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Lock And Key

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As the first snow of the season started to fall on my small hometown, my sex life started to make a turn just like the seasons. Well, I guess since I’ve never really had a sex life besides jacking off my little pee-pee, you could say that my sexual freedom was changing.

The little box (ironic that it came in such a small box) arrived on a Wednesday and as much as I dreaded it, I was excited at the same time.

I took all the pieces out of the box and gently spread them across my desk, deciding where to start. I looked over all the pieces and slowly resigned myself to the fate that I would be locked in chastity.

After slowly lubing up, I slid the first ring on and placed the locking pin through the recessed hole. I slid a spacer on and placed the cage into position.

Before I slid the cage on for good, I took a deep breath and, for the first time, fully realized that I was giving up my entire sexual being to a girl almost five years younger than me.

I locked the cage on and snapped the miniature lock into the place and prepared myself for a life of sexual frustration and constant, aching blue balls.

After adjusting to the feel for a couple of hours, I picked up the phone and called Kelsey, who had long been a proponent of my full chastity. When she picked up, I could barely speak and was shaking all over as I told her that I was locked up and she could come get the keys when she wanted them.

“Okay Duracell, I’ll be over in a few minutes and you better be dressed up in your bra and panties, you fucking little sissy bitch,” she said as she laughed.

She pulled into the driveway about 15 minutes later and proceeded to walk in, giggling the whole way. I greeted her at the door, with my little cock straining against its plastic prison.

She was wearing a pink and black fuzzy sweater, ordu escort a pair of tight, black pants and a cute, sexy little pair of black stiletto heels.

She looked amazing.

As she always does, she checked that I was wearing my bra and panties. And as always, I was adorned in my matching leopard print satin string bikini and push-up bra.

We walked to my room together and sat down on the couch. She giggled softly as she looked around my room at all the pictures of her hung on the wall, which are constant reminders that I’m not good enough for her.

“Get your fucking keys you little bitch,” she sternly demanded.

I grabbed my keys from my desk and handed them to her, knowing that I had just given up my masturbation privileges for a long, long time.

“That’s right bitch, you just handed over the keys to your penis to me,” she teased. “You get out once a month to beat off and then it goes right back on. And every time you’re supposed to be released, you have to buy me panties before I’ll give the keys to you.”

That was it, I had just given up any hope of getting laid for at least the next two years, and if it worked out right, probably for the rest of my life.

“Stand up and pull your pants down, I want to see you locked up.”

I slowly stood up and removed my pants and slid off my panties, exposing my hot pink chastity tube that was locked over top of my little pee-pee.

She laughed hysterically and reached out to tickle my balls.

I shuddered as she slowly caressed my balls and my little dick started to grow. As it reached the end of the tube, I started to feel the pain that I would come to know so well in the following months.

She burst into laughter again as I stood there, humping the air, so badly wanting to jack off.

She had me right osmaniye escort where she wanted me and she knew it. I had officially become her chaste, bra and panty-wearing sissy bitch.

As she walked out the door, my life of servitude to her was just beginning. No longer would I be just another guy to her, I was now at her beckon call, doing whatever it was she wanted, anytime she wanted.

Over the next couple of months (very frustrating months I might add), I slowly slipped into deeper and deeper submission to her.

I started my chastity in December, and by February, I was wearing bras and panties full-time. She took it upon herself to throw away all my male underwear, leaving me only a drawer full of satin and lace panties.

She had taken a liking to making me eat my cum each time I got my release, so I had become a full-time cum-eater, if you will. Every time I got to beat off, I had to eat the fresh load of cum before locking my tube back on.


After a full year of chastity, Kelsey looked me in the eye and said the phrase I dreaded hearing.

“I think it’s time you start getting out less than once a month.”

She deviously laid out her plan for my long-term chastity.

I would be let out once every three months for the first year of the new plan, once every six months for the second year and once a year for the third and any subsequent year.

Shortly after the new plan went into effect, Kelsey and I moved in together in a very nice house that her parents had paid for after we got married.

I was relatively used to being locked up by then, so making the move to long-term chastity wasn’t all that hard. I had actually become quite accustomed to being denied, so even when I was out, I ached to be back in my tube.

Even ostim escort though we were married, Kelsey and I never had a “normal” relationship in sense of husband and wife. I served as her full-time maid when I wasn’t at work, making money for us to survive on.

Of course, you can’t be a maid unless you have a maid’s outfit, and Kelsey spared no expense when it came to my outfit.

After I got home from work, I had to go immediately to my maid’s quarters and put on my satin and lace French maid outfit, fully adorned with a waist-tie apron, bonnet and, of course, thigh-high white stockings for my now shaved legs.

I was responsible for all housework, and dutifully did my chores, just like any proper sissy slave would. All the while, Kelsey would be out gallivanting around town, picking up the hottest guys she would find.

As with any sissy slave, one of my main duties was to clean her out after she got done fucking some well-hung stud. That’s the only sexual contact I’m allowed with her, so as humiliating as it is, I look forward to getting in there right after she’s done with her latest boyfriend.

We’ve both agreed that I would never be made to have sexual contact with a guy, which is a good thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a good sissy, but I just don’t know about getting with a guy.

Thing have gone really well with Kelsey and I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my life with her. She treats me wonderfully and we each care for the other. Though our relationship may not be the typical, it’s still a relationship that both of us enjoy.

We’ve been married for 11 years now and we’re now kicking around the idea of locking me up for good, with no release whatsoever. I don’t know how well I would take to that, but she sure seems to think it would be a good idea.

I do know this though, I’ve enjoyed every second I’ve spent with her and I’m going to enjoy every second I get to spend with her in the future. Love is strange; sometimes it leads you in odd directions.

In my case, it pointed me in the direction of chastity and denial.

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