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Lindsey Likes It

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Big Tits

I don’t remember the first time I saw Lindsey, but I do remember the first time I noticed her. She was the kind a woman you could walk right past without a glance a hundred times. Average height. Dark, curly hair, that kind of hung down in her face. Round-frame glasses. But one day, I happened to be looking out the window as she was leaving work. At first all I saw was her rear end. She was bent over loading something into the back of her car. I saw a nicely rounded butt in a tight dress. And bent over as she was, I couldn’t miss her stocking-clad legs. The seams on the dark stockings caught my eye.

I was surprised when she stood up to see it was mousey little Lindsey, the temp accountant I barely remembered being introduced to a week or so before. She was wearing a black and white striped dress that clung to her every curve. And for the first time, I saw she had some very nice curves indeed. She was not skinny, but far from heavy. She was shapely. Those legs in those stocking looked delicious. And her ass was noticeable without being crazy huge. But what stunned me as I appraised her figure from this distance was her very full bustline. I’m a ‘tit man’ and I pride myself on noticing the boobs on every woman I see. How she slipped past my ‘radar’ I have no idea. But I made a mental note to further size her up at my first opportunity.

That opportunity turned out to be the company ‘holiday party’. It was a very lackluster event at a dismal little local bar. Everyone got one drink ticket, for beer or wine, and there was a cheese platter. The DJ played deafeningly loud ‘techno house music’ at an event full of 40-somethings and older folks. I decided to leave early and who did I bump into but Lindsey already walking to her car.

“Not your idea of a good time? Me neither,” I said.

She was digging through her purse for her keys and looked up, startled.

“Oh. No, not really. I don’t drink beer or wine and that EDM is not my thing,” she smiled and looked up at me.

“EDM?” I asked.

“Electronic dance music. I prefer something a little quieter,” she said.

As she spoke I took a good look at her from the high-heels and stocking up to the clingy dress that hugged those curves and her very impressive chest. When I looked at her face I saw her eyeing me and smiling. I felt a connection.

“Well, I’ve got a pretty well-stocked bar and a pretty big music collection at my place. Five minutes away,” I offered.

“Do you? Well, that sounds like just the thing. Shall I follow you?” Lindsey asked with a sly smile.

“Please do,” I smiled back.

In no time we were at my place each with a glass of whiskey and Lindsey picked out an Al Green album that I put on the turntable. The drinks kept the conversation flowing. Lindsey told me about her two failed marriages and her two sons who were with their father for the weekend. There seemed to be two sides to her personality. She was very serious about work, and her sons, but she also really enjoyed kicking back and relaxing.

Her body language told me she was interested. She kept leaning in to me as we talked. She would casually brush her hand on mine. Her eyes had a devilish twinkle. Maybe it was the whiskey, but I was feeling the heat and decided to take a chance. I leaned forward cupped her chin in my hand and kissed her. She responded by moving toward me, pushing me back on the sofa until she was almost on top of me.

“Maybe there’s somewhere more comfortable?” Lindsey asked.

I was already taking her by the hand to my bedroom, just a few steps away. She sat me on the bed and stood back a little. She began to strip Sinop Escort for me. I helped her unzip the dress. She shrugged it off and laid it across a chair. The she wriggled out of the white, silk slip. She stood in front of me with her hands on her hips. She was wearing a matching pink bra and panties, a white suspender belt and those stockings. I feasted my eyes. She was stunning. And that bra was packed to overflowing with her bounteous breasts. I was dying to get a look at them.

“So, you like what you see,” Lindsey purred. “Wanna see it all?”

Not waiting for an answer, Lindsey pulled down her panties revealing a hairless pussy with a little tuft of dark hair just above it. She smiled at my little gasp, then reached behind herself and undid the clasp of her bra. It fell forward into her hands and she pulled it away. I unconsciously let out a moan. Lindsey smiled.

Her breasts were huge. I couldn’t believe how much bigger they were than they had appeared when she was dressed. Full and round and milky white, they stood out from her chest and bulged out to the side and sagged impressively. Perfectly centered on each fleshy orb was a round pink aureole and stiff nipple the size of the tip of my pinkie.

She must have read my mind. She stepped toward me and presented her glorious tits to me, inches from my face. I buried my face between the massive mams. The warmth and fragrance of her body and her perfume filled my senses. I kissed the endless flesh and then engulfed one nipple and suck it deeply. I heard Lindsey moan and felt her hand squeezing my cock through my pants.

“Mmmm, a big one. Good,” she whispered. “Your big one and my two big ones, eh? And look what I can do.”

With an impish smile, Lindsey stepped back and gently twisted from side to side enough to make her huge tits sway. Then she lifted one big breast with one hand as her other squeezed the breast flesh toward the nipple. A small white droplet appeared. Lindsey collected it on her finger and sucked the finger dry. She moved past me onto the bed and curled up against a pillow. It was my turn to strip.

I stood up and took off my clothes. When I was down to my boxer shorts, I stepped closer to the bed. My cock was three-quarters hard. I slid off my boxers. I heard Lindsey let out a ‘mmmm’. She flipped onto her back and hung her head over the edge of the bed. She parted her lips expectantly. I did not hesitate. I brought the head of my cock right up to her lips.

She took the tip of my cock between her lips and began to make love to my cock with her mouth the way no other woman has ever done. Her head twisted back and forth, her mouth opened and closed on my cock again and again. The warm wetness and softness engulfed more and more of my meat as it stiffened to it full proportions. Instinctively, my hips began to pump. I fed more and more of my rock-hard cock into her mouth. Lindsey took it with ease and passion. She moaned and hummed as she engulfed every inch of my cock right to the base. I had been deep-throated before, but not like this. I was fucking my full length all the way down her throat. I could see the head of my cock causing her throat to bulge out. My hands grasped her big tits and kneaded them as I fucked her mouth and throat. I pinched and pulled and twisted her nipples. I saw Lindsey’s hips twisting and her thighs rubbing together. I tugged and pinched her nipples very, very hard. She moaned loudly around my cock. I wanted her pussy now. I pulled back from this gorgeous creature.

“I love the way you fuck my face,” she gasped, catching her breath.

” I want you to fuck my face now, Sinop Escort Bayan Lindsey,” I said laying on the bed.

“You want me to fuck your face? Be careful what you wish for. Once I start fucking I have to get what I need.” She had a wicked smile on her face as she straddled my head. I looked up and saw those huge tits hanging over me. But I turned my attention to Lindsey’s smooth, warm pussy.

She ground her cunt up and down across my mouth. I felt her smooth, softness against my lips. She pushed down harder on my mouth and I eased my tongue into the warm, wetness. She tasted like nectar. I licked up and back along her pussylips. I felt them part and swell. I sucked her fleshy cuntlips into my mouth and flicked them with my tongue.

“Suck harder. Bite them,” Lindsey growled.

I gently ran my teeth across the delicate flesh. I felt Lindsey shudder and bear down on my mouth. I bit down harder. She yelped. I moved lower and probed her pussy hole with my tongue. I strained to push as much of it as I could into her. Then I pumped my tongue in and out of her cunt. I felt her hips buck and grind on my mouth. I could feel her g-spot just inside her pussy and flicked my tongue at it. Lindsey growled loudly and shook. Her pussy was suddenly flooded with wetness. I slurped and sucked and drank it down. It dripped down my chin and soon covered my face. But Lindsey was just getting warmed up.

“Lick my clit now, baby. Suck and lick it for me,” she directed. I obeyed.

She shifted back a little and I ran my tongue between her cuntlips up to her clit. I could feel the little, hard nugget nestled in her soft yielding wetness. I lapped at it with the flat of my tongue. I flicked it with the tip. I vibrated it back and forth, up and down. I must have been doing something she liked because I felt a hand on the back of my head holding it in place as she bucked and fucked my mouth. I looked up and Lindsey had her other hand lifting one of her huge tits to her mouth. Her lips tugged at the nipple, pulling and stretching it away from the mass of flesh. Her other tit was jiggling as she moved against my tongue. She was almost there.

I sucked the whole area around her clit into my mouth hard and lashed my tongue back and forth cross her clit as fast as I could. Looking back up at her, I saw Lindsey bite her nipple HARD as her pussy exploded. I felt a second flood of her juices all over me. Lindsey had her full weight grinding down on my face and mouth. Her movements were jerky and spasmodic. She was screaming through gritted teeth and then released the nipple. The huge tit swung back down and slapped against its twin. She seized each massive tit, one in each hand. Her hands were barely big enough to hold each jug, but her fingers dug into the breast flesh. She was screaming and grunting like an animal. I have never seen a woman orgasm for so long. I don’t know if it was one long climax or fifty strung together. Her whole body was wracked each time a wave would hit her. I wondered how long it would go on.

Suddenly, while still shuddering bodily, Lindsey fell off to my side on her back. She was making sounds that were not words. I felt her hand reach across my chest. She was trying to roll me on top of her.

“Fuck me now. Shove that big cock deep into me. Rape my pussy. Pump me as hard as you can. Make it hurt. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me,” she screamed in my ear.

I took my cock in my hand and ran the head between her legs from her clit down to her pussy hole. I took her at her word and slammed it into her like I was trying to rip her cunt in two. Lindsey exploded again. Was there Escort Sinop no end to her sexual hunger? I felt the wetness flood her pussy and squirt out all over us. I reached under her legs and lifted them up so I could bury my cock balls-deep in her. I pumped her cunt as hard as I could. I looked down at her. Her eyes were wild and glassy. She tossed her head back and forth, her face covered by her dark, curly locks. I could see her huge tits bouncing with every pump of my cock. It turned me on to see those massive jugs slapping together and slapping her face.

I cupped her ample asscheeks in my hands and pumped her up toward me as I fucked into her hard. I squeezed her ass and she screamed again. Her pussy spasmed, gripping my cock tighter than any pussy I have ever felt. When she clamped down, I could barely move it.

“Rape it. Rape my cunt with your horse cock. Make it hurt. Do it!” Lindsey was out of her skull.

I thought I was already fucking her hard enough to kill her. And she was loving it. Again, I don’t how many times she came, or if it was non-stop. But I was working up to a major climax myself. And I still wanted more of those tits. I craned my neck so I could suck on one as I pounded her. I guess she had a better idea because she pushed me onto my back and she began to fuck me. She wasn’t letting me fuck her or fucking back at me. She was fucking me. I’ve never felt anything like it. She was working her pussy and hips on my cock like a fucking machine. She bucked up and back, side to side, and twisted like I have never felt. She would bury my full length in her cunt, clamp down tight and then pump up and down. Her cunt felt like a warm, wet, velvet fist gripping my shaft. She twisted and rotated her hips like a belly dancer. And she spasmed and screamed twice more as she came from her own fucking of me!

I guess she either got enough herself or felt like it was time for me to get some. Lindsey leaned forward and covered my face with her breasts. I smothered myself in between them, luxuriating in the endless fleshy warmth. I opened my mouth and kissed, sucked and licked at those huge titties. I knew I couldn’t take this much pleasure without busting a nut, and soon. And I think Lindsey knew it too.

“I know you love Mommy’s giant titties, don’t you? Suck on my nipples, big baby. Suck and bite Mommy’s titties. Squeeze the milk out of Mommy’s big jugs, nasty boy. Mommy loves how big your cock feels splitting her pussy in two. Mommy wants you to use her cunt and her big tits. Fuck me and use me and rape me all night, nasty man. I’ll do anything you want. I’ll never say no to you. Are you gonna pump your balls into my cunthole now, Stud? I want to feel your cum blasting into my hungry cunt. Suck on my tits. Bite them as you blow your wad in me. Make it hurt me.”

And as my balls began to explode, felt Lindsey’s hand behind my head pushing me into her tits. She was smothering me and I was sucking and licking and biting her big tits like I was out of my mind. We were like two animals. I pumped gob after gob of cum into her. I think she may have come another time. We collapsed in a heap. We lay like that for a long time. Eventually, she stirred, kissed me, and began pulling herself back together.

She told me that she would love to get together anytime I wanted. She told me she loved my cock and wanted to do “so much more”. I asked her what else she wanted.

“Well, you probably guessed that I enjoy a bit of pain with my pleasure. I’ll bet you can really make me feel it if you put your mind to it. And you didn’t touch my asshole. And I didn’t touch yours. I bet you’d love to tittyfuck me. I have a whole collection of toys I can bring over. Oh, there’s a lot we can do, if you like,” Lindsey said as she moved toward the door. She jotted her number on a pad and told me to call her any weekend night. Oh yes, I’d be calling soon.

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