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Little White Lies Ch. 02

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Now that you’ve read the first chapter, I feel the need to explain what this story is going to entail. Dex and Jessie are, like all of my couples, deeply devoted to each other, but find themselves getting into sexual situations with other people. Jessie is naive to a ridiculous point, and Dex is a product of his own inexperience, and people’s reactions to his physical attributes.

There will be topics that some people don’t like. Yes, there is cheating. I consider it innocent cheating, because Dex and Jess are devoted to each other, no matter how wild it gets.

There is cuckoldry, but unlike other writers, I don’t make it the main characters that are demeaned. I’m not a fan of the fetish when its happening to the protagonist, so I don’t ever do it as a POV character. It’s always happening to someone they are watching.

There is also the idea of free use put into this story. If you don’t know what that is, then /r/freeuse will teach you. The elements of free use are mild, and it’s not a true free use story, but they are there nonetheless.

Please, take this story as a fun little tale of a couple that can’t help but cheat on each other, but are ultimately devoted to each other in the end.

Check my profile for ways to get in touch with me, or keep yourself apprised of updates.


Little White Lies

Chapter 2


Jessie bent over and grabbed another stack of papers from the box, keenly aware of Mr. Murphy’s eyes on her ass. She knew her skirt was short enough that he could clearly see her pink panties when she bent over. He’d specified early on that when she was bending over to pick up things, she had to do so without bending her knees, or to do so very sparingly. It wasn’t anything new for her, though. It was the same routine for her during the week, though that was normally only a couple of days for a few hours.

Her boss had called her in on Saturday only once before, so this instance seemed a little odd. She was a little concerned at what he wanted, but quickly realized that she needn’t have been. He’d never tried to get her to touch him and had never openly touched her anywhere he shouldn’t have.

Her boss’s company had recently taken on a bunch of accounts from another firm and it was her job to get it all sorted and filed. He was working on a particular account, going over things that she found that pertained to it, and she hadn’t finished sorting everything quite yet.

Sure, everything was piled in lots of boxes in his office, and yeah… maybe he liked her to wear short skirts, but as she’d clearly stated to people before, she was an exhibitionist! Being an exhibitionist only worked if someone was looking!

Still though, it eventually did tend get a little tedious. When her boss had realized that she didn’t mind if he looked, the floodgates had opened, so to speak. He was constantly kneeling down behind her, taking pictures of her ass with his phone, or getting her to bend over in a particular fashion. It was all fun and games, she supposed, and he paid her a ridiculous amount of money too, so that certainly didn’t hurt things.

She had to cover a laugh and a smile at one point when he’d lain on the ground and asked her to walk over him. She’d done it of course, even stopping to stand over his head for a bit, pretending to read a file while standing over his face. Eventually, he’d stood and disappeared to the bathroom for a good length of time, coming back all flushed and looking satisfied.

It was pretty clear what he’d been doing, and it happened at least once a shift. Still, she felt like she could safely tell him that he could just jerk off in there, and save him the trouble of trying to hide what he was doing, but she didn’t want to embarrass him. Plus, she knew that some guys liked the whole mysterious aspect of pretending that they were gonna get caught or even wanted to. She couldn’t really tell with him though, and actually he seemed to think she didn’t know what was going on, or so it seemed at times. Maybe that was part of the excitement, thinking she was just a clueless bimbo.

Saturday morning had been no different as far as her boss was concerned. For about thirty minutes, he had her doing some actual work. Finally, after having stared at her skirt-covered ass for a while, he stood and walked over to her.

She was kneeling and facing away from him, going through a box of papers and separating them into piles. He walked over to her and lay on the ground, scooting up underneath her as she looked back curiously.

“Stand up on your knees and spread them a bit,” he said.

She smiled and covered her mouth. He’d never gotten this close to her! She giggled and did as he asked, straightening up and spreading her knees and ankles out to accommodate him. Her skirt stretched as she spread her legs, letting him wriggle underneath her, her knees on either side of his head.

He sighed happily as she knelt there for a few minutes, quietly admiring her panties from below. Eventually her knees began Sinop Escort to hurt as it wasn’t all that comfortable of a position, so she glanced down.

“I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to move, Mr. Murphy,” she said. “This isn’t comfortable on my knees.”

He nodded. “You can sit down if you need to, I don’t mind,” he said.

She raised an eyebrow, but then snickered quietly to herself as she thought about what he wanted her to do. Biting her lip, she slowly began to lower herself until she felt her skirt getting in the way. Reaching back, she pulled the bottoms up until it slid over the lower part of her rump. Then, she slowly lowered herself until she had settled down on his upturned face.

It was a strange sensation, for sure. He wasn’t licking or anything, and she supposed it was relatively harmless. His nose was pressing into her panties as she settled down on him, though he wasn’t making any effort to move or be dirty with her privates. She was basically just sitting on his face.

“Let me know if you can’t breathe,” she said, trying not to giggle.

“That’s the best part,” he countered, inhaling deeply. “God you smell good.”

She smirked at the comment, but figured that if that’s what he liked, then so be it. It’s not like he was doing anything wrong. He’d asked her to sit, not told. There was definitely a difference.

She continued with sorting and filing, trying to concentrate and not be weirded out by what he was doing. He eventually let her sit down normally, returning to his seat to watch her while he worked.

Feeling a little turned on, she thought briefly about masturbating herself, but then decided that she should save it for Dexter.

As she went through another box, she glanced back and saw the telltale signs of her boss’s arm moving in an up and down motion under his desk. She turned back around quickly, surprised. He’d never done that in the same room with her, and she’d been surprised! She heard his desk chair scoot back and bit her lip nervously, wondering if he was embarrassed or leaving. She heard him walk a few steps toward her and then stand. Realizing that he was just getting closer to see more, she moved back to her knees, bending over and reaching into a box behind several others, giving him a good view of her pretty pink panties.

She glanced back at him and saw that he had his cock out. It looked decently big, from the furtive glance shed’ cast at it. Whimpering internally, she felt an urge to take it in her mouth, but closed her eyes instead, focusing on the work she had to finish before she could go home to Dexter.

“Ignore me,” he whispered behind her. Again she worried for the briefest of seconds that he was going to try and fuck her, but he was merely telling her what he wanted from her.

She didn’t say anything, turned on despite her attempts to not be, and didn’t turn around. Feeling delightfully naughty, she leaned over farther and put her hands in the far box again, reaching in and rummaging around. She could feel the back of her skirt rise up higher and imagined her pink panties peeking into view.

Her boss groaned loudly and as she glanced back briefly, she saw and heard him cumming. Shocked, she turned back to the box and went back to going through the papers.

A few more hoarse grunts came from his throat and he staggered back to his desk.

“God,” he said. “Thank you Jessie. You can call it a day after that box.”

She turned and smiled, seeing the puddle of cum on the carpet and resisting the quiet, sudden urge to go and slurp it up. She smirked and went back to filing. “You’re welcome,” she called.

After she finished, she got in her car and headed back to her apartment. Frowning, she saw that Dex had left and silently hoped that everything was okay as she went inside. Donna and John were up and in the kitchen, both still very nude.

“What did you do?” Jessie asked with a sigh, seeing Donna’s playful smile as she came in.

John chuckled. “My dirty slut here thought it would be fun to try and provoke him a little bit,” he said, reaching over and slapping Donna hard on the ass.

She giggled in response. “We were just having normal sex,” she protested.

“Normal for you guys maybe,” Jessie said, sighing. “Dex and I are still virgins, so please stop trying to fuck the two of us!”

John and Donna laughed loudly and pulled her close for a hug. She sighed and began to feel like a tiny piece of meat between two pieces of bread. Both of her friends were at least a foot taller than she was.

“Don’t worry baby,” Donna said. “We wouldn’t take that from you.”

John’s hand settled on her rump and she sighed happily as she felt him gently squeeze her ample flesh, pulling her cheek up slightly. Donna pulled her face up and kissed her, turning her to face her. He wasn’t having it though, and spun Jessie back around, his hand still on her ass. Donna squeezed against Jessie instead, and she began to feel a little squished, but laid her head on John’s chest nonetheless. Sinop Escort Bayan She felt his erection poking her in the stomach and snickered as he lifted her skirt and squeezed her ass through her panties.

Smiling, Jessie gave them both a quick kiss on the lips, turning one way and then the other. John’s cock left a small, wet trail as it slid across her stomach. “I guess he headed home?” she asked, sliding from between the two. He pulled her back to him for a moment to kiss her on the forehead before turning and leaving the room.

“He did,” Donna said, following Jessie as she left the kitchen and headed to her bedroom.

“What the hell did you do to my boyfriend?” Jessie asked reaching up underneath her shirt and removing her bra to get more comfortable before moving to the bed and pulling Donna with her.

She giggled. “I really just wanted to provoke him into letting me suck his cock again,” she said, running her hands across Jessie’s stomach, lifting her shirt and leaning down to kiss her belly. “He was really turned on, but he just looked confused by John’s need to be humiliated.”

Jessie snickered, enjoying the feeling of Donna’s soft kisses and caresses on her tummy. “Honestly sugar, I don’t get it either.”

Donna shrugged. “Me either, but he can fuck for hours when you get him going, so there’s that.”

Jessie giggled, sighing as Donna slowly kissed across her stomach, raising little hairs as she did.

“You gonna text him?” she asked, moving up and nudging Jessie’s shirt a little higher so she could kiss the underside of her breasts a couple dozen times.

Jessie shook her head in response. “I should probably just head over there in a little bit.”

“Want me to tag along and help you say I’m sorry?” she asked. She looked up and nudged Jessie’s shirt higher, exposing her breasts. Moving higher, Donna gently took one of Jessie’s nipples into her mouth and sucked for a moment before setting her head on her chest and looking up.

Jessie shrugged, brushing a few hairs from Donna’s face. “I might call you over later,” she said with a playful smile. “Swimming and such.”

Donna nodded and leaned over to briefly suckle at Jessie’s other breast. Then, sliding all the way up, she drew her chin up for another kiss. “I love you, midget.”

“I love you too,” Jessie said, sliding off the bed and starting to change.

Donna went stood by the door watching her for a minute before Jessie turned and raised an eyebrow. “You can’t have me right now,” she said, waving a hand dismissively. “Go away before I decide not to invite you over.”

Donna pouted for a minute and then turned. “Text me when you’re ready. I’d love another shot at that big bastard.”

Jessie snickered and finished getting dressed in something more comfortable. She didn’t take her swimsuit, figuring she could just go skinny dipping if Dexter or his dad were okay with that.

After driving over, she walked up the steps and knocked on the door. Seeing her boyfriend open it, she practically tackled him in her excitement.

“Hey babe!” he said. “I’m glad you’re done with work.”

She grinned and gave him a deep kiss. Turning, she saw his dad peer around the corner. Smiling, she went over and surprised him with a big hug. She giggled at his expression as she deliberately stuck her chest out a little more for him. “Hi Don!”

“Hey there, Spitfire,” Don said smiling. As he hugged her, she heard his stomach rumble and scowled playfully at him.

Turning, she went back over to Dexter and then reached for Don’s hand, pulling the two of them both toward the kitchen.

“You gentlemen haven’t eaten,” she accused.

They both shook their heads that they hadn’t and she smiled, happy to be able to take care of them.

“Do you have sandwich fixin’s?” she asked.

Don nodded and she pointed immediately to the den. “Go make yourself comfortable and I’ll get us all something to eat. Then, Dex and I can talk about my crazy roommates and maybe we can all go skinny dipping afterwards!”

Don chuckled, glancing at Dexter.

She quickly asked them what they took on their sandwiches and hurried to make them. Easily finding everything, she made three plates and several sandwiches for them and one for herself, along with chips and drinks and went to serve it to them in the den. Smiling as she brought her own plate in a few seconds later, she sat down next to Dex and asked if there was anything she forgot.

Both men smiled and shook their heads.

“I really like her,” Don said, smiling over at his son as he bit into his sandwich.

Dexter chuckled and then turned after swallowing a bit of his food. “Have you always been so… helpful?” he asked.

Jessie shrugged and nodded. “My mom is the same way,” she said. “It was more a point of pride for her that dad and my older brother didn’t wait on her. I guess it just kind of rubbed off on me too, though she never forced it on me.”

Dexter smiled. “Well, you don’t have to do that Escort Sinop here, but we certainly appreciate when you do.”

She smiled widely. “It makes me feel good to do it,” she said. “I like taking care of my men.”

She smiled sweetly at the two of them and then went about finishing her sandwich. Afterwards, Don thanked her again and disappeared upstairs.

Turning, she looked at her boyfriend and sighed. “I’m sorry about Donna and her weirdo boyfriend.”

Dexter shook his head dismissively. “It’s okay,” he said.

She looked at him, smirking.

“Okay, so it was really weird,” he said.

“I know, Donna told me that you got to see John’s sexual proclivities,” she said.

Dexter nodded. “They are definitely out there,” he said.

She nodded. “I don’t know why and I never cared to find out, but he likes being humiliated,” she said.

He shrugged. “To each his own,” he said.

She smiled and leaned over to kiss him.

“You know, Donna offered to come over and help me apologize to you,” she said. “Would you like a blowjob from your girlfriend and her roommate?” she asked, a deviously inncent grin on her face.



He smiled widely, betraying his emotions. “You’d be okay with that?” he asked.

She nodded. “Like I said, Donna is my closest friend; practically family! If you can’t share your boyfriend with her, who can you share him with?” she asked.

He smiled and shrugged. “Sure. You want to invite her over and fool around, I’m definitely game. I don’t think I’d care too much if John came over either,” he said, surprising her.

“He got enough play time yesterday,” she said, grinning. “Oh, and thanks for not getting upset about me paying him back for the back rub,” she said.

He smiled and shrugged as she pulled her phone out and called Donna. Who cared about a back rub anyway?

“Hey,” she said. “My boyfriend wants you to come suck his cock.”

Donna said something back and Jessie giggled. “You can’t fuck him until I fuck him, you little slut.” She turned and looked at him. “You hear that?” she said, pointing at him. “I mean it! No fucking my roommate until you’ve fucked me first.”

He was grinning like an idiot, but he understood what she meant. He hadn’t even realized that that was an option.

“I don’t care how much you like his… throbbing love spear?” she asked. “What are you, fifteen?”

Dexter laughed out loud at that.

“Yes, after he and I have sex, I’ll tell him to impale you on his throbbing love spear,” she said, rolling her eyes. “No! Donna… I’m not describing my boyfriend’s dick to you over the phone. You’ve had it in your mouth, you lunatic. Get over here! You remember where he lives? Okay… good. See you soon.”

She rolled her eyes and smiled at him.

“I hope you and your dad don’t mind, but I don’t have a bathing suit,” she said.

Dexter chuckled but shrugged. “Exhibitionist,” he said smiling.

“Exhibitionist,” she confirmed.

It didn’t take Donna long to get there, and by that time Jessie had gone to the bathroom and was already out of her pants.

“I’m going skinny dipping,” Jessie said, smiling at Donna. “You wanna join me?”

The taller girl smiled and shrugged. “I’m game. You sure Dexter’s dad won’t mind?”

Dexter laughed. “Oh, I’m quite sure he won’t mind.”

Donna grinned and came over, giving him a big hug. He looked down at her still covered breasts as she smushed them into his chest. Rolling her eyes, she pulled her shirt out from the neck and let him get a good look. She was wearing a bra, but it was still mountains of cleavage for him to ogle.

“You’re going to get to see them for real in a few minutes,” she said, smacking him in the head.

He smiled and shrugged. “Tits is tits,” he explained.

“Such a poet,” she sighed, shaking her head.

Turning, he saw his dad coming down the stairs. “Donna, this is my dad, Don.”

Smiling, she went over and shook his hand. “Pleasure to meet you,” she said.

“Likewise,” he replied.

“Donna is Jessie’s crazier roommate,” Dexter told him.

Don raised an eyebrow and laughed.

“We’re about to go skinny dipping,” Jessie said, stepping forward. She was lifting her shirt off as she did so, and reached for his hand. “Would you like to join us?”

Don sighed and then shrugged. “I’m not getting any younger,” he said.

She giggled and clapped excitedly.

“You’re such a little show-off!” Donna said, rolling her eyes. “I’m sorry guys, she’s always like this.”

Jessie stuck her tongue out and then led Don toward the back door.

“I’ve still got to go get my trunks on,” Don said, pulling away.

She frowned at him. “I thought we were skinny dipping?” she asked, pouting playfully.

He chuckled. “Don’t nobody wanna see this old geezer,” he said, smiling. “I’ll probably join you guys later.”

She giggled and released his hand, letting him disappear.

“You okay with all of this?” she asked, coming up to Dexter. He smiled widely.

“More than okay, love,” he said, kissing her. She giggled and quickly stripped out of her panties.

Sighing, and wondering again how he got so lucky to find Jessie, he turned and headed up for his own swim trunks.

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