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Double Penetration

Cheryl never cheated on her husband physically, but mentally was another story. The closest she ever came to physically cheating was at her bachelorette party. That doesn’t count though, because they hadn’t said their vows yet. No; Cheryl has been faithful. Even after making her husband involuntarily pussy-free, Cheryl has never strayed.

The story starts five years ago, at the bachelorette party. There she was, half naked with all her friends, wasted on cocktails. Hooting and hollering at the sexy black stripper on the stage. Before you know it, Cheryl was up on stage with him, grabbing his cock while her girlfriends all cheered. Cheryl loved how warm and smooth the stripper’s big black cock felt against her engagement ring.

“You go girl!” shouted the maid of honor.

“Yeah!” shouted a bridesmaid.

Cheryl dropped to her knees and started kissing that big black cock fervently. She was rubbing it all over her cheeks in between loving kisses. All her girlfriends were going crazy, cheering her on. Cheryl turned back to wink at her audience before diving down to take as much of that phallus in her mouth as she could. That stripper was packing more than a foot of meat, and Cheryl’s fiance, Joe, was barely five inches.

As for Cheryl, she was a beauty. Former high school prom queen and cheerleader, she had natural blonde hair which she kept in a pixie haircut. She wore a glittering black dress that showed off DDD breasts and a perfect ass. In theory, Cheryl was half Latina, but the only thing she got from her Latina mother was that gorgeous voluptuous ass of hers. She got all her other features from her Scandinavian father. Including her absolutely perfect face. Every feature of Cheryl’s face was perfectly proportioned, so she looked absolutely sensational with her cheek bulging full of enormous black cock on the dance stage.

“Jerome is gonna take a ten-minute break now,” said the DJ. “Ladies and gentlewomen, the bar is wide open.”

To Cheryl’s delight, the stripper dragged her back-stage with him.

Once in the dressing room, Jerome sat on the big comfy easy-chair and yanked Cheryl onto his lap. They started feeling each other up. Cheryl was too drunk to help herself. She ran a hand over the stripper’s muscular chest. Her engagement ring glinted scandalously against the man’s dark skin.

With practiced hands, Jerome pushed Cheryl’s dress up and pulled her thong to the side. Cheryl instinctively started grinding her exposed pussy all up and down the stripper’s big elephant cock. She was moaning with pleasure, pussy-juice soaking her partner’s big long shaft (the head was moist with precum).

Jerome reached for a condom and started opening it but Cheryl grabbed his hand and stopped him.

“We can’t,” she said. “I’m about to get married.”

But she kept moving her hips, her pussy lips passionately massaging his giant raging cock.

Jerome surprised Cheryl by kissing her. That was NOT a part of the package deal, but Cheryl wasn’t complaining. She eagerly returned the kiss, and amidst the distraction, Jerome’s bare black cock started penetrating her.

“Oh!” said Cheryl, pulling away from the kiss. She stared down where their hips were joined.

“Mmmm that feels so good baby,” said Jerome, comforting her with his soothing voice.

Cheryl relaxed and lowered herself down on Jerome’s big black babymaker. She knew it was wrong to do it unprotected, but she couldn’t help herself. She already had his precum inside her so what more damage could they do? She started slowly raising herself up, relishing the amazing feel of that velvet black cock rubbing her so good inside. Then she slowly lowered herself again, his cock felt so wonderful, stretching out her pussy. It was SUCH a relief to be filled up by that black stripper.

“Stop or I’ll cum,” said Jerome. Then he gave her a loving kiss, as if challenging her.

“But I’m so close,” Cheryl protested.

Reluctantly she pulled off, and just in the nick of time. The stripper started spraying cum everywhere. It’s almost certain some cum got inside Cheryl. The bachelorette looked down in shock, she never knew a man could cum like that. She couldn’t take her eyes off Jerome’s huge black testicles. They were twitching as he fired sperm at her with that big fat cannon. Cheryl thought: Imagine if all that cum got inside me! I’m not even on birth control!

Cheryl was a mess now!! There were ropes of thick potent babyjuice all over her dress, as far up as her tits. Some of it shot all the way to her face, splattering her cheek obscenely. There was even a spurt of cum in her HAIR! The whole front of the dress was splashed in Jerome’s DNA. Some sperm even managed to get on the BACK of her dress somehow, I have no idea how THAT happened.

Cheryl was SO close and SOOO frustrated. Instead of being mad about the ruined dress, she just wanted to get herself off. She reached down and started rubbing herself, but there was cum ALL OVER her pussy. Her wispy blonde pubic hair was thick İstanbul Escort with it. She was rubbing it into herself, fingers pushing billions of ambitious little swimmers into her unprotected little slit. Jerome started kissing her. His chest was heaving from his recent orgasm. It all felt so right and so good, Cheryl started rubbing herself hard, gathering up big dollops of Jerome’s sperm with her fingers so she could rub it up inside herself.

The bride-to-be finally started cumming right as her friends burst into the room looking for her. They were treated to a cantata of ecstacy as Cheryl fingered herself over the edge. Cheryl’s orgasm went on and on! Before she could stop quivering, her friends had got down on their knees beside her and they were kissing her and licking her, kissing Jerome’s still-hard cock, cleaning it, slurping gobs of cum off Cheryl’s thigh. It was so erotic and at the same time so embarrassing, Cheryl thought she would just die, right then and there.

“Get out!” she said. “Get out of here!” But then she started trembling again, a little aftershock triggered by all that attention from her bridesmaids.


* kiss * kiss * kiss * kiss *


That was all five years ago. Since then, Cheryl was a perfectly faithful wife. She never cheated on Joe even once.

But she couldn’t go a day without longing for that big black cock.

All Cheryl ever thought of when she made love with Joe was that stripper with his sixpack and his veiny black bareback tool. She could hardly close her eyes without seeing that thing swinging around between Jerome’s legs. She would lick her lips thinking about those huge angry balls that squirted SO MUCH delicious cum all over her dress that night. Sometimes when Joe was at work Cheryl would spend hours at a time just leisurely playing with her toys, leisurely getting herself off, fantasizing about Jerome’s giant manhood.

But she never cheated on Joe. She was the perfect faithful wife and homemaker in real life.

At the time this story takes place, Joe had been involuntarily pussy-free for four years. One year into the marriage, Cheryl had got up the nerve to confront him about the bedroom.

“I love you,” she had said. “But I just can’t have sex with you any more.”

“Why??” said Joe, eyes pleading.

“I just don’t feel it,” said Cheryl, half lying. The truth was, she was unsatisfied by Joe’s five-inch pecker. One single encounter with Jerome’s anaconda had permanently ruined her for her husband.

She wasn’t lying about loving Joe. She really did love him. She made up for his pussy-free fate by giving him lots of blowjobs and handjobs. If you count those, Joe got more sex than most men. But as for real sex, Joe was locked out completely. Cheryl was gentle but firm whenever Joe tried to initiate. She held her ground: she loved him, but her pussy was off limits.

I wonder how Joe would feel if he knew the real reason his wife forced him to go pussy-free. I wonder how he would feel if he knew it was because she got pulled backstage by that stripper at her bachelorette party, and then converted-for-life after one single ride on him.

On Valentine’s day and anniversaries, Joe would buy Cheryl jewels and chocolate. Then in the bedroom he would start caressing her. Kissing and touching and rubbing and cuddling. He knew he was getting Cheryl turned on. He could SMELL how wet she was. But Valentine’s or not, she resisted every attempt he made.

“Shhhhh,” she’d say, grabbing his raging five-inch penis and deflecting it away from her. “Let’s just cuddle, darling.”

Then she would rub him, or go down on him, and give him some relief that way. But no pussy for Joe, not even the tip. Absolutely no exceptions, not even on his birthday.

Sometimes Joe would get desperate and start begging and pleading. “Awwww,” Cheryl would say, soothingly. Then she’d give him some extra loving attention with her pretty hands.

Even when they went on vacation, Cheryl kept up her resistance. Joe could get her wasted with champagne, but she always kept enough wits about her to ward off her poor husband’s dick. She would think to herself: ‘Maybe if you had a foot-long black cock like Jerome did’. But she never said it out loud. Poor Joe was left guessing why his beautiful wife was forbidden.

Sometimes Cheryl did get tempted. It would be so easy to make one little exception, like for example when Joe got a big promotion at work. It would be so easy to just let him in that one time, maybe with a condom or something. Cheryl wavered, but in the end she closed her eyes and saw that magnificant stallion-cock in that bachelorette party back-room. Then all thoughts of letting Joe in vanished, promotion or no promotion. “Sorry honey,” she said. “Let me just rub you. Okay darling?”


* kiss * kiss * kiss * kiss *


When Cheryl turned twenty-eight, her biological clock started ticking. This presented a problem. She was a faithful Kadıköy Escort wife who would never even think of cheating on her husband. But at the same time, she was adamant Joe wasn’t allowed inside her, not even just a tiny bit.

“Honey, I want to have a baby,” she said one night.

They were cuddling in bed and she was rubbing Joe’s five-inch dick.

Joe thought that meant he’d be getting some, and his penis twitched with excitement.

“But you know you’re not allowed inside,” she continued. “Oh honey! What’ll we do?!”

This conversation repeated every few nights, for weeks and weeks.

“Darling don’t you think we’d make a beautiful baby?” Cheryl would tell Joe. Then she would lower her face back down on his horny dick, continue sucking it while Joe groaned in agony. Cheryl would come back up for air and start talking again. “Honey I’m so frustrated we can’t make a baby since you’re not allowed inside me!”

Then Cheryl remembered her girlfriend Donna had had the same exact problem.

Donna was a feisty redhead with ENORMOUS tits, a redheaded husband, and a whole litter: four healthy little boys. But Donna had locked her husband out of her pussy just one day into their honeymoon. Donna’s husband hadn’t even gotten to enjoy his wife as long as Joe had enjoyed Cheryl! They drove off with the wedding banners still streaming from their car, and by the time they drove back home again, Donna’s husband was 100% pussyfree for life.

“How did you do it??” Cheryl asked Donna over coffee. “How did you have all those boys if Jack’s never allowed inside you?”

“Easy!” said Donna. “Spread your pussy open and let him cum inside without touching you.”

“Oh,” said Cheryl. “I guess that IS easy.”

But Cheryl was still conflicted.

She loved Joe, she desperately wanted a baby, and it WOULD be easy to let Joe cum inside without touching her.

But the thought of Joe’s sperm inside her felt somehow unfair to Jerome. Deep down, Cheryl felt like she BELONGED to that stripper. It doesn’t matter that she never saw him again after that single encounter in the dressing room. Cheryl’s pussy belonged to Jerome forever, and it felt wrong thinking about letting another man breed it. Even if that other man WAS her husband, and even if he did it without touching her.

But Cheryl wasn’t getting any younger. She looked at her calendar and she bit her lip nervously.

Finally she decided on a compromise.

“Honey,” she told Joe. “I thought of a way we can have a baby!”

“How?” said Joe.

“I’m going to rub you and get you excited,” said Cheryl. “Then I’m gonna lie back and spread my legs real wide. Then you cum inside me. But no touching!”

“Awww, come on,” Joe pleaded. “Can’t I just put the tip in?”

“NO!” said Cheryl. “Don’t even think about it!”

She gave Joe a gentle kiss.

“But before we can do that, there’s something we have to do first,” she said.

Cheryl reached under the pillow and pulled out a surprise. It was a HUGE black dildo, with realistic veins and a giant angry-looking head and great huge balls. Joe gasped.

That dildo was Cheryl’s “compromise”.

“Honey if you want me to let you cum in me, you have to use this toy on me first and get me ready.”

“Why??” said Joe.

“I need to be stretched out,” said Cheryl, a white lie.

She didn’t want to tell him the real reason: that her body belonged to Jerome and his thick black cock. At least this way she could imagine it was Jerome’s sperm getting her pregant, not Joe’s sperm.

It took some coaching, but Joe got the hang of it. Soon Cheryl was purring and humming, enjoying her sex life with her husband more than she had in years, as Joe obediently probed her with that glorious big black dildo.

Cheryl closed her eyes and imagined it was Jerome fucking her. She longed for his big black cock so badly. She knew she could never have it because she was a faithful wife. But she wanted it so bad it was almost unbearable.

“Harder,” she whispered, encouraging her husband.

Joe pushed the dildo harder into Cheryl. He was testing her, making sure he didn’t hurt her with that foot-long toy. But Cheryl kept encouraging him.

Joe was so jealous of the dildo. Seeing inch after inch of silky black manhood disappear in his wife’s beautiful pussy, a pussy he hadn’t been allowed to make love to for years.

Cheryl came harder than Joe had ever made her cum before.

“Okay,” she gasped, when she finally got her breath back. “Good job honey. I love you.”

She started rubbing her husband’s five-inch pecker.

“Wow,” she said. “You’re really excited. Is it because we’re finally gonna make a baby? Or is it maybe from something else?” *wink*

“Uggghh,” was all Joe could answer.

Cheryl sensed Joe wouldn’t last long.

She closed her eyes and bit her lip and started thinking about Jerome. She pictured Jerome’s beautiful black cock, with its big purple head rubbing her cervix, oozing precum. Ataşehir Escort She pictured his huge black balls and saw them start twitching. She pictured his long veiny cock pulsing and throbbing inside her. She imagined his thick black cum gushing deep inside her, straight into her fertile womb.

“!!!!” said Joe. It was time.

Cheryl stopped rubbing him. She spread her legs real wide. With a naughty hand she spread her pussy lips, invitingly. Cheryl’s eyes were still shut tight. She was visualizing her one-time black lover.

If Cheryl didn’t trust Joe so much, she might be afraid he’d take advantage of the situation. But the two of them trusted each other implicitly. She knew he wouldn’t put it in without permission. And she had made it very clear there was no point even asking. Joe had never got inside his wife’s pussy since she made him go pussy-free. He was never ever going to get in any woman’s pussy, ever again, his whole life. He was only allowed to cum in Cheryl from a distance. No contact between his penis and her vagina would be tolerated. Her position on this was final.

Cheryl heard her husband start jerking off. Any second now, she would become a mother!

In her mind, Cheryl was visualizing that black stripper inseminating her. She pictured herself in that glittery black dress she wore to her bachelorette party where she met Jerome. She pictured Jerome rutting at her with that monstrous rhinoceros cock of his. Then she imagined him holding still, his giant cock as deep as it would go in her. She pictured gallons of potent black cum flooding her ovulating womb. She pictured Jerome’s healthy sperm overwhelming her defenseless eggs and thoroughly fertilizing them. Then she visualized her belly all swollen, with Jerome’s black baby inside her. She pictured Joe on his knees kissing her beautiful pregnant belly, her loving husband rubbing her and appreciating her, even though the baby was black.

“!!!!!!!!!” said Joe. He started squirting out ropes of cum, frantically aiming for Cheryl’s spread-open pussy. Cheryl felt his seed landing on her thighs, on her mound, and finally on her soaking wet slit.

When Joe was done cumming, Cheryl reached down to nudge his sperm in deeper. While she did this, she concentrated and imagined that by sheer willpower she could transform Joe’s sperm into Jerome’s sperm. She imagined Joe’s thin milky seed metamorphizing inside her, changing into thick, copious black cum.

She imagined it so hard, she could swear it was coming true. It was like she could feel the sperm thickening as she pushed it inside her. As if, just by imagining that her husband’s sperm was transformed into Jerome’s sperm, she was actually making that happen.

After pushing as much seed inside her as she was going to, Cheryl embraced Joe. They kissed passionately.

“Thank you darling!” the loving wife said. “That was wonderful.”


* kiss * kiss * kiss * kiss *


Apparently all that imagination had an effect after all. Or maybe Joe has some black ancestry and he somehow doesn’t know it? Whatever the case, the baby in Cheryl’s belly was black. REAL black.

“Honey I got the results!” Cheryl said one day. “Look honey! It’s a boy!!”

They embraced.

And then Cheryl read the next part of the doctor’s report.

“It’s a boy and……it’s black?!?”

“What the???” said Joe.

“Wow, that’s crazy!” said Cheryl. “We’re gonna have a black baby!!”

“But how!” said Joe. “I’m the only one who ever came in you!”

Cheryl thought to herself: ‘Not the only one who EVER came in me… I think Jerome got some sperm in me in that dressing room all those years back. Maybe some black sperm was swimming around in me all these years, and only now got me pregnant??’

“I don’t know,” said Cheryl. “It must be a miracle!”

“Wow,” said Joe. He could hardly believe his faithful wife was pregnant with a black baby.

Joe thought maybe now that he had got Cheryl pregnant, maybe she would let him penetrate her.

Think again, Joe.

Cheryl took the black baby as a sign she’d been right to deny Joe sex. She resolved to double down on her decision. Even when the pregnancy hormones made her unbearably horny, she continued to deny Joe. She made him eat her out or finger her, and they lots of quality time together with that big black dildo.

All the while, Cheryl kept thinking about Jerome and his big black stripper cock.

“You’re doing the right thing,” said Donna one day, Cheryl’s redheaded friend who also practiced sex denial.

Cheryl was seven months pregnant at this point. She had made sure all the social networks knew she was carrying a black baby.

“I almost wish I could go even further,” said Cheryl. “I wish I could deny Joe even more somehow. But how can I? His dick hasn’t touched a pussy for almost five years now.”

“Oh, there’s lots of fun things you can do,” said Donna. “For example, let me tell you about this key on my necklace…” And she started telling Cheryl all about it.

The girls giggled. Cheryl’s pussy was already gushing from the scandalous things her girlfriend was telling her. Joe, secretly listening in from the hallway, swallowed hard. He realized that being pussyfree and sexless was only the beginning!

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