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Love On The Dirt Road

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Every time I think about sex, I instantly think about one guy name Rick. What makes me have excitement for him is that he was nothing like any guy I have been with. He was a good old country boy with a strong athletic body and a sexy farmer’s tan. He got blonde hair and blue eyes that I can look into all day. The way he would hold me I would feel fully protected. When he would talk to me, it’s like we have been friends for years in instead of months. Behind the rough guy from the woods, was a sweetheart.

Our first time was in his pickup truck. He offered me a ride home from work. We started to talk while listening to country music. Half way to my house, Rick started to tell me that he liked. I was more happy than shocked.

“There’s something about you that make me want to do things with you,” he told me. I had a good feeling that he wanted to fuck me, but I wanted to hear it coming out of his mouth.

“What things?” I questioned him.

“You know….things that has something to do with touching each other,” he tried to give me a hint. I still pretended that I didn’t know what he was talking about.

“I want to fuck you,” he blurred out. I was satisfied that my little plan worked. Rick was a sexy guy and my sexual appetite was long overdue.

“Well, I feel the same way with you, but I don’t know any places where we can have some privacy,” I told him. He looked at me and smiled. He said he knows a place and headed past my house. He drove to an exclusive area in the woods where all I could see is trees. He kept the music on while he turned off this car. The one thing I was taught was if a guy wants you, he should make the first move. Rick Trabzon Escort did just that. His strong firm hand slide across the side of my face as he leaned to me for a kiss. He held me with the same hand wrapped behind my neck as his lips traveled down to my neck. Before I knew it he found my spot than made me sink in my seat. I also felt him climbing into my seat pushing it all the way down. I wrapped my legs around his waist pushing him down to me.

His lips came back up to tease me on mine while he went waist moved back and forth against mine. I started to explode his body with my hands, feeling his big throbbing cock through his pants. Working my way up, I could feel his well sculpted body. I pushed his shirt all the way up till it was completely off. He returned the favor by ripping my shirt open and pushed my bra off my breast. As soon as his tongue circled around my nipple, I went from moaning to trying to keep myself from beginning an orgasm. He stopped for a second looking around for anyone driving by us.

“Let’s go in the back of my truck. There’s more room,” he suggested. I agreed. We both go out half naked to the warm summer weather. He grabbed my arm and latched his mouth with mine.

“You’re going to need my help,” he said. He picked me up and put in the back. There were mats and blankets all over the back, I can still hear the country music on his radio from the inside.

“Do you take all the girls back here,” I asked.

“Just you, besides those blankets are for when I go camping,” he told me climbing inside the truck. I was hot and hungry for Rick but something told me to keep investigating what other things Trabzon Escort Bayan he had in his truck. When I bend over to look at what was behind me, I could sense him right behind me. He pulled my pants down along with my thong. I stood up a little feeling one of his hands rubbing one of my breast nipples while the other hand rubbed my wet pussy.

“I’m going to make you mine,” he whispered in my ear with his deep sexy country accent.

“Show me how much you want me,” I whispered back. I lied down, letting my pants fall off me. I undo his pants, letting out his big strong cock that would get me excited just by tasting it. Once my lips were wrapped around the head of it, Rick started to moan with relaxation. It felt so good having him in my mouth I can’t remember the last time I ever enjoyed give a guy a blowjob. Suddenly I felt his lips and tongue play with my cunt like a piece of a sweet fruit. He held my legs open as he continued to eat me out. The more my pussy tries to run from his mouth and harder he pushed his face to it.

“You like that, baby?” he asked. I answered him yes with his cock still in my mouth.

“Show me how much you like,” he responded. He continued to tickle my pussy with his wet tongue. I could feel myself getting more wet while he eats me. I opened my mouth wide, letting his cock bounced up and down inside. I mumbled “fuck yeah!” squeezing his balls sack with my hand. He made me feel like I was the entrée to his sexual hunger and making me want to have seconds of him all night long. The sex he was given me was like rough and romance laced in together. He got up and then inserted himself inside me. Escort Trabzon The pain of his cock going in felt good I was a virgin all over again. He gazed into my eyes as he bound me with three blows before he goes in a steady pace.

At this time, I was use to his lips being affectionate to mine. As I began to cry out in orgasm, his hand brushed against my face as a sign of comfort. I was so head over heels in lust with Rick I didn’t want that night to end. Keeping his cock inside me, he pulled me up till I found myself bouncing on his cock. We were face to face; breathing on each other’s hot air. He surprised me with his wet fingers rubbing my pussy again. The way he looked at me with his deep blue eyes, I was hooked on him like a drug. I grab his face to tongue him as he tumble down on his back. I was on top of him now. I proceed to bounce on his cock while kneeling on my feet. He liked what I was doing. Once again the more he rubbed my pussy, the more I bounced on him. I want him to make me pussy come all over his cock.

“Oh shit! I’m going to cum,” his voice husked with passion. I got off and started to jack him off while he fingered my throbbing pussy. He squirted all over me from the neck down. His fingers were cover with my cum as he robbed it all over my pussy and shoved it in my mouth. With his hand, he pulled me back to his lips following by his body. We let our sweaty soaked bodies stay glued together. We couldn’t stop looking at each other and kissing each other. It didn’t matter to him how hot and nasty we felt; he still kissed me like I was the girl of his dreams.

After that night, we couldn’t stop being around each other. The great affair last for a year and a half. Our feelings have grown strong time after time. I still see him not only as a lover but a friend. So even when I write this story or think about him, I still get that electricity run inside me just as much as the first time he kissed me.

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