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Author’s note
This is a mind control story, but it has a gay theme. For this reason, I put it in the gay section.


Friday night, and Gary was off the leash. Time for some fun.

Gary is a family man, wife and three kids, pretty much faithful, although he had slipped up a few times. He was able to slip away in the evenings sometimes, and when he did, he would usually go to the bar or a strip club. He really wasn’t sure tonight though. He had so much new tech gear at home, he would probably be happy just going home and tinkering.

Gary resolved to drive by the strip club and see if his thoughts would catalyze and make a decision.

He turned off of Lestra Street and drove by the club. Looked pretty tame, with a bald bouncer standing outside the door. He kept going around the circle block. “Nah,” he thought, I’ll just head home. As he was turning around the back leg of the circle, he saw a tight, sexy blonde in shorts struggling to jack up her car on the side of the road. And she was alone.

As he was rolling forward slowly, she seemed to move in slow motion. She had tight jean shorts on that showed off her tight little ass. And she had this plaid button-up blouse that barely covered her tits as she was leaning over her Kia. Wasting no time, Gary stopped and rolled down his passenger-side window.

“Can I help?” he asked timidly.

The blonde got this nasty smile on her face.

“Maybe” she said as she leaned her beautiful cheek on her index finger and raised her eyebrows.

Gary’s heart skipped a beat. Oh my God, could this be what it seemed like? Wasting no time, he pulled his Dodge right in front of the little Kia, got out and strode towards her.

“Gary Sands,” he said with a smile as he offered his hand.

She grinned and reached for his hand. Gary held it, raised it to his lips, and kissed it gently.

“I’m Lucy,” she said with a slight southern accent, blushing from the unexpected greeting.

“Do you have a flat tire?” Gary asked.

He noticed that the tire wasn’t flat at all.

“No, my brother just changed the tire, but he didn’t have time to un-jack it because his FOOTBALL game was starting” she said, rolling her eyes.

Gary remembered–season opener! How could he have forgotten!?

“Here, let me help,” Gary said, reaching down and lowering the jack, and removing it.

“Thanks sweetie! Why don’t you come inside, maybe I can find a way to repay you” she asked, with that nasty smile again.

Gary was starting to get stiff. This was really happening!

“Sure” he said as he put her jack in the trunk and followed her.

As they approached the house, he could hear football and guys shouting. They walked in and there were three men on the couch sitting in front of a large-screen TV.

“These are my brothers, Jim, Bill and Todd,” she said, pointing.

“I’m Gary. What’s the score?” Gary asked.

The three brothers were tall, fit, and also blonde like Lucy. They were drinking from red plastic cups, and a keg could be seen across the room.

“zip mecidiyeköy escort zip. It’s only the first quarter though. You want a beer?” Todd asked.

“Go ahead and have a beer sweetie, I will be ready for you in a few minutes” Lucy interrupted as she trailed off down the hallway.

“Sure,” Gary said walking towards the keg.

Todd, being the closest jumped up and grabbed a cup from the bookshelf, filled it from the keg and handed a cup to Gary. Gary’s head was spinning a bit, because all of this was happening very fast. In a manner of minutes, he was inside a house drinking beer, about to get busy with a sexy, tight blonde, after drinking with her three brothers! For a second, he wondered why the cup came from the bookshelf instead of the bag of plastic cups, but it didn’t matter much to him.

Gary plunked down on the chair next to the couch and took a swill of the beer. The Cowboys were playing the Giants, and they were looking good. He noticed that Jim had on earbuds and was listening to something, and it was loud. He was paying little attention to the game. He took another swig of the semi-cold beer. It went down smooth, and being a lightweight, Gary was already feeling the buzz.

As he was becoming more relaxed, he thought he would try to determine what Jim was listening to. It had a driving beat. Sounded like techno.

After a few more swigs the beer was gone, and Gary was surprisingly buzzed. He looked at Jim, grinning. ‘Who listens to loud music in front of the TV while others are watching football?’ he thought.

Jim grinned at him, removing an ear bud.

“Wanna listen?” he asked, removing the other earbud and picking up the player from the couch cushion.

Todd and Bill rolled their eyes and grinned.

Gary was surprised now at how buzzed he was. The beer was in effect, but there was something more. Like a rolling ocean tide, washing away all of his thoughts. He wanted to be worried, but really, what did he have to be worried about? He had done many psychedelic drugs in his time–LSD, Shrooms, X, etc. The more he thought about it, he realized that it was becoming harder to think at all. Strange.

“um, Sure, what is it?” Gary asked, knowing he wasn’t even prepared to comprehend what the answer would be.

“DJ Lollipop–it’s a custom mix,” Jim said, grinning.

Gary clumsily took the earbuds and put them in, and Jim hit some buttons on the player. The music started out with a dub-step beat, and it was quickly enveloping Gary’s world.

His mind was weakening by the repeated waves of energy rushing through his brain.

And the music was starting to synchronize with the waves rolling in, then out, then in, then out.

Words started to ring out, but Gary couldn’t stop and filter them.

They were telling him what to do, and his subconscious was receiving the message directly, taking studious notes as though a program was being installed into his brain.

His eyes were closing, and he leaned back in the chair as the hypnotic effect was taking place.

It seemed like a long time had passed, when all of a sudden, a piercing, taksim escort unharmonic noise shattered the music and the trance and Gary jumped up, dislodging the earbuds as he rose.

Gary shook his head and squinted.

“You alright buddy? It does that sometimes. I need a new MP3 player…” Jim said apologetically.

“Yeah, I’m fine. That’s good beer!” Gary said, settling back down into his seat.

Gary’s head seemed clearer now, just a slight beer buzz. What amazing music that was, he thought. DJ Lollipop.. He resolved to google it tomorrow.

All three of the brothers looked at Gary. Then Jim and Bill looked at Todd.

“Your turn,” Jim said to Todd, winking.

Todd grinned, adjusted himself in his seat, and looked calmly at Gary.

“Lollipop” Todd spoke.

Gary calmly got up and walked between the brothers and the coffee table, knelt down between Todd’s knees, and reached for his belt. Gary was trying to be puzzled at what was happening, but his subconscious was on an unstoppable course. He needed the speaker of the word’s cock in his mouth. Maybe he could think about it then, but this was urgent.

Todd smiled, as Gary undid his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, and pulled down his jeans and underwear to around Todd’s ankles. Todd raised his feet up and over Gary’s head and swung them around the back of Gary.

Gary lowered his mouth to Todd’s limp cock, and with no hands, sucked it into his mouth. Todd was a healthy six inches limp, and Gary sucked in the first few inches, coating his cockhead with spit.

The taste was incredible.

It was like a sweet candy–sweeter and creamier than anything he had ever tasted!

‘Thats better’ Gary thought, as his subconscious relaxed. The more of Todd’s cock he had in his mouth, the more relaxed he felt, and the better it tasted.

He slowly covered Todd’s cock with spit, and after a short while had the whole thing in his mouth. It tasted wonderful! Sweet, like a lollipop!

He swirled the hardening cock around in his mouth, enjoying the texture and taste.

But there was a problem. Todd’s cock was hardening and becoming larger, and it was becoming more difficult to keep it all in his mouth.

Using his lips, he lowered the angle of the cock and opened up his throat, impaling himself onto Todd’s cock, the head pushing at the opening of his throat.

“Mmmm, that’s it, taste it,” Todd said.

The encouraging words from the ‘speaker of the word’ were encouraging, and Gary wanted to please this person.

Todd became harder and longer. He must have been eight inches! By now, Gary had the whole cock down his throat, and he was pumping his head back and forth across Todd’s length, tasting the candy goodness.

He wondered why he hadn’t tasted candy this good his whole life? He was so thankful that these nice men introduced him to it–how could he ever repay them?

He began to feel Todd’s legs twitching.

“Oooooh Ooooh!” Todd squirmed.

He tasted something sweet coming from the cockhead. Encouraged by the voice, he started driving his head back and beşiktaş escort forth, the cock going from his lips to deep in his throat, in and out, just like the waves of the music.

“Mmmmmm! MMMMmm!”

He felt Todd twitch harder, and start pumping with his hips and knees. Todd’s hands grabbed Gary’s ears, and he started pumping his cock into Gary’s mouth harder.


Todd’s cock was on a down stroke and the cock head was right in Gary’s mouth as he tasted a warm, silky squirt of the luscious candy juice.

He obediently sucked the cock in front of him, tasting the sweet candy juice that flowed forth as Todd held his cock head right inside Gary’s mouth. Todd began to stroke his cock.

“YESSSSS! YESSS! OOOH! AAAAHHH! SUCK it baby! SUCK THE JUCE!!!” Todd twitched and spasmed, his cock being mercilessly drained.

Gary felt so fulfilled, hearing the encouraging words of the speaker of the word, tasting the lovely candy juice that was being so generously fed to him.

He really felt in Todd’s debt, and wondered how he could ever repay him for this wonderful, seemingly endless fountain of candy juice.

He swallowed some, but wanted to keep some in his mouth.

“Oooh! Yes!! keep GOING! ooooOOOOOH!”

He continued to milk the cock, candy juice flowing freely into his mouth, as Todd’s twitches became weaker.

The cum had stopped flowing, and Todd’s cock was limp. Gary kept it in his mouth lazily tonguing and swirling it around, mixing his mouthful of candy juice with it. He just couldn’t let go yet.

“Candy shop STOP!” Todd said suddenly.

Gary released the cock, swallowed the cum, got up and sat back down. As he sat back in his chair, he knew something was different, but he just couldn’t think…

What just happened?

He tried to remember, but just chalked it up to his usual forgetfulness. Maybe they wouldn’t notice he was so forgetful if he just kept quiet.

He focused on the game, and hardly noticed Todd getting dressed.

He really liked these guys. He didn’t know why, but he felt like he was in their debt.

Lucy strode out from the back bedroom, naked from head to toe.

“What can I do for you sweetie?” she asked, bending forward in front of Gary, her tits perked up with small bright red erect nipples gently bouncing as she spoke, her pussy hair shaved into a heart.

“Nothing, thanks,” Gary said as he leaned his head to the right, trying to see the game.

“You guys spoil all of my fun!” she said, rolling her eyes. Bill handed her a wad of cash and she stormed back into the room.

Gary didn’t even notice that he was not turned on at all by this girl. She was naked, perky and ready to fuck, but his mind was busy. His mind was secretly thinking of ways to repay these cool guys.

They had done so much for him. How could he do something for them?

“Can I get anybody a beer, something to eat?” he asked.

Jim looked up at him smiling.

“I could go for some pizza,” he said, grinning.

Gary started to look up Salvatore’s Pizza on his phone. He swore he heard Jim mumble something to his brothers about ‘more candy later’, but he felt ashamed he didn’t hear it. Maybe if he ignored it, they wouldn’t notice that he failed to hear them.

… To Be continued

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