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Love in the Park

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This is the story of how I discovered true love where I’d never thought I’d be able to find it. My friend, Skye and I have always been close. I’ve found something in her I’ve never found in any other girl. Something that caused our friendship to become something more than that. When it first happened though, I was far from prepared for it.

We hadn’t been friends long, to be honest. Just a few months, actually. Already, though, we very close. Something had always attracted me to Skye. I’d had a crush on her back in the ninth and tenth grades. We hadn’t been friends though, until two years later, in the middle of our twelfth grade year. She had always been the most sought after girl in out grade. She was on the short side, 5’2”. Boys were constantly after her. She was blonde and very, very cute with bright gray eyes and a smile that could light up the darkest day.

I loved her and still do. She was always there for me. One of the only people who I’d come out to about being gay. I was an awkward kid. At eighteen I wasn’t tall – 5’5”, but had long arms and legs that ended in large feet and hands, which had been teasingly called “man hands”. I was slightly heavy with a puppy-like face that she described as “so cute!” The only good feature I could find about myself was my bra size, 38C. She however was constantly calling me cute, in her own way. She would pet me, and at first it startled me but soon I got used to her. We both had strange senses of humor. Cute but perverted best describes us two, especially, when we were together.

One day we were walking in the park having another of our strange conversations. I walked with my arm around her in my protective way as she submissively played with my fingers in that way that still drives me crazy. Circling her small fingers around my big ones, sending tingling sensations up my arm.

“So, do you want to have dirty, filthy, nasty, sick, just plain wrong sex with me on a kitchen floor?” I asked for about the fortieth time in my suggestive voice.

“Oh, but Henry,” she said playfully using her pet bursa escort name for me. “Why do it on a kitchen floor when we could it right here?” turning into her seductive unpredictable self.

“Er…ah…this is a public area, though, so…”

“Yeah, sure, you’re just trying to get out of it.” She said, suddenly getting moody. “Who’d want me any way, right?”

“Are you kidding me?? How about all guys in the school. They’re all like ‘Oh I must have sex with Skye for she has curvy lacrosse playing legs which arouse me!’ They’re like…lusting for you; you’re hot!” She scoffed and leaned her head on my shoulder. Sensing that I hadn’t convinced her, I stopped our walk in the middle of a clearing, looked her in the eye and gave her my goofy grin. “Skye, have I ever told you that if I had a nickel for every time I saw some one as cute as you, I’d have 5 cents?”

“Aw that’s sweet. Yay for Clara!” She smiled then looked puzzled. “Wait, why five cents?”

“Skye,” I laughed, “how much is a nickel?”

“I know how much a nickel is but what does that have to do with…Oh my god, that’s so sweet!” I laughed and hugged her, picking her up and spinning her once in the air. She started again with her praise. “You’re so cute!”

“No I’m really not” I said, uncomfortable being complemented by my arousing friend, hoping my secret attraction wouldn’t show. She saw me blush and smiled, so familiar with my emotions.

“Well, I think you are and you can’t take that away from me.” She gave me a jokingly indignant look and hugged me, surprisingly strongly for how little she was. As she hugged me, I breathed I her scent slowly. She always smelled, inexplicably, like cookies. I sighed, loving the feeling of being close to her. She ended the hug and looked at me. “Clara I think I need to tell you something…”

“Mm?” I said, trying to sound casual through my persistent lusting for her. She looked at me, and for the first time I could see uncertainty in her clear eyes. Now, I was concerned. “What is it? Are you OK?”

“Yeah, yeah. I mean bursa escort bayan no. Well, sort of…” I looked at her blankly. She looked into my soft brown eyes, searching for her answer. She put her arms around my neck and pulled me close to her. She put her head on my shoulder and let me hold her tight. I’d never seen her so act so vulnerable like this. We stood there for a few moments in silence. She nuzzled against my cheek and kissed my neck. I leaned my head against hers and whimpered slightly. She moved so we saw each other for a split second, and exchanged a longing glance before she timidly kissed me.

Her lips trembled against mine and I held her closer, steadying her, moving into her. She grasped me and began to kiss me passionately, breathing heavily, our tongues pressing against each other, with both nervousness and lust. She led me to a tree at the edge of the clearing we were in and brought me to the other side.

We pushed up against each other. Kissing furiously and quickly removing our shirts, too deep in passion to care if we were in a “public area”. She held me close and explored my neck with her mouth, moving her tongue slowly up and down my shoulder and lightly nibbling my collarbone as I hurried to unbutton her jeans.

I made my way down her neck kissing her silky skin softly as I went and exploring her with my tongue. I circled her nipple with my tongue and she let out a shaky moan. I went on, licking and gently biting her into erection until she groaned a “please” begging me to satisfy her lust. Instead I slowly caressed her with my mouth, moving down her body to her slit, teasing her with my tongue, slowly moving it up and down just barely missing her hood.

“Oh, god! Oh, god!” she moaned, frantically, her breath speeding up with every lick. I pushed my self into her, gently guiding her to lean against the tree. Kneeling, I lifted her legs over my shoulders, lifting her hips; I licked her inner lips making her grasp my shoulder in a hold of passion, releasing a loud moan. I circled her clit with my tongue. She escort bursa groaned and pushed against my shoulders trying to escape from the torment of near climax. I finally took her clit in my mouth as her breathing became strained and irregular.

“Ye-…Ye-…Clara, Oh god!” she screamed and came. She shuddered as her orgasm blasted through her. I quickened my pace still, causing her to grip my shoulders and scream again, coming furiously. I lifted her off her tree, still clinging to my shoulders, and set her off the cool grassy turf underneath.

We kissed again sending an electric shock to my core. I took off my pants and slid one of my legs under hers. I pulled her into me and our bodies countered each other. We kissed passionately, rocking back and forth, our nipples caressing each other. We stroked each other, reveling in the total oneness of our bodies. I drove myself against her, rubbing my clit against hers We moved together faster and faster moaning with the extreme pleasure, feeling each other’s bodies, trashing with ecstasy . We became louder as we pleased each other each other almost violently rubbing our clits together lost in each other. I slipped my hand quickly underneath her and slipped two fingers into her hole. We furiously grinded together, rising into the air and returning into each other rapidly, grasping each other tightly in the height of our passion, and moaning in pure delight. This time I came first, shaking heavily with pleasure, which set off her orgasm, jolting violently and panting in time with me.

We slowed to a stop and kissed each other fondly, lovingly. She nuzzled the inside of my neck, wet and warm with sweat, as we sat deep within each other. I stroked her back, feeling her and keeping her warm as she leaned against my body, secure in my arms. We cuddled and were encompassed by the smell and feeling of one another, so close, so perfect.

“Henry,” She whispered into my hair. “I love you.” There were no words for how I felt. I didn’t need any. I stroked her hair and kissed her and she could feel my heart beating with hers, carrying the same message. “I love you.” We closed our eyes and fell together on the cool grassy floor and stayed there for about and hour before leaving in hand for a life of love together. Friends with something more.

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