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Lola Lands The Job

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“Mrs. Perry, your resume is very impressive,” said Alex Cabrera. “You graduated from Barnard. You have worked for two Fortune 100 firms. You are proficient in the entire MS Office suite–including Excel–you are proficient with Quickbooks, you are familiar with Disco, Lexis, and Relativity. You may be over-qualified for this position.”

“Thank you, sir,” Dominique Perry replied. “I assure you my qualifications are matched by my work ethic. I will work as hard for your company as I have for both of my previous employers.”

“I appreciate that, Mrs. Perry. But if you don’t mind, could you explain to me why you would leave a firm like Harrison’s to come and work for our small shop? It seems like a major step down from where you have been.”

“Of course. I get that question all the time. The truth is quite simple. We decided many years ago that my husband’s career would be our priority. He is very successful. I do not have to work. I choose to work because I like to keep busy and I enjoy challenges, but financially, it is not at all necessary. So, when my husband was asked to lead the Miami office, I decided to use the relocation as a means to accomplish a complete change of scenery and continue my career in a less stressful environment. My placement consultant advised your firm as a quality place to work in a competitive but relaxed atmosphere. I knew immediately this was the right firm for me.”

“Well, Mrs. Perry, you are certainly an exceptional candidate. We will contact your references and I will circulate your resume to the other partners, and unless something unexpected is uncovered in the due diligence process, I am confident in stating the job is yours. Expect to hear back from us in about a week.”

“Thank you, Mr. Cabrera, I will be looking forward to hearing from you soon.”

Dominique rose from her seat across from Alex’s desk. Alex walked her to the door and handed her off to the temporary secretary seated at the desk outside his office.

“Miss Walker, will you give Mrs. Perry a tour of the office please?”

“Yes, sir. Your 4:00 appointment is waiting in the lobby. Should I send her in?”

“There’s another one? I thought Mrs. Perry was the last applicant.”

“There was a late addition.”

“Well, send her home. I think we have found the perfect candidate.”

“Sir, she’s been waiting for three hours. There was a typo in the email, and as a result I double booked the 1:00 appointment. I think you should at least meet with her.”

“Alright. Give me ten minutes to return some phone calls, and then send her in.”

“Yes, sir.”

Alex listened to his voice mails and returned two calls. He was about to return a third call when he was interrupted by the temporary secretary.

“Yes?” he said into the phone.

“Sir, it has been ten minutes,” Miss Walker answered. “Are you ready for the final candidate.”

“Alright. Send her in please.”

The door opened and the temp led the applicant into the room.

“Mr. Cabrera,” Miss Walker announced, “this is Dolores Espinoza.”

The temp turned and left the room, closing the door behind her.

Alex looked up from his screen and saw the candidate for the first time. She had glossy black hair which hung just past her shoulders. She wore bright red lipstick and a generous amount of shadow around her eyes. Her tawny beige skin was covered by a floral print sheath dress that stopped half-way between her crotch and her knees. The synthetic fabric was stretched to the limit, barely containing her curves while simultaneously covering her entire body yet revealing everything. The outline of her bra and panties were visible through the fabric. Alex looked up when he caught himself staring at the hint of nipple protruding through the tight bodice of the dress. By that time, however, he had already taken in her ample bust, wide hips, round butt, and smooth, sturdy thighs.

Alex stood up and stepped out from behind his workstation. He instantly regretted that action, as he realized his arousal was no longer concealed by the sturdy oak desk.

“Hello, Ms. Espinoza,” he said. “Thank you for coming in. I understand you have been waiting for a while. I apologize for the scheduling error.”

“No problem, Mr. Cabrera,” she answered in a husky, heavily accented voice. “I’m grateful that you took the time to meet with me. And it’s Mrs. Espinoza, but you can call me Dolores. My name is Dolores, but everyone calls me Lola.”

“Very well, Mrs. Espinoza. Do you have a copy of your resume for me?”

“Yes, I do.”

Dolores reached into her leather attaché and pulled out a single sheet of paper which she handed to Alex.

“Thank you, Mrs. Espinoza,” he said. “Please have a seat while I take a second to look this over. Ordinarily, I have a chance to review an applicant’s credentials prior to the interview, but you were a late addition.”

“No problem,” she replied as she lowered herself into the chair.

Alex scanned the one-page resume, looking up only when Dolores crossed her legs. Despite her best attempt at modesty, she nonetheless flashed Maraş Escort him a brief view of her panties. Alex gulped, then looked down again. He studied the sheet much longer than otherwise necessary to consume the sparse background it revealed.

“Mrs. Espinoza, if I’m reading this correctly, your last job was with the Walker Simmons firm. Is that right?”

“Yes, sir.”

“And you left that job fifteen years ago?”

“Yes, sir.”

“What have you been doing since you left that position?

“Raising my children. My husband — ex-husband — and I decided that I would stay home with the children until they were out of school.”

“I see. Are they? Out of school, I mean?”

“My son — the oldest of the two — is in college. My daughter is a senior in high school.”

“I see. Not that it matters, but where does your daughter go to school?”


“And your son?”


“Very good. Can you tell me more about yourself, Mrs. Espinoza?”

“Where would you like me to start, Mr. Cabrera?”

“Where are you from? Where were you born?”

“So you want the whole story?”

“Just the important parts, please.”

“OK. Well, I was born in Guadalajara, Mexico. At nineteen I left and emigrated to the United States–Texas. I lived in San Antonio for five years. I got a job at First National Bank. That’s where I met my husband. He was the branch manager. I was his secretary. I got pregnant, so we got married. A few years later he got an offer as a loan officer for Citibank, but they wanted him in their downtown Miami office. So, we moved to Miami. That’s when I went to work for Walker, Simmons as a secretary. I got pregnant again and went on maternity leave. While I was out, he decided I would stay home until the children were out of school. I agreed, although I really didn’t have much choice in the matter. Five years later I caught him fucking his secretary and filed for divorce. I got child support and ten years of alimony payments. But the alimony has run out and he stopped paying child support for my son when he turned eighteen, so now I’m forty-two, broke and looking for work. I think those are the important parts of my story. Would you like to hear more?”

“Just one thing. Are you authorized to work in the United States?”

“Of course. I already told you I worked at the bank and Walker Simmons.”

“Let me be more precise. You were born in Mexico. Are you a citizen or permanent resident?”

“Yes, I am resident for twenty-three years.”

“Do you have a green card?”

“Oh, that’s what you want to know. Yes, I got my green card while I was still married to Antonio.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“That’s more than enough background. Let’s talk about why you are here.”


“Why did you apply for this position, Mrs. Espinoza?”

“I told you. I need a job.”

“Of course, but why this job? You could apply anywhere.”

“This is not the only position I have applied for, Mr. Cabrera. But this is the first interview I have been to. I applied here because I need a job and this position matches my qualifications. The location is convenient for me, and the hours work well for my schedule.”

“Alright, let’s move on. Mrs. Espinoza, what motivates you to do a good job?”

“What motivates me? Bills. Living expenses. Eating. I need to pay my bills. I need money to live on. The paycheck is all the motivation I need. No matter what other people may tell you, money is the real motivation for anyone looking for work.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Espinoza. I appreciate your candor. Now tell me, what would you bring to the office that sets you apart from other candidates?”

“Well, let’s see. I have superior people skills. I can manage others, and they don’t resent me. You know how some supervisors are assholes and everybody hates them, and it creates a negative work environment? That doesn’t happen with me. People like to be around me. They do what I ask because I don’t make them feel like I am ordering them around. That’s one. What else? OK, here’s another. I am persistent. When you need something done, I won’t stop until it’s completed. When you need to get someone on the phone or a meeting with someone important, I get them. Every time. I don’t give up until you get that meeting. If I run into a wall, I find a way to get over it, around it, or I to smash through it.”

“That’s very interesting, Mrs. Espinoza. Now tell me, what qualities do you consider important in a secretary?”

“Good question. I’d say hardworking. Honest. Flexible. Dedicated. Reliable. Good listener. Hmm. Oh, loyal. That’s probably most important. And protective, that’s important too.”

“Let’s talk about some of these qualities. Hardworking speaks for itself, I suppose, but why is honesty important in a secretary?”

“Honesty is important in every relationship, and especially in the relationship between a boss and secretary. How can there be trust if there is no honesty?”

“Fair enough. You also said loyalty is most important. Why is loyalty so important?”

“Well, Maraş Escort Bayan loyalty relates to trust. You need to know that your secretary is someone who is going to have your back. You know what I mean? When you cannot be disturbed, the secretary has to guard your time and space so you can do what needs to be done without interruption. A good secretary is a barrier between you and everyone who wants a piece of you.”

“That’s an interesting way to look at things. OK, let’s move on.”


“Let’s talk about your qualifications. How would you rate your computer skills, Mrs. Espinoza?”


Dolores shifted her position in her chair and re-crossed her legs, giving Alex another brief glimpse of her white satin panties.

Alex caught the show between Dolores’s legs. He looked up quickly, but he felt his cock stir nonetheless.

“Can you elaborate?” he asked.


“Well, go on.”

“Excuse me?”

“Tell me about your computer skills. Why do you rate them as ‘excellent?'”

“Of course. I type at eighty words per minute. I can create and edit MSWord documents. Is that what you mean?”

“Yes, go on.”

“Well, I am very good at making Facebook accounts. I create content for Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube. I–“

“Mrs. Espinoza, I’m not so interested in your social media. Please describe for me your proficiency in computer skills relevant to the office environment.”

“What do you mean?”

“Alright, let’s do it this way. Are you familiar with the Microsoft Office Suite? Other than MSWord?”

Dolores fidgeted in her seat. She stuck her thumbnail in her mouth but, resisted the urged to bite and instead removed it. She took a deep breath and re-crossed her legs.

Alex gulped as he took in the slow motion game of peek-a-boo taking place in front of him.

“Mmmmm yes,” Dolores answered.

“Which programs?”

“Mmmmm all of them, I would say.”

“You don’t sound too sure of yourself.”

“Oh, I’m sure Mr. Cabrera.”

“OK. So you can create, edit, and publish Power Point slides?”

“Um, I believe so.”

“You can work with Excel spreadsheets?”

“Ah, sure.”

Dolores found her thumbnail in her mouth again. She started to bite down, but removed it before it snapped.

“Really? You can create formulas and input data on spreadsheets, and create graphs in various styles to illustrate the results?”

“Um, of course.”

“What about scheduling? Are you familiar with calendaring and scheduling software?


“Which ones?

“Ah…all of them.”

Dolores re-crossed her legs. This time she drew out the process as long possible before planting her heel in the carpet beneath her chair.

Alex felt his cock rising again, but bit his lip to get the image out of his mind.

“All of them?” he stammered.

“Well, most. Which one do you use?”

“Never mind. Let’s move on. How about billing software? Can you use billing software?”

“Quickbooks…and another one. I can’t recall the name at this moment.”

“Thank you for coming in, Mrs. Espinoza. We will be in touch if we need any more information from you. Stop and see the receptionist on your way out so she can validate your parking.”

“Are we done? Is the interview over? I’m not finished telling you my qualifications.”

“I’ve heard enough, Mrs. Espinoza. Like I said, we will be in touch if need anything further. Good day.”

“Mr. Cabrera, I need this job. I can’t leave without a job.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, Mrs. Espinoza. I’m sure with your skills that you will find something soon.”

“You have no idea of my skills, Mr. Cabrera, but you are about to find out.”

Dolores stood up and walked around the desk. She knelt in front of Alex and rested her hands on his knees.

“What are you doing?” Alex asked.

“I’m going to show you my skills, Mr. Cabrera. Lay back and enjoy.”

“This is improper, Mrs. Espinoza.”

“You can call me Lola.”

“Lola, the door is unlocked. Anyone could walk in.”

Her left hand slid his right leg, stopping at his crotch. A second later her right hand slid up his left leg. Both hands met at his balls.

“I don’t care. I’m a divorced woman. I can suck any dick I want. And I’m quite good at it, by the way, as you are about to find out.”

“I could have you escorted out of my office and ejected from the building.”

“You could, but you won’t. You’re hard as a rock. You’ve been thinking about fucking me since the moment I walked into your office.”

“That’s ridiculous.”

“Is it?” she asked.

Lola pulled down Alex’s zipper and reached into his pants. She pulled out his erect cock and held it in both hands.

“See? You’re fully erect. There’s nothing you want more than my mouth on your cock. Hire me, and I’ll give you the best blow job you’ve ever had in your entire life.”

“Is that a promise?”

“I swear it.”

“Start sucking.”

Lola puckered her lips and kissed the engorged head of Alex’s cock. She felt Escort Maraş the thick shaft pulse in her hands. Her confidence soared as she opened her mouth and let her red lips slide down until the entire head was in her mouth.

Alex slid down in his chair, raised his hips, and buried his hands in Lola’s thick black hair. Lola looked up and saw Alex’s head tilted back and his eyes closed.

“Look at me,” she demanded. “Look into my eyes. Look at my mouth on your cock. Watch me drain the cum from your balls.”

“Ohhhhhhh,” Alex moaned as he met her smoky brown eyes with his.

Lola pushed her dress down around her shoulders, freeing her breasts from the confines of her lace bra. She nestled Alex’s balls in one hand and grasped his erect shaft with the other. She looked into his eyes as she inched her lips down his cock. She paused for a second, and then raised her head from his lap.

“You have a nice dick,” she purred. “Nice size. Nice shape. I’ll bet it tastes good, too. Watch me devour it.”

Lola tilted her head downward, and then wrapped her lips around the head once more. She lowered her mouth down the shaft one inch at a time until her lips were less than an inch from his groin. She felt his pubic hair tickling her nose, and then she plunged her mouth down to swallow the final inch. She did not stop until her lips were pressed against his lower abdomen. She held that position for several seconds, fighting to suppress the gag reflex as streams of saliva flowed from the corners of her mouth onto the carpet below.

Alex gasped. His fingers tightened around the locks of hair he was clutching with both hands. His hips rose from the seat of their own volition, forcing his cockhead even deeper into the Lola’s mouth. The purple head banged into the back of her throat. She tilted her neck, opened her mouth a little wider, and drove the fleshy shaft even deeper into her throat.

“Mmmmm,” Alex groaned. “You really can suck a cock. I’m impressed.”

“Impressed enough to give me the job?” Lola looked up.

“I can get my cock sucked any time I want, and I don’t have to worry about a Title VII lawsuit.”

Undaunted, Lola stood up, clutched the hem of her dress and pulled it up over her hips and ass so that the entire garment was bunched around her waist. She pulled off her thong panties and tossed them in Alex’s face. She paused to insert two fingers into her dripping pussy, and then wiped them across Alex’s mouth. She turned her back toward him and lowered her crotch onto his lap, impaling herself on his rigid, upright cock.

“That’s a nice fit, don’t you think?” Lola purred.

She leaned back against Alex’s chest, and then lifted her hips a few inches before lowering them to his lap.

“Do you feel how juicy I am?” Lola asked. “Isn’t it nice and tight?”

“Mmmmmmmmmm” Alex groaned again.

He cupped her heavy breasts in his strong hands–the soft flesh spilled from his outspread fingers. He pinched her prominent brown nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

“Ouch,” Lola groaned. “Do that again.”

Alex squeezed her nipples again, then shifted his focus. He nuzzled his face into her neck, burrowing through her thick black hair so that he could kiss and nibble the neck pressing against his face. He inhaled first the clean, floral scent of her shampoo, and then he detected the musky aroma of her perfume. His mind was overwhelmed by the assault on his senses–the aroma of her hair and perfume, the taste of her pussy juicy on his lips, the beauty of her womanhood, and the feel of her breasts in his hands and most of all, her pussy sliding up and down on his cock.

Feeling that she was in control, Lola stood up and sauntered over to the leather sofa in front of the fortieth story window on the opposite side of the room. She paused when she reached the sofa. With her back turned to Alex, she bent at the waist, pointing her meaty ass cheeks in his direction. She unfastened the straps on the back of her high heeled sandals, stood upright, and stepped out of them. She pushed her dress to the floor and stood totally naked, looking out of the high-rise window.

Lola shifted her weight from her right leg to her left, looked over her shoulder in Alex’s direction, puckered her lips and blew him a kiss.

“See anything you like?” she asked.

Alex shifted in his seat. His erect cock was sticking straight up from his pants, throbbing and glistening with Lola’s juice.

Lola sat on the couch. She spread her legs wide, resting the left leg on the sofa and the right leg on the floor. She reclined all the way back on the sofa and slipped one hand to her crotch, spreading her pussy lips with two fingers.

“Come over here and kiss me,” she teased, pointing to her pussy, “right here.”

Lola slipped two fingers into her slit. She withdrew them, glistening with juice. She parted her red lips and stuck her fingers into her mouth, sucking them clean.

Alex’s cock throbbed again. He groaned, stood up, and walked across the room.

“That’s a good boy,” Lola cooed. “Lick my juicy pussy.”

Alex stood up and removed his clothes, folding his shirt and pants and leaving them on his desk. He kicked his shoes, socks and underwear into a pile beneath his desk. He walked across the room toward Lola. A sly grin appeared on his face as he approached her.

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