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Lucky Me!

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As I lay back on the motel bed with my cock fully embedded in her mouth I think, “Luck me!”

Alright, maybe a little backs story here.

Bad day, of a bad week of a bad month… you get the picture. My wife of over ten years, well wife for the first three years followed by seven years of spending my money, had finally (I am truly grateful), agreed to a divorce. It took more then a year to finally get it done but we were officially divorced. My life was now about to get better.

Oh my… the sensation of her tongue sliding around me is exquisite. I look upon her mouth as I slide deeper and deeper and wonder, “Does it get any better?”

She opens her eyes and I spy her looking up at me. Cheeks sucked in knowing she is doing this strictly for me, I barely hold back from spurting down her throat right then! I lean forward enough to garner her attention and softy whisper, “You are amazing! I wish you could make me feel this way every moment of every day. I never knew it could be so good!”

“Mmmmh.”, she hummed around the head of my fully-grown cock.

Back to the back-story. We were divorced. I was ready to date. After years of flirting with co-workers, smiling at waitresses and my recent foray into physical fitness, I knew I could get a date. Not so easy as I thought. I mean I tried it all. Bars, dating sites, friends blind dates. Nothing provided what I was looking for, a simple good time. I wanted a confident woman who had not lost her femininity. You know, a sexy woman. It was much harder then I ever thought. I kept trying and trying but only found relief by jerking off to porn. I loved the stuff! Movies and writings always gave me satisfaction.

“Oooh, that is fantastic!” She sucked just a bit harder and let me pop from her mouth.

“I love blowing a big hard dick like yours. The cream filling is just like icing on the cake.

Closing her eyes she lowered her soft ruby red lips over the tip and teased her way to the base, taking every inch all the way into her throat. Another hum and another bout of self-control not to empty my sack. I let a growl escape and took a deep breath just barely stopping my cum from covering her tonsils. She eased back halfway up and starting swirling her talented tongue around and around giving me a chance to cool down while keeping me nice and excited.

I thought back when I was failing Şerifali Escort to get a second date with anyone. I was desperate. I knew there was someone out there for me. How to find her?!? Where to look? Then the really difficult part, what to say when I see her? Women are fickle. I learned this fact of life the hard way.

She tried to smile and it only enhanced the mood. Once more she closed her eyes and slowly, ever so gradually, moved her head down. The feeling was unbelievable! Never had anyone brought me such pleasure. I could tell she was enjoying making me feel this way. This cocksucker liked being on her knees and knew exactly what she was doing.

She eases back up and grabs my now wet dick As slowly as her lips pull away, she quickly slides them back down, down, down… until I feel her breath, through her nose, teasing my pubic just below my belly button (OK. I have a ‘thing’ about belly buttons!) I cannot keep my eyes open and lean back enjoying the blood rushing to meet to her suckling.

I relished in her technique. As she eased up trying to make me cum I thought how luck I was. Having just about giving up meeting someone I stumbled across a “dating” web site. Well, I knew it was not for dates, more for professionals to find new clients. By now I was not going to split hairs. Paying for flowers, dinner and drinks to get the end result or just forking over the cash up front for the same ending. I made my decision.

A buddy I met at a bar one night told me about this service. One where diner and drinks are paid for… up, in cash to the intended. It took several weeks of mustering but I worked up the courage to call the number. I sweet voice answered, “Well big boy, where and what time. I promise a you will like what happens.”

Once more she eases to my head and flicks her talented tongue over it, pushing its way into my slit and driving me to the point of no return…

She starts jacking me off, knowing I am ready to blow she does exactly what I want most.

“Alright big boy, I am ready for that sweet cum. I know it is hot and now I want a taste. Fill me up baby. Yea, yea, that’s it. Those big balls are tight. Are you gonna give my cream? Are you fill my mouth with your spunk?”

I love it when she talks dirty. It gets me boiling and I wait for the final act.

Now I find myself with her Göztepe Escort hands wrapped around my throbbing cock, stroking down, once hand replacing the other as it reached the bottom of my shaft. Money well spent.

Whimpering she starts back up,” Oh baby please don’t make me wait. I worked so hard. Licked and sucked and swallowed you hard meat as far as I could. I want my reward. I want it now!”

My buddy told me to be ready for more than the usual. These gals know exactly how to ‘maximize’ the experience. He told me, “Just remember, go with the flow. Whatever happens happens right? Trust me, you will always remember what she does to you. They have spoiled me for other women!”

The entire time her hands are sliding up down but just enough to keep me stimulated. She knows I like being teased. Her hands never stop as she sticks her tongue out and begins to flick the tip of my sensitive head. I get a few tongue-lashings the begging, “C’mon, I want it now. Give it to me. It tastes so good!”

My hips start to buck, I cannot control myself, she has me totally at her mercy. I feel my white hot cum erupt. Once more my hips convulse and I know she is taking all my cum down her throat, not stopping, swallowing everything I have. Finally I calm enough to look at her, my rapidly softening prick still her in mouth, watching as she gulps the last of my contribution to this event.

I am spent. She gives me one more burst of pleasure, sucking as hard as she can, finally releasing me from her perfectly formed ‘O’. Never, I mean never, before had I experienced this.

I lay back trying to catch my breath from the most amazing blowjob ever given to Man. I feet her join me on the bed, her head on my chest with her hair flowing over me. She cupped my balls and gently stroked me getting every drop of cum from me possible.

“I bet your wife can’t do that!”

I laughed, “She never even considered sucking me off. But, she does have the money so…”

We stayed like that for a few minutes enjoying the afterglow. The silence is deafening after all the sounds of sex just a few minutes prior. It was wonderful. I was ready to fall asleep, contentment passed long ago, now into orgasm coma.

Remembering what my buddy told me, ‘maximize’. I gathered my strength and asked this beautiful woman, “Where did you learn to do Ümraniye Escort that so well?”

“Weeell”, I can her the smile in her voice, “practice mostly. You are not my first you know.”

“I am sure of that. So, you up for anything more?”

“Weeell”, now her voice is different, I can tell she wants to ask me for something and I am not sure where this will lead.

“I kinda got used to providing satisfaction but most guys are not interested in giving back, ya’ know?”

I understood and decided to go all out. Why not eat out tonight, “Sounds great to me. C’mere sweetie, get comfortable. I am going to make you feel as good as you made me!”

She smiled and gave me look that left me wondering just how lucky I was.

“There is one thing I like and I hope you do not mind doing it for me. I mean just thinking about it…”, the look on her face had me getting hard. This girl was perfect, enjoyed giving and loved receiving.

If only my wife were like her. Well, my ex-wife now, not that she knew that. What is it about marriage that changes a great girlfriend into a lousy wife?

I felt her move away, opening my eyes I watched as she reached for her skirt, unbuttoned it and slid it over her hips. She lifted her perfect ass up to get the skirt off, sliding down to her ankles, she kicked to the floor. She wore the palest pink panties ever underneath.

“One thing before you go any further. I expect you to stay down there until I cum. If you do I promise the best sex you have ever had. If you try and skip out, I will tell your wife. Believe me, you don’t want that.”

I was little puzzled. After all I did promise to go down on her until she had an orgasm. I gave a her kiss and smiled, “After what you just did to me I am getting hard just thinking about that hot wet pussy.”

“Weeell…it might not be like that.”

I knew just how to take care of that, “Weell”, I mocked her, “I guess I should get started sooner then later.”

I kissed my way down her body, skipped over the enticing panties and tickled the inside of her thighs/ I was doing my best to tease her. Trying to get her hole dripping before I started my own lip service. I slowly traced my fingertips up to the satin panties. Then over them and dipped my hand under the band, smooth, no hair and defiantly no stubble. I love eating a hairless pussy. You can really get into and nothing tickling your throat at just the wrong time.

I pushed down; searching for her slit, knowing by now it would be wet and dripping.

I never found it.

I found something else.

I looked up and saw her grin, “Remember you promised!”

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