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Lightgirl’s First Adventure Pt. 01

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Missionary Position

This story contains Nonconsent/Rape elements. Do not read if you’re not into that. This is my first attempt at writing, so Feedback is very welcome. Another Warning: This story is going to be focused on body modification. This part is a lot of story building, there will be more action later.


Lightgirl was in the middle of her daily patrol through the streets of Murkwater City, when a loud scream tore through the cold night air, causing the few people out on the streets at this late hour to stop and murmur alarmed.

A small group of them formed at the entrance to the dark alleyway the scream came from. Some of them got ready to call the police, when Lightgirl stormed past them into the alleyway.

“Finally something happens” she thought. She had only done this superhero thing for a week and had yet to catch her first criminal, so she was eager to finally use her powers for good.

Lightgirl was a young blonde girl with a toned body, pale skin and long legs. Her breasts were about a C cup and her ass was small but well rounded, which was further enhanced by her skintight white bodysuit with the ‘ASJ’ symbol on the front affiliating her with the Academy for Super Justice.

Besides her good looks Lightgirl also was born with two crystals in the palms of her hands, which she could use to produce bright flashes of Light, which in turn earned her her name. She was also training to bundle that light into lasers, but so far was only able to burn small holes into cardboard. Her powers were classified as weak right now, but her teachers at the academy said she had lots of potential to increase her powers in the future if she kept training hard.

Her powers and the combat training she had undergone, made her confident that she could deal with who- or whatever was down that alleyway.

Running she turned a corner breaking line of sight with the onlookers, and continued down the alley until she reached a crossroad. Now she wasn’t sure which way to go anymore. “I have to hurry” she thought, and took a wild guess. Not long after, a second much closer scream confirmed she had made the right decision. She turned one last corner to see a woman cowering on the floor, a tall man standing over her waving a knife in her face. “Stop screaming ya dumb whore, or I’ll really cut you.” Lightgirl could hear him say as she got close enough.

“Leave her alone you thug!” the blonde Superheroine shouted in her most intimidating voice.

The Thug turned around and Lightgirl got a good look at him. His face was covered by a ski mask and he wore a thick coat and leather boots. “The fuck you want? Who are y-” he began but then he noticed her bright white Bodysuit and the badge that identified her as a superhero, and became visibly stressed turning his head to look for an escape route. Lightgirl saw her chance and took it, raising her arm and releasing a flash of blinding light the moment he turned back to look at her.

Her attack had the desired success and the thug stumbled back raising his hands over his eyes and cursing loudly “Fuck was that, shit that’s bright”

Taking the opening and sensing victory, she quickly closed the distance between them and kicked him in the stomach sending him flying against a dumpster. She got ready for more combat but saw that it wouldn’t be necessary. The thug rolled on the floor, groaning and holding his stomach, he wouldn’t be a danger for a while. “Yes, my very first criminal!” she internally cheered “Now I just have to arrest him and call the police.”.

“Fuckin’ superbitches, can’t even mug someone in peace” the thug mumbled as Lightgirl walked over and cuffed him.

Before she could ponder on it further, she heard a cough behind her and remembered the victim.

She gave the thug a kick for good measure, and quickly walked back to the woman still sitting on the cold floor. “Are you alright Ma’am?” she asked, kneeling beside the shaken woman.

As the woman stood up slowly Lightgirl got her first good look at her. Under different circumstances perhaps she could be called beautiful, but right now her makeup and black hair were ruined, and her blouse was torn and cut -the thugs doing, Lightgirl assumed.

“I think so. My, that sure was a bright flash darling.” she said in a slight french accent.

“I’m very sorry,” Lightgirl apologized “but that criminal won’t be bothering you anymore.”

Suddenly Lightgirl felt herself being pulled close to the woman, in a tight hug.

“Oh yes, I feel so safe now that you’re here my beautiful heroine.” she said, her voice suddenly much more sultry. “Maybe I should keep you around.”

A cold chill went down Lightgirl’s spine and warning Lights lit up in her head.

She looked up at the woman’s face to see her smirking. Realization set in and she tried to push the supposed victim away from her but at the same time something pressed against her neck and she felt all of her muscles cramp up, as an electrical shock Kadıköy Escort tore through her body.

Lightgirl sacked to the ground but felt herself caught by the strong hands of the woman that had just tased her.

“And I didn’t even get to contact the police.” was her last thought before blacking out.

As Lightgirl slowly regained consciousness she found herself blindfolded, gagged and tied up in what felt like a moving car. Someone had stripped her off her Bodysuit while she was out leaving her naked.

Her muffled cries and attempt to break free quickly alerted her capturers.

A female voice started talking to her, and a hand started roaming over her defenceless body.

“What a shame, for a superheroine to get captured this easily. Well, what do you expect from someone whose powers can be countered by some sunglasses.” Gagged, Lightgirl was forced to endure the mocking voice of her kidnapper.

“I’m sure he will find a good use for a young and beautiful hero like you anyway. Don’t you think so Samantha?”

Lightgirl froze, her blood running could in desperation. This woman knew her identity which meant her family was in danger. How could she know this?

The woman started speaking again. “That’s right, we know your identity. I have my sources. Don’t worry we won’t hurt anyone you know. We already have you after all. The boss is paying well for every captured superhero I bring him and you were so easy to research and capture.” The woman chuckled.

“I guess it’s only fair I tell you who I am now. My name is Black Whip, I’m sure you heard of me.”

Black Whip! Lightgirl did know her. An evil bounty hunter and infamous dominatrix. She was way beyond Lightgirl’s level of skill. In training she was told to run away from strong threats like her until she was better equipped to handle the situation.But no one ever told her what to do when she was kidnapped by one.

The car finally came to a stop, and Black Whips hands stopped molesting her.

“You ready to go Sammy?” Black Whip asked, clearly not expecting an answer. “Let’s get you to see the boss.”

“Mmmmf mmfu” the gagged Superheroine could only moan in response.

Black Whip draped a cloak over her head and pulled her out of the car. She pushed her over a strip of sidewalk towards a side entrance of a huge and expensive looking club. Of course Lightgirl couldn’t see that, still blindfolded as she was. She was led through a few side corridors, a hidden door and down a long flight of stairs. Aside from some Club music that sifted through the walls she got no clue as to where she could be.

The blindfold was removed and she was briefly blinded by the room’s lights but it wasn’t too bright, so her eyes adjusted quickly.

She took a quick assessment of her surroundings while she had the chance. She stood beside Black Whip in a long corridor illuminated by electric lights that were made to look like torches lined along the walls. The corridor ended in an impressive looking ornate door. The door she now stood in front of.

The door slowly opened by itself as they approached allowing Samantha to be pushed through into a big well lit room. She blinked, as she took the impressive environment. At first glance the room looked like a modern throne room.

At the second it looked like a throne room combined with a conference room. Rows of pillars parted the room into three parts like a church. Various doors on the side led to and from the room guarded by bored looking, armed men. Big chandeliers hung from the ceiling giving off bright light that reflected off the black marble floor.

But Lightgirl’s attention was mostly drawn to the center of the room where she could make out several people lounging on big sofas or sitting on dining tables. There even was a small steaming whirlpool and a bar right next to it. It looked like a miniature version of a leisure facility and in the middle of it all, on a raised platform two steps leading up to it was the throne which had an unnecessarily big backrest.

As she was led closer, Lightgirl could make out the people lazing about in this strange resort, and to her horror she recognized them all as wanted criminals and supervillains.

There, sitting at a table with a frothing beer in his hand was Olaf ‘The Viking’ who was known for taking joy in crushing the heads of anyone standing in his way on his quest to…find the sheep. The academy hadn’t figured out what exactly that part meant yet.

Beside him was the smaller figure of the infamous Dr. Little a.k.a. ‘The free Surgeon’. Free from morals that is. His disapproving look as the barbarian next to him spilt his beer on the table would have been almost funny, if Lightgirl didn’t have to fear for her life in that moment.

On a sofa all to herself laid Cobra a woman that through unknown gene experiments gained the lower body of a snake. Lightgirl had heard that after she broke out she strangled Ataşehir Escort everyone that was even remotely involved in the experiments one by one. Even the lovestruck assistant that let her out in the first place. Her upper body was beautiful, with big, full breasts that she didn’t bother to cover most of the time, and a heart shaped face, framed by metallic green hair.

Lightgirl noticed Cobras reptile like eyes follow her intently as she approached and quickly looked away.

Instead she looked at the whirlpool and to the red skinned woman lounging inside it. Even turned away from her as she was Lightgirl recognized her right away from her unusual skin color and curved horns. She was the devil woman that had been summoned by a dark cult to serve them, but they must have done something wrong, because their new servant didn’t feel like serving. Instead she felt like eating their hearts and sacrificing their souls to her Lord. Finding she couldn’t return to hell she took the alias Hellheel and terrorized the nightlife of Murkwater city by seducing then sacrificing men. Her strengths were well known after she almost defeated one of the most capable crimefighters in the city, Solaria. Solaria’s fire based powers had almost no effect on Hellheel and if Polar Fist hadn’t shown up in the last second she would have lost for sure.

The only one Lightgirl couldn’t recognize was the one sitting in the throne. She had never seen him before and he didn’t really fit in with the rest of these villains. He was an elegant looking man in a business suit and well kempt brown hair. He certainly wasn’t very impressive in the physical aspect -certainly not as impressive as Olaf. Still, he had an air of authority and mystique about him that told Samantha not to underestimate him.

Just as she came to a halt Lightgirl noticed the man, standing in the shadow that the throne cast on the marble floor. “Not him! He’s supposed to be in jail!” She thought. His name was Umbra and he was easily the most dangerous person in the room. His powers were the perfect counter to Lightgirl’s own -if they would ever get to a level where they needed to be countered.

He could suck in the very light from the atmosphere around him and use its power as a weapon. With this he threatened to destroy an entire city using the power of the sunlight. He was stopped in the nick of time by the Golden Streak and had subsequently been thrown in jail where he still should be.

But obviously he somehow got free and that didn’t bode well for the peace in the city.

“Black Whip! Welcome! I didn’t expect you so soon. Who is this lovely young lady you’re bringing me? the Businessman on the throne had spoken in a welcoming tone.

“She’s a heroine. It’s no wonder you don’t recognize her though. She’s a Rookie.” Black Whip answered.

The man looked Samantha over skeptically “Doesn’t look like a superheroine. What did you say was her name?”

“She’s calling herself ‘Lightgirl’. I figured out her real name too. You know, for the bonus.” Black Whip showed a small metal plaque to the man. Her hero badge.

“Aha! So she’s the newest addition to the academies roster. We didn’t have any pictures of her yet. Very well, tell me her real name and you’ll get your reward.”

“No!” Samantha had been too intimidated to speak up or demand answers so far but at the prospect of all the psychopaths in the room hearing her family name she had shouted out, in a desperate attempt to protect her family. ” Not in front of all these… people. Please. She added as she felt the man’s gaze on her.”

He looked into her eyes for a few long moments before he smiled and said.”Very well, just the first name then. But you’ll have to tell me yourself.”

Seeing Black Whips worried expression at that, he assured her she’d still get the full amount of money for her work.

“My name is S-Samantha.” Samantha meekly said. Quiet laughter came from the assembled villains. They loved seeing a pesky wannabe hero brought low though they would have prefered someone like the Gold Streak in her place.

The throne man smiled again then he turned to Black Whip and said “Thank you Whip, the offer still stands. I’ll pay handsomely for every hero you can bring me alive. You can go now. Or stay a while, and listen. It’ll get interesting.”

After a brief moment of hesitance Black Whip walked over to an empty chair and sat down leaving Samantha standing alone in front of the throne.

“Now then Samantha, why do you think I had you brought here like this?”

Samantha could only imagine. And none of the possibilities were any good.

“I don’t know, and I don’t know who you are either.” Her voice sounded braver than she felt.

“Of course, where are my manners? Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rasmodius Lötring but you will call me Mr. Matter. I’m sure you already know my guests.” He said with a wave around the room.

“Where am I?”

“In Maltepe Escort my personal kingdom of course.” Matter said smiling “I have founded my Imperium on crimes and have run it for years and none of you heroes ever noticed a thing. Now that I have everything I wanted I grow bored.

So I called together these villains and misfits, founded the Immoral Association and gave every high profile criminal in the city a place to come back to.”

“They’ll find you eventually, and when they do, you’re going behind bars for a long time!”

Again quiet chuckles could be heard in the room and Samantha grid her teeth in irritation.

“I doubt it. You see I have certain powers as well. But enough of that. I’m going to give you three choices regarding your future Lightgirl. One. You stop being a hero and instead join me. I could give you great power. More than you could ever have as a hero.”

Samantha already shook her head. He couldn’t sway her with promises of power. Matter just smiled like he expected that reaction.

Two. We will neutralize your powers and you will work in one of my brothels as a sex slave for the rest of your life. And finally three. You participate in the brand new gameshow I thought up.”

Samantha looked up confused. A gameshow? What’s that supposed to mean?

“I told you I often grow bored down here. So one day I came up with the idea of organizing a gameshow with Superheroines as the unwilling participants. I’m going to broadcast it to the entire Underworld. It’s going to be a grand spectacle.”

“Why would I play your games?”

“Because it’s the only option left to you. And because the grand prize is your freedom.” Matter answered Samantha’s question.

Damnit! He was right, she had to take that option. “Fine, I choose option number three.” She said reluctantly.

Matter smiled at her like he knew this was going to happen all along. and he probably did. He waved over at two guards and while they approached, continued talking. “Now I should probably tell you, for every penalty in the game you and your body will be changed. You won’t be the same afterwards even if you manage to win.” With that he turned to the audience and thanked Dr. Little for providing the technology and started going over ‘special offers’ he would offer to anyone interested in getting a piece of the heroine. There seemed to be quite a few of them. but Samantha couldn’t follow the rest of the conversation since she was grappled by the two muscular guards.

They started dragging her towards one of the doors, but then stopped as a voice behind them called out to them. It was the voice of Dr. Little. He approached and said something to the guards. Samantha couldn’t hear it clearly and only caught a few syllables. ‘Do it…procedure… right now…bring her’

Suddenly she felt a sting in her arm and looked down just in time to see a needle deposit the last few drops of a syringe in her bloodstream. She barely had time to give Dr. Klein a dirty look before everything grew blurry and she had to close her eyes. She felt herself being caught and thrown over a broad shoulder, just before she slipped entirely into unconsciousness.

Lightgirl awoke with a start. She found herself in a small room that would have looked like a motel room if it weren’t so clean -and had windows. It took her several seconds to remember what had happened and why she was here. Then she quietly cursed as she remembered. That surgeon must have done something while I was out. She got up and walked over to the big mirror on the wall opposite her bed. The first thing she noticed it that she was completely naked again. Even her restraints and gloves were gone.

She started looking up and down her body but even after several thorough searches she couldn’t find anything out of place. Then just as she gave up and turned away, she felt a slight itch on the base of her neck. She quickly checked and sure enough, there just where her spinal cord ended and her brain began, was a small scar. It was barely noticeable and looked like it had been there for ages, but it instantly had Samantha very worried. “Did they do something to my brain? I’m sure that wasn’t there before.” Panic rose in her chest but then she forced herself to calm down and take deep breaths. Whatever they had done, she couldn’t change it. Maybe if she could win her freedom the doctors in the academy could figure out how to fix it. She clung to that hope and decided to forget about it for now.

She decided to explore her surroundings to take her mind of it but there wasn’t a whole lot to explore. The big bed she woke up on dominated the room and was the only place to sit or lie down as there were no chairs around. On one side of the bed was a big dresser, sadly empty and on the other was to her big surprise a tv. Opposite her bed and keeping it in full view, was the mirror. It would be impossible to do anything on the bed and not look at her reflection.

Two doors led from the room, one leading to a small bath including a sink, toilet and shower, but the other was firmly locked.

She flipped on the tv, but to her dismay the only channel it received showed 24/7 porn.

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