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Lingerie Does Make the Man Ch. 03

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Since my last story, my sex life had improved 100%. My wife, Kay and I have always had a great sex life, even when we were fighting about one thing or another. But since she doesn’t have a problem with me wearing my lingerie to bed anymore it seems that our sex life is more intense. Is it her? Or is it me? I guess it could have been a combination of both of us. No matter whom it was our sex life went to once or maybe twice a week to every night and sometimes two or three times on Saturday or Sunday.

Summer was coming up soon, and I knew the kids would be spending a couple weeks at my parent’s house. My parents live a couple hundred miles away from us, and they always ask to have the kids so they can know them better. Yeah they see them about every other month but only for the weekend. We normally drive about half way and meet them and have a meal before we each go our own separate way.

After we said our good-byes my wife told me that she wanted to do some shopping before we go back home. Something in my Kay’s smile made me think it was going to be different. I asked her were she wanted to go, and she said the mall. The mall we were going to is probably twice as big as ours and a lot more stores. I thought this was going to be another long boring shopping spree with her looking at everything. As we were walking along she passed by all the type of stores she normally wants to go to, crafts and the ones with the smelly candles. I didn’t have a clue what she was doing. All I knew is that I saw a lingerie store coming up soon, and I was hoping she would want to stop and look around in there.

Well she did stop and we went inside the lingerie store. The store was secluded in the mall, where a lot of shoppers didn’t go, plus they had plenty of things in the windows so it was harder to see inside. When we got there they was only one sales lady and she was ringing up the only customer’s purchase. The sales lady said she would be with us soon, and for us to browse around.

After the other customer left, Jane came over to help us. I found out her name by looking at her name tag. Jane asked my wife what she was looking for. Kay turned around faced Jane right in the face and said something silky and sexy. Jane asked what size she was, and Kay said this isn’t for me it is for my husband. Boy did I turn about three shades of red. I just wanted to put my tail between my legs and leave as quickly as possible. Jane asked if she misunderstood my wife, and she said no. Even as we speak, he has a silk thong on. And I would probably bet that he is getting a hard on too. Kay asked if there was a changing room where she could prove all this and of course there was one in the back of the store.

I thought to myself might as well go back there. If nothing else I would get something new. My wife asked me to go in the dressing room and remove everything except my thong, and also wanted me to leave the door open so Jane could see everything. I was amazed on how big this dressing room was. All the ones I niğde escort have ever been in are just big enough to bend over and that is about it. This dressing room was huge it had a chair a small bench big enough for two people and a nice long full length mirror and still had plenty of room to walk around in. After I got down to my thong, I was allowed to close the door while the two of them picked a few different things for me to try on.

First they came back with a bra and panty set, a teddy and a long silky gown. Jane told me to go ahead and take off my thong and put on the bra and panties but she reminded me if I made a mess in them I would have to buy them. Then Jane came up to me and told me to hold out my arms. As I did, Jane slipped the bra straps over my arms. Then she instructed me to turn around. After she hooked the bra she adjusted it and said it looked funny since I had no boobs to fill them out. Hold on I have something on the shelf that will fix that. When Jane came back she had a couple of things in her hands. I didn’t know what they were, but they were round and squishy. As Jane stuffed them into my bra, Kay just had a big smile on her face. After Jane got them where she wanted them she knelt down to make sure everything was ok there. The second she touched my dick it got hard. Well it seems that your husband likes this set.

Just then I heard a ding, remembering I heard the same ding when we walked into the store. Kay was still in the dressing room with me, and told Jane to go ahead and help the other customer and she would make sure I tried on the teddy. But would wait for her to come back to get Jane’s professional opinion.

I could hear Jane talking with the other customer but couldn’t hear what they were saying.

Kay said “I can see you are enjoying yourself. I have been planning this since that one night that made me realize how much I enjoy seeing you in lingerie.”

“Yes I am enjoying myself, but why in a store?” I asked. “You know we could have picked out a couple things, said they were for you and then I could have modeled for you when we got home.”

“But, isn’t this more exciting?” she asked.

I had to agree it was more exciting then just going home, shutting all the curtains and walking around the house.

I got out of the bra and panties and noticed there was a small wet spot in the panties so I knew we would be buying them. As I was ready to put on the teddy, Kay told me to stop. I asked why and without saying a word she came over and licked the stuff coming out of my dick. Well that just made matters worse, so I told her to stop and I would use the bottom of my t-shirt to wipe it off. The feel of cotton against my dick wouldn’t make my hard on worse, and it would do a better job of drying things off.

This was teddy was different from the ones I had at home. The ones I had at home all had molded cups so it looked more like real breasts, when I didn’t have my falsies in. This teddy was all silk and very small places nişantaşı escort for my “breasts”. Kay saw my look on my face and said, “Don’t worry about where your breasts would go that is a size 38a. Also the material will stretch a little so if you want to put your falsies in you can.”

Kay and I made small talk while Jane was busy. All I wanted to do is either jerk off or have sex with Kay to get rid of this hard on that would not go away.

I heard another ding, all I was hoping for was the customer to leave so Jane could come back, give me the once over and give me her blessing. The sooner I could try these things on the sooner we could leave and the sooner I could have sex with my wife.

Jane opened the door, and looked disappointed. I asked her what was wrong and she said, “It appears that he doesn’t like the teddy as much as the bra and panties”. With that Jane got on knees in front of me and “adjusted” my dick until it got hard again. You might as well say she was giving me a hand job right there in the store. “There we go that looks better” Jane said. “I guess he just needed a little attention”.

Jane said so far she liked everything I tried on, and Kay agreed with her. They didn’t need to ask my opinion, because my hard on spoke for itself.

Jane said, “Go ahead and get out of the teddy and try on the gown.”

Normally when I wear gowns I like to wear either a bra or a teddy underneath so it gives the illusion of me having breasts. But since I was getting all this attention I didn’t care one way or another.

As I was removing the teddy I noticed another wet spot, so again I knew we would be buying this one too. Jane just smiled when she saw the wet spot I guess it her knowing how much I was enjoying trying on different types of lingerie.

I slipped the gown over my head and let it fall over my shoulders and down to just past my knees. This gown felt silkier than the ones I had at home, only to find out that this one was made of silk and the ones at home were made of nylon. Again Jane came over to me “adjusted” my dick again but this time she wasn’t slowing down any. I saw Jane look at Kay, and Kay said “If you want to finish him off go ahead, but don’t swallow because I want some too”.

I wanted some relief so bad, but was worried about someone walking into the store. But Jane told me she locked the door and put the out to lunch sign out, since normally this is about the time she does it no one would think twice about it.

Jane lifted the gown up so she could have complete access to my dick. I wanted to sit down but Kay said I couldn’t. Even though it was a little cramp with three of us in the dressing room, it seemed that we had more room with the door open. I put my hands on the door frame for support while Jane was sucking and pumping my dick for all she was worth.

Just then I felt something against my asshole, it was Jane’s finger. At first I thought it might have been Kay’s ankara olgun escort but when I looked over my shoulder I saw Kay with her shorts and panties around her ankles and her fingers from one hand going in and out of her pussy and her fingers from her other hand rubbing her clit.

I just relaxed and allowed Jane’s finger explores my asshole. At first I felt one finger then two fingers. Jane stopped long enough to complimenting her on having me trained to take it up the ass like a real sissy would. At first I was mad about what Jane said, but since it felt so good I didn’t care anyway. What would be the odds of us seeing Jane ever again.

I could tell I was getting close on losing my load, so I warned Jane what was about ready to happen which made her go that much faster. She had two fingers in as deep as they could in my ass and was sucking with all her might when I finally blew my load into her mouth. At first she gagged just a little then she just started milking it. She slowly pulled her fingers out of my ass and used my hands to get every last drop out.

Just then I heard my wife scream with an orgasm. Not a load one but loud enough if someone was in the store they would have heard her. Kay slumped down a little in the chair she was sitting in and her body quivered from the enjoyment of her orgasm.

Jane then got on her hands and knees and pushed by me and went over to Kay. Jane gave Kay a very long and erotic kiss it appeared they were pushing cum back and forth between them with their tongues.

Jane stood up came up to me opened her mouth showed me what she still had in her mouth and gave me a big kiss on the mouth shoving the cum into my mouth. As she did, Jane grabbed my dick pulled back and told me to swallow which I did, what choice did I have.

Jane straightened up her clothes and picked up the teddy, bra and panties and told us when we were ready she would be out in the store ready to ring up our purchases.

Kay motioned for me to come over to her. I got on my knees so I could give her a big hug and a kiss and to thank her for all that she had done for me. As we kissed I felt her tongue enter my mouth and shove more cum in. I swallowed with out being told and kept on kissing her to let her know how much I love her.

I started to go down so I could lick up all the wetness from her pussy but Kay stopped me and informed me if I did that there would be a flood in the store and the store would smell like sex for months. Kay informed me that she had booked a hotel room in the city we were in, and she could wait until we got there.

I took off the gown and got dressed while Kay pulled up her panties and shorts. We both looked in the mirror smiled at each other grabbed the gown and headed for the register. There was Jane standing there as if nothing happened. I handed Jane the gown, she rang up the purchase and Kay paid for it.

After we got out to the car, Kay opened the sack to look at our purchases for the day and noticed a card in the sack. As she pulled it out I asked her what it was, and she told me that it was a business card for the lingerie shop with Jane’s phone number on the back and a message for us to call her anytime we were in town.

Kay said, “Tonight might be that night we call her and invite her over to the hotel.”

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