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Close Up

A glorious night in London. My first glimpse of London – how alive it is at night! A light meal following some sightseeing and people-watching. I had a delightful concoction of beef, chicken, and mango at a Chinese restaurant. The theater – a thriller with a twist and a lesson. A rambling stroll from Trafalgar Square to Piccadilly. A late dinner on the main street in Piccadilly – Italian restaurant, table by the window, some delicious pasta, dessert and coffee. Some blues in a small, crowded club. The walk back to my hotel in Mayfair. All in all, a lovely night.

But it wasn’t over quite yet. Wouldn’t be over for quite a while yet. Much to my surprise, I might add.

My friend at work had downplayed this trip to London. “The food is bad, the women are ugly,” he said. So far, I’d found neither to be true. I’ve described the food. Let me describe the women. But first, let me describe what I find attractive, and how that fit so well with the women in London.

I like women who are unique, uncommon, even unusual. I like women who are feminine but not submissive. I like women who have strong opinions and ideas, but are not overbearing. Distinctive eyes attract me. And I am a complete sucker for any woman in a skirt and black stockings!

This description fit many of the women I saw that night in London. Of course, I couldn’t judge the personalities. Many of them were not English; there were probably more tourists than Londoners. But many of them had beautiful eyes. And many of them had short black skirts and black hose. It seemed to be the common dress code among the women there.

Now, most of them were on the arm of their date. A few of them were arm-in-arm with each other! And though I started a few conversations with some women I found interesting, nothing came of these encounters. So I journeyed back to my hotel.

About a block from the hotel, two young women were cavorting on a traffic island by Berkeley Square. From the other corner of the square, I saw them, laughing, hugging, dancing, maybe a bit intoxicated. But the first thing I noticed was the short skirts and black stockings!

I approached the spot and they were still fooling around with each other. I was wishing they would fool around with me! I make some remark, asking if they were having fun that night, in my typical style of asking the obvious question. Usually this gets one of two reactions; a polite disinterested reply or a clever response that shows some spark. This time, the response was unexpected.

“We were hoping to attract some attention, that’s all. It seems to have worked,” the taller of the two girls said.

She had dark-skin, with dark hair and eyes too. She looked Middle Eastern, spoke English well. I have no idea where she was from, never did find out. She was wearing a red top, short black skirt, and funky chunky shoes. Her friend was Chinese; shoulder length dark hair and piercing dark eyes. She was all in black; I had already seen from across the street that she had thigh high black hose, which drives me wild, and black high heels. She had yet to speak, but I was in lust with her already.

“A well-laid plan usually brings the desired results,” I replied.

“Well-laid, desired, these are things we’d like to be,” said the Chinese woman, touching my hand as she said it.

“The desire is already there, or should I say here. The well-laid part could be right around the corner.” I took her hand and lightly stroked the inside of her palm with the tip of my finger as I said it. Then I pointed down the street towards my hotel.

They looked at each other and smiled. Each one hooked an arm, the Chinese girl on my left and the Middle Eastern girl on the right.

The walk to my hotel was short and since it was quite cold, we moved quickly. Maybe it wasn’t just the cold that drove us to walk fast. A few ideas crossed my mind. First, caution hit me and I wondered if they were setting me up to rob me. I’m sure it wouldn’t be the first time an unwary traveler had be set up in such a seductive manner. I decided that the opportunity was worth the risk. Next, I thought about how this had always been a fantasy of mine to be with two women. Of course, this in not unique; millions of guys have the same fantasy. But the idea of doing it with two women of different nationalities, different skin colors, and in a different country was a nice twist to this fantasy.

As we reached the lobby, there was a very loud private party going on in the ballroom of the hotel. It looked interesting, but I was more interested in a little private party upstairs. As we walked past the front desk, the guy behind the desk just smiled and said “Cheers.”

We entered my room and threw of our coats. They came around to me and started kissing me and each other. Already I was quite presently surprised! “What Ankara escort are your names?” I asked.

The Chinese girl said, “I am Amy, and this is my friend Lonni. We want to get to know you very well.”

“Well, my name is Alan, and I’d like to know you inside and out.”

The hotel was nice but it was built long before sound-proofing had ever been thought of. We could hear the band from the party below quite clearly and loudly, playing some upbeat dance tune. We started to move with the music, all dancing close together. They were quite provocative in their gyrations, and I began to touch them to add some provocation of my own. They responded by shaking their lithe bodies even more. We danced a happy, carefree dance, rubbing each other, touching all over. We were grabbing each others’ asses and pulling each other close, then moving to the other partner. Amy touching me, me caressing Lonni, Lonni feeling Amy. Oh, I really was enjoying this.

The tune below stopped, we fell exhausted on the bed in a pile, laughing. Lonnie got some energy back first, standing up, dancing, arms in the air, very slow and seductive. Amy said, “Why don’t you do a little striptease for us?” Lonni responded by grabbing the bottom of her red shirt and peeling it off, revealing a delightful blend of tannish skin sparked with a lacy red bra. Amy and I gave each other a few hugs and touches to accentuate our appreciation

“What next, Alan?” Her voice was low, almost whispering.
“Mmm…Skirt…yes, take off your skirt.” I could hardly speak myself. She complied, reached to her side and unzipped, stopped moving, then shook her ass just enough to make the skirt fall to the floor. Amy and I were delighted to find a distinct lack of panties, surrounded by a red and black garter belt, hooked to the tops of her black stockings. Her pubic hair was black and curly, but neatly trimmed into a triangle that pointed to her nether delights. What a sight! She unhooked her bra to show us her lovely breasts, firm, high, with exploded areolas and big nipples.

She continued to dance, “Like me?” she said. We reached for her to show her how much we liked everything about her, pulling her back onto the bed with us. “No no no, your turn Alan,” she said.

I got up and tried to do my sexiest dance, they giggled. I removed my shirt, unbuckled my pants, and turned around to shake my ass at them, glanced over my shoulder to see their reaction. They were watching intently, but Lonni had her hand under Amy’s skirt, and Amy was pinching Lonni’s nipple. “Pants! Take off your pants!” Lonni exclaimed.

I did, and surprised them because I never wear underwear. As I turned around, they both looked me in the eyes, then moved to see my penis. I was about half hard, pointing directly at them. Amy looked at Lonni, saying, “Let’s make him stand straight up!” Amy licked her lips and we all got the message. They moved off the bed onto the floor, on their knees in front of me. Amy licked one side of my cock, starting at the bottom, moving towards the top. Lonni worked the other side. They went up and down about ten times, then Amy grabbed the base of my cock and put her mouth over the head. She proceeded to bob up and down on me, while Lonni moved lower to lick my testicles. They really worked me over! I ran my fingers through Amy’s black hair as she sucked me.

Amy stopped and looked up at me. “I want to taste your cum. Cum in my mouth.” I rolled my eyes and breathlessly replied, “As you wish my dear.” She began to pump my cock faster, sucking my cock into her mouth and swirling her tongue around the shaft. Lonnie had started licking my anus, and when she inserted her tongue into my ass, I began to shoot into Amy’s mouth. She sucked harder and I came even harder on the second spurt. She kept sucking until I began to soften. Lonni joined her and they kissed, exchanging their fluids with mine.

I sat on the bed, a bit weak in the knees. “Amy, you still have all your clothes on. Take them off for us.”

“Yeah, it’s your turn, Amy,” chimed in Lonni, joining me on the bed.

“Okay, here we go!” Amy began to dance, immediately removing her black top. She had no bra, and her stiff nipples nicely accented her small breasts. I reached over and began to rum my fingers up and down Lonni’s stockings, over the top of the stocking, following a direct path to her vagina. I caressed her there as Amy danced.

“Take off more,” Lonni said, starting to breathe a little faster and harder.

Amy turned and grabbed the hem of her skirt and pulled it right over her head. The back of her black thong panty divided her shapely ass, looking extremely inviting above the thigh highs. She turned, asking coyly, “Alan, could you help me with these?” I reached out to assist her, but she shook her head. “Can you do it with your teeth?”

I Ankara escort bayan smiled, got down in front of her. I grabbed the black strap on one side with my teeth, and pulled as far as it would go. I bit into the other side and pulled that down too. She kept her legs together, so the crotch stayed right where it was wedged. I moved her legs apart, then put my mouth on the strip of cloth covering her pussy. I kept my mouth there momentarily, breathing warm breath into her private area. Then I sucked the already damp silky cloth into my mouth, clamped her panties with my mouth, and pulled down to remove them. She gasped and giggled with pleasure. I gasped too when I looked up into her shaved mound and puffy protruding labia. I reached up, parted the petals of this beautiful Oriental flower, and felt the nectar run onto my fingers. I put my fingers to my lips and had my first taste of Amy.

We looked over at Lonni on the bed and she was touching herself watching us. Amy and I exchanged glances, a silent agreement to proceed with an obvious plan. We made Lonni the object of our desire, our mutual pleasure. I moved her supple body to the center of the bed. Amy immediately began to lick her nipples. I touched my way from her ankle to the top of her stocking, then moved to the other. I began to concentrate on the area framed by her garter straps. My tongue painted trails all over her upper thighs and pubic mound, but avoided her genitals. She raised her head and looked down at me. “If you don’t lick my pussy I’ll just die! Please, do me now!”

I smiled, knowing my teasing had achieve the desired results. I put my tongue at the bottom of her slit, and licked my way to her clitoris. I repeated this about twenty times, going faster each time. She moaned with pleasure. Amy continued to work on her tits, mouth on one, hand on the other, occasionally venturing to kiss her neck and shoulders. I plunged two fingers into her, tonguing her clit furiously, and felt her arch herself toward my mouth. She screamed, and I could feel her orgasm coat my fingers and hand with her juices.

Amy rolled onto her back and Lonni snuggled between her legs. I moved around to caress her upper body. We licked and touched her until she was very turned on. “Alan, I want you inside me. I want to be on top of you and ride you, ride you hard!” She got up, put one leg on the bed, and slowly rolled her stocking off her leg. She repeated this with the other, throwing the stockings on the bed. I laid on the bed and let her straddle me. She scratched my chest, starting at my neck going down my belly. She grabbed the base of my cock and slid herself onto me. She started to move up and down, slowly, an even pace.

Lonni got up and unhooked her stockings as well in a similar, lascivious manner. She took one of the just removed stockings and put them on my chest, pulling the silky nylon across me, on my shoulders, my legs, my arms. Then she took one of them and wrapped the end around my wrist and tied it. “Hey, what are you doing?” I shot to attention.

“We have you right where we want you, and I intend to make sure you stay there. So, I am going to tie you to the bed so you don’t move from here.” Lonnie said this so matter-of-factly, like it was the most natural thing in the world. “And I bet you are going to like it, aren’t you?”

At first I panicked. I thought about it for a minute, and thought that maybe this might be fun. “Yes, I think we’re all going to enjoy this!” I smiled, we all laughed. Amy began to screw me in earnest, while Lonni moved around the bed and tied my wrists and ankles to the bed with their stockings.

Amy raised up and nodded to Lonni. Amy moved forward, positioning her fragrant pussy over my head. Lonni got top of me, facing away, and began to imitate her friend’s previous activity. Time seemed to stand still as we all pleasured each other. Sometimes I would forget and try to touch them, by the silky restraints quickly reminded me of my delightful predicament.

After a while, they both turned so they were facing each other. Amy had a couple of little orgasms as I licked her. My mouth was slick with her juices, and my cock was sliding merrily into Lonni’s pussy, drenching me with her love liquid too.

“Let’s make this bed rock,” said Lonni. “Let’s get a three-way orgasm going right now.” Amy began to grind her pussy into my face, rubbing her clit furiously. Lonni was literally jumping up and down on my cock and she came first. As she came, she pinched Amy’s nipples very hard, and that caused her orgasm right them. Lonni reached around and caressed my balls, prompting me to cum into her. The room was filled with the sounds of bodies working together and shouts of pleasure.

Amy reached over to turn out the lights, and they snuggled down on either side of me. Each put her head on Escort Ankara my arm and wrapped her legs around my leg, thighs on thigh. They caressed my chest as we all drifted off to sleep.

Some time later, (I have no idea how long,) they stirred and woke. They began to touch me all over again, all over my body. I was wishing I could touch them too, but that was impossible and this was quite wonderful too. Without turning on the lights, I felt a lady on top of me and a pussy being lowered onto my cock. I think it was Amy, but I can’t be sure. I also felt a tongue down there too, between my legs, on my balls and anus, and right where dick joined with Amy’s (?) pussy. Silently I was ridden and licked to another intense orgasm.

They left the bed, and I could hear them whispering, but I couldn’t tell what they were saying. I heard rustling and movement. Next I felt a pair of lips on each cheek. “Bye, lover,” they whispered. I heard the door open and close. I couldn’t move from the bed, but I was so exhausted that I just passed out into dreamland. (As if any dreams could be that good!)

I woke up many hours later. I immediately realized my predicament, but I had to smile to myself, remembering how I got that way. It was about 11 am.

While trying to figure out what to do, and not being able to extricate myself from my bonds of pleasure, I heard a knock on the door. “‘Hello, Maid Service! Anybody in there!” in a typically British female voice.

Thinking quickly that this may be my best chance to get out of this, I answered. “Yes, I’m in here. But I need some help. And don’t be shocked if I’m not dressed.”

No answer for a few seconds, then I heard the key in the door. The door was around the corner, so we still couldn’t see each other. “Not dressed???” I heard her say.

“Look, I had a bit of fun last night, but I was left in a …..umm….compromised position, so to speak, ” I replied. Damn, I hope I don’t get arrested for this!!!

She stuck her head around the corner. She was a black woman in her mid-thirties. The combination of British accent and her color surprised me, even though I knew there were many black English people. “Well, you certainly did.” She giggled, looking at me spread-eagled on the bed tied up with black stockings. “And how’d you get this way?”

So I briefly described how I had met a couple of young ladies and we were fooling around and we…she stopped me mid-sentence with, “I could use a little of what you’re supplying. Would you like a bit of me too?”

I smiled. She was quite buxom and very nice looking. A black British maid … hmmm … why not? “Well, would you untie me if I do?”

She smiled too. “When we’re done I will. I’ve never had a man is such a position.” She turned around, closed the door, and proceeded to strip of her clothes. She had the maid’s uniform off and in a pile on the floor in a flash. Her white bra and panties weren’t fancy, but looked sexy in striking contrast to her dark skin. She took off her bra and rubbed her big breasts together, pleasing herself and turning me on simultaneously. She turned around and stuck her ass in the air as she removed her panties. She reached between her legs to run her finger along her slit. I could see the pink inside her and the darkness of her surrounding labia.

She moved to the side of the bed and looked at me, trying to decide what to do. She smiled a sly grin, then climbed on top of me, positioning her pussy over my face and her lips over my stiff cock. I reached my mouth up and licked her slit while she lowered her mouth onto my penis and starting sucking me. We pleasured each other for about ten minutes, then she slid down my body so that our genitals met. She was still turned away from me as she began to ride the white pony. She made circular motions, so that my cock stirred around inside her. Then she started jumping up and down furiously. We were sweating and straining and nearing orgasm.
But she stopped, lifted off of me so that my dick pulled out of her pussy with a very wet sound. She turned around to face me, then reached between her legs and rubbed herself from cunt to asshole. “I’ve never had a cock in my ass before,” she said, “and since I’ve got you right where I want you, I think I’m going to see what you feel like up there.” She put the head of my dick right at her anus, and very slowly pushed down on me. I could feel how tight her virgin anus felt, but she was slick with her juices. When she had the whole length of me in her, she let out a long sigh. “Ahhh, that’s goooood.” She then started moving faster, all the while rubbing her clit vigorously.

All I could do was raise my pelvis to meet her movements on my cock. And that was enough. Enough to make her cum, and me with her. Her orgasm swept over her and I filled her ass with my hot white cum.

Afterwards, she untied me and then cleaned my room while I showered. She kissed me on her way out and said, “Hope you enjoy the rest of your visit to London.”

I kept the four stockings as a souvenir of my trip to London. Ah, what a trip!

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