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Lord , Lady Ch. 01

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You follow him up to his office, curious about what he had said downstairs at the party. I fully intend to possess what I have completely, he said. What did he mean? How could you possess something more than by owning it?

Up the winding staircase he strode, you creeping up behind, nervous. He seemed so powerful until the topic of possession came up. Only then did he hesitate, his eyes wandering to the floor as the other guests laughed and chatted over their cocktails and champagne glasses about owning this car or that boat, or some other gadget or toy. He was quiet. Shy, almost. Then, barely audible to anyone yet forceful enough to stop the conversation around him, he whispered.

“I fully intend to possess what I have, completely.”

You could’ve sworn his eyes lifted briefly as he uttered his words, lifted to stare at you.

What did he mean? You hear his footfalls trailing down the hall in the third floor of his palatial home, feet on soft, thick Persian carpets. You slip your heels off, not wanting to alert him to your presence as you creep silently behind him. He stops for a moment, head cocked to one side, and you are sure he heard the rustling of your gown, but he continues forward, stopping at a door and opening it.

You walk quietly to the door to see him bent over, back to the door, over a massive oak desk. Your eyes take in his frame; muscular, tall, lean, in a halo of light from his desk lamp. His head moves side to side as though he were reading something of great importance.

“It’s oak. Made from the timbers of the HMS Royal George.” He turns to face you. “It was a gift. Come. Look at it.” He beckons you forward, but it is the power in his voice that draws you closer. Such power in his voice, you think to yourself. I wonder if he speaks this way to everyone, so commanding, so authoritative. It was different from how he was at the party. But right now you know he is in his element, his world, and you fear that once you are in, there is no escaping it.

He steps aside, giving you full view of the top of the desk. Antique timbers, sanded smooth and polished so it shone like glass. “Touch it,” he orders. You obey. The desk is as smooth as it looks, perfectly even. You look at his face in the half-light, a shiver running through your body. His features, chiseled out of stone, soften for a moment as he looks at you. “You followed me. Why.”

“I wanted to ask you what you meant.”

“About what?”

“That you intend to fully possess what you own completely. How do you do that?”

He straightens his body, fingertips trailing on the smooth glass-like desktop. Such soft hands, you think as he moves towards you. “Would you like a demonstration?”

You bite the inside of your lip nervously before looking him in the eye. “Yes,” you say with false confidence to hide the butterflies in your stomach, afraid of what his strong will may demand of you. A small smile appears on his face as he extends his hand to you.

“Then take my hand and I shall show you.”

The instant your hand touches his, he pulls you forward, spinning you around him, lifting and placing you down on the desk. The move startles you, but before you can react you feel his lips press against yours. You resist for Sivas Escort a moment, pushing back against his strong frame, struggling as his arms hold you down. Seconds pass and you feel a warmth spread, as though the sun were shining only for you. You relax, leaning back slightly on the desk as his arms brace you on either side. You feel his tongue begin to probe your mouth, an act you are suddenly all too willing to return. You taste the drink from earlier, but you also taste something else. A bold, strong, powerful flavor, unlike anything you have ever tasted before. Your breath to catches in your chest as your eyes flutter closed, your body relaxing under his powerful control. You feel his fingertips brush your body as he moves one hand to your back. He moves his hips slightly, parting your legs at the knees and allowing him to stand between them. You wrap your legs around his waist, not knowing whether he intends to take you right there but secretly wishing, hoping he would. Desire washes through you from head to toe and your breathing quickens, your pulse races and you feel as though your heart will burst from your chest. His hand searches for and finds the buttons holding your dress closed and begins to undo them. Your breasts, now free from the confining bodice, fall forward as your dress top falls to your waist. You continue to kiss as his hand moves forward to squeeze the sensitive flesh. Such soft hands, you think to yourself as he rubs and caresses your body, pinching your nipples to make them firm and erect. He breaks the kiss, opening his eyes and moving back slightly to take in the sight of your heaving chest. His hands cup them both, thumbs pressing on the nipples painfully. You whimper, but dare not speak out, knowing at this moment what he means when he says he will fully possess what he owns, and knowing he now owns you.

His body bends, pulling your hips down and laying you on the desk as his lips come in contact with one nipple. Your hips begin to roll slightly, the wetness in your crotch soaking your silk underwear and dripping down to your ass. His tongue feels wonderful on your body. Each stroke from his mouth sends feelings of ecstasy coursing through your body and you realize you want him to take you completely. Arching your back, your pull his head to your breasts and growl in pleasure. Your moans and his blend to a symphony of sexual energy, your heels dig into his lower back and you feel his hardness underneath his kilt. Your hips roll against his body and you feel the pressure of an orgasm building as one of his hands slides down the back of your dress to grip your ass firmly. He brings his hand forward, tearing the bodice from your dress as his hand seeks out the heat and wetness created by your passion. You feel his fingers play across the silky fabric covering your mound, tracing out the slit where your entire essence now resides. He raises his head from your breasts, now slick with his saliva, and you feel his body shift down. You relax your legs, allowing his body to slip down until you feel his arms underneath your thighs. In one move, he grips the seam of your dress and tears if off you. The sound of ripping fabric almost makes you cum, the sheer violence of it. Your body writhes under his touch as Sivas Escort Bayan his fingers dig at the silk underwear, pulling it aside just enough to allow one finger to enter you. Your hips buck as he slides his finger inside, reaching something within that you never knew existed. A hunger that has never been satisfied before. Grunting, you squeeze his hand with your thighs, gripping his wrist as you bite you lower lip in ecstasy. Your pussy twitches as you heel his hot breath on your thighs. His tongue begins moving in working in long strokes, around his finger and up between your pussy lips to your swollen, tender clitoris. You gasp and grunt as he pulls your panties to one side, licking and sucking your clit. His finger slides easily in and out, your juices running down his fingers and hand. He pulls his finger out just long enough to lick down to your ass and up, dragging his soft tongue up the length of your pussy. You raise your head and see his eyes locked on your face as he lowers himself back down for another stroke. Only this time, his tongue probes deeper, poking between your ass cheeks and barely missing the tight hole within. You feel him slide back up, drinking your juices as his tongue thrusts into your pussy. Tongue-fucking you. Harder, pushing his tongue into you, his thumb and nose rubbing your clitoris and making you cum.

You feel more than hear his groans of pleasure as you flood his mouth, gripping his hair, rubbing your pussy against his face and desperately wanting more. Exhausted from such an intense orgasm, your body falls limp. You feel his face move away from you. He grips your panties and slides them off of you as he stands. You raise your head in time to see him extend an arm towards you. You take his hand and he helps you to your feet. Without words, you know his command. Kneel. You silently obey, only now realizing he is naked before you. You drop to your knees, taking his masculinity in with your eyes, then your hand, then your mouth. You need him inside you, and so you suck greedily at his cock, cupping his balls as your mouth devours his body. Your tongue works feverishly as his hips thrust in and out of your mouth, making your body shudder. You squeeze his balls in one hand, your arm reaching around to grip his ass. Your finger digs in, finding his small opening and you tease it with our fingertip before pushing in. His sharp intake of air and his sudden thrust into your mouth startles you as your finger probes inside his body. You move your finger in and out slowly, in and out of his dark hole. He holds his body still as your head and finger work on him, bracing himself on the desk as your actions take control and you sense the pleasure washing over him. He moves one hand to your head, pulling at your hair and forcing his cock deeper into your mouth and throat. You gag, fighting for breath as his thrusts pump jets of hot cum down your throat. His words become a series of grunts as he ejaculates into your mouth, his movements a response to your finger pumping into his ass. He finally pulls back, allowing you to breathe as your hand automatically moves back to his cock, stroking it to keep it hard. Again, without words, you know what to do. Silently you stand, backing up and sitting on the Escort Sivas edge of his desk. His hands grab your thighs and roll you onto your back on the ancient, polished wood. Legs raised and eyes closed, you feel his thick cock against your pussy lips. You look up to see his eyes are half closed as he suddenly thrusts himself into you, filling you completely with one thrust. Your back arches as his cock tears at the walls of your vagina. You hear him speak with each thrust.

“Mine. Mine. Mine.” His fucking, his words, the rhythm of it all drives you wild. “I will take you when I want, and I will do with you as I please,” he tells you, fucking your dripping cunt with a force you have never known. You moan in pleasure as his words fill your ears. “You are mine, and I will possess you completely,” he groans as his cock pushes into you deeper and deeper.

“Take me,” you hear yourself groan. A wild child, you never thought you could be contained. Yet, here you are, knowing he is your master and you will do his bidding. You whimper a little as you feel his cock pull out of your pussy, leaving it aching for more. He thrusts back in as deep as he could before pulling out completely again. This time, you feel him press the head against your tight asshole. You roll your hips and grip your thighs as the pressure on your tight hole builds. He will rip me apart, you think to yourself as you feel the head of his cock enter your tight asshole. The pain as his shaft sinks into you, tempered by the pleasure of having him inside you. You bring your hands to your face, digging your fingers into your mouth and biting your hands in ecstasy as he slowly pushes all of him into your ass, so slowly. Every fiber of your body screams in pleasure, your abused pussy feeling the cool air as his body gently pumps against yours. The feel of him in your ass pushes you to orgasm, wave after wave coming as he thrusts slowly in and out.

“Aah…” you scream, not caring who might hear, knowing that nobody will. “Fuck me! Yes-s-s… Ahhh!” The sound of your ass being fucked, his breathing, his groans, the feel of his hips pressing against you, knowing that one way or another his body will never leave.

You feel him pull out of your ass, feel his hands spread your legs as he forces his cock back, so deep into your vagina. Oh, God… this is what it means to be possessed by him. He places his hands against your hips, moving your body from side to side as he pumps into you. Legs spread wide, you feel he couldn’t possibly fuck you deeper or harder. You have never been so thoroughly taken as you are now. He pushes in hard, hitting your clit with his body and sending you instantly into another orgasm, building upon the last as his cock fills your body. You shudder as you feel his cock push sharply, feeling his cum splash into you. He continues to thrust as more thick cum shoots deep, his eyes locked on your face, sweat dripping from his chest and forehead. Slowly, he pulls his softening cock out and your eyes close as he kneels before you, licking at your tender, abused pussy lips. You feel him scoop some of his cum out of you with his tongue, pushing some of it into your ass before rising and laying on top of you. Your lips part as his mouth closes over yours, the taste of his cum fresh on his tongue.

“I will take you when I want, and I will do with you as I please,” he says to you.

“Yes. I am yours. Completely,” you say. As you lie there holding him to you, you know that he now possesses you. And you are happy.

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