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Lunch at His Office

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She couldn’t take it any longer. She had to see him at work. She quickly dressed in his favorite white sundress. She smoothes the dress and evaluates her reflection in the mirror. She can’t help but to feel all naughty having no underclothes on. Her long auburn hair pulled out of her face, she takes on last look and winks at her reflection.


she stops in the kitchen and makes him a quick lunch. Might as well have a reason for stopping by in case anyone asked. She takes a deep breath and makes her way out to the car. Its only 11 in the afternoon and she should be arriving at his office at about his lunchtime which is at 11:30.

Her mind was racing as she drove across town to his office building. Her body was hot with desire for him. He had been working so hard lately and she hadn’t seen much of him other than him leaving for work in the morning. She would always leave him covered leftovers in the fridge, and would get up early to make him breakfast. She knew that whatever deal was going down was almost done; yet it left her with only seeing him pass through her life.

She missed him deeply, a single tear traced down her cheek as she waited at the stoplight. She wiped it away knowing she was only 5 minutes from his office. She looked over at the small cooler she had prepared and smiled. 30 minutes just in the same office would help her.

Finally arriving at his office she enters the main lobby. Checking in with the front desk. She can see the disapproval in the girl’s eyes. The receptionist was just jealous, jealous that the woman standing before her was obviously not wearing a bra, and free to dress as she pleased, Tokat Escort while the receptionist was restricted to formal clothing that made her sit rigidly.

Flashing the receptionist a sweet smile she takes the stairs up to his second floor office. Coming out of the stairwell she heads a few doors down and taps lightly. No one answers so she pushes the door open lightly with her hip and sees his office is empty. She must have just missed him.

She groans softly knowing the surprise is now gone and takes his phone and calls his cell phone.

“Hello?” he answers gruffly.

“Hey! Where are you?” hiding the hurt and desperation in her voice.

“Lunch meeting. It started at 11; I won’t be back to the office until later. Why what’s up?” he smiled to himself knowing she was in his office but he pretended not to know.

“Nothing, just wondering.” She couldn’t hide some of the disappointment in her voice.

“Leave the lunch on my desk. We will have a picnic Saturday. Ok?”

“Fine.” She says defeatedly, a little surprised he knew why she was there. She hangs up with him and leaves the small cooler on his desk. Then an idea struck her… with an impish grin she crawls under his large desk knowing that no one could see her even if they walked in the room.

Turning sideways under the desk she leans against the walls surrounding her and leaned her head back. She doesn’t know when it happened but she dozed off a little. It was voices that had startled her awake. She could see his feet only a few inches from her. He didn’t see or know she was there.

Biting her lower lip she listened for a moment. She wanted to make Tokat Escort Bayan sure that it was him that was sitting in front of her. The men talked of the closing of a deal and how pleased at how things were running smoothly.

She scooted closer to him, taking a deep breath, her warm hand trails up his inner thigh. She hears him pause mid-sentence and could feel his body tighten under her touch. He cleared his throat and continued the conversation and she smiled and continued her exploration.

Her warm hands trailed up his inner thighs again, slowly feeling his strong muscles, noting how perfectly still he was. Finally her hands find the zipper to his pants. With an unseen playful smirk she unbuttons his pants and pulls the zipper down slowly. Her heart in her throat as she leans forward and places a kiss on his inner thigh.

She smiles finding he wasn’t wearing underwear. Her hand grasps his shaft, she can feel him growing hard under his touch yet his conversation never faltered. Their voices were jovial as the conversation moved from the deal to their past times. Her breath was warm on him as she exposed his growing hardness and placed a small kiss on his tip.

Licking her lips, her tongue lightly flicking across the tip, she then kisses the side of his shaft. His legs open a bit more to give her greater access as her mouth slides over his hardness. A shiver runs through him as her warm slick mouth takes him deeply in the first stroke.

Her hot mouth encompassing him so perfectly he stammers in his conversation for only a moment. Her tongue constantly tasting his sweet flesh, his hardness strong, fueling her. She Escort Tokat can feel her own body responding to his. The heat of the moment, the passion and desire growing between them. She does all she can to keep from moaning; she hums very softly knowing the vibrations push him closer to the edge.

He coughs and pushes her lightly with his knee trying to signal her to knock it off. She only smiles to herself as she begins to take him faster and faster. Her tongue is like silk across his tender member. His vision beginning to blur as he feels coloring coming into his cheeks. Yet seemingly it goes unnoticed. His conversation has now been reduced to “uh-huh” and “yeah.” He pace quickening he feels that he cannot hold out much longer and the receptionist buzzes him.

“Yes?” he coughs out

“There is someone here for Mr. Dunn.”

“I will be right there.” Mr. Dunn tells the receptionist over the speaker. He looks over to him, “I shouldn’t be long.”

“Take your time, I’m not going anywhere.” His voice coming out a little raspier than he intended. She hears the door clicks shut and he scoots back in his chair. Grabbing a handful of her hair he pulls her deeply into his lap.

“My turn” he growls as he places her mouth over his raging hard on. He begins to pump her deeper on her. She moans on him, whimpering longing for more, desperately wanting to please him. His eyes close tight and she feels him go rigid, she can feel him erupting. She eagerly coaxes it out of him, hungry for his taste.

She moans in pleasure as his sweetness spills. She laps every single drop of it up. Not wanting to waste it. Her warm tongue lapping over him, savoring not only his taste but also the feel of his flesh. His eyes burning with raw passions he looks down on her. Her passion, her need, so bare before him. He pulls her roughly from her knees and to his mouth where his lips consume hers.

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