs.

“Sounds perfect,” I said and kissed her on the cheek. She put down her own coffee and turned towards me, put her arms around my waist and we started to kiss passionately. As our tongues played with each other, her silky, still slightly wet skin touched mine and she pushed her soft, small breasts against my chest. Then I felt as her hand slowly moved from behind my waist down to my cock and she slowly started to stroke it.

“When I woke up about an hour ago, I felt so horny I wanted to get your cock right then, but since you were fast asleep, I decided to cool myself down in the lake,” she said, slowly moving one of her hands up and down my hard-on while her other hand started to play with my balls.

“Well, it seems like you were not entirely successful,” I answered with a smile and my fingers started to carefully fondle her pussy.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, but still tried to answer in a distracted voice.

“No, it was a total disaster. After like 10 minutes I actually climbed out of the water, sat down on the edge of the pier and started to play with my pussy. In only a few minutes I pushed myself into such an orgasm I almost fell into the water,” she said giggling. “So I decided to find myself the real thing…”

“Silly girl,” I said as I nibbled her neck. “You should always tell me if you want something.”

We embraced each other and kissed for minutes. After a while my hands slid down onto her ass cheeks and I started to fondle her soft and nicely shaped bottom. I bent my knees just a bit and pushed my cock to her crotch and she used her hand to direct it to her pussy. She moved it up and down to cover it with her juices and then softly massaged the tip with her fingers before she gently led it to the entrance.

I moaned loudly when I felt that the tip of my cock slid into her pussy and started to push it slowly all the way in. Her body tightened as my length filled her pussy and she let out a satisfied sigh when I was finally completely buried in her.

“Ooohh, James, your cock feels so good,” she said with her eyes closed and her arms still around me.

We did not move for a time. I found her right tit with my tongue and started to draw circles around the nipple. She grabbed my ass with her hands and as her excitement started to grow, she started to squeeze it harder and harder, pushing her fingernails sharply against my skin. She kissed my neck again and again; each kiss was more passionate than the previous one. The outside world slowly disappeared in the sweet fog that descended on my brain and I started to alternate between sucking and kissing her nipple.

“Don’t just tease me James, fuck me! Fuck me hard!” she whispered into my ears after two or three minutes between two kisses, her voice failing as the pleasure maslak escort slowly gained control over her.

This was all I needed. I grabbed her around her thighs, lifted her and with her legs spread wide I pushed her against the frame of the front door. I started to dynamically pull out and push back my cock into her pussy, grunting loudly with each stroke.

“That’s it baby, that’s it!” she moaned each time as my cock slipped deep into her pussy.

The old door squeaked painfully every time I slammed my cock into Suzie, but neither me, nor she noticed that. I just concentrated on fucking her as hard as I could and she just pushed her back and head against the frame, closed her eyes and cried “Yeah, baby” after each push.

Finally the old structure could not hold it any longer and the door suddenly swung open, exposing us to the outside world. Of course nobody was anywhere nearby, only a seagull sat on one of the columns of the pier and he did not seem to be interested in our performance.

This sudden event actually had its benefits. Suzie was not distracted at all as she was already in her own world as her orgasm started to build up, while for me it created enough a distraction to prolong the time I had before I had to cum.

She kept repeating “Yeah, baby”, but on a much higher voice and her body tightened and her legs locked around me like iron bars as her orgasm hit her. I tried to keep moving my cock in and out and sucked on her tits. I felt my cum rise and I buried my face into her tits and also said “Yeah, baby” as I pumped it into her cunt.

We just stood there in the doorframe for at least a minute waiting for our pulse to get back to normal before I finally put Suzie down on her feet and pulled out my already softening cock.

“I guess we need another bath,” Suzie said as she gave me a kiss. “Thank you James for this ride. I’ve never been pushed against the wall before but I definitely liked it with you.”

“To be honest, I have never pushed anyone against the wall before, but I definitely liked it with you,” I replied as I kissed her back.

We took a short bath in the lake and then Suzie collected her clothes from the front container of her boat. Just as she was looking for her thong, her mobile rang.

“Hi, Aunt Wilma!” she said on a childish voice as she answered the call, but she quickly changed back to normal. “Oh, my God, Aunt Wilma! And where are you now?” she said as her eyes filled with anxiety. “But are you OK? Of course I can go to the store and open it… Yes, no problem… And it’s still there? Pushed to the side, right… OK, I’ll find it. I’ll drop in sometime during the afternoon, OK? OK, bye!”

“What happened?” I asked her as she put the phone away.

“My aunt crashed her scooter this morning as she brought the Danishes from the bakery in the next town.”

“And how is she?”

“Well, obviously her guardian angel had some reinforcements today as she only got some bruises and a slight concussion, but none the less she was taken to the hospital for observation.”

“I’ll take you down to the store, OK?”

“Thanks, that’ll be great. We’ll need to get to the scooter first however, I’ll have to get the Danishes from the box.”

We sat into my truck and went down to find the scooter. It was right there in the turn Suzie said it should be, leant against a tree. It was not damaged badly, but there were several long scratches and the right mirror was broken down. The box in the back seemed to have suffered some damage as well, but it was intact. Suzie opened it and took the Danishes out.

“Well, I guess most of these are not fit for sale,” she said as she checked them. “I hope you like ruined Danish with your coffee…”

“Those are my favorite, provided they still have some icing,” I said as I took a plank from the back of my truck to use it as a ramp. I secured the scooter once it was safely in the back and we headed back to the store. Suzie was silent on the way.

“You seem to be really worried about what happened, right?” I asked her as I put my hand softly sarıyer escort on her leg.

“You know, I was raised by Granny and Aunt Wilma. I have no other relatives around.”

“Oh… what happened to your parents?”

“Ah, they are fine. Very fine, actually. They live in Brazil. They are scuba divers, they train tourists, take them for diving, and so on. They have a great life as far as I know. But they never wanted to have a child. When mom got pregnant, dad got totally upset that a child would ruin their future. However, mom decided that she would keep me. They had a big fight and finally dad packed his things and disappeared to Rio. Mom had a most difficult time without dad, so when I was born, she finally decided to leave me with Granny and she followed my dad to Brazil.”

“Well, that’s…” I started to say but did not know how to finish.

“That’s fine,” Suzie said smiling after a deep sigh. “Granny and Aunt Wilma are great and they took really good care of me. And if mom and dad are happy this way, than that’s fine as well.”

She started to say something about her grandmother, but we arrived at the store and Suzie quickly opened the door as she already had four customers waiting. Fishermen can be unnaturally impatient when they are hungry.

“Sorry,” Suzie said to them with a winning smile when they started to complain. I took care of the Danishes and placed the still intact ones on a plate while Suzie tended to the customers. Suzie served them and helped them to find what they wanted. I just watched as she easily settled even the grumpiest old guy, picked up orders for things they needed but she did not have on stock at the moment, quickly made two coffees, and she chatted, smiled all the while. After about ten minutes we were alone again.

“Normally there are not too many customers during the morning after the early rush, so I guess we should have a coffee now. I’m starved after this morning,” Suzie said and made two big cappuccinos while I collected the remains of the ruined pastries onto a paper tray.

We sat down on the porch in front of the shop to have our breakfast and we talked. She told me about her grandmother, how Aunt Wilma moved in with them and how they renovated the store. I told her about my childhood here at the lake, about my mom and dad.

“She really hated coming here,” I said laughing. “She detested fishing and especially the cabin. She only liked spas and the coast, the casinos.”

“It seems to me that your parents were totally different,” Suzie remarked.

“Oh, no, not really. Dad also loved the coast and the casinos. But for him that was mainly work. That’s how they met, actually. But he also wanted to spend a weekend once in a while far away from the hustle and the bustle. The year they got divorced he actually spent two months in the cabin, just to make sure mom will not disturb her.”

“And she didn’t even try, did she?” Suzie asked giggling.

“No,” I said laughing. “But she sent down a private eye to see if dad had a lover. Of course it was impossible to remain undercover here, especially with Uncle Fred around, so when my dad caught him, he said he will use him as bait if he sees him once more around the cabin.”

“He must be an interesting man,” Suzie said.

“Well, you’ll have the chance to meet him personally, he will come down to the lake tomorrow.”

Time flied as we talked and just as Suzie foretold, nobody came to buy anything. It was almost eleven o’clock when we finally went back in.

“I’ll have to get some things from the storage downstairs. Could you help me?” she asked after she made a quick check.

“Sure,” I said.

She put the “I’ll be back in 10 minutes” sign onto the door and we went down to the storage room.

I had been there once when I was a child and I helped Uncle Fred to get some stuff, and I remembered the place as a dark, musty hole. Now it was completely renovated with new vinyl floor covering, tiled walls, excellent lighting. Even the worn stairs were refurbished and received a banister.

“This was the beyoğlu escort biggest task,” Suzie said halfway down, obviously reading my thoughts. “The lake is quite close and the earth is damp, so we had to make sure things won’t get spoiled down here. There is also a dehumidifier working at night. Still we do not store anything here for more than two weeks.”

There was a new heavy duty shelving on one wall and a moveable ladder to reach the highest shelves. There were a few cardboard boxes on the floor and of course the dehumidifier Suzie mentioned.

Suzie went up the ladder and started to hand down cans and boxes, and I took them and put them into a larger, empty cardboard box. As I stepped closer to her, I noticed that finally she didn’t find her thong and I could see her nice, bare ass and pussy under her short skirt.

“You like what you see?” she asked giggling when she noticed where I directed my look.

“Oh, yes, I most certainly do,” I said with a lustful smile.

She raised her skirt to show me her ass and wiggled it.

“You know can have it, you just have to ask…” she said with an all telling smile.

I put my hand on her ass and slowly started to lick her pussy and anus. She took a deep breath and exhaled loudly.

“Oh, my God,” she said as she leant her temple against the ladder to see what I was doing.

I continued to lick her pussy and softly kiss her anus for a few minutes before I felt that she was wet enough for me to push a finger into her pussy. She sighed loudly and her body clenched as the tip of my middle finger slowly entered her pussy.

“Wait,” she said. “I must get off the ladder if you want to do that, otherwise I’ll fall down.”

She got off the ladder and went on her hands and knees. I used the time to unzip my pants and release my already hard cock, then kneeled behind her and continued licking and kissing her pussy. Then I slowly pushed two fingers into her slit and finger-fucked her for some time before I removed my fingers, smeared the juices over my cock and pushed it in. I grabbed her ass with both hands and started to fuck her with hard moves, pushing my cock completely in and withdrawing it almost completely every time. She accepted each stroke with ever growing anticipation and actually pushed herself onto my cock. She inhaled and exhaled loudly through her nose, raised her head and bit her lips as her orgasm started to rise.

She obviously needed no help from my side to bring her past the edge, so I just concentrated on my own pleasure. Her pussy was hot and soft, her muscles clenched and relaxed around my cock. I could not and did not want to slow down and when I felt my cum rise, I just pushed my cock deep into her cunt and released my load. Approximately at the same time she cried out loud and collapsed onto her elbows as her orgasm rolled through her.

I pulled out my cock as it started to deflate and just watched as my cup dripped onto the ground. It was a generous load, especially as it was my second one this morning. She rested her head on the ground, put her hand to her pussy and smeared my cum all over it, then put her hand into her mouth to feel the taste of it.

We went back upstairs once we were fit enough to use the stairs with the box and while Suzie went to the bathroom, I put the things we brought up onto the shelves. Just as I was putting the last cans onto their places, I found an invitation on the window for a festival tonight. It seemed that the town about 20 miles to the West had its 200th anniversary this year.

“What are your plans for this evening?” I asked Suzie as she re-emerged from the bathroom and I pointed to the flyer. “I was wondering if maybe you were available for this party…”

“Well, I was actually invited by an old friend of mine to that festival…” she said and as she saw my slight disappointment, she immediately continued. “But it would be great if you could come as well; she specifically asked me to bring a man if I can.”

“You sure?” I asked a bit doubtfully. “I don’t want to be a burden…”

“Nonsense, James. Without a man we would actually just get tipsy and end up somewhere with a toy,” she said and winked and I couldn’t help smiling. My prospects for the night just got better.

“OK, so it’s a date then?” I asked.

“It’s a date. Pick me up at six in front of my trailer.”

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