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Love Bites

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“You’ll never guess who I ran into this morning,” my lovely wife said as she was putting away the groceries. “Pam from college. Do you remember Pam? We were such good friends back then. It was great to see her again.”

Yeah, I remembered Pam. I felt my cock thicken in my pants. Pam was the first woman I’d met with a kinky streak. Not that we’d had sex. Well not like normal people have sex, anyway. I mean, I didn’t fuck her. It’s complicated.

Pam was sweet, but in a group she could be a little bit strange. At first I thought her little eccentricities were just to get some attention. It seemed like every time we went to a party she would sit quietly, drinking a cranberry juice until the party started to wind down. When only the die-hard crowed was left, she would find a scarf or a piece of rope and play with it as she opened up and started talking. I thought that she was joking the first time that she asked me to tie her wrists. A few minutes later I was gently knotting a scarf printed with lavender flowers around her slender ankles. When I looked up to ask her if she liked my handiwork, the far away look in her eyes was a giveaway. I knew she was the real thing.

“I invited Pam over for dinner so we can catch up. I haven’t seen her since we graduated! I thought that we’d cook out and have some drinks while we catch up.,” Jill added as she closed the refrigerator door. “I didn’t get anything to grill, so you’ll need to go get something. Oh, I forgot the candy for tonight too.”

It had been a warm fall. The color of the leaves on my block were a contrast to the warm morning. When I got back from the store Jill had split-pea soup and toasted sourdough bread waiting for lunch. I ate quietly, thinking that dinner could get interesting if Pam decided to bring up the past. Jill didn’t know that Pam had been naked on my couch, more than once.

“You still haven’t told me what you want to do for our anniversary this year,” my wife reminded me as I placed the bowls in the dishwasher. Our anniversary was almost a month away. I’d gladly do anything Jill wanted, but I’m not a very creative person. Every year all that I wanted to say was “I don’t know, surprise me.” But I usually came up with something romantically tame, and always got what I asked for. This time I don’t know what I was thinking. Well, that’s not really true. I was thinking about the rosy cheeks of Pam’s ass after she had asked me to spank her. If I was thinking about anything else I probably wouldn’t have said, “I don’t know. Why don’t you surprise me with a little kinky sex?”

My wife gave me a knowing look and said, “I wondered how long it would take.” Then she started prepping the dinner salad.

“How long what would take?” I must have missed something. I knew something was up when she looked over and just smiled, then went back to washing vegetables. I wondered how much she already knew about Pam’s kinky streak, and our late night fun. That was before Jill and I had started dating, so it wouldn’t be a problem. Just interesting. I had some work to do before dinner so I headed off to the study.

“You should start getting ready,” Jill called from the kitchen as I was finishing up a report. I shut down the computer and headed for the shower. Jill stuck her head in the door as I was rinsing off. “Pam called. We’re meeting her at her place. We need to leave, and I still need to shower, so don’t dawdle. We need to be there by 5:30.”

Usually these parties with friends end late, and we end up sleeping when we get home instead of having sex. “You could always shower with me?” I asked hoping she’d join me for a quickie. To my surprise she started stripping off her shirt and was soon standing before me with water cascading over her shoulders and down her breasts. I soaped up a washcloth and gently ran it over her arms and shoulders as she lathered up her hair. Reaching around to wash her back, I kissed her neck and breasts and gently sucked each nipple into my mouth.

“Are they clean yet?” she breathed. I was glad she was getting turned on. “Do my back right,” she said a moment later as she turned to rinse her hair. The curve of her back and the way that the water ran over her hips and delicious bottom made my cock harder. I scrubbed her back and sides, but moved closer so she could feel my hard cock against her ass. “Someone’s happy!” she giggled. She leaned forward against the wall to stretch her back while I scrubbed. Her posture pushed her perfect ass against my cock. She moved her hips erotically while I scrubbed, treating my cock to the feel of her wet skin slipping across it. Then she turned saying, “We don’t have much time. Finish me up please.” I washed her chest and tummy with small circles while she scrubbed her face. I slid my hands between her thighs and felt her hard clit nestled there. She moaned appreciatively, but surprised me by saying “No, no. We don’t have time for that. Besides, I want to save you for later. I think you can wait a little for a treat.”

The Ümraniye Escort thought of being treated to a kinky surprise later kept my cock hard while I dressed. “We only have a couple of minutes before we have to go,” she said coyly as I did my best to distract her. She kept trying to towel off, but I was able to keep her off balance by kissing her neck and whispering how badly I wanted to fuck her. I rolled her warm damp nipple between my fingers and traced a circle around her areola.

“I’ll take a couple of minutes if that’s all we have.”

“What can you do in two minutes?” she breathed as I gently pushed her back on to the bed, kissing her knees and then up her thighs. As I got closer to her pussy I could feel my hard cock against the bed.

“All I want is to taste your pussy,” I said as I kissed first her mons, then her labia, and finally her clit. She moaned as I pushed my tongue down between her beautiful lips and tasted her cunt. She was damp and clean smelling from the shower, but in no time at all her pussy was slick and glistening; erotically scented by her own moisture. Her taste was everything that I had hoped for.

After a couple of minutes she breathed, “We really have to go.” I kissed her clit and then kissed my way up to her breasts, sucking each nipple into my mouth slowly. I made as if to kiss her goodbye while I caressed her arms, and then gently took her wrists in my hands and held them above her head. She was distracted until I slipped the tip of my cock inside of her. The feeling of her wetness and heat on the tip of my cock was overwhelming. I pushed myself deeper inside of her and was rewarded with a groan telling me that everything I was feeling my cock she was feeling in her cunt.

“Why are you torturing me? Your quickies are never quick and I don’t have enough time to cum.”

I have to admit that there have been times when I have seduced my wife with the promise of a quick fuck, only to discover that once I was inside of her that I didn’t want it to end. I sheepishly whispered in her ear, “So are you saying that you aren’t enjoying being fucked?”

“Oh no,” she breathed. “I love your cock and I really want to cum. We just really need to get going. Is this your idea of trick or treat, you evil man?”

The pleasure her cunt was caressing out of my cock was exquisite. I could easily have cum as I pushed myself in and out of her. I just didn’t want to. I really wanted to savor her, not just fuck then have to jump up and dash out the door. I compromised. “Would you like to stop, and fuck some more later?” She hesitantly agreed. “If I let you cum now,” I offered, “do you promise to treat me to your wonderful pussy even if we get home late? Promise to spread your legs for me tonight and let me fuck you? I want a really good fuck with you.”

Jill enthusiastically agreed. I let go of her arm, which immediately slipped between us. I love the way her wrist presses against me as she fingers her clit. Watching her masturbate is a treat that always thrills me. I shifted back a little to watch her finger herself. I slowly pistoned in and out of her as I watched her. Her magnificent tits moved to the rhythm of her fingers strumming her clit. Her eyes closed and pleasure melted the concentration on her face. The way she rushed herself to orgasm was so erotic. She pressed her fingers hard and frantically, every breath laced with an excitement that held me spellbound. I had to slip my cock out of her, or I would have cum. That pushed her over the edge and she came, her delicious body writhing on the bed in front of me. It was almost too much. I drank in her body; glistening and slowly heaving as her breath slowed. “I love you,” I whispered.

It turned out that Pam’s place was across town. It took a few minutes to find her block in the maze of monotone white buildings, but we still managed to be on time. Pam introduced us to Tom, her friend who would be joining us for dinner.

“We only brought three steaks. I need to run to the store for another one,” I said.

Pam dismissed my worry out of hand, “Oh, that’s not a problem. I don’t eat much meat any more.” I was about to ask her if salad and veggies were going to be enough but she fished her keys out of her purse and said, “We have a surprise for you guys. Tom’s on call and I’m house-sitting for him tonight if he has to go to the clinic. He has this amazing house. It’s right up against the cemetery and someone has to be there or the kids like to play tricks. We thought we’d head over there now so we don’t have to worry about driving later.”

“Tell me about it,” my wife replied. “We left a bowl of candy on the porch and the little brats will probably still T.P. us.”

Pam rode with us, both ladies sitting in the back seat talking while we drove. Looking back in the mirror, I noticed that they’d both worn low cut tops showing a generous amount of cleavage. I adjusted the mirror, briefly sneaking a peek downward. Ümraniye Escort Bayan Both ladies skirts were pushed up by the seat, showing a tantalizing view of their thighs. I finished adjusting the mirror and then discretely adjusted my uncomfortably hard cock. I stayed hard during the drive, thinking about our quick fuck. I kept sneaking a voyeuristic view of my wife’s breasts; thinking about taking her magnificent nipples in my mouth and feeling them stiffen. The scent of her lingered, fueling fantasies of having my tongue in her cunt, kissing her swollen clit, and the erotic thrill of her fingers dancing across my nipples while she smothered my face with her cunt. I imagined her pussy, swollen and leaking the cum that she would milk from my cock. I fantasized about the way she looks after we fuck, her pussy slick with our cum.

We drove up to the house just as the sun was setting behind the cemetery. The headstones were silhouetted against the last of a blood red sunset. Pam let us into the house as Tom was pulling his car into the garage. “You guys are going to love this house. I think he’s crazy to spend so much money remodeling a house next to a graveyard, but it’s gorgeous.” The house turned out to be very tastefully, and expensively appointed. The kitchen was made for entertaining. The living room’s leather couches were an elegant cream against a maple hardwood floor. Tom excused himself to call his service as Pam showed us the second floor. The master bedroom was obviously decorated by a bachelor, it’s king bed covered with a southwestern print. French doors led out onto a sun deck. The tombstones were abstract shapes in the gathering gloom.

“Sometimes if you’re lucky you can see people fuck in the cemetery after dark,” Pam giggled. “It does have a certain appeal to it.” Her remark surprised me, but then she’d always been a little odd like that. As she turned away from the balcony I could clearly see her nipples accenting her blouse in the fading sunlight. Pam was still looking good after all this time. My wife turned and winked back at me as I followed the ladies back downstairs. I began to wonder if something was up.

Tom reappeared, saying that he couldn’t drink while he was on call but offered me a beer and made small talk as I got the steaks ready. The girls continued catching up over a glass of wine. Tom’s practice kept him busy. He’d met Pam at a charity event, and had been friends for a couple of years. His sense of humor matched mine. As we stepped out back to start the grill he deadpanned how dead his street was tonight. His grandmother had left him the house, but rather than sell it he had decided to remodel. It was spacious, well away from the neighbors, and he had too many fond memories to let it go. He bragged about the Halloween pranks that he’d played on the neighbors over the years. While we talked I watched the gals chatting in the kitchen out of the corner of my eye. My wife kept smiling and looking out at me. I had the sense that she was looking past me, out at the graves. Tom was reaching to turn the steaks, when out of the corner of my eye I saw Pam lean towards my wife and pull at her blouse to show my wife a tattoo. I quickly looked at Tom, but his attention was still on the steaks.

The girls and I finished a bottle of wine while we ate, and started on a second one. Pam had always been fun to talk to when she wasn’t the party church mouse. Tom corroborated that they were just friends, but he seemed to be flirting with her as we talked. She looked really great in her silk blouse. It fit the curves of her breasts perfectly, accentuating her figure, and making it difficult not to stare. Tom wasn’t shy. I saw his eyes linger on her chest more than once.

His cell phone rang as we sat enjoying desert. “Duty calls,” he said as he pulled on his coat. “You guys have fun. I don’t get too many trick-or-treaters, but sometimes the older kids move headstones into the back yard if no one’s around.” I heard the garage door opener humming and started thinking about how my wife and I could leave. I was torn between keeping Pam company for the evening and finding an excuse to leave so I could get my wife alone in bed.

“I noticed that you and Tom had a little innuendo going tonight,” Jill said as we moved to the couch. I had noticed that too. The way he looked at Pam said that he wanted to get her in bed. “Are you guys dating?”

“No. Not really. I don’t know how to explain it.” she said as we sat. Pam refilled our glasses. “I don’t want you to think we’re a couple, or anything,” she added. “I mean, we have sex. He’s got a really big cock and we just sort of use each other for sex. I think he wanted to have sex tonight if he hadn’t been called in. He’s got this fantasy about fucking in the graveyard on Halloween. Men can be so juvenile at times.”

That was too much information about Tom for me. I would have been fine heading home early, leaving them to their fun while Jill gave Escort ümraniye me my present at home. I started to change the subject when the T.V. suddenly blinked on. “Ghosts!” Pam giggled. “No, actually Tom just has it on a timer so it looks like someone’s home when he’s working.” Fog obscured a man who’s back was to the camera. He grabbed his victim by the shoulders, and forced her to her knees in front of him. Her impending doom was supposed to be terrifying, but Pam’s eyes were wild watching it. She whispered “Fuck that’s hot. That is like my biggest fantasy, having one of my friends push me to my knees and order me to suck his cock.” I thought it might be time to ease up on the wine. As she realized what she had said her hands covered her face in embarrassment.

I have to admit that her enthusiasm was a surprise. Pam didn’t drink in school. I had enjoyed catering to her kinky streak, but she had always been sober. I was even more surprised when my wife continued, “You always were kinky, with your thing for ropes. ” I was about to get up and make some coffee when Jill said demurely into her wine glass, “Jim said he wants me to treat him to something kinky in the bedroom for our anniversary. Maybe you could give me some pointers?”

I probably should have stopped drinking wine at that point, but I drained my glass. “Oh, that’s right.” Pam said matter-of-factly. “You said that earlier.” So, that’s what they had been talking about. I looked toward the kitchen not knowing where this was going. I didn’t have to wait long. Pam looked at Jill seductively and said, “Well, you two should have no trouble after what we did in college.” I hadn’t seen that coming. I looked at Jill, then at Pam. The ladies look at each other, and smiled.

The horror flick cast shadows in the awkward silence. Jill was the first to break the silence. “Oh, don’t look so shocked. It’s not like we had a wild lesbian fling. Pam and I talked after you two had your little play time. She always said she felt bad that you never got to fuck her. And tonight she’s going to help me give you your present, if you ask nicely.”

I was stunned. We had fantasized about a threesome, but we had both agreed that monogamy was our thing. “Wait a sec …,” was all I managed to get out before Pam spoke up. “I brought along a few things. I hope you like your presents.” She reached down next to the table and pulled two neatly wrapped packages out of a gift bag. “Go ahead! Open them!.”

My light head was having trouble putting all of the pieces together. I picked at the tape on the first package. After a moment Pam chided, “Come on. You don’t have to be gentle. ” My fingers fumbled with the package. Jill reached over and tore the paper off in one swipe. A set of beautiful pastel scarves were wrapped in a crimson bow. I sat looking at them, recognition slowly dawning. I had tied up Pam several times with scarves likes these.

Jill pushed the second gift into my hands with a delighted squeal, “I can’t wait!.” She giggled uncontrollably as I unwrapped a pair of plastic vampire fangs and a makeup kit. Then she reached over and pulled a set of nipple clamps out of her purse. “I didn’t have time to wrap these. I only got them at the last minute.” She leaned into me and gave me a very erotic, very wet, kiss and sang “Happy birthday … Mr. President.” Jill had given me a really great blowjob one year for my birthday, doing her best Marilyn imitation. I knew tonight was going to be special. Pam applauded, telling us that we were off to a great start. We left the dirty dishes on the table, and made our way back to the master suite. Pam opened the balcony doors and a cool breeze drifted in. Jill pushed me back on the bed and reached onto the headboard to turn on the radio. .”.. leave your body at the door,” Pam seductively danced and sang along.

Jill had never been interested in being tied up, which actually had been fine with me. Pam had always told me what she wanted when her body was tied up in front of me. Watching her writhe in pleasure, pulling at the scarves had always turned me on but it was always about her. I wasn’t sure what Jill was going to like, but hoped Pam would help out. Both ladies stripped to their bras and panties, and sat on the edge of the bed. Jill slipped the plastic fangs into her mouth. Pam looked really hot in black panties. Scallops of lace accented her thighs and tummy. She was every bit as sexy as I remembered, but the tattoo on her left breast was new. Her mons pushed out against the fabric, a discernible crease gracefully arced up the center. I remembered how wet her pussy was when I would pull her panties down. I had never really understood why she didn’t just take them off before I tied her up, rather than having me untie her feet to slip them off and then retie her. It always got her really wet, and that was enough for me.

“Before you get any ideas,” Jill intoned seriously as she adjusted her fangs, “Pam’s just here to give me pointers. You are all mine.” I certainly wasn’t going to complain. Pam reached to unbuckle my pants as Jill slid my shirt over my head.

“Are you going to give him a trick or a treat?”, Pam asked in a voice betraying her excitement. She opened the vampire makeup package, and started brushing white across my cheeks.

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