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Love Fell in My Lap

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I didn’t want to be there.

Despite my objections, the group of crazies that I worked with had abducted me. The week before, I had a knock down drag out argument, losing my girlfriend of seven years after I walked in on her fucking with a couple of studs that she worked with. It was messy. Throwing the interlopers down the stairs and their clothes after them, I told Marcie to pack her shit and get out.

Still a bit raw even now, I was in no mood to have a good time. After a hard evening working the three to eleven shift as a hospital security officer, all I wanted to do was to go home and have a quiet beer or two before turning in. My co-workers would have none of my brooding mood. They seemed to think that a bunch of drunken redneck cowboys and a few long neck beers would cheer me up.

The Carrousel Lounge was one of those Bubba type beer bars that closed at 1:30 am or the third fight, whichever comes first. It was the closest place to the hospital that had live music. Our group had been there about a half-hour when the band finished it’s second set of three. It was time for the musicians to come out from behind the chicken wire to take a break, stretching their legs, draining the kidneys, and wetting their whistles.

There was an ocean of people all of a sudden creating an ebb and flow effect between the bar, the johns, and tables. I was just about to leave when I saw the movement from the corner of my eye, but it was too late to react. The beer and the girl dropped in my lap at the same time. Some drunken cowboy had stumbled into her, knocking the girl in my direction. She and I were both soaked with the gallon pitcher of suds she had been carrying. Shaken but unhurt, the girl was looking around for something to crawl under as we both got to our feet.

Her short pixie type haircut had a natural red highlight to Tekirdağ Escort it. Petite, about 5′ 2″ and well proportioned, I was immediately taken by the fair features of this unidentified flying female shivering before me. The girl was wearing cutoff jeans and a white halter top that didn’t leave much to the imagination. With her top soaked with the beer she had been carrying made the material of the halter top opaque so I could watch her pink nipples pucker and harden. The wet skin on her bare thighs glistened in the stage lights.

“I told them I didn’t want to come, but they dragged me here anyway!” she cried to no one in particular as her companions started to make fun of her and the soaking we both got. I suggested we get some air outside. On the way out, I grabbed John Lombardi’s suit jacket, draping it over the girl’s shoulders while she retrieved her purse.

As we smoked a cigarette the girl told me that her name was Peggy. We both had lost out on love recently and were smarting over it. When Peggy said that she was getting hungry and needed to go, I offered to take her to Cap’n Billy’s, a twenty-four hour restaurant, for an early breakfast. With a nod we were on our way. We got there early; just shy of midnight. Over a couple of omelets we filled in the blanks. She had been dumped and left flat broke with two kids to raise, by a husband that found it more important to catch a buzz than to provide for his family. She was living with her parents to make ends meet. At best it had been a three – ring circus. Peggy worked as a float nurse at another hospital so her hours kept her pretty stressed out. My schedule as a relief security officer was just as crazy. My apartment had seemed empty since my ex–girlfriend left. I was just this side of nuts.

“I really don’t want to go home right now, but I can’t Tekirdağ Escort Bayan handle a crowd either. I need some peace and quiet, but I’ve nowhere else to go.” Peggy told me. I wasn’t going to let a set up like this go. I suggested my place, half expecting to be turned down. I was surprised when she accepted.

Once inside my apartment, Peggy came alive as she unwound while we talked. The two highballs helped. She found some slow, funky, sultry blues on the radio. The funkier the beat got, the more she swayed and got into the music. We danced for a few minutes before she pushed me back on the couch. “Just watch.” She told me. Slowly, she started to peel her top off revealing a pert set of perfectly formed little tits topped with delicate rosebud pink nipples. Peggy danced the bump and grind in front of me just barely brushing me with her body as she moved. She raked her fingernails lightly over my arms and neck. Planting feather light kisses on my face, neck, ears and lips, I felt the passion building within me. Without a word, I swept her into my arms and carried her to the bedroom. We were all over each other. Once free of our clothes, we devoured the moment in passion. Peggy took my cock into her mouth, all the way down her throat to the hilt. I almost came when her lips circled the base of it. She withdrew slowly before impaling herself again.

Sensing my excitement as she withdrew this time, Peggy nipped slightly on the head of my cock with her front teeth. I strong-armed her around so I could get to her pussy. Peggy straddled my face and I buried it in her crotch.

The scent of her sex was driving me wild. I drove my tongue into her pussy as my fingers found her nipples. Peggy moaned as I licked along the inside of her labia. When I finally got to her clit, Peggy sat straight up with such Escort Tekirdağ force that she almost broke my neck. It was an intense pace that continued for the better part of two hours. We’d bring each other to the brink, then back off just enough to evade climax. When I couldn’t stand it any longer, I pinned Peggy to the bed, and drove my cock into her seeking to relieve my libido.

Without warning, she came. I felt her contractions on my cock, forceful and primal. “I want to take you into my mouth, and suck you dry” she growled from deep inside her throat.

Peggy was like a starved animal as she again devoured my member. Time and time again she took me to the hilt; I could feel the pressure building in my balls. Trying to move away before I exploded into her mouth as she continued to ravage me. Peggy determinedly resisted and took the full force of my eruption as she continued making love to me with her mouth. Finally, I had to stop her. I was spent! I couldn’t stand it. Exhausted, we collapsed into each other’s arms, letting sleep overtake us. Grateful for the night before, and excited about what I had lucked into, I awoke to find Peggy gone, leaving only a one word note scrawled in lipstick on my bathroom mirror: “Thanks”.

Quitting her nursing job, Peggy disappeared. I tried to find her but hit a dead end every time I got a lead. Finally after two years, we “bumped” into each other again. I asked her why she dropped out of sight. Peggy tried to explain, but it was so fragmented I could only piece together an idea of what made her spook.

Peggy had been afraid to let herself get into a relationship again so soon after being dumped. Other than her father, she said that the only men she had known until she met me had seriously abused and used her. I asked for a second chance.

The next two weeks were as intense as our first night together, but Peggy got cold feet again, and this time left for good. I guess that she was just not ready to wade in so deep. I never saw or heard from her again. That was thirty-five years ago, and my heart still skips a beat or two when I remember those days and oh…those nights.

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