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Lucy’s Three Day Physical

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Note: This story is copyrighted material and belongs to Katalanta. All readers must be 18+.

Lucy’s Three Day Physical is a work of fiction.


Dear Ms. Cutter,

This letter is regarding your well-being physical. As I’m sure you are aware, your insurance company recommends a complete full body examination to take place over a period of three days before the patient turns 21. Now that you are twenty, we have scheduled your examination to take place July 5th-July 7th.

Understandably, you may be nervous about the examination. As your attending physician, allow me to reassure you that all procedures are safe, virtually pain-free, and relatively non-invasive. Your comfort and privacy will be of the highest priority. Allow me to give you a basic run-down of what to expect:

A basic physical
An extensive pelvic and rectal exam
Nerve and sexual response testing
Collection of tissue and fluid samples

In the coming weeks, as we get closer to your exam date, it’s important that you get plenty of sleep, exercise, and eat well. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids in the 48 hours before your exam. Please refrain from sexual activity in the 48 hours before the start of your exam.

You must report to the Complete Examination Wing at the Oakdale Medical Center at 10 a.m. You are not to pack any items for your stay with the exception of basic toiletries (no makeup) and no more than one personal item. Please wear loose and easy to remove clothing, with no jewelry or makeup for your arrival.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me by phone or email in the enclosed contact information sheet. I will see you July 5th.

Dr. Adam Stuart, M.D.

Lucy read over the letter again, for what was probably the thirtieth time, as she waited in the oddly barren waiting room at the Oakdale Medical Center. She had followed the directions in the letter, and the other directions in the letters that followed (regarding relaxation exercises to practice, diet, and further restrictions on sexual activity). Despite Dr. Stuart’s attempts in each letter to be kind and reassuring, Lucy was nervous. To say the least! The problem started with the adjectives. “Extensive” pelvic and rectal exam? She thought of the one pelvic exam she had received previously and had thought that had been awfully extensive.

“Lucy Cutter?” a nurse called, popping out from the closed hallway. Lucy stood, clutching her small bag tightly. The nurse smiled warmly at her and introduced himself as Jake, and brought her to the scale. Lucy felt oddly reassured by this; it was just like any other physical so far. After getting her weight, he took her height and measured her blood pressure. “140 over 90! You must be nervous. Completely understandable, of course.” Jake brought her further down the quiet hallway and into a room labeled “Exam 5”. The room was small and plain, all the equipment stowed away. There was simply an exam table off to the side, a surgical lamp hanging from the ceiling, countertops and cabinets, and a stool.

“All right, I’m just going to have you get into this gown. Everything off, including your bra and underwear. You can leave your clothes in the paper bag; they’ll be stored for you. The doctor will be in in a few minutes, and he’s going to conduct an interview regarding all aspects of your health and then have me ensure certain hygienic standards are met. After which point, he’ll conduct a basic physical. I’ll be your chaperone, will that be okay?”

“Yeah, I think so,” Lucy replied.

“Great. I’ll give you some privacy now. The doctor will be in in just a few minutes.” Jake handed her a plain white hospital gown and a paper bag and left, closing the door behind him.

Lucy quickly got out of her loose dress, shoes, bra, and panties. She folded everything up neatly and placed it in the bag. Naked for just a few moments, the chill of the exam room gave her goose bumps. She put the gown on and did her best to tie the back. Still a little cold, probably from nerves, she got on the exam table and folded her arms and crossed her legs tightly.

A few minutes later, there was a quiet knock on the door. Dr. Stuart didn’t wait for a reply before opening. He was a few years older than Nurse Jake, maybe about 35. He wore a crisp lab coat with a plain shirt and slacks underneath. He smiled and shook Lucy’s hand.

“So nice to meet you, Lucy. I’m Dr. Stuart. We’ll be spending quite a bit of time together the next few days, so I hope you feel comfortable with me. If there is anything you need at any point, please don’t hesitate to ask.”

Lucy simply nodded. Now it was starting to feel a helluva lot more real, the nerves turning into butterflies.

“How are you feeling today, Lucy? Any concerns, health wise?” he asked, sitting down on the wheeled stool.

“No, not really. I’m nervous, that’s all.”

He smiled. “Well, let me assure Bostancı escort you that you have nothing to be nervous about. We’re just going to make sure you’re good and healthy, and we’ll have you back home in just a few days. I’m going to get started and ask you some questions about your health.”

Dr. Stuart launched into an almost impossibly long sequence of questions. He asked her about family history of certain diseases, how often she exercised, how many alcoholic beverages she typically consumed in a month, her career, her relationship status, drug use, age she reached and finished puberty, when her last period was, etc., etc., etc. And then, when she thought he was finished, he simply said “Sorry, these next questions are ones you might find embarrassing.” That’s when he started asking how often she had sex, her number of sexual partners and exactly what activities they had done, how often she masturbated, her success in reaching orgasm, any fetishes or fantasies, etc. Her face felt hot and while she knew her answers were pretty typical, she was very embarrassed. This was an insane way to start off a “basic” physical!

“Thank you for being patient, Lucy. I’m going to enter the information into your digital file while Jake helps you with a few things. I’ll be back shortly.” Dr. Stuart walked out of the exam room, and Jake stepped right in carrying a tray full of supplies.

“First thing’s first. When was your last period?” he asked her.

“Last week.”

“Okay, good. I’m going to go ahead and give you an injection containing hormones that are going to prevent the continuation of your cycle for just the next 72 hours. Don’t worry, everything will go back to normal once you get back home and your next period will then be delayed only by two or three days. Stand up and bend over the table for me please, this goes in your backside.”

Lucy stood and bent over the table, bracing herself as she heard him snap on a pair of gloves. She knew better than to watch him prepare the syringe, and tried to take deep breaths. “A little cold,” he said and without warning, lifted the gown revealing well, just about everything, and swabbed her right butt cheek with alcohol. “Hold your gown out of the way please.” Lucy reached behind her and held it out of the way. “A little stick now.” She felt the sharp sting of the injection and a needle sliding fairly deep into the underlying tissue. She resisted the urge to pull away. Then it was over, and Jake covered the injection site with a Band-Aid.

“Can I get back on the table?” she asked him as he tossed the syringe.

“Not just yet. Need to take your temperature.”

“Wait, what?”

“We do it rectally here, my dear. That’s the policy.” He changed his gloves and dipped a long glass thermometer into a bottle of lubricant. He sat behind her now, getting almost a full view of some very intimate areas. With one hand, he spread her apart and next thing she knew she felt the cold slippery little probe go up into her.

“That’s going to stay there for a few minutes. Did you shave your underarms and legs as you were directed to this morning?”

“Yes,” Lucy said, trying to ignore the fact that there was a thermometer in her butt.

“Good. I’m going to take your blood pressure one more time, to see if it went down at all.”

Lucy highly doubted this, given the current circumstances, but she kept quiet. He strapped the cuff around her arm and soon she felt it tighten like a vise.

“135 over 80,” Jake read aloud. “Better.” He removed the cuff from her arm and began to search through her hair. “Just checking for lice while we wait for the thermometer.” After a few moments, he spread her buttocks again and removed the thermometer. “99 degrees exactly. ”

Lucy could still feel some lubricant and wished she could remove it. Jake was ready to move on though. “Lie down on the table for me and open your legs slightly.” She did, wondering what he was going to do next. He got a jar from the tray and brought it over. “Going to lift up your gown a little,” he said. Except he lifted it up to her belly button, and Lucy blushed. “I need to remove your pubic hair with a depilatory cream. Just hold still for me.” He worked quickly, covering her entire external vulva with the cool goop. After a few minutes, he rinsed it away, revealing very bald and sensitive skin.

The final preparation was an enema. Lucy had never had one before, and she certainly wasn’t looking forward to receiving more. But as she got back on the table after relieving herself, Jake told her that she’d receive more the next day.

Finally, Dr. Stuart came back in. “All ready?” he asked Jake.

“She’s ready,” the nurse replied.

“Okay Lucy. I’m just going to start at the top of your head.” He felt her skull and jaw, having her open and close her mouth. He felt her neck and throat, having her turn her head in different directions. His hands were Anadolu Yakası Escort careful but firm and a little cold. He checked her eyes and nose with a small flashlight then had her say “Aaaaahhh” and checked her throat. He got out an otoscope and checked the inside of her ears, a process Lucy always found a little scratchy and ticklish.

Putting the ends of the stethoscope in his hears, he began to listen to her heart. It was a little cool, even through the gown that she still wore. “Deep breaths for me,” he said softly. Lucy took deep breaths, and Dr. Stuart listened from various points on her chest. He moved to her back, the stethoscope still cold against her bare skin. “Your lungs sound nice and clear, very good.” He stood in front of her again and felt her arms and shoulders, having her move into various positions.

“I’m going to do a breast exam now. Untie your gown and let it fall to your waist,” Dr. Stuart said. Lucy reached behind her and untied the gown, her hands shaking a little. She inhaled and let it fall to her waist, her breasts now revealed to Dr. Stuart’s and Jake’s gaze. “I’m doing a visual examination, Lucy. Can you straighten out your back as much as possible?” Lucy straightened, her chest puffing out slightly. “Now hunch your back and bring your shoulders forward.” She did and then he had her lift her right arm behind her head. “I’ll examine you from this position first, then have you lie back.” Lucy looked straight ahead as his cool fingers began to palpate deep into her breast. He worked large circles surrounding the breast tissue, then worked his way inwards.

“Do you do self-exams at home?” he asked her.

“Sometimes,” she said.

“Good. You’re young and without family history of breast cancer, but it’s good to check every once in awhile.” He pressed down on her nipple, then squeezed it slightly. Lucy let out a small gasp. “Just checking for discharge. Switch arms please.” She switched arms and he did the same to her other breast. She knew to expect the discharge check this time, so was able to keep her composure when he squeezed her left nipple.

“Lie back please,” Dr. Stuart said. She lay back, and Jake slid a small pillow under her head. Dr. Stuart began to palpate her right breast again. This time, his fingers worked much deeper into her tissue, uncomfortably so. Her breasts weren’t really tender or anything, but his touch was almost penetrative. She squirmed slightly. “Keep still, Lucy. Almost done.” He switched to her left breast, and she did her best to stay still.

“I’m going to need the suction devices, size small,” Dr. Stuart said to Jake. The nurse opened a drawer and pulled out two clear cylindrical devices, each attached to a tube and a vacuum pump.

“What are those for?” Lucy asked, even though she already suspected the answer.

“I’m going to apply these to your nipples and test for nerve and tissue responses. Just relax.”

Easier said than done. She watched him surround each nipple with a device and then slowly use the pump to draw her nipples further into the tube. Her nipples went from pink to scarlet to a purple shade. It felt a little uncomfortable, but also fairly arousing. She could tell there was a sudden increase in fluid between her legs and that the skin on her chest was flushed. Dr. Stuart was watching her intently, his gaze switching from her breasts to her face. Finally, he put the pump down and slowly let air back into the devices, releasing her nipples from the hard pull. He removed the devices and Jake put them aside on the counter. Lucy’s nipples were puffy, dark, and very sensitive. Dr. Stuart gently palpated each one again and this time she definitely couldn’t resist gasping and squirming slightly.

“All done. You did very well,” Dr. Stuart said. “I’m going to palpate your abdomen now.” His hands moved below her ribcage, and he gently began to palpate her internal organs. Given that this was something Lucy had undergone many times before, she was able to relax a little. Dr. Stuart took his time, making sure there weren’t any points of tenderness or causes for concern. He pulled the gown further down as he went, until it reached the top of her hipbones.

“I need to do a very quick internal exam and then a basic nerve response test,” Dr. Stuart said. “Let’s get that gown off of you now.”

“Can I please leave it on?”

“I’m afraid not. Jake, why don’t you help her?”

Jake helped her sit up and remove the gown. Now completely naked, Lucy folded her hands over her chest, which was as much an attempt to keep warm, as it was to retain some modesty. Jake helped her lie back again, and Dr. Stuart coaxed her legs apart.

“No need for stirrups at this point,” Dr. Stuart said, pulling on a pair of gloves. Lucy lay very still, legs parted, arms still at her chest. She watched Jake pour lubricant onto the doctor’s fingers and then the doctor’s hand was at her inner thigh. He did Kadıköy Escort a fast visual exam first, spreading apart her labia and spending a few moments looking at her external structures. Then two long fingers began to slide into her. She took a deep breath. “Sorry, I know it’s a little cold,” he said, beginning to palpate her vaginal walls. Advancing further, he reached her cervix. Lucy grimaced at the discomfort as he moved it back and forth between his fingers before eventually placing his other hand on her abdomen and pressing down so that he could examine her uterus and ovaries.

“Cervix is firm, uterus is anteverted,” Dr. Stuart said. Jake recorded this in Lucy’s file. Dr. Stuart withdrew his fingers. “Bear down for me,” he said to Lucy. She did, and she felt his finger at her anus. “Quick check back here,” he said softly. His finger slid inside. Lucy had never had a rectal exam before, and the feeling of his finger probing such an intimate and sensitive area was disconcerting. She let out a soft groan as his finger advanced even further and began to twist around to examine the rectal walls. Then it was over. Dr. Stuart withdrew his finger and removed his gloves. Before she could relax again though, Jake handed the doctor a strange silver instrument. It was this spiky pinwheel thing and it looked very intimidating.

“I’m going to run this over your skin to observe your responses,” he said. “It won’t hurt, see?” He quickly ran it over her forearm. The sensation was very strange. It was like a bunch of light, but sharp pokes. “Try to keep still.” He ran it over her neck and shoulders, and then went over her breasts and abdomen. He ran it over each nipple a few times, each time drawing a sharp gasp from Lucy. Then he ran it over her hips, legs, and feet. She was thankful that he skipped her pubic area.

“You did so well today Lucy,” Dr. Stuart said. “We’re going to get you settled in your room next. You’ll have some further testing later involving her heart rate and lung capacity, among a few other things. I’ll see you in a few hours.” He stepped out of the room, leaving her with Jake.

Jake grabbed her some wet wipes and let her clean the lubricant off of herself. Jake then gave her a different hospital gown, one that wasn’t open in the back. “You’ll wear this for your stay. I’m going to take you to your room now.”

Lucy followed him down the hallway, past many doorways. One labeled “Special Examination Room ” had sounds coming from it. It sounded like a woman moaning, out of pain or pleasure Lucy couldn’t tell. Nonetheless, it made her very anxious. Finally, they turned a corner reaching a set of doors labeled “Residential Wing.” Lucy’s room was labeled “RW room

4″. There were 20 of these rooms total, all lined up next to each other.

The room was very plain: a large hospital bed, a side table, chair, and a cabinet. There was also a small, attached bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower.

“You’re free to go anywhere in the Residential Wing, save for someone else’s room. There’s a Rec Room down the hall with a TV and books, most of the other patients stay there when they’re not having a procedure done. Lunch will be served there at noon. You’re permitted one shower a day; I would advise waiting until the end of the day. Most patients find it relaxing after the procedures. Make sure you’re back in your room by 2 p.m.; I’ll be collecting you then to bring you to your next series of tests. Any questions?”

“What is the next series of tests?”

“You’ll be exercising on a treadmill and doing stretches, basically. They’ll be filming and analyzing the way your body moves and the performance of your heart and lungs. You won’t be judged on how fast you can run or anything like that, it’s just to see what you are capable of and how your body responds.”

“Okay,” Lucy said. That didn’t sound too bad. Jake left her alone, and she decided to go to the Rec room. There were four women in there already. All about her age, it seemed. Two were engrossed in whatever was on TV, one was reading a thick novel, and the other was just sitting on an armchair with her arms folded tightly. Her face was very pale. She looked like she had just gone through an awful lot, and Lucy swallowed. What was coming up next wasn’t so bad, but what about after that? What kinds of things would they do to her tomorrow or the next day?

She decided to join the other two in watching TV. Time ticked by. At noon, nine other women came in, followed by an orderly who brought a cart of food. Lunch was sandwiches and a choice of soup. They all ate at the two tables in the corner, nobody saying much. Lucy did learn though that the pale woman had undergone the pelvic and rectal examinations earlier that morning, at least according to the whispers.

Lucy was back in her room by 2, and Jake came in with a wheelchair. She sat down and was promptly wheeled out of the Residential Wing and into a room labeled “Special Examination Room “.

Dr. Stuart was waiting for her, as was a female nurse. The room was large. There was a treadmill and a few other exercise machines. There was an EKG machine and other monitors, several computers, and some machines that Lucy didn’t recognize.

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