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Losing It Ch. 2

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John picked me up and carried me through the door into the dark bedroom. He laid me gently down on the bed, kissed me, and went back into the bathroom for the candles. I slid under the covers while he put a candle on each of the bedside tables, and I pulled the covers aside for him. The room was cool, and the yellow flickering light of the candles was very romantic. This is like a scene in one of Mom’s dumb Harlequin Romances. This is a lot better than any old book though.

John slid in beside me, pulled the blanket over us, and took me into his arms. This is the first time we’ve ever been naked in bed together, and it’s wonderful. I think an even bigger ‘first’ is about to happen. My all-time ultimate big one. My arms went around him, and my after-orgasm stupor was gone. I was suddenly alive again. More alive than ever before. The air in the room and the sheets were fresh and cool, and my lover’s body was warm against me. I kissed him with not only my lips and tongue, but with every part of me I could get in contact with his big, warm, naked body. I kissed him madly, passionately, my front teeth clashing against his. He returned my kiss just as passionately, big, hot Herman poking my stomach. Our legs were intertwined as were our tongues. Each of us was trying to get as much in contact with the other as possible.

He whispered that I had one last chance to keep my virginity, and that I’d better tell him right then, or it was going to be gone forever. I pressed my mouth to his and tried to shake my head ‘no’ at the same time. Oh, it’s finally going to happen. I’m going to get my cherry popped. I took my mouth from his and used the only word that seemed right. ‘Fuck me, Darling. Please. I’ve waited sooooo long.’

Before he could reply I was kissing him again, rubbing my mound against Herman. He gently pushed me onto my back and turned to reach into the nightstand. He took out a little plastic bottle and squirted something onto his fingers. When I felt it at the entrance to my vagina it was very cold. I asked him what it was, and he said, ‘It’s called Astroglide, Baby. It’s slippery and will make it easier for us the first time. It will probably hurt some, but this will help.’ As he put more onto his finger and put it right into me, I said, ‘I don’t care if it hurts, just DO IT. FUCK ME, John, please!’

The heat inside my pussy warmed the Astroglide, and I could feel it mingling with my own juices. John got himself between my legs and told me to open them wide and to pull my knees up. It would make it easier for him to enter me. I did as he said, and I could feel Herman’s warm tip exploring for my entrance. Oh, my God, John’s going to fuck me. I’m about to have my cherry popped and get fucked! Oh, I want it so much. Now, Darling, go ahead and hurt me. Fuck me.

John reached between us and guided Herman’s tip to the entrance to my body. Big, warm Herman seeking Miss Kitty. I might have giggled at the thought another time, but I was feeling anything but giggly. I lifted my hips to try to help, but John said to hold still and let him do it. I just got my knees up almost to his shoulders, trying to make myself easier to penetrate. I felt the tip enter me, hot and slippery from the Astroglide and my juices. John pushed, and I could feel him touch the obstruction about an inch inside my vagina. John seemed to hesitate for a moment, then said, ‘This may hurt, Baby. If it does, I’m sorry, but I’m not going to stop now.’ I was about to tell him to go ahead when he pushed hard into me, and stopped. He continued to push, and I could feel myself stretching and stretching and stretching . Then something gave way and there was a burning, tearing pain as something seemed to rip up in there. Although I tried not to, it really hurt and I know I cried out in pain. I couldn’t help it. It hurt!. Suddenly, though, the pain was over and I just felt Herman inside me, big, hot, and wonderful. Ohh, my God! My cherry was just popped. John’s fucking me. Oh, he feels huge! Oh, my God, it’s wonderful!

John held Herman still inside me, but I could feel him throbbing and jerking. Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful. John had his weight on his hands and we were really only touching where Herman and Miss Kitty were joined. I whispered that I wanted to be kissed, and he lowered himself to his elbows as I pulled him down with my arms and hands. Herman was in my pussy, his tongue was in my mouth, mine in his. My arms were around him, my legs open high and wide to him. Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful.

We kissed for a long time, deeply and passionately with Herman still inside me. My pussy felt totally full of him and he was hot. I whispered, ‘Is Herman all the way in.’ John got back up with his weight on his hands and told me to put my hand down to feel. When I did I was astonished to feel at least half of Herman still outside, and the outer lips of my pussy were like rubber bands stretched tightly around the hardness Şirinevler escort of his penis. The inner lips were stretched so much that I couldn’t even tell where they were. Where am I going to put the rest of him? I’m completely full, overflowing, and there’s no room for more. I’m just not deep enough to take any more. Is this going to be enough for John? I hope so, because I know this is allI can take.

Then John shoved hard, and I could feel something give way in there and heard kind of a ‘crunch’ from way up inside me. I heard it from the inside, not through my ears. Kind of like the way I can hear my teeth come together when I chew, but nobody else can hear it. It didn’t really hurt, it was just a feeling that something broke or got moved, and things were never going to be quite the same up in there. Something inside me had been permanently rearranged. I still had my hand between us, and I felt for Herman, but he was gone! I could feel John’s pubic hair pressed tightly against the outside of my pussy, but Herman had disappeared completely inside me. I thought I felt full before, but it was nothing like this! I’m being stretched inside, and it feels wonderful. Big, hot Herman made Miss Kitty stretch to take all of him. Herman won the battle. So did Miss Kitty, because she has all of Herman now. Oh, that feels soooo goooooood. I’m soooooo full of him and he’s sooooooooo hot!

John held still as Herman throbbed inside me, then he pulled back an inch or two and slowly slid Herman back in, all the way. Then he pulled back further and slowly slid back in, all the way. Then he pulled out so far that only Herman’s head was still inside me. Then he slid slowly back in, all the way. Each time he put the full length in me, I could feel the tip push something out of the way so it could get past. I whispered, ‘Darling, we’re fucking, aren’t we? You’re fucking me with big, warm Herman, aren’t you?’ John said that we were definitely fucking and that my cherry had definitely been popped. Again, I would have giggled, but this was no time for it. Maybe getting fucked by big, warm Herman is going to cure me of giggling.

John whispered, ‘Oh, Baby, that’s so good. Your little pussy feels like it was just made to fit me. Warm, soft, wonderful.’ Then he pulled almost all the way out and pushed really hard, almost roughly back in to the limit of me and held Herman there, throbbing and jerking. I could feel a hot wetness spreading inside that hadn’t been there before, and I asked John if he had climaxed. He said not a real orgasm, but enough to make him fill me up with semen and cool him down so he could go on longer without coming. I’m not sure what he means, but this isn’t the time to discuss it. He’s sliding in and out of my pussy, and he slides along my button every time he goes in. I’m full of his sperms now, it’s really slippery and smooth, and if he keeps this up ….. I’m …. going……….. tooooooo …….

Then, before I really knew it was going to happen, my dam suddenly burst. I heard myself grunt and moan, and I wrapped my legs around John’s waist so I could pull myself up against Herman’s thrusts. It was like I was trying to get even more of him, although I could hardly take what I already had. It wasn’t the same kind of orgasm I had when he licked my button. This came from way up inside and was overpowering. A hundred times stronger, a million! I got the roaring in my head, I could feel myself gritting my teeth, my eyes were tightly closed, red and yellow flashes inside them. I was holding John with my arms and legs, and I was having an ORGASM. Long, straining, crying out, wonderful, fabulous ORGASM. No thoughts, no emotions, hearing nothing but the bells going crazy in my head, seeing nothing but flashes inside my eyes. No room for feelings other than ORGASM. I don’t know how long my climax lasted, but I don’t think I could have stood that kind of intensity for another second. As I came down, feelings and recognition returned, and I could feel John kissing my cheek and whispering, ‘I love you,’ in my ear. I took my legs from around his waist, said,’ I love you,’ and pulled him to me for a long, deep kiss.

John raised back up on his hands and started sliding Herman in and out of me with long, slow strokes. Each time, he pulled almost all the way out before sliding back in, all the way. I said, ‘I want to feel,’ and I reached down between us. John pulled Herman all the way out and slid him up my mound. I felt the length of him with my fingers, and he was very hard and hot, the skin silky smooth. He was also very wet and slippery from the Astroglide, John’s semen, and my juices. Oh, my Herman is wonderful. So big and warm, just made to slide into my pussy. I think he was made especially for me. I took him in my hand, guided him back to my entrance, and felt with my fingers as he slid back in and disappeared into the depths of me. As he glided in and out, I kept my fingers Şirinevler escort bayan there for a while, and It was sometimes hard to feel what was John and what was me; where I ended and he started. What a wonderful way to be, so close that I can’t even tell who is who.

My cleft was being forced so wide that it was in an ‘O’ shape rather than a split. The outer lips were tight around him and my button riding along the top of Herman. I loved the feel of myself opening for him each time he plunged back in After a while, just as I was starting to feel a little sore from all the rubbing Herman was doing at my entrance, John started breathing faster, and fucking me harder and faster. He was breathing like he had the previous night just before he had his climax in my mouth. I knew what was about to happen, and I could feel my own orgasm starting to build along with his. He whispered, ‘Oh, Baby, I can’t hold back any longer. I’m going to come.’ He started stroking in and out of me hard, fast, and even a little roughly. It felt wonderful, and I was getting to close to my own climax when I felt Herman grow huge inside me and he plunged very hard and deep, moving whatever that was deep inside me roughly aside as he stretched me more than ever before.

John moaned into my ear, and he thrust Herman way up inside me, throbbing and jerking. I know what’s happening deep inside my vagina, I felt it in my mouth last night when he had his climax. Herman is huge, throbbing, jerking, and he’s gushing semen into me. That thought, coupled with what I was feeling almost caused my dam to burst, but John’s orgasm was coming to an end, and I never quite got there. I’m glad my dam held that time. It’s already burst once tonight (twice if I count my orgasm in the bathtub), and it was wonderful to feel John have his climax inside me. If I was having one at the same time, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy his. I hope this was half as wonderful for him as it was for me. I seem to get as much of a thrill from his passion and pleasure as I do from my own. Almost.

John and I were both breathing as if we had run a mile when he lowered himself to his elbows to kiss me. It felt so good to put my arms around his big shoulders, run my hands over his smooth back, and open my mouth for our kiss. I could feel that Herman had shrunk a lot inside my vagina, and he kind of popped out while we were kissing. John got from between my legs, trailing a very wet Herman across my thigh as he lay beside me. He put his arm around me, and I turned on my side, nestled myself against him, and lay my head on his shoulder. We didn’t say anything for quite a while, and I just lay there in kind of a wonderful afterglow. We did it, and it was wonderful! He made me big enough inside to take all of big, warm Herman. Oh, how I loved it. I never really understood why people make such a big deal of sex, but I sure do now! I can’t believe that a few days ago I thought it was just something I had to do to get close to John. Oh, I love him so much, and in a way I never could have before.

I could feel a stream running out of my pussy and down the crack of my behind, and it was making a little puddle under me. John turned to me and told me he loved me, and after a kiss, said he wanted to get up and to the bathroom. I decided I had better clean myself up before the puddle beneath me became a lake. I got out of bed to go to my room and use the bathroom. As soon as I stood up semen started streaming out me and running down my thigh. I cupped my hand under my pussy to catch it so it wouldn’t dribble onto the carpet and walked spraddle legged to my bathroom.

By the time I got there, I had about half a handful and the river had flowed all the way down my thigh to my knee. I looked at what was in my hand, and there was the same stuff I had swallowed, wiped off my face, and gotten in my hair the night before. This time, though, it was a pinkish color from getting my cherry popped. At this thought I couldn’t help but giggle, the first time since before our bath. It’s strange that what we just did was the most pleasurable thing I ever experienced, but I sure didn’t feel a bit like laughing or giggling while it was happening. It was better than a hundred Disneylands, but I didn’t even want to smile. That pleasure was way, way too serious for any laughing or giggling.

I cleaned myself up with a damp washcloth. I put the washcloth with John’s semen and my blood on it aside to dry. I knew John would never miss it, and I wanted to keep it as a souvenir of getting my cherry popped. As if I would ever need anything to remind me ot that. When I used the towel on my split, I had to be very careful because it felt sore. I guess big, warm Herman rubbed Miss Kitty a little raw. It was sore enough so I had to kind of blot it dry rather than rubbing. I wanted to find out what big, warm Herman had done to my vagina, so I slid my finger in. It was huge in there escort şirinevler and still slippery with John’s semen. Kind of like putting my finger into a warm pudding. I couldn’t get a Tampax Junior in before, but I’ll bet a Super would go in now. It would probably slide right back out, too. I wonder if I’ll be this way permanently. As long as I was in the bathroom, I brushed my teeth.

When I got back to the bedroom, John wasn’t there. I got my robe and slippers on and found him standing on the patio, smoking a cigarette. I came to him and he gently took me into his arms and gave me a lovely kiss. Smokey, but lovely. I just put my head on his chest and held him, he felt so good. We didn’t even say anything. When he had finished his cigarette, he took me by the hand and led me to bed. He kissed me on the shoulders as he helped me off with my robe, and I got into bed and under the covers while John blew out the candles. It was pitch dark when he slid into bed beside me. I hope he doesn’t make me put on his PJ shirt. I want to sleep skin to skin with him tonight. John lay on his back with his arm around me, and I was on my side with my head on his shoulder and my hand on his chest.

‘John, Darling?’ I whispered.

‘Yes, Baby.’

‘Is big warm Herman happy?’

‘Well, Herman’s not so big now, but he’s very, very happy. How’s Miss Kitty?’

I giggled a little and whispered, ‘She’s better than she’s ever been. Bigger, too. She’s kind of sore and bled a little, though. I’m sorry if I ruined your sheets.’

‘Diane, Baby, please don’t ever say you’re sorry for something that happened while we were making love. The hell with the sheets, as long as you’re okay. Besides, I already cleaned up the wet spot we made. I’m the one that should be sorry, because I hurt you.’

‘It only hurt for a few seconds. Besides, it was in a good cause, wasn’t it?

‘The best of causes, Baby.’

‘Darling, I’m sorry I said that word. You know, the f-word.’

‘Diane, you shouldn’t be sorry for that. Sometimes that word needs to be used, and there isn’t any word to substiture for it. I don’t think it’s a swear word when you say it like that. It’s a great word at the right time. It seems very appropriate when you’re fucking or about to.’

I laughed and said, ‘I think you’re right. It was the perfect word for what I wanted to say. Mom would wash my mouth out with soap if she heard me say that. John, can we do that a lot now? Can we do it all the time?’

‘Your mom would do more than wash your mouth out with soap if she knew what we just did. I don’t even want to think what she and your dad might do to me. As for making love, it’s probably up to Herman how often we do it, but I’d like to make love to you a lot. Herman can’t just do it continually, you know.’

‘Why not? I’d like you to do it to me again right now. I’m afraid I’m kind of sore, though, and it would probably hurt.’

‘Sweetheart, a penis just doesn’t work that way. It takes time to recover. Besides, if we tried to do it too often, we would both be so sore we wouldn’t be able to do it for a long time. I’m rubbed a little raw, myself. Your little pussy is so tight that there’s a lot of friction. Wonderful friction. How about at least once a day and twice on Sundays?’

‘That would be okay, I guess. Especially since tomorrow’s Sunday. Well, it’s after midnight, so I guess Sunday’s here already. You said ‘at least once a day.’ I hope that means there’s no upper limit on how many times we can do it. John, did I do the right things when …. I mean … Well, was Miss Kitty good for Herman? It seemed like you did almost all the work and everything.’

‘Baby, your little pussy was wonderful. It was like hot velvet. Herman is going to want to see a lot of Miss Kitty in the days to come.’

‘ She’s different now, though. I mean I’m really big inside. Big, warm Herman made a huge change in there. I hope I’m not going to stay like that. I put my finger in there and hardly touched the sides.’

‘I’m sure that you’ll be as good as new in the morning. Minus a little thing that isn’t there anymore.’

‘Yeah,’ I giggled, ‘my cherry. I hope I’m not too sore to do it tomorrow. John, Lover, my first time, our first time was perfect. It only hurt for a moment, I had a wonderful climax, and I got to feel you come inside me. It was perfect, wonderful, and I’ll never forget it. Thank you for being such a wonderful lover and teacher.’

John whispered, ‘Sweetie, I don’t think you need to should thank me for that. Besides, I might be a lousy lover, and you just don’t have anything to compare me with. Anyway, how could I be less than wonderful when I made love to you. You are the sweetest, warmest, and most enthusiastic little bundle of love that I’ve ever encountered.’

I asked if we could sleep naked together, and he said that sounded like a good idea. We had a long, lovely kiss and exchanged ‘I love yous’ and ‘goodnights.’ He had me turn on my side and we were like spoons, me in front this time, his warm breath on my neck. I decided I was going to stay awake and go over all the marvelous experiences I’d had on that wonderful day, the biggest day in my whole life. I don’t think I got past remembering breakfast.

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