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Luke’s Big Butt Changes Ch. 05

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Ever since I had that fight with Sammy, things have been pretty damn awkward. I felt like the team really rallied behind him instead of me, as if I was the one who had fucked up. Which wasn’t fair, because Sammy lied to me and kissed me out of nowhere. But instead, everyone was comforting him.

I was walking down the hall and spotted a gang of guys from the team together. As I got closer, I almost called out to them when I realized they were all crowded around Sammy, who looked just awful. Dude’s eyes were red rimmed and a little puffy, and he had dark circles under them like he hadn’t slept in days. He had probably been crying and not sleeping, which was so unlike Sammy. He’d never gotten this upset when a chick dumped him after finding out he was a player. Devin had his arm around Sammy’s shoulders, muttering something nonstop into his ear. I did feel a little guilty for a second – did I do that to Sammy? But then I remembered that he was the liar and the one who started everything, so it wasn’t my fault. I mean, yeah, I did say something really awful to him, but he was the one who accused me of being gay.

As I got closer to the guys, everyone suddenly became aware of my presence. Sammy’s eyes shot straight down, like he couldn’t even look me in the eyes. Devin just looked me right into the eye then shook his head.

I wanted to talk to Sammy, maybe try to sort this all out, but I didn’t want to do it in front of the guys. Usually they were always messing around, having fun, but everyone seemed like they were so serious now.

“Sammy, bro, can we talk?”

Before Sammy could even respond, Leo stepped in front of him and forcibly said “Hey man, not now.” All the other guys seemed to be backing Leo.

The sting of rejection, not just from Sammy, but from the rest of the team too, really hurt.

I didn’t know who to turn to. Then I realized there was someone who always had my back – Coach Tom. I said fuck it about my first period class, went straight to his office and knocked on his door.

“Luke? Come in. What’s going on with you and Sammy?”

I was surprised Coach went straight to the point, but he was always a no bullshitter, so it wasn’t out of the ordinary for him. He treated us like we were adults, not just a bunch of kids. No beating around the bush.

“What do you mean, Coach?” As much as I wanted Coach’s support, I didn’t really feel like going into detail about our fight. I’d be so fucking embarrassed if anyone found out what me and Sammy had been doing, I mean, what he was doing to me.

“Luke, Sammy came in this morning and quit the team. I have to choose a new captain now, and get Ryan, our alternate pitcher, up to speed.”

Wait, what. What!?

“Sammy quit the team?”

“Yes, Luke. What the hell happened? He seemed really upset. I heard the other guys talking, it seems like something went down between the two of you.”

“Well, Coach… yeah, it’s true, Sammy and I did have a… fight, I guess. But I had no idea he was going to quit!”

Coach sighed and leaned back in his chair, putting his powerful arms behind his head, which really showed off his huge biceps. “Listen, Luke. You and Sammy have been inseparable since you were kids. I really doubt whatever happened is going to be permanent. And you know I’m not a hard ass, but this is going to seriously affect team morale. All I’m asking is that you try to fix things between the two of you.”

Man, why was it up to me to fix things? Sammy should be the one apologizing, not me. I wasn’t going to give in until he did. But I still told Coach that I’d do my best, just to get him off my back.

For the rest of the day, I avoided Sammy and the guys on the team. Luckily Sammy and I had no classes together, so there weren’t any awkward incidents besides seeing each other in the hall. At least, until lunch.

I walked into the lunchroom and made my way to the table in the back where the team always sat. As I got closer, I saw the team all sitting with Sammy, who had his head in his hands. They all seemed to be muttering stuff to him, like they were trying to cheer him up or something. Even though he wasn’t on the team anymore, he was still sitting with them. I felt so awkward, there was no way I could go over there. The rest of the team just turned to me and stared me down. I didn’t think they were mad at me, they probably just wanted me to give Sammy some space. Usually when one of us was rejected by a girl, the whole team would show up and be like “Man, fuck her, she was a bitch anyways”. I wonder if that was what they were saying about me? I was still pissed off that they seemed to be treating Sammy like he was the victim here, when he was the one who lied to me!

It wasn’t worth it to have a confrontation, so I decided to find another place to sit. Scanning the room, my eyes fell on a table in the corner with a single person there. A rail thin, short guy with reddish brown hair… oh shit, that’s Mark! Hm, maybe talking to Mark wouldn’t be such a bad idea. I doubt he’d ask about the whole Sammy thing.

Mark looked up from Çankaya Escort his camera as I got closer, unintentionally casting a shadow over him. His eyes immediately bugged out like a rabbit that just got caught by a wolf. I don’t get why he was always so nervous around me – yeah, I was an alpha stud, but I wasn’t an asshole.

“Hey, uh, Mark, right? Is it okay if I sit here?”

Mark looked over his shoulder at The Table, then looked back at me. “Uhm… L-Luke… don’t you usually, um, sit with the other baseball guys?”

Ugh, I really didn’t want to explain what had happened to little Mark; we weren’t even friends. I tried to play it off casually.

“Yeah but they got something going on right now and I wanted to get some peace and quiet. So, can I sit here?” I really hoped Mark said yes, sitting with anybody is better than sitting all by yourself.

“Yeah, uhm, I guess so…” Mark looked around frantically, and back over his shoulder at the table. “Hey, this isn’t like a prank or something, right?”

I felt kinda bad. Is that what Mark thought about me? That I was the kind of guy who would play a cruel prank on him, like we were the jock and nerd from a bad Netflix movie. Fuck that, I wasn’t an asshole. And I was gonna prove it to Mark so he would stop looking at me like I was going to hit him. If the team wanted to side with Sammy, I guess I just needed to make new friends.

I sat down in the seat and started in with my lunch. I was damn hungry, but I couldn’t help but notice Mark kept staring at me while I ate, fiddling with his camera.

“Hey, what’ve you been working on?” I asked, gesturing to his camera.

“W-what? You mean the photo stuff? Well, I was doing portraits for the athletes, like action shots of them at practice or during games. Uhm, I had asked you to sign a form and let me take some pics?” he replied sheepishly.

“Oh damn, really man? I’m so sorry, I just got a lot going on right now. Do you have that form with you now?”

Mark nodded and rummaged around in his backpack, pulling out a single piece of paper. I quickly signed it and handed it back to him. I did feel kinda bad because he’s been asking me to sign it for a couple weeks, I just kept forgetting. I’ve had a lot on my plate with the Sammy stuff and my weird ass changes.

“Can I see?” I had no idea why Mark was always so nervous to talk to me, I knew he was shy but sometimes it felt like I was the only person he was this shy towards. Could he be afraid of me? I didn’t want anyone to think I was an asshole, so I decided to try and make nice with Mark.

“You mean, see the photos? Uhm, I mean, sure. OK.”

Mark got up a little from the table to more easily hand the camera across. When he stood up there was a loud THUMP and the table rocked a bit. What the hell was that? I looked up to see

Mark’s pale face turn bright pink, looking like he wanted to die from embarrassment. It was kinda cute actually.

Wait, cute?

I didn’t get a chance to think about that because Mark shoved his camera into my face. I grabbed it, flipping through the pics he had taken on the little screen. Honestly, Mark’s stuff was awesome. I always saw him around with a camera but had no idea he could actually take good pictures. I stopped on one pic of Jordan O’Keefe, our star quarterback. The way Mark had taken the picture, it was like Jordan was going super speed while the rest of the world was in slow-mo, like in that superhero movie.

I tried to focus on the photos, but for some reason my hole was throbbing again. I guess I hadn’t done anything since the fight with Sammy… damn, what the hell happened to me? A couple days without Sammy and I was starting to go crazy again. I tried to fight it but the throbbing sensation just made me squirm in my seat.

“Damn, Mark, this one is fucking awesome! I could see this on the front cover of a magazine. I don’t know shit about photos, but they look great to me. Is this what you want to do?”

I looked up to see Mark, even brighter pink than he had been before. He looked down a little as the pink spread to his ears.

“Actually… um. My parents want me to major in Chemical Engineering. Wait, I mean, I want to major in it too. I’m not good enough to be a professional photographer. It’s just a hobby.”

“Man, fuck your parents! No offense, but that’s shitty. I don’t let anybody talk me out of playing baseball. I’m gonna play ball in college, then go pro. There’s no doubt.”

Mark just shook his head. “Thanks, Luke… that’s really nice of you to say. But there is no way my parents would let me major in anything else, so… Anyways, it means a lot coming from you.”

I wasn’t sure why what I had to say meant a lot to Mark, but I was happy that he seemed like he was doing better. Mark always went around like a shivering puppy, and yeah, he’s still shy, but I can tell he’s warming up to me. Maybe having friends outside of the team wasn’t such a bad idea.

“Damn, looks like you got it all figured out then. I haven’t Keçiören Escort even picked which school I’m going to yet, I’m still fielding a couple different recruiters. I want to make sure wherever I go, I get to play. A lot of colleges just put their freshmen on the bench until their sophomore year.”

“I’m sure anywhere you go, you’ll be the star player. I mean, you just have that star quality to you. I can totally see you in a magazine, flashing your smile, showing off that big b-!”

Mark’s eyes suddenly blew out in shock as he clamped right up, put his face in his hands and let out a groan. Dude was looking like he was gonna have a little freakout, but I had no idea why. I guess talking about college was stressful for him. With his strict-ass parents, that seemed like the case.

I reached across the table and put my hand on his shoulder, giving him a little squeeze of reassurance. Man, Mark was thin as fuck! Dude was like a stick, all skin and bones. I wonder if he’d ever consider working out, bulking up a little bit. He’d probably look really good with some more meat on his bones.

And again, my hole fucking throbbed as soon as I made contact with Mark. What the fuck? Was it because of Mark? No way, he was just a skinny little nerd.

Mark pulled his face out of his hands and looked at my hand on his shoulder, fear in his eyes. It was like he thought my hand was a huge-ass spider or something. I quickly pulled it away to not to make it worse, I guess trying to comfort him backfired. I still felt like I wanted to do something though. Maybe it was because I was still feeling so shitty about Sammy, but I wanted to help cheer little Mark up a little bit. Suddenly, I had an idea.

“Hey Mark, you know we’re having a big game on Friday, right? Why don’t you come check me, I mean it, out? You could take those pictures of me in action, if you want,” I said, handing Mark’s camera back to him.

“Really? Wow, Luke, that would be great. I’ll definitely go. I’ve never been to a baseball game before.”

“Really, dude? Well, I’ll hit a homer for you then!”

There goes that pink blush again. Dude was so easy to compliment, but I knew he didn’t have many friends. Guess that’s why it meant a lot to him.

“Thanks, Luke. You’re so nice. I always thought you were so like… big and intimidating. I was afraid to approach you. Especially because your friends keep tormenting me.”

I remembered how Leo and the other guys had talked shit about Mark for having a really big dick. To be fair, after what I saw, I think it’s true. But there’s nothing wrong with a big dick, right? Actually, it’s probably better. You know what they say, the bigger the better. Man, why the fuck is my hole throbbing so much!?

“Seriously, just ignore them. They’re always talking shit, it’s all bark and no bite. They always have jokes about everyone, finding something to poke fun at. They even do it to me, always going on and on about how big my ass is, just because one time I accidentally knocked my drink off my desk with my butt. So I get how it is.”

Mark giggled a little bit, and it was nice to see him loosening up more around me. ‘Well… it is pretty big… uh, I mean…” He suddenly got all shy again and looked away from me.

I took advantage of his momentary distraction to reach into the waistband of my shorts. I made it seem like I was just scratching my ass, which I guess I technically was, but fuck I just needed to see what was up with my hole. Oh no. As soon as my fingers touched my tight little hole I felt it quiver and then some of that weird lube squirted right out onto my fingers. Fuck! I quickly pulled out my hand and wiped it on my shorts. I needed to take care of this soon.

“Uh, hey dude, I think I gotta get going soon. Bell’s about to ring. I’ll catch ya later.”

“Wait, would it be ok if I took a picture of you now? Just as you are.”

“Sure thing, dude!” Not wanting to disappoint Mark, I flashed my best smile as Mark lined up his camera. After hearing the click of the shutter, he turned his camera around to show me. I was totally floored, the way the light from the windows hit me, I looked like I was all golden. It was really artsy, I guess Mark can take those kinds of pics too.

“Mark, this is fucking incredible! Definitely don’t give up on this.” The bell suddenly rang, so Mark and I began gathering up our stuff to go to our next class (Algebra II for me, AP English for him). “Hey, hit me up after the game. Maybe we could hang out afterwards.”

“Oh! T-thanks, Luke. I’d… well I’d really like that. I’ll see you after the game on Friday then.”

“Yeah, for sure man! See ya later.”

As Mark got up I saw that he was still holding his backpack in front of him, like he was trying to conceal his crotch. Man, I can’t believe my so-called ‘friends’ were getting to Mark! He was a surprisingly cool guy and didn’t deserve that shit. Before I could say anything, Mark sped off into the nearest bathroom at max speed. I didn’t even know that Etimesgut Escort little guy could move that fast. Guess he really had to take a leak.

I also needed to get into a bathroom to take care of my uh, problem. But definitely couldn’t go into the same one as Mark! I decided to skip third period too and try to find an empty bathroom so I could slap and finger my tight, wet little pucker.

For the rest of the week, I was a mess. Literally. I had to get up and go to the bathroom several times throughout the day to wipe all the excess ass-goo coming out of me. I got used to fingering myself a little bit, just to try and push some of it out. And, worst of all, my hole was driving me crazy! It was twitching, throbbing, and itching all at once. Sometimes it throbbed so hard it made me yelp. I’d have to shove my fist into my mouth just to muffle it. I thought that if I touched it enough, it would go away, but I think that just made it worse.

I probably should have said something to Coach, like that I was sick and needed to take a break. But, after Sammy left, I knew team morale was in the gutters. Sammy really was the glue holding us together. And since I was the star batter, I knew that if I left too there was no way we would win.

And that’s how I ended here, bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, tied with Rockhale High. ROCKHALE FUCKING HIGH. We DESTROYED them easily for four years straight! There was no way we could be this close to losing!

I knew it was my fault. It’s hard to concentrate when your hole is throbbing uncontrollably, and I struck out several times. Me! Striking out! I haven’t done that since Little League. Not only that, but without Sammy around, I was out of sync. I kept misreading Ryan’s signals and missing easy pitches. Rockhale even got to steal some bases because I couldn’t focus on the field. I even dropped the ball once! With Sammy, it was like we were telepathically connected, I always knew what kind of pitch he was going to throw. Now, I was just totally lost.

“Luke, we need you at your best. I know you’re having an off day, but you’re our best batter. We need a grand slam; I know you can deliver. Get to it!” Coach Tom patted my ass as I left the dugout, which for some reason caused another wave of hole throbbing.

And now the pressure was real. Winning or losing the game, it was all up to me. I could see my bros staring me down, basically saying ‘Don’t fuck this up, Luke’. I really didn’t want to let them down. As good as I am, there are times when I get hard on myself, and I don’t feel like I’m good enough. Whenever that happened, Sammy would be there to tell me how awesome I was and help me feel better. As I walked to home plate, I looked around in the stands, trying to spot Sammy. I didn’t see his perfectly coiffed dark brown hair or his handsome face anyways. I was really hoping he would show up to support me, I mean the team, but I guess the wound was too fresh.

I did see someone else in the stands though. Mark’s red hair made him stick out like a sore thumb. He was holding his camera up, totally focused on taking pictures. Of me. I could see the flash from his camera going off and on. I did tell him I was going to hit a homer for him, and it’s kinda nice to have someone who was totally focused on me. Like my own personal fanboy. Fuck it, I’m going to win the game, and Mark will take a picture of me doing it. I’ll become a hero.

I readied my bat; everything was like in slow motion. As soon as the pitch was thrown, I lined my bat up perfectly and swung with all my might… Except in the exact moment before my bat made contact with the ball, a powerful, earth-shaking throb radiated out from my hole into the rest of my body, making my knees buckle and throwing me off my balance. I whiffed the swing, hitting the ball off my mark and sending it into the stands. Foul ball.

No, I can’t let myself lose to my fucking weird ass. This wasn’t going to be my downfall. I tried to will my hole to stop, but the throbbing was just too strong. It was this crazy intense feeling of emptiness and hunger. Fuck, I just needed… I knew exactly what I needed, but I would never admit it.

I fully missed the second ball, again because my ass twitched so violently it made me yelp in shock. And that’s how it came down to this. Last ball, last chance. I switched from willing my ass to calm down into full on begging. Please, weird fucking ass. Just stop, just enough for me to hit this ball. Then I’ll get you what you need.

As I swung my bat, the most powerful twitch yet sent shockwaves throughout my body, and I felt my hole clench and then spurt a huge amount of my ass-go into my pants. My mind went blank for a split second and when I came to Rockhale High was cheering like crazy. I looked at my team. I’ve never seen a look of disappointment and anger like that before. I could only hope that they wouldn’t notice the huge wet spot over the seat of my pants, that would be the only saving grace.

Once we got to the locker room, the other guys didn’t even talk to me. The mood was somber, with a lot of tension. Coach didn’t even do one of his pep talks after our rare losses. He only said to me “We’ll talk about this later, Luke”. Everybody on the team just avoided me. I couldn’t undress, because I didn’t want them to see how soaked my big ass was, because I could still feel my hole spurting and leaking that goo down my legs.

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