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Lockdown with Sis

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Great Ass

Hi all, just wanted to preface this by saying thanks for checking out my story. This being only my second attempt at erotic writing I would be very grateful for any constructive criticism regarding my story. I really enjoyed writing this and hope to continue exploring more stories in the future. For now though I hope you enjoy and again thank you.


Spring break had finally come and what did it bring with it? A complete lockdown of the entire state, orders to stay at home and shelter in place, and all with the added benefit of the college closing its doors meant that I was stuck at home, hundreds of miles away from my friends and freedom. I had come home for a few days while my parents were in Europe to watch out for my sister Anne until they got back. After that I was going to head out to the beach and meet up with my roommates. Take in the sun, drink some beer, and do my best at getting some coeds to make some bad decisions.

That was until the international travel ban left my parents stranded and only me to watch my sister until they could get home. Something they were not in a hurry to do as they would be required to go into immediate quarantine for 14 days. With me home indefinitely with Anne, they decided that they would just wait it out for a bit.

And so there I was, in lockdown with just me and my sister and nothing to do. Well that wasn’t entirely the case. We spent the first week and a half binging everything on Netflix, Hulu and all the other streaming giants till we had had enough of Tiger Kings, people fucking with cats, and Parks and Rec. My classes had moved to online for the remainder of the semester and I still had a few projects due for those, and Anne’s school had instituted an at home learning schedule that had her busy for a few hours most days.

There was the heated pool out back we could use but other than the daily laps I took to keep in shape it was still a little cool when you got out of the water so hanging out was a no go for now. Mostly we just woke up did our class work and chilled on the couch playing video games or trying to find something to watch.

It was the middle the second week and I had just finished up some classwork and was making a late breakfast when Anne came down the stairs for the day. She looked as if she had just woken up, which was not unusual, and walked into the kitchen heading straight for the island bar stool.

She was wearing a set of yellow cotton sleep shorts and a matching top, the neckline of which dipped just enough to give a glimpse of her cleavage. She had been dressing in almost exclusively some form of sleepwear since lockdown had started and her choice of which seemed to lean mostly in the form fitting with plenty of skin visible. At first I hadn’t paid it much attention, but as the weeks had progressed I found myself giving more than just a passing glance here or there.

“Morning,” I said as she sat on the stool and rested her head in her hands. “Stay up to late?”

“Uhhh, I was up till three trying to figure out this stupid math homework that was due at 6:00 am this morning. My head is killing me.”

“You do remember I am an engineering major and math is sort of my thing, right? Why didn’t you just ask me for help.”

“Pride. But to hell with that next time your top of the list.”

She lifted her head from her hands brushing her long brown hair back over her shoulders and arched her back into a long drawn out stretch, pushing her as I could now tell braless chest out toward me. A slight stir built in me as I looked on, but with a shake of my head I dismissed it and turned to the omelets I had going on the stove.

“You mind hooking a girl up with one of those, I have a virtual class meeting in about fifteen minutes and could really use a pick me up.”

“Sure and there is some coffee in the pot.”

“You’re the best,” She said in a long drawn out sigh as she stood came around the island and wrapped me in an embrace. Her hands fell on my waist just above my crouch and I could feel her breasts pressed into my back. The stir that I had tried to ignore reared its head once again. As she released me and headed for the coffee pot, I chanced a glance at her, taking in her body with some lingering appreciation.

Anne was about 5’11” with a lean athletic build cultivated by years on the high school volleyball team. Her long legs rose to her firm round butt covered in her tight yellow short. Only her tight shorts as I could spot no panty lines visible on the thin material. Her waist had the slightest of inward curve as it to traveled up to her exposed midriff and to her respectable size breast which if I were to have to wager a guess were around a size C. In short she was gorgeous.

I quickly turned my head trying to snap out of it. “Think I might hit the pool for a few laps after I finish up here, how long is your class going to be?”

“I think its supposed to go for about two hours and the teacher is making us all keep our escort şişli video feeds up so he knows we are actually present for the whole time.”

“Damn, that’s harsh.”

“Tell me about it. I’m really not looking forward to getting dressed just for a class meeting. Probably one of my favorite things about this whole lockdown situation is that I get to stay in this all day.”

“Just through a t-shirt on, no one is going to see you from the waist down anyway. Hell, one of my roommates used to pull his computer closer to him so that only his face was visible. He was playing switch in his underwear the hole meeting.”

“Huh, didn’t even think of that.”

“I’m a fountain of useful ideas.” I said while plaiting our omelets.

“Thanks Mike. For breakfast and the sagely advice.”

She grabbed her plate turned and whipped upstairs. My eyes lingering as she did. The stir making its presence physically know in the tell-tale signs of a noticeable tent in my sweatpants.

With the images of my sister’s body dancing in my head I decided breakfast could wait as I needed to blow off some steam with a few laps in the pool. I ran upstairs to change and noticed Anne’s door was open. I glanced in as I passed by to my room.

She was standing with her back to me as she pulled on a stylish button-down shirt while still in her sleep shorts. As she did so I caught sight of her bare chest in the closet mirror. Making sure I couldn’t be seen I stopped and watched as she slowly buttoned the shirt. Her breasts were perfect, and I was increasingly desperate for the distraction offered by the pool.

As she finished buttoning the shirt and covering her chest from view I departed for my room. I quickly changed and ran back down the stairs making sure not to look in on my sister and went straight for the pool. A few laps would clear my head and get the blood flowing other places than my dick. At least that’s what I kept telling myself.

Even as I powered through 7, 8, 9 laps my mind kept going back to pictures of my sister’s body. I could practically feel the soft skin of her beasts on my hands and her nipples pinched lightly in my fingers. I kept imagining my dick nestled warmly between her tight cheeks. Image after image flooded my head until all I could think about was sliding my dick into her and fucking her like a man possessed.

When I missed my turn on my 12th lap and caught my head on the side of the pool I decided that I would need to go take care of this before I did something even more stupid.

I jumped out of the pool, dried off and headed inside. I was on a beeline to my room for some one on one with palmella and her five friends. When I crested the stairs, I couldn’t help but peak into my sisters’ room. I eased over to my sisters open door. There she was sitting at her desk back to me still on her meeting. As I stared to turn away, I noticed a bit of yellow fabric at her feet. A quick look at the mirror and I knew what it was.

There was my sister, on a live camera meeting with her entire class, naked from the waist down, legs spread wide with two fingers sliding in and out of her wet hole while her other hand was squeezing the nipple of one of her breasts through the now mostly unbuttoned shirt.

I froze. Was she crazy? No one on the screen seemed to even notice. That is when I remembered. A quick look at her computer confirmed my thought. With how close her computer was to the edge of the desk and her leaned back slightly; they could probably only see her from the collar bone up. Just like I had told her. Focusing back on the mirror, I looked to her face which was intently focused on the screen. The only hints that she was knuckles deep in herself was the occasional licking of her lips.

Before I even realized it my hand had wandered into my skintight swim briefs and had fished out my now fully engorged 10″ member and was slowly stroking to the sight in front of me. Shit she was sexy. Her fingers stroked in and out pulling up every so often to occasionally circle her clit for a few seconds before diving back into her glistening pussy.

Her other hand switched between her breasts toying with one then the other. Every so often putting it out to brace on the desk so as not to give herself away.

The site was mesmerizing, and I could not have looked away if I tried. I could practically smell her from across the room. She let out slight whimpers, barely audible, as she dove a third finger in her wet gaping pussy stroking in and out a few times before moving back to circle her clit once more.

She was starting to pick up speed and a pool of her juices started to form on the seat of her chair. I matched her rhythm with my strokes as precum lubed my now aching cock.

This time instead of diving back into her waiting cunt, she moved lower sliding her fingers through the folds and juices to rest her middle finger right at the entrance to her asshole. She pressed gently and with some resistance nişantaşı escort her fingertip popped into the tight hole.

Slowly she worked it in and out going deeper and deeper with every passing second. Soon she had her whole finger sliding in and out. Then on one of the out strokes she slipped in her ring finger and began the process again.

I was struggling to keep myself steady as I continued to stroke to the vision of my slutty sister two fingers deep in her own asshole pleasing herself while part of a class meeting. I needed release and by the looks of it she did too.

Her moments ago focused face was starting to show more intent signs as she would momentarily close her eyes or glace off to the side. Her legs shook slightly with mini orgasms. She would quickly regain her composure and look back to the screen, but it was becoming increasingly more difficult to fight the urge.

Just then the teacher started to wrap up the class with announcements. At this juncture her pace increased once more, and she started rolling her thumb over her clit, knowing release was right there. As she increased her pace so did I, matching her stroke for stroke. I could feel the cum ready to explode at any moment.

As the teacher began to close the meeting and students started to sign off Anne reached out with her hand and practically slammed the lid shut on her laptop. Within mere seconds her body was racked by an intense orgasm that shook her entire body. She folded in on herself while the pleasure washed over and let out a guttural moan as she rode the ecstasy of release.

As her orgasm reeked blissful havoc on her, my own orgasm let lose sending ropes of white cum into my thankfully handy pool towel. Jet after jet exploded from me as I braced myself on the door jam. I knew that I needed to get out of there so after about the third blast I did my best to hold it in and staggered away from the open door. I made it all of two steps before I was rocketing another few ropes into the towel, but I was free of the view from the door.

Once I was able to regain myself I darted into my room, quietly closed the door and crashed to the floor exhausted. My mind still playing back the hottest scene I had ever witnessed.

A little while later I finally got enough composure to pry myself from the floor and go grab a much-needed shower. I walked from my room down the hall to the bathroom my sister and I shared.

Before I could reach for the handle the door swung open and I ran straight into my sister. As we collided, she started to slip and my hand went to the small of her back while my other caught her arm and pulled her into me.

“Thanks,” she said a little breathless.

Her hair was wet and she was wrapped in a towel as her our bodies pressed against each other. I stared at her for a long moment. This girl, my sister, was just moments ago secretly pleasuring herself in front of her entire class. My cock was again rock hard pressed tightly against her stomach. My eyes drifted across her body for just a second more before I let her go.

“Uh…Uh yeah. Sorry about that didn’t know you were in there.” I stammered out.

“No big,” she paused a slight flush filled her cheeks before she asked, “how was the swim?”

Desperate for the distraction I quickly answered, “Wore me slap out.”

“Yeah, class was a dozy. Got another one scheduled tomorrow.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yup. Anyway I’m going to go get changed and make a snack for lunch. You want to have a bite and play some Kart for a bit?”

Trying my best not to stare at her barely covered body I managed to get out, “Sounds like a plan, Anne.”

“Alright, cool.” She said as she squeezed by to head off to her room.

I watched as she walked to her room, the short towel barely covering her round ass. As she neared the door, she adjusted it ever so slightly up. Giving me an unobstructed view of her firm ass for the briefest of seconds before she reached behind and pulled it back down. A shiver ran down my spine.

“I’ll see you down stairs” she said as she disappeared through her bedroom door.

“Right” I said back and turned to the bathroom and shut the door.

As I stood in the shower the images of my sister in her chair came back to me. My dick started to get hard again. I knew it was wrong but I started stroking anyway. The way she looked so composed while jilling herself in front of her entire class. The sounds that played through the air as she stroked her wet pussy. And the way she came, like a crash of lightning with a thunderous moan. The water rolled over my head as I stood there stroking to the images of my sister’s body.

Then new images. Anne in her towel slipping and I catch her, pull her close. This time as she thanks me looking up into my eyes I take her. Throwing the towel to the ground, scooping her up in my arms and pinning her to the wall our bodies pressed to each other. I kiss her and as I do she fatih escort flings her arms around my neck. I peal my swim briefs down and free my ridged cock. Not hesitating I ram her down on my shaft and she lets out a deep sigh as she breaks our kiss. I start relentlessly pounding away faster and faster building to the release.

I came what seemed like a gallon against the shower wall. My legs trembled, and my breathing heavy I was finding it incredibly difficult to stand. My cock lightly pulsing now as it came down from the excitement.

Damn this was so wrong. Did I really want to fuck my sister? Or was I just so pent up that the taboo nature was actually fueling my desires, instead of pushing them down? I didn’t know, but they were there and though I knew I shouldn’t, I would be eyeing my sister a little more closely now.

I got dressed after my shower and headed downstairs.

“Hey Mike, go ahead and get the game pulled up and I’ll bring the food in second.” Anne called from the kitchen.

“Will do,” I replied and turned for the living room and the switch.

I got the game set up and took my usual spot on the couch and pulled the coffee table closer to put snacks on. Moments later Anne walked wearing an long skin tight T-shirt and carrying a tray of pizza rolls, popcorn, and soda. My attention was immediately grabbed as her nipples were clearly visible through the thin white fabric. She sat the tray down and plopped next to me on the couch.

She grabbed a hand full of popcorn and said, “Pizza rolls are probably still hot so be careful.”

“Thanks,” I replied still half focused on my sister’s chest. As she sat cross legged the him of her shirt slid up to reveal all of her powerful smooth thighs. Given the right angle one would have been able to have an unobstructed view of her crotch. My view however left all to my imagination.

“Alright, lets get started. 200cc triforce cup.” She said picking up her controller.

I snapped myself out of it and cycled through the characters and track selection. The first few races where abysmal for me. I kept finding it hard to concentrate with images of Anne popping up every second or so. But after a few more races I zoned in on the distraction of the game and found my groove.

“Shit,” Anne yelled after I hit her with a backwards green shell right as I passed the finish line for a first-place finish. “I was going to get second and now I went straight to sixth.”

I laughed and gave her an evil grin. “All’s fair in love, war and Mario Kart.”

We had been at it for a few hours and she had only managed to out pace me on four cups. The food and soda were gone and it was getting time to start thinking about dinner preparations.

Anne tossed her controller on the table, and stood from the couch. “I think I’ve had enough punishment for today.” She said as she closed her eyes and stretched her arms over her head. My eyes were once again glued to her as her T-shirt rose, and a sliver of her bare pussy came into view.

“You want to get dinner ready and watch a movie?” she asked lowering her arms leaving her shirt up.

Quickly shifting my eyes, I stammered through, “Sure…uh…yeah, fish and grilled veggies sound ok?”

“Wonderful, I’ll clean up this and find us a movie.” She said turning and bending over to pick up the tray of finished food. As she did her shirt rose more giving me a great shot of her ass and perfect slit.

Shit did she know what she was doing to me? I stared as she gathered everything up swaying her hips slightly back and forth, the image of her fingers sliding in and out of her wet cunt and asshole dancing in my head. She had to know that I could see her right? She was practically flaunting herself.

My mind was racing with so many images and questions I hadn’t realized that I had raised my hand to her inner thigh and ran my thumb along the length of her slit.


Her moan rang in my ears, snapping me out of my headspace and back to reality. A reality that had just seen me stroke my sisters perfectly hairless cunt. My hand shot away and I began to stammer for an apology that would not form in my mouth.

Still bent over, hands on the table, quickly dampening cunt still in full view Anne looked over her shoulder at me. “It’s about damn time, bro. I thought I was going to have to walk straight up to you with nothing but a smile on to get you to make a move.”

What had she just said? Words failed me, visible shock and confusion was written all over my face. My brain couldn’t comprehend what was happening.

“I see you’re still a bit unsure of things, so let me help clear it up for you.” She said as she slowly turned around and deliberately taking her time placed her knees one after the other on either side of my legs. Having straddled me she looked down on me and continued, “Haven’t you wondered about the skintight barely there sleepwear. The distinct lack of panties or a bra. The extra long hugs. Well, its all been an attempt to get you so turned on that you would do exactly what you just did.”

Shit, here I thought I was beating myself up for wanting to do all of these depraved things to my sister and she had been trying to seducing me this whole time.

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