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Love Do Us Part Pt. 05

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Group Sex

Sarah got up and into the kitchen, naked except for her open panties. She had almost everything prepared already, but she still was nervous about screwing things up. She had made lasagna countless times before, but what if this time it wasn’t any good, or what if her way of making it wasn’t good enough.

She turned the oven on, and threw it in.

The moment of judgment would be all over her in about half an hour when it was ready.

As she turned around, Steve had gotten up too and was standing in the doorway to the kitchen. Sarah liked his naked figure, and how he was just standing there, observing her. His penis was relaxed, which she realized she had hardly ever seen before. This was even more intimate than with a full on erection. This was his natural, naked self.

He approached her, and as he was standing right behind her, she could feel his soft, un-agitated dick against her butt. It felt cute in a way.

Steve put his arms around her waist, without touching neither her breasts or her pussy. She wouldn’t have minded that, but this felt different, caring.

“It smells really good.” He said as he kissed her neck from behind.

Sarah thought he just said that to be nice, after all he had smelt her rather than her cooking, nevertheless, she loved his gentle lips against her skin.

“I hope you’ll like it.” She replied, and Steve had no idea how much weight she was putting behind those words, how nervous she was.

“It will take a while, do you want to watch a movie or something?” She proposed.

Steve couldn’t remember the last time he had been watching a movie, neither did he remember which one it was.

“Sure.” He replied and followed her to her living room, which more or less consisted of a delimited part of her rather small apartment.

Sarah turned the TV on, and it was in the middle of a movie neither of them recognized, but it felt perfect to keep in the background to casually throw an eye at every now and then.

She crawled up against him and he put his arm around her. Having her close like this was undeniably a very nice feeling, but he couldn’t shake the fact that he was wrong for her.

Sarah was young, she probably wanted to start her own family some day, and Steve had just ended his. He couldn’t really see himself start all over again. Marriage, house, family… kids. She probably wanted to have a couple of those of her own too, but did he?

He knew these were serious matters, and unless he ended his affair with her, these topics would be on the table one day.

But not today, not tonight.

Eventually the food was ready, and Steve let Sarah go and get it. She served him and was anxiously waiting for his reaction.

“Did you like it?”

“Yeah, it was good.” He actually liked it, not that he had had any doubts about her cooking in the first place, but it was in fact very good.

“Almost as good as your pussy.” He added and smiled at her.

Sarah was relieved, obviously he had to make a joke about it, but knowing how much he liked her pussy, she decided to let it pass as a compliment. She admitted to herself that it in fact was good, she liked it, and she was hungry.

It was something really romantic about sitting like this, naked, having dinner together, and when they had both finished, she let the dishes remain on the table.

That could wait until tomorrow.

She crawled back up against him, and he caressed her as they kept half an eye on the movie. They were both quite tired, and in the comfort of his arms, she fell asleep with her head on his chest, listening to the sound of his breaths growing heavier.

When she woke up, it was already late, and the room was dark. She had slid down from his chest, and was now resting against his thigh. She could tell by his breathing that he was sleeping.

She realized that she was just inches away from his sleeping cock. She turned her head so she could watch it, and there it was, relaxed, resting, as if it was waiting for her to… kiss it.

The thought of her touching it while he was still asleep, filled her with a tingling sensation of mischief. It excited her, made her pussy spring to life, heating up, starting to get wet.

Carefully she reached in closer to it. She felt the scent of it, the arousing smell of his cock.

How relaxed it was fascinated her. Was this how it looked like when it wasn’t after her? When it wasn’t trying to enter her? Was this penis the same as the hard throbbing cock she had squeezed herself around so many times, making it cum inside of her?

She couldn’t help herself from leaning in and giving it a kiss, just a little one.

It instantly reacted, twitched. For a moment she thought that Steve had woken up, but he seemed to remain asleep. She leaned in for another kiss, and another. For each kiss it seemed to wake up a little more. She paused for a while, she didn’t want to bother it too much. She waited for it to relax a little, before she kissed it again.

For every time her almanbahis lips touched his soft penis, she got more and more aroused, to the point where she reached down between her legs. She was wet now, and she had almost forgotten about her open panties giving her direct access to touch herself.

She wanted to taste him, if she did it really carefully, maybe he wouldn’t wake up.

Sarah leaned in, wrapped her lips around it, and it instantly reacted to the warmth of her mouth, and it started to stretch itself. She could feel how it was growing, filling her mouth. She loved the taste of it, it made her horny. This was really naughty.

She slowly circled her tongue around it, and Steve started to make sounds in his sleep. Probably he was having the best dream of his life, as she started to move her lips up and down along his growing shaft. She had never felt anything like it, a man growing from fully relaxed to an erection in her mouth like this, and it just kept growing.

With her hand between her legs, she kept caressing herself, a finger in her wet slit, teasing her entrance. Hooking it, letting it slide in. She was pulsating, horny, gripping around the finger.

She got reminded of her new toy, she felt more and more curious about trying it, but not as long as Steve was there, she wanted her own time with it. She couldn’t help reaching further back with her finger.

All wet from her pussy, she let her finger circle around her rear entrance, her ass. She pressed rhythmically with the tip against it, the hole. She had tried it before, but being as horny as she was now, it hadn’t felt quite as good as this. It was like it wanted her to enter, and eventually the tip of her finger slid inside, just ever so slightly. The feeling of how tight she was, and how she clenched herself around her finger, was really exciting.

She kept his cock in her mouth, now all hard and pulsating. She sucked it gently, up and down, without waking him up. She enjoyed wrapping her tongue around it, making it wet.

She recognized the twitching of his cock, and the clenching of his crotch, he was about to cum, and in his current state, he couldn’t hold it back.

Sarah felt how his cum started to fill her mouth, warm, salty, the taste of him. She kept her lips wrapped around it. She had to swallow all of it, something that she didn’t usually do, but she couldn’t leave any evidence of her nightly mischiefs, and now it turned her on.

She was so horny no, she pressed her finger deeper inside her tight little hole. She almost climaxed herself when he came into her mouth. She wanted more, but she didn’t want to wake him up.

Her new toy. She wanted to try it. Her entire body was aching to experiment with herself. As long as she could keep herself quiet, she wouldn’t wake him up.

As quietly as she could, she got up. She watched his still hard cock leaning against his thigh.

She snuck away to the drawer where she had hidden the toy, and brought it to the bathroom where she thought she could unbox it without making too much of a noise.

Her heart pounded as she opened the package. There it layed. Just an innocent, shiny piece of metal. She touched it with her fingers, weighing it in her hand, trying to guess the size in comparison to her finger. It was bigger, no doubt about it.

She quickly washed it off, as she had been taught to do with any new toy, before she reached around herself, trying to fit it between her buttcheeks, trying to spread them. It was difficult, she wanted to lay down.

Carefully she opened the door to the bathroom, and snuck out. Steve was still sleeping on the couch, so as silently as she could, she proceeded to the bed, and laid herself down.

She opened the bottle of lube, squeezed out a little, examined it and circled it between her fingers. It was very slippery. She reached down and tried how it felt against her butt, and rubbed around her tight entrance with it. It felt good. She let her finger slide in a little. It was much easier like this.

Her curiosity took over, and she rubbed the buttplug with lube as well, before she reached down. She spread her buttcheeks with one hand, and let the other put the toy right against her hole.

She kept pressing it, slowly, rhythmically against her opening. It felt bigger than she had imagined, and her ass wouldn’t just let it in like that, but it didn’t hurt, in fact it was mostly cold. The more pressure she put on it, the more she was stretched open.

This was so naughty. She started to caress her pussy, playing with herself, with Steve sleeping in the next room, which wasn’t even a different room, as he was just a couple of meters away from her.

Her finger on the plug kept pressing on it, deeper for each push.

She had to put her hand against her mouth to muffle her moans as it eventually went inside, all of it and she felt her sphincter closing around it, with the flat end keeping it from disappearing inside of her.

She kept breathing almanbahis giriş against her fingers, slowly accustoming herself to the thing inside her.

It didn’t hurt, not as much as she would have imagined, and the cold metal slowly got warmed up inside her body.

It was a very new feeling, she couldn’t tell if she liked it or not, but it was a new sensation.

Every time she touched the flat side, it moved inside her, sending tingles through her entire crotch, and it made her hornier. She kept touching herself.

She circled her fingers around her clit, reaching a finger through her slit and to the warm entrance of her pussy. Sliding a finger in made her feel the metallic object probing her from behind through the thin wall between her holes. It was new, exciting, and she started to like it.

It sort of made her pussy even more sensitive.

She breathed heavily into her pillow as she kept rubbing herself, while pushing against the plug with her other hand. She couldn’t help thinking about Steve, his hand touching her, his warm body, his hard cock, fucking her like this. The thought really turned her on.

She suddenly froze as she looked up. Steve was gone. She hadn’t noticed him getting up, and now the room was too dark for her to see where he was.

“Do you like that?” His voice surprised her from behind, and from that angle he had most certainly been able to see everything she was doing.

“Yes.” She answered, a little ashamed about what she was doing in secret.

He made room for himself in the bed next to her, and her heart pounded hard as she felt his naked body laying down beside her. He wasn’t much for asking, and he started to caress her.

“This is your… first time? Isn’t it?” He asked her, and she nodded.

“Do you want me to help you?” He was actually asking her, but which were her options?

He had caught her, touching herself with a buttplug in her ass. If it wasn’t for the fact that she still was uncontrollably horny, and at this point was aching for his touch, this would have been an immensely awkward moment.

“Yes, but I want you to be careful.” She nodded. She was shaking. She wasn’t sure about this.

Steve reached for the lube, but he noticed how tense she was. He folded his arms around her, holding her close. She let herself relax a little in his arms. But what had happened to the Steve she knew. She would have imagined him throwing himself at her, ripping out the plug and start fucking her ass like there was no tomorrow.

Perhaps she was wrong about him.

He gently started to touch her down her stomach, further down. He let his fingers slide in between her legs, gently caressing her wet pussy.

As she wiggled herself against him to the rhythm of his touch, she could feel the plug moving inside her, pressed against his body. Lying like this, naked, his hand rubbing her, and with a plug in her ass made her feel vulnerable, but yet his confident hands comforted her.

Slowly he let her adapt to the feeling of his hand moving closer to her ass. He didn’t touch the plug, just caressed her gently around it, her buttocks, her pussy, slowly getting himself closer.

She couldn’t help but let out a soft moan, his gentle touch, it was still new to her, but she loved it.

“Can I touch it?” He asked.

She turned over on her stomach.

“Please, take it easy.” She pleaded.

“Of course. Trust me, I’m an expert. I’m an asshole myself, you know.” He said and laughed.

“Yes you are.” She replied and laughed, and a huge load of tension left her body.

“You will need to relax.” His soothing voice was calming her, but it was easier said than done.

He started to gently touch the flat of the plug, caressing her between her buttcheeks. She could feel how he applied more of the lube, and a gentle finger touching her around the entrance.

She was bracing herself, ready for at any given moment the plug ripping would commence.

But Steve kept handling her with such tenderness, and she eventually let herself relax.

It started to feel really good, having his fingers touching her, there.

He started to move the plug a little, pressing softly against it, wiggling it, gently pulling it, just a little. She could feel how it stretched her even more than when she had put it in. But she had also gotten more used to the feeling. And his fingers caressing her pussy made it feel even better.

She noticed his cock pressing against her, this turned him on, she knew it would. Part of her wanted him inside her, his hard cock, there, and the more she let him touch her, the less worried she was.

He pulled it, little by little, and he could see how her tight hole kept clenching around the bulge of the plug. Her increasing moans told him that she started to like it.

With his fingers he kept pulling it, a little more now, he didn’t let go as fast, letting her hole accustom itself to the tension as it was getting more and more stretched almanbahis yeni giriş around the thick part of the plug.

Eventually, and rather undramatically, the entire plug was out, and Steve watched as her tight hole closed itself behind it. He gently caressed her around the entrance, and she kept moving her hips, moaning.

“Do you want to continue?” He asked her, and by now she was so horny she couldn’t stop. She wanted to continue, wanted Him to continue.

“Yes.” She whispered. She wanted him now, all of him, everywhere.

Steve let his finger pressing gently against her tight hole, slowly letting his finger enter her, and her sphincter hesitantly let him inside under close surveillance.

Sarah kept pushing her ass up towards him, as to show him she wanted more.

He let a second finger slide inside, and it got tighter, but she liked it. She moaned deeply. This felt even better than she had imagined. The naughtiness of it was obviously a big part of it, and his fingers rubbing her pussy. But she was so turned on by his fingers in her ass. She wanted him to fuck her now.

She reached around her ass with her hands, grabbing her buttcheeks firmly, pulling them apart. She knew how much he loved this view, but this time, she did it to let him enter through her rear passage.

The view of her stretching asshole straining around his fingers made Steve’s cock even harder. He was finally going to fuck her in the ass.

He got on top of her, poured some more lube on her ass, and applied some more on his cock, before aiming it directly at her tight hole.

She felt him, the tip of it against her rear entrance. She was glad he treated her so carefully.

As he gently pressed himself against her, she eventually let the tip in, and Sarah gasped and started to pant heavily. This was far bigger than she would have thought. It was really stretching her out, and she kept focusing on breathing. It was too big.

But he didn’t take it out, nor push it in, he just let it stay like that.

Sarah squirmed, she wanted it, but once she had actually felt his huge cock in her like this, she had second thoughts. She thought she would break in half.

Steve patiently let her adapt to his cock inside her, and slowly she started to accept his girth stretching her.

Her ass was really squeezing hard around him, but she got more and more used to it, until she relaxed enough for him to proceed. He was so horny now, and he had to fight the urge to just push himself all the way inside her and start thrusting.

She began to wiggle against him, letting her hole go up and down around his cock. Her movements made Steven even hornier. For each push she made, her asshole was swallowing more and more of his shaft, until he knew that she was ready, or ready enough.

He started to gently push his cock further in, pulling it out, just to go back deeper. Every now and then, she clenched around him, tensed up. Slowly their motions dissolved into a rhythmic pace of his cock going in and out of her.

She grabbed her pussy hard, eagerly rubbing herself, and kept thrusting her ass against him.

He moaned and groaned, increasing the pace in her straining asshole.

The new feeling of him fucking her there was making her hornier and hornier and she knew that this was going to make her cum.

She moaned deeply for each time he buried his cock all the way inside her. She felt how tight it was, and how he stretched her out like nothing before. His cock sliding in and out of her made her entire body shake, her pussy tingled, clenched around her fingers, and the shivers through her spine made all of her more sensitive.

His weight on top of her, and his grunts, his ever hardening thrusts inside of her, she wanted it, all of it, The hornier he got, and the closer he was to finnishing, the harder he fucked her, and the less considerate he was about her.

How uncontrollably horny he always got when he was about to cum, turned her on, but she wished that he could have been a little more gentle with her, at least now, her first time in her ass.

But his ferocious thrusts in her inevitably drove her closer and closer to her climax. It felt like he was going to rip her in half as she was getting closer and closer to cumming.

Her orgasm started almost unnoticeable, hiding in the dark shadows of her already intense pleasure. It kept crawling through her body, making her legs shake, and intensified more and more. She bit hard into her pillow and yelled muffled deep into it as her pussy and ass squeezed hard, with his cock forcing its way in and out.

His moans and breaths intensified, and she could feel how his cock swelled up inside of her, stretched her clenching hole to the verge of bursting, before he finally exploded inside of her, filling her tight ass with his warm cum pumping out.

Her entire body was tensing, straining, cramping hard around his huge cock.

She squirmed and twitched, she endured her agonizingly intense orgasm. Her entire body was shaking, and she couldn’t stop squealing down her pillow.

Exhausted Steve layed down over her with his cock still all the way inside her tender ass. She felt his breaths against her neck, and she couldn’t move under the weight of him.

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