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Loving Patty

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This one is just for fun. I know my spelling sucks as does my grammar so don’t mail me to tell me, ok!

Part one

My wife and I had been divorce six months when I moved to California. My little girl who was twenty at the time and married took it very hard. She was upset that we would not see each other but once or twice a year and that her mom had run off with my best friend!

I explained to her that I just could not stay there and live my life. She was standing in the driveway crying as I drove off. The last thing I heard her say was what a bitch her mom was for screwing up her life.

Pat and I had always been very close as she grew up, I mean she was daddy’s little girl and as I looked back in my rear view mirror I knew it would be the hardest thing in my life not being with her. My hart was all ready broke but leaving my baby like this was ripping it out!

We called each other at least once a week and talked for hours. Even though some times there wasn’t anything to say we still talked thinking up stupid stuff to talk about. After about six months the calls started getting fewer and fewer until they almost stopped. I would call and Pat’s husband would pick up and tell me she could not talk to me any more or that she had gone out. I knew it was bullshit but what could I do, hell I was twelve hundred miles away on a new job with no time off and could not get back to see what was going on. This went on for almost a year!

The phone ring about two am waking me with a start, “Daddy, it’s me.”

I kind of shook the sleep from my head, “What is it are you ok!”

“No! I have left that ass hole I am married to,” she grew quiet on the phone, “To tell the truth I have ran away from him and I am at the airport and I want to come be with you!”

She had started to cry as she spoke, “I have no money or anything but I had to get away while I had the chance. Please, can you help me daddy?”

“Yes, yes sure I can!”

Pat gave the phone to the lady working the desk at the airline and I gave her my card numbers. She took them telling me she would help Pat get things going and that she looked ok but seamed scared. She said she would stay with her until the plane left and that if she got on the next flight she would be landing in LA at eight am. I thanked her and she handed the phone back to PAT.

“Daddy, I’m ok now and I will see you soon and daddy, I love you!”

“I love you to pumpkin. I will see you soon.” And we hung up.

I was way to excite to sleep and started making coffee. Looking around the apartment I also decided I had better clean up the place to! It was a two bed room place just off the beach. It was small but had a nice view of the sand and braking waves. As I looked around picking things up I decided there would be plenty of room for the both of us and I knew she would love living by the water. Pat had always love lying in the sun. She said it gave her energy. I smiled to my self-thinking of watching her in her little swimsuits getting all tan before she met her husband. I wondered what the hell had happened as I went to the shower.

I called my boss and took a couple of days off and was standing at the gate waiting for her plane to land an hour early. My boss must have thought I was nuts calling him so early but I didn’t care I was going to get to see my baby! I was jumping up and down inside with excitement as the plane finally landed and I watched it pull up to the gate!

I watched every head and every face as the people started off the plane. Finally I spotted my girls strawberry blond head as she came down the ramp. She started to cry when she saw me waiting for her. I could not believe what I was seeing!

Her shoulder length hair was cut short in a boy’s haircut and all uneven like some one had just taken some scissors to it. Her dress was some thick wool like stuff as was her blouse. It was so long that I could not see her feet as she walked and her blouse had long sleeves that covered most of her hands. It was buttoned up high on her neck and her boobs were gone!

I ran to Pat and pulled her up to me. I kissed her lips and then held her tight feeling her tremble in my arms. She pulled back looking at me with big tears in her eyes then took my face in her hand and kissed me again. It was a soft kiss with slightly parted lips that kind of took me by surprise. I pulled back looking at her as the tears streamed down her cheeks.

“Come on baby you are here with me and it’s ok. What ever was going on is over now. I will take care of you. Let’s go get your bags and,” she interrupted me

“I don’t have any bags dad. All I have is what I am wearing.” She looked down at her feet “I’m sorry, don’t look at me like this, in this shit he made me wear!” she ran her hands through her chopped up hair as she looked back up at me.

“Come on baby, it’s ok. We can get you some new stuff. Let’s just get out of here then!”

We held hands as we walked out to the truck and as she climbed in she again took my face in her sisli escort hands and held it as she kissed me. It was that same soft lips open kiss she had given me earlier but this time she held it a lot longer than a mans doughtier should have! I pulled away from her smiling as I felt a twitch in my pants that a dad should not feel either!

“I love you daddy!”

I adjusted my self as I walked around to climb into the other side and as I opened the door to get in ask, “OK, what the hell is going on?”

I started the motor and we sat there with it running letting the AC cool us as she began to tell me how her husband had joined a new cult type church and that she was treated like his property and not a wife. She could not speak and had to be covered at all times. She had to wear a cover over her head and her boobs had to be kept bound so no one could see her as a sexual being. She had not been allowed out of the house and if some one came over she had to go into the bedroom and he locked the door until they left. He also left her locked in the room while he was at work. She had broken the lock and slipped away when he was gone.

Pat looked at me, “And so her I am with the only man I have ever loved and, I am hopping to be taken in by him!”

She ran her hand over my cheek, “Turn your head and look out the front window will you dad. I want to take these bindings off they just kill my boobs.”

I looked to the front as she leaned forward and started to unbutton her top, “He even made me sleep in these dam things. He would not let me wear panties either. I have bindings down there to, kind of wrapped up like a mummy. He said it would keep me from thinking of the evils of being sexual. Shit dad you are going to have to help, I can’t get them loose.”

I turned to her looking at the knot in the back of her bindings. I got them loose and Pat never batted an eye as she pulled them off letting her breasts sway loose! I looked at her in awe as she lifted them up and rubbed them letting the color come back into them. Her nipples grew hard from her rubbing them and the cool air in the truck. They were the size of a silver dollar and very pink! I had forgotten just what nice boobs she had, I mean I had not looked at her with her top off sense she was in, well hell before she went to school! My mind flashed back to her lying in the sun in our back yard and playing in the pool. Nope I didn’t think they were that nice! I kind of shook my head, what the hell are you thinking you old fool!

Pat smiled at me as I set there looking at her buttoning her top up. She left the top four buttons open showing just a little cleavage, “You were suppose to look away you know?”

“I know baby and I was going to but you moved to dam fast and the next thing I knew there they were and, well I just looked! Sorry!”

She took me by the hand “It’s ok. I really didn’t mind you seeing them.” She slid over setting right next to me, “Ok, I need a shower and to get out of these cloths. Do you think we can do that dad? I mean do you have to work or anything?”

“Nope I’m good. I took some time off to get you settled in. We can go home get you cleaned up and then we can go shopping. God I don’t know what that ass hole was thinking covering up something as beautiful as you!” I put the truck in to gear and we slipped into traffic, “I love you Pat and want you here with me as long as you are happy!”

She put her head on my shoulder and as she slipped off to sleep smiled at me, “I love you to Sam!” it was the first time she had used my first name in her life!

Part two

Pat slept all the way home. I could not help my self still thinking of her wonderful boobs and nipples as we drove. I didn’t even think about it as I moved the same rear view mirror I had watched my little girl as I left her to come out her in down to look at her again. We hit a bump on the free way and I found I was looking not at her but those tits! They were moving loosely on her chest as we bounced.

“Nock that off you old fool! That is your little girl you are slobbering over!”

I must have spoken out loud, “What daddy? Did you say something? I’m sorry I must have dozed off.”

“No baby but we are almost home. I must have been singing or something.”

I pulled up and parked and as I climbed out she slipped under the wheel and came out on my side to stand with me. She took my hand as we walked to the house and smiled, “UMM singing and happy things! God how I have missed that!”

I opened the door and Pat almost ran to the window looking out over the sandy beach and ocean. “HO DADY THIS IS WONDERFULL!” she ran back to me and kissed me holding me close. She looked up at me, “Now what do you have in here a girl might find to wear out to the store? Hum, lets see. I’ll go shower if you show me where it is at while you see if you have a long shirt and some shorts that might fit me.”

I showed her the shower and got her a towel before going into my room, “Shit I’m in good shape for a fifty year old şişli esc but I don’t have any thing that small. Do you have any ideas?” I called to her as I could here the water start running.

“I don’t know, let me wash and we will see. ” she called back.

The water stopped and the next thing I knew Pat was standing beside me wrapped in just the towel. I looked again to see it didn’t go all the way around her and that she was just holding it by tucking it under her arms.

“There get me one of your white shirts and let’s see what I can do with it. I loved to wear them when I was in school. I would slip into your closet and sneak one out every chance I got. Did you know that dad?”

I took one down and gave it to her, “Yes I knew but I loved it, some times I would not wash them and would wear them so I could smell your perfume. I don’t guess that was to dad like but god I loved doing it. I loved smelling you’re sent all day as I worked.”

She smiled at me, “Turn your head.” and turned to walk back to the bathroom letting me see her exposed back and look at her necked ass and those long, long legs. Yes I remembered those legs. Pat had the best leg’s I had ever seen and she would drive me nuts with them when she was in school walking around in her little short skirts! When she got to the door she stopped and turned looking at me as I watched her.

“Hay you! You where suppose to turn your head! My, my you are a bad boy aren’t you!”

I could feel my self-blush as I felt my cock growing in my pants again. I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders at her; “Well I am still a man even if I am your dad and, I might add you are the first woman I have been around sense I left your mom. I mean except for work and stuff. You do have a nice ass though!”

Pat just laughed, “Well after the last year I have had I hope you like seeing it because unless you make me cover it up I don’t plan on wearing to much around the house!”

She disappeared into the bathroom and after a minuet or two she came back out in my shirt. With no bra her nipples cold be plainly seen through the thin material and her bush could be seen showing dark as her shirt pushed up against it. I licked my lips as she walked up to me marveling at how beautiful she was. The shirt was short to coming down to just above mid thigh.

She was watching me look at her as she came back into the room, “Lets see, do you have any colored boxers dad? I have seen the girls wearing them around. I think I could get away with that until I can get some pants, don’t you?”

I found her some of my boxers and watched as she slipped them on standing right there. She made no effort to cover her self as she slipped them up letting me see her full bush and I made no effort to look away. She walked over and took my hand.

“Ok, what’s next?” she asked me as she got up on her tiptoes and kissed me on the tip of my nose.

“Well you tell me, cloths, beauty shop or food. Where to first?”

“Is there a mall close? I think we could get it all in one place if there is and we wont have to run all over town that way.” We arrived at the mall and as Pat climbed out of the truck she swore, “Shit it’s hot!” and took off running over to the shade of the building. Her loose tit’s bouncing all over as she ran. She had slipped on a pair of my old sox and thrown her old holy tennis shoes away.

“Dam Patty be careful with those things! I thought you was going to put your eye out with them bouncing around like that!”

She smiled at me as she looked down at her hard nipples showing through her shirt. She hooked her arm in mine as we walked into the stores. “You haven’t called me Patty sense I was a little girl. I like that dad.”

We spent the rest of the morning and half the afternoon shopping going from store to store. She would show me some things wanting to know if I liked them and I helped her pick out three pairs of shoes. We had a nice lunch and talked the whole time. We held hands as we walked, with soft touches here and there. It was not like father doughtier shopping but something closer.

Finally she was finished. She came up and kissed me again as soft and loving kiss as I had ever had. I ran my hand down her back as I looked at her stopping just above her bottom.

The lady that had been helping Patty smiled at us. “It’s so nice to see a couple so much in love.”

I started to say something about her being my doughtier when she stopped me, looking up at me she kissed me again, “Yes I love him very much!”

We left the stores and went to the beauty shop. I waited out in the mall setting on a bench while they tried to fix her hair. I lost my self in thought wondering what the hell was going on. I was so tore up inside with guilt about what I was feeling I was almost sick. I was ashamed of thinking of my little girl not as my doughtier but as a woman that was half my age and the I wanted to kiss, hold and make soft sweet love to. I realized as I set there that one of the reasons I had left her and escort sisli came out here was because I was in love with her!

“Excuse me sir, excuse me.”

“Um, yes! I’m sorry did you want me?” I snapped back into reality as the shampoo girl walked up to me.

“The lady asked me to come get these bags.”

She took the bags back into the shop and I sat there trying not to think about Patty. It was a loosing battle though. I was standing looking over the rail watching the people when she spoke to me from behind. I turned and she took my breath away!

Part 3

Patty was standing thee in a short blue summer dress. It came to mid thigh with the upper bodice fitting her like a glove. Her breast was pushing the thin material out proudly. She did a slow turn in her two inch heeled sandals letting her dress swirl around her thighs. Her hair although short was perfect and I could see she had put on just a hint of make up giving her face perfect color.

“What do you think, Sam will I pass inspection?”

It was all I could do to talk, “I’m very sure you could pass anything you wanted sweet hart! My God you look wonderful!”

She smile at me as I began to pick up her bags of cloth’s and shoes, “Now I know it’s early but if you would take me home and feed me a nice stake it would be the end to a really good day.” She stopped pulling me to her kissing me with an open mouth pushing her tong into mine! “My first day with you!”

We were quit as we walked to the truck and as she climbed in her little dress pulled up showing me her tine white panties. She watched my eyes as I looked at her crotch and legs feeling my self grow hard, harder than I had been in over a year!

“Patty you are killing me! God girl you have me thinking very unfather like thoughts about you!”

“GOOD! Now feed me!”

We stopped by the store picking up some things for dinner. I had only shopped for my self for so long there wasn’t much to eat at the house. She never left my side as we picked out this and that. In fact she held onto my arm most of the time. We got back to the truck and as we loaded the bags of food into it she bent over leaning into the cab of the truck letting the back of her dress ride high up over the bottom of her ass cheeks.

I sucked in my breath as I looked at exposed bottom and how her new thong panties slipped into the crack of her ass! I bent to pick up another bag and could actually see her pussy lips where they slipped out over her panty crotch!

“Oh God!” I said it with out thinking.

She turned to look at me and realized I was looking at her ass. She smiled at me as she climbed into the truck and sat down. My dick was pushing my pants out and I seen her looking at my bulge as I put the last of the bags in the truck and climbed in next to her.

Patty took my hand and put it on her thigh as we drove off. She turned and kissed me on the cheek, “I love you Sam. I hope you like looking at me. I like it when you do. I know what you are thinking, about how bad it is and how wrong it is, but I love you! I have sense I first knew what the difference between boys and girls was. It was my way of getting away from you when I married that ass hole because I though it was wrong to feel this way. You came out here and I died a little bit every day we were apart! Now I am here and I have seen how you look at me so it is up to you where we go from here, but I love you and want to be with you for the rest of my life!”

I ran my hand over her soft thigh as I thought about what she had said to me. Wondering what to say or do next!

We were taking things into the apartment when my landlady called to me, “High Sam!”

She walked up to us, “Hi Marry,” She looked at Patty and back at me, “This is my,”

Patty interrupted me again sticking out her hand, “Hi, I’m Patty Sam’s new wife, he just flew me out from back east this morning! Nice to meet you!”

You could have blown both Marry and my self over with a straw as she smiled at me kind of winked and coagulated us. She rushed off to spread the news that the old loner in # fifteen had a new pretty and very young wife!

I had not said any thing as we went in and put things away. Patty moved her bags of cloths into her room and then came into find me setting looking out at the water. She didn’t say any thing as she walked up to stand in front of me. I watched as she lifted her dress over her head letting it drop to the floor beside her. Standing in only her tine panties she pushed me back in my chair as she climbed into my lap. She kissed me softly at first and then with more and more abandon as I kissed her back letting my tong search for hers.

Her lips never left mine as she lifted her self to fish my cock out of my pants. She pulled her panties to one side and slid my hard cock up and down her wet slit stopping to rub it on her clit before she moved it back to her open hole. She slid down on it letting it impale her moaning into my mouth as she hit bottom. My dick was trying to push into her womb as she slowly rocked back and forth.

She leaned back resting her hands on my knees as I put my hands on her tits for the first time. I pulled her nipples as she looked at me slowly sliding my cock in and out of her wet box.

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