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Losing My Virginity Pt. 02

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I was extremely fortunate to have been able to go to college. I knew I might not be able to stay after my scholarship was over. My parents had warned me that they could not afford the tuition. I wanted to work hard and prove I could stay but also I was distracted. I thought my affair with Keith was going to be over and I was truly sad.

The summer after I graduated I saw Keith only when I babysat. We tried to fit as much playtime in as possible before I left for state college. I had given myself over to him completely. I trusted him, he made me feel things I had never felt. I did things for him and he did things to me I would have never imagined. He had total and complete control over me physically and emotionally. The sex had gotten kinkier but I loved it. I loved being bound and fucked by him. I was going to miss him and was devastated at the idea of not having him around.

Keith assured me that we would see each other again since I was only an hour away. He did say it would not be as often, but we would not stop what we were doing. Keith and I had been together for over a year. I had given my body over to him completely. I knew his likes and dislikes. I knew his fetishes and taboo desires. I had done things for him to satisfy all that he wanted and I loved it!

Keith made it very clear he “preferred young ladies” that he could “mold sexually”. I did not ask too many questions about that because he would not talk about it. When I would ask he would only tell me that controlling “young ladies” and training them to be sexually experienced was a huge turn on. He enjoyed taking an innocent, sexually curious young lady and mold her into a experienced slut.

I had never heard anyone talk like that or act the way he did. It was always exhilarating and unpredictable with Keith. I never knew what he would have me do next.

The summer went by faster than I imagined and before I left Keith gave me specific instructions. He had allowed me to date my senior year and to go to prom, so as not to arouse suspicion. I could not engage in any kissing or other foreplay with any boys. He said he wanted to keep me “pure” while he was still “training me”. He explained that if I truly wanted to continue my training I would have to follow the same rules at college. I promised him I would.

Keith explained to me that once I got to college and had been there a couple of weeks I was to call his wife, my high school coach and to check in with her. Keith explained that I was to give his wife my dorm address and phone number and to ask her to send care packages. He explained that he would then contact me without her knowing.

Before I knew it I was attending state college and living in a dorm with a roommate I did not know. I settled into the routine of being a college freshman. I did exactly as I was instructed. Weeks went by with no call from Keith. I received a care package from my coach but nothing from Keith.

I was so distracted, horny all the time and completely sex deprived. I was constantly şişli escort trying to find time alone and would play with myself imagining it was Keith playing with me. I was devastated as to why I had not heard from him.

When Keith finally called I was too excited to be mad. He asked if I had been following our agreement. I told him I had and asked if I could see him. He explained he was sending me a care package and that I need to be wearing what he sent me when he picked me up.

Daily I would check my P.O. Box at the student union. Finally the package arrived. I put it in my bag and went back to my dorm room. I remember opening it and seeing a pair of sexy heels, a pair of very short cut off jean shorts, a sheer see through top and a butt plug. There was a note that told me the date and time he would be at my dorm.

That day came and I remember being so excited and turned on. He called my room and I was already dressed with the plug in my little asshole. I took the elevator down and met him at the front lobby. He took my hand and we walked to the car. I remember people looking at us. I loved being the center of attention.

We walked to the car and I ravaged him. He could not get out of the dorm parking lot before I had his cock in my mouth. He took me to his hotel room and we fucked for hours. It was great sex and my body had been missing it for weeks.

These meetings continued during the first part of freshman year. I came home for fall/ Christmas break and babysat/serviced Keith as much as I could during that time. I was very happy servicing Keith and his needs and being his slutty little “young lady”.

I was soon back in college and not to long after fall break I got a call from Keith in my dorm room. His tone was very different, more serious than before. He explained that he needed me to help him out with a favor. Keith went on to explain that he was up for a big promotion. I think the words he used were a “financially life changing promotion”.

Keith said he was trying to better his chances for the promotion and I could help him with that. He explained that his boss also really liked “young ladies” very much. I was 18 now and pretty good sexually, so I thought. He had already shown him a picture of me from a yearbook that belonged to his wife and he was very interested in playing with me. Keith didn’t need to say anything else. I told him whatever he needed me to do I would do it for him. His voice went back to normal and he sounded excited. The thanked me and called me his slutty little pet.

Keith told me he would call me later with the details, which he did. He told me that he and his boss, Chris, would be coming the next weekend for a two night stay. Keith said he told his wife this was part of the interview process for a possible promotion. Keith instructed me on what to wear, per Chris’ request, when they picked me up. Keith also explained that the more I complied with Chris’ requests the better his chances were at promotion.

The day came and mecidiyeköy escort so did the phone call to my dorm room. I was dressed in cut off jean shorts, heels, a crop top shirt(no bra) which showed off my 18 yr old tone tummy. My hair was done in pigtails as requested. I was told to pack a bag of sexy lingerie, heels and my toys for the weekend. I asked if I needed any clothes and Keith responded to me saying we would not be leaving the hotel room.

I was soooo unbelievably nervous about doing this but I would have done anything Keith asked of me. Knowing this could dramatically help him I wanted to do whatever I could. I remember sitting on my bed with my bag waiting anxiously for the phone to ring. My roommate by now was blown away by my clothing and suspicious activities with an older man. When the phone rang I jumped off my bed and got it on the first ring. It was Keith and he simply said, we are here.

I took a deep breath tried to calm my nerves, looked at myself in the mirror and told myself I could do this. I grabbed my bag and walked out and to the elevator. I walked out of my building and into the parking lot. A large dark four door car pulled up and Keith got out and took my bag. He opened the rear door of the car for me to get in. He didn’t kiss or greet me other than saying that I looked amazing, he is going to love you.

I got in the back seat and quickly saw Chris sitting there smiling, looking me over as I got in. My heart was again racing so fast I thought it would explode. Chris closed the door behind me, ran around the front of the car, got back in and placed my bag up front. He looked back and said “sir the is the young lady I have had in training for over a year”. I remembered thinking that was a very odd introduction, but my head was spinning so I thought nothing more about it.

Chris appeared to be a very tall man, dressed in a polo and slacks. He appeared to be in his 50’s with salt and pepper thick hair. I would learn later his was 55 and divorced. He was a physically imposing man with broad shoulders and appeared very fit.

I extended my hand to shake his and I distinctly remember him extending his while looking at me like I was a meal he was about to devour. He took my hand, turned it and kissed my hand softly. He said it was a pleasure to meet me. He looked at Keith and said she is so much better than you described Keith and he told him to drive.

It was all too much to take in. Here I was 18 years old, in college, in a car with two older men about to perform all manner of sex acts to better Keith’s chances at a promotion. I was thinking what did he mean “better than you described”. Chris spoke placing his hand on my thigh. I remembered instantly thinking how massive and strong his hand looked and felt. He referred to me as “young lady” as well. He asked if I knew why I was here. I said yes sir. He kept his hand on my thigh and said tell me why you are here. I explained that I was here to perform for him sexually whatever he needed or istanbul escort wanted to help better Keith’s chances at a promotion.

Chris smiled and he said something like thats right child and complimented me on my soft skin, tone thighs and tan skin. He then asked me if I was nervous and I told him I was but also excited as well. Chris asked if I found him attractive and I answered yes sir, and I really did find him instantly attractive. His hand slowly moved to my crotch as he rubbed my pussy through my jean shorts. I felt the blood leave my extremities and rush to my thighs and pussy.

Chris said I see you are not wearing a bra but are you wearing panties? I said no sir, already breathing very heavy. He smiled and said so that denim is rubbing against that young wet pussy, how does it feel? I was spinning, still on campus having my pussy played with while Keith drove. I simply moaned telling him it felt amazing.

Chris said something to Keith about how gorgeous I was and thanked him. He continued saying that he liked what he saw the moment he saw my picture but it does nothing compared to in person. Chris said that he was getting aroused as well. He removed his hand from my crotch, put his arm on the back of the seat behind me. That’s when he said it and I can still hear it today.

Young lady I want you to suck my cock and swallow my load before we get to our hotel. My head was swimming, I never gave it a thought. The competitor from high school took over. I would absolutely make that happen I thought.

I leaned over undoing his belt and pants as he lifted up allowing me to pull his pants down. A massive, semi erect, pre cum soaked cock sprang out as I did this. I remember thinking oh my lord is this real. He was already bigger that Keith and not fully erect. My mouth and tongue went to work quickly.

His cock grew in my mouth until he was fully erect and hard as a rock. Chris never spoke a word or touched me. He never moaned to show pleasure, not a peep. I focused on my task, I devoured him licking his shaft and balls, alternating sucking him deep and fast to slow and shallow. The only time he spoke was when he said that we were almost to the hotel. I quickened my pace and began deep throating him. Keith had taught me how to deep throat and I had eliminated my gag reflex.

After doing this for a few minutes, I could feel Chris’ cock get harder. The pulsations in his cock started and I knew what was coming. I didn’t stop and soon felt his hot creamy load in the back of my throat. It was a massive load that just kept coming. I held myself deep on him and swallowed every shot. I was amazed at how many times he sprayed in my mouth and he tasted salty sweet.

Once he was done and I could feel the pulsations stop I slowly sucked off his cock getting anything left on his shaft. My mouth came off his very large mushroom head and I swallowed the last few drops and kissed the head of his cock like he had my hand. I looked up and around and asked where we were. He laughed and said don’t worry child you won, just then we turned into the hotel.

I had the biggest smile on my face. Not only because I won but because I REALLY loved his cock and was already thinking about how amazing it would feel inside me.

To be continue….

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