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Lexi Ch. 05: Stepdaughter Fake Out

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I had floated the idea of exclusivity and then monogamy to Lexi, my MILF of a benefactor. The idea was soundly shot down.

Shortly thereafter Lexi had arranged for me to visit our stunner of a Mexican neighbor, Salma. What began as a copywriting job started off with some very unusual benefits. Benefits not listed in the temp employees’ contract.

I never knew if Lexi was giving me a “gift” or if it was a test or a reset. I was sure Lexi wanted to know the details about my “visit” with our next door neighbor Salma — but she would never explicitly ask.

The following week I had begun the mind-numbing job of writing copy for Salma’s online boutique. The concept turned out to be yet another Silicon Valley inspired “crate” service.

You signed up your wife, girlfriend, or mistress for the white glove service and each month they’d be sent a crate of sex toys, lubricants, and lingerie. At $1000 a month, it was clearly catering to the jet-set millionaire playboy who didn’t have the time or proclivity for shopping.

I imagined personal assistants all over the west coast breathing a sigh of relief that this was off their to-do lists. They could now concentrate on whatever Starbuck’s soy latte invention of the month their bosses craved.

Still, there were days when I went off the reservation and instead of writing descriptions like this…


Your partner is sure to love this romantic babydoll dress which accentuates your curves in a mix of mesh and lace. An unlined belted halter mesh top with a deep plunge front gets naturally sexy over a lace skirt with criss-cross details and cheeky back. A contrasting ribbon adds charm. Colors: White Passion, Tutti Pink, and Black.

…I’d subconsciously write descriptions like this:


Your sugar daddy is sure to love this fuck-doll dress and will waste no time bending you over the sofa. Comes with a handy belt he can hang on to as he’s pounding your sweet little pussy. A contrasting ribbon around your neck will be all that’s left after your afternoon fuck session. Colors: Virgin White, Pussy Pink, and Cheating Black.

It didn’t help that Salma had a cadre of lingerie models parading through the house in various states of undress. For the photographers, this was business as usual as they navigated between the product shoot and the craft table. For me, it was a boner inducing strip show.

It was a relief when Lexi’s stepdaughter Devon, stopped by to pick-up the keys to the car.

“Hey renter-boy, Lexi needs the car back.” stated Devon.

“Um yeah, that’s Mr. Renter-Boy to you.” I replied, “Know what? I’m coming with you.”

“Whatever, Mr. Winter. I still get to drive, though.” opined Devon.

I scooped up next month’s crate of dildos and various other sundries and headed out to the driveway.

“I can’t believe she bought this piece of crap instead of going in with Dad for my birthday present.” sighed Devon.

I was unsure what she was talking about since the piece of crap she was referring to was this year’s BMW X6 M. A very nice luxury SUV by anyone’s standards.

“I’m sure your mom needed this for the real estate job…”

I was cut off by Devon before I could finish.

“She’s my STEP-MOM. And since she didn’t go in with my dad, I didn’t get the exact 911 I wanted.”

The key word here is “exact.” This reminded me of the 16-year-olds who threw tantrums at their birthday parties when Mom and Dad bought the wrong color Porsche. When I turned sixteen I inherited a 10-year-old Subaru wagon. Kids.

Even though Devon was Lexi’s stepdaughter, she never used that word in Devon’s presence. She only used it to explain that her ex-husband was previously married. Lexi was “the other woman.” The home wrecker. Yet she had raised Devon as her own since the age of five. Now Devon lived with her ex-husband George.

Lexi met us at the entrance of the driveway and kissed me as I got out of the SUV.

I looked at her after the kiss. There was an awkward silence before she said, “Oh, I’m sorry. Must have been a reflex.” Lexi then backed out of the driveway without saying a word.

This meant we most likely did not have plans that evening. Now, yours truly, Mr. Overthinking was trying to divine just what this meant for our open relationship. It had been three weeks since we were intimate. A lifetime for a sex drive like mine.

No matter, I had work to do.

WiFi was down in the guest house so, I commandeered the kitchen and plugged in my laptop. I started working through the Sexchange Crate. The punny name was based on Exchange Rate could be misread as Sex Change Crate. Salma said not to worry, it tested very well and the domain name was available. Sure! Go ahead and ignore the writer who knows a little about linguistics.

Devon shot me the “look” people who have money give to the hired help. So I began to decamp for the couch in the sunroom. I needed a few more hours of copywriting under my belt and I’d be done for the weekend.

As Bursa Escort a stepmother, Lexi did her best to raise Devon but, the girl always blamed Lexi for the divorce of her parents. And Devon wasn’t wrong. She just took it harder than expected considering most of her friends were from divorced families.

Despite the grudge, Devon would often visit during school breaks. She did this to avoid having to interact with Daddy’s new bimbo girlfriend, who was not much older than she was. Lexi tolerated this love-hate relationship with her stepdaughter.

It was dusk and I was still tapping away at the keyboard when a visibly drunk Devon plopped herself in front of me. Her boyfriend was late picking her up and she needed to be entertained. She was silent for the longest time before looking up from her phone.

“So how often do you have to fuck my stepmom to get away with living rent-free in the guest house?” inquired Devon.

I was caught off guard by the question. Devon was an observant girl and no stranger to trading sex for favors — at least based on Lexi’s post coitus ramblings.

“C’mon tell me, Mr. Winter,” said Devon playfully.

Devon liked to make me feel older by calling me by my last name if she wasn’t using the term “writer-boy” or “renter-boy.” She was the 10-12 years younger than me. Almost the same number of years between me and her MILF of a stepmom.

“Don’t you ever think about younger pussy, Mr. Winter?” teased Devon.

I’d be lying if I said I’d never taken a second look at Devon. You can’t control what you dream about so I’d also be lying if I said I hadn’t also dreamed about Devon in compromising situations.

She was looking at me and pulling on her crop-top leather jacket. Underneath, Devon wore suede thigh high boots and a crochet mini-dress. The wide stitch on the knit dress made it obvious that for Devon, undergarments were optional. With her side parted pixie cut and silver hoop earrings Devon was a stunner. It takes a real beauty to pull off short hair.

If only her angelic looks weren’t betrayed by her own insecurities. Devon had been pregaming and the results were starting to show. This was not a good combination with the way she was dressed. This was trouble with a capital T.

“So what about it, Mr. Winter? Don’t you? Don’t you…” teased Devon.

She walked over to the couch and straddled my lap. The heat from her body was palpable as the blood in my veins ran ice cold.

Devon’s boyfriend Marshall would be here any minute to take her clubbing. I could imagine the twenty-year-old USC defensive back reducing me to a pulp when he found me with Devon on my lap.

I imagined him screaming, “That’s what you get, motherfucker. That’s what you get!” while I struggled to dial 911 with the one hand that wasn’t broken.

Even though we were in an open relationship, Lexi would most likely castrate me for fucking her stepdaughter. Some lines you know you’re not supposed to cross.

Yet, I didn’t stop her when Devon pulled my, now rigid cock, from my jeans.

“Oh my god. That’s why she’s letting you live here rent free.”

Devon raised her ankles up onto my lap and hooked them on the inside of my knees. She raised her knit mini-dress and placed the full weight of her groin against my cock. She was hot against my chest as she trapped the rock hard shaft between my stomach and hers. She was riding me in the cowgirl position.

Devon wore nothing under the crochet dress. I could see her hardened nipples poking through as she pushed my head into her twenty-year young cleavage.

“All those times you were watching me and my friends sunbathe by the pool, this is what you wanted isn’t it?” asked Devon.

“Yes, I wanted this. I want this cheerleader’s body.” I admitted.

“At USC we’re more of a drill and dance team.” said Devon.

“I’ve got your drill right here,” I said under my breath, “right here.”

“You want these lips around your big fat cock?” asked Devon as she parted her legs.

Devon didn’t wait for an answer. She sat up on her knees and freed my throbbing cock. She slipped the mushroom head inside her. My entire shaft was soon coated as Devon painted my cock with the slickness of her desires.

“Oooh. Mr. Winter!” was all she could manage to utter as we went right from teasing to full contact fucking. Devon’s tits bounced every time she slid up and down my shaft.

“Oh Mr. Winter…you’re so deep.” panted Devon.

“It’s so good.” I whispered, “So good.”

“Is it tight?” asked my nineteen-year-old enslaver, “Is it tight?”

The look on her face asked for approval while my cock was stretching her out. I closed my eyes and let the warmth flow over me as I thrust back up inside Devon. She was wet, warm and tight.

“Oh God. that’s so tight.” I mumbled, “That’s so tight!”

“Calm down,” yelled Lexi. “I’m adjusting it.”

I snapped awake in the darkness. Lexi was in front of me trying to fasten a strap around my cock.

“By the way Bursa Bayan you were screaming,” said Lexi, “you would have thought I was cutting off your penis.”

“Where’s Devon?” I asked.

“Don’t worry. They’ve already left.” said Lexi, “I thought a sloppy blowjob would be a nice way to wake you up. You were snoring something fierce.”

Still groggy, I knew I had dodged a bullet. I had fallen asleep and my romp with Devon was just a dream, a fantasy. I was safe and sound with Lexi kneeling between my legs. No beat down from some collegiate boyfriend of Devon’s was looming over the horizon.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Trying to fasten a cock ring,” replied Lexi. “You won’t believe all the stuff in this month’s crate. You might need to get us a subscription.”

I looked at Lexi like she was a piece of meat. Lexi noticed the glint in my eyes and the devilish grin. We hadn’t been together in weeks. She was trying to create space between us in order to bring our arrangement back to a more casual level.

I was naked from the waist down sitting on the couch with one of the most rigid hard ons I’ve ever had. The cock ring Lexi had placed around my shaft and balls made it twitch anytime blood coursed through the veins on my cock.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” she inquired, though she knew exactly what I was thinking.

I switched on the lamp beside me as Lexi moved closer and stood above me. She was not dressed for Newport Beach. She was dressed for husband shopping on Rodeo Drive.

Lexi was busting out of a long-sleeved, white top that cut high on her neck. It conformed to her body like a second skin. The ribbing drew one’s eyes over her busty chest and down to where they converged into a white, leather skirt. Not a micro-miniskirt but, a miniskirt. The Gucci medallion that hung off her waist marked the sweet spot hidden below. Lexi’s all white outfit was complemented by sexiest of matte leather thigh boots. The spike heel ended in platinum matching the Gucci belt around her waist.

She yelped as I stood up and grabbed her around the waist. I spun her around so she had her back to me. I pulled her close and traced my left hand up her body and over her breasts until my grip rested around her neck. She smelled fantastic. She smelled like rich, horny divorcee.

My right hand moved down under her skirt and in between her legs. Lexi’s breathing got heavier as I slipped into her panties and placed my first two fingers around of the lips of her pussy. As my left hand closed around her throat my right hand rubbed up and down, my fingers tracing the creases of her lips before returning them to my mouth. The wetter she got, the better she tasted.

I increased pressure and continued to stroke. I inserted both middle fingers of my right hand into the growing wetness between her legs. It was silent except for the sound of my mouth licking the juices of her pussy off my fingers. My fingers returned and I pushed in deeper inside her pussy. Lexi let out a low moan and spread her legs wider to give me access.

“Let me show you how much I’ve missed you,” I whispered into her ear.

My fingers slipped in, out and then up as I spread her pussy lips and circled her clit. Tapping gently on the hood of the clit was enough to make her jump. Lexi begged for a third finger and I obliged as she bucked and arched her back.

“I’ve got you. I’ve got you, ” I whispered, providing the foundation she needed to not lose her balance.

Lexi’s breathing increased as if she was hyperventilating. She leaned back and our lips met as I continued to tease her clit to get her off.

“Oh. You sneaky bastard.” was all she managed as she started to squirt profusely.

It was the second time she had squirted since we discovered that she could. It wasn’t as violent as the first time but, equally wet.

I shoved Lexi against the back wall and flipped the mini-skirt over her tanned ass. I rubbed my cock between her wet cheeks before plowing into her waiting pussy.

My strokes were strong, deep and forceful. It felt good to fill Lexi up to the fullest and feel her sex wrap tighter around my cock.

“Baby, you’re so hard.” said Lexi in a whispered cry, “You’re fucking me so good.”

“fucking me so WELL,” I replied. Lexi giggled at my correction of her grammar.

Each successive stroke was firmer and more forceful. Lexi had to use the corner of the sunroom and the hallway as a brace. Placing her head down and her shoulder against the corner, she bent at the waist and grabbed her right ankle, pushing her ass higher in the air as my shaft continued to pound her sweet little hole.

“I don’t know what’s got into to you.” said Lexi, “But, don’t stop. I’m going to cum, baby. Don’t stop. Don’t stop.”

She didn’t have to worry. This was the best my cock had felt inside her for a while. Lexi began to wail as I continued to pound her, I had never been this rough with her before. Between the choking, having her tits squeezed, and getting Escort Bursa filled repeatedly with cock she was getting molested by a madman.

“Oh baby, I’m cumming. Oh god, I’m cumming. I’m cumming.”

Lexi put her legs together and clamped down on my cock as I entered her. She stood up and grabbed my hands and placed them on her tits. Even fully covered by her high collar top, there was no mistaking the protrusion of hardened nipples pushing against the fabric. Lexi then relaxed and just let herself be fucked until she could cum no more. I stopped when she finally pushed me away.

She limped to the left bumper, the armless portion of the sectional sofa. She was still fully clothed and collapsed on her back. Powerless to stop me, she let her legs be thrown over my shoulders as I slipped off her soaking panties.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into to you.” said Lexi between breaths.

I grabbed her by the ankles and spread her wide. Lexi begged me to let her catch her breath.

“Please, baby, please.” said Lexi.

This was the perfect time to use the lube from this month’s crate. It was cool to the touch as I squirt it into my hand and slathered it liberally over my shaft. Lexi’s eyes grew wide as climbed back on top of her and zipped off her skirt. Peeling up her halter top released her tits. They jiggled as I shifted on the sectional.

Lexi was naked except for the white leather thigh boots with the fuck-me spiked heels and her halter top. Her top was pushed up over her tits. Covered only by the sleeves of her top and a sheen of perspiration, her tanned body was a wonderland waiting to be explored. There would be time enough for that. Right now my throbbing cock was just interested in what was between her legs.

I bent down and kissed the fullness of pussy before forcing her to taste herself on my lips.

“Oh…” blurted Lexi as she opened her legs and the mushroom head of my cock spread her wide. “Are you going to punish me, baby? Are you going to pound it?”

My cock spread her and I said, “I just love this pussy. I want to live in it. I want to make it mine.”

My hands were underneath Lexi’s knees as I pinned her thighs to the couch.

She laid her head back, grabbed the edges of the sectional and responded with, “Anytime baby. You just take it. Take it. It’s the best place for your cock to be.”

Lexi almost made me cum. She now took control and held her own legs wide open begging me to cum as I pushed closer to the edge of the sectional. She licked her lips and took every inch of my shaft as it rocked her body back and forth. I was mesmerized by the jiggling of her tits.

“Yes. Fuck that pussy. You love it?” she asked, “You love that fucking whore pussy?”

“You don’t have to do that Lexi,” I said.

“But I want to. I only talk this way when I’m with you. I love that cock. I love that fucking huge cock in my pussy. Pound it, baby. Pound it.” this Lexi whispered to me.

She wasn’t screaming but whispering. She was narrating the action as my cock was penetrating her.

The only sound in the universe at this moment was the slapping of our flesh and the soft, dirty words coming out of Lexi’s mouth. She was making eye-contact and willing me to cum. This was the only reason I exercised, the only reason. So I could look down on this angel willing me to cover her in cum.

“I love to watch you fucking me. We can do it all night.”

Lexi laid her head down and it flopped off the couch as each stroke of my cock pushed her closer to the edge of the sectional. She was open and vulnerable to me. She moaned as I continued rocking her tits, the nipples once again aroused to hard little nubs.

“Take it. Take it. Take that pussy.”

Lexi pointed her boots and moved my hands back onto her legs. She was begging me to spread her wider and moved my hands up the hip boots until I had a hold both ankles. One in each hand.

“I love this MILF pussy. It’s the best MILF pussy I’ve ever had. I love it.” I said as I continued to fill her up.

“Just the best MILF pussy?” she teased.

“The best pussy. The best pussy, period.”

“I can feel you getting harder.” said Lexi, “I want you to fuck it. Fuck this little…fuck this little cunt.”

Lexi was grinding against every thrust and she reached down to tease her clit.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum.”

I continued to pump my cock into her as she convulsed and quivered.

“This was supposed to be your turn.” she apologized.

No matter, I continued to fill her sweet spot with my shaft.

“Please. Please.” she whimpered, “Cum for me, baby. Let me have all of that fucking cum.”

Worried that I was holding back, Lexi grabbed my cock and pulled me out.

“Don’t you hold back on me.” she scolded, “You fucking cum!”

Lexi was forcing my hand as she pushed me back and grabbed my cock and proceeded to stroke the shaft. As forceful as I was with her earlier, she was equally demanding of me now extracting ribbons of white out of the head. This was unusual for Lexi who would only let me cum in her mouth or on her chest on her terms.

“Fuck. Baby.” was all I could think to say as Lexi made quick work of my will power as she milked the cum out of my cock.

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