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Letting in a Stray

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Lightening boomed overhead as the bathroom light flickered. Will hardly noticed. Instead, he looked up from the bathroom sink, catching his haggard reflection in the mirror. Sleep didn’t come easily in his new apartment, but he reckoned after a couple of weeks or so it would catch up to him.

A noise from out in the hall caught his attention. A tick-tick-tick he barely heard over the faucet running. Will cocked his head, listening for it again. When he didn’t hear it for some time, he sighed and mumbled to himself that he was working too hard. But after Will turned the tap off, the tapping started up, and he knew it wasn’t his imagination.

He leaned out of the bathroom with his toothbrush wedged between his back molars and looked around curiously. “Hello?” Only, Will had a mouth full of foamy toothpaste, so it came out, “Hewow?” He sounded a little like Elmer Fudd, but then the tapping came again, and Will tracked the sound to the window out in the hallway. There, shivering and wet from the storm, was a woman crouched on his fire escape.

When they finally locked eyes, she waved and offered him a pathetic smile. Will returned her wave with a lackluster one of his own. Then he reached up and pulled the toothbrush from his mouth, not bothering to wipe the small spat of paste from his chin. Who the hell was this woman and why was she out on the fire escape in this dogged weather?

Instead of an answer, Will smoothed out his shirt, dimly aware that it was half-buttoned, disheveled, and pulled free from his slacks. He’d just come in from work and looked a mess. Had another ten minutes passed, he would have been naked, and wouldn’t that just be a great story to tell in the office come Monday?

She gestured to the window latch and then put her hands together in a plea. Please let me in.

The rain was coming down in buckets, and Will thought she looked cold and a little afraid, not the sort of woman who’d gut him and steal his wallet. Still, he hesitated. He wasn’t exactly the best judge of character. Besides, she could have a knife, pepper spray, or a gun.

“Probably not,” he told himself. “She looks like a discount Abercrombie meant to ask her just what the hell she was doing? But before he could let loose his anger, he caught sight of Charlotte Eryaman Rus Escort twirling her pussy. She was coaxing his cum out of her with two fingers, making pleasant little noises as Will’s milk first gushed out of her, then lazily cascaded down between her lips in a slow spill.

Charlotte peered down between her legs in a glowing reverie that lit up her whole face. She looked satisfied, like she was a patron who had tasted the first morsel of food, expecting it to be bland only to find it delicious.

He watched her for a while, and the sight got him erect all over again. The thought of forcing her back onto the bed and pounding her seemed like a close reality, but Will wasn’t sure he wanted to be tangled in her web again. Instead, he wiped his brow and retreated to the bathroom.

“Awe, no more?” Will shook his head. “Why?” Thinly veiled disappointment turned her one-word question into a petulant whine.

“You were only supposed to be here for a night. Two at most.” But this only made Charlotte laugh a cruel, teasing laugh.

“But then we had sex,” she explained, first rising up on her elbows, then struggling to her feet. “Then I let you do what you wanted to me. You know: the spankings, the choking, fucking me any and everywhere until I was raw and begging for you to stop? You just couldn’t get enough.”

He hated that she was right but turned and stated, “I’m not the only one who couldn’t get enough.”

She stood behind him now, and Will heard her sigh. “You’re right. I was trying to get free of here. After what this town did to me, fuck this place.” that last part came out bitter, and Charlotte took in a deep breath and let it out.

“But then I met you, and suddenly this place wasn’t so bad.” He turned to her and found that he had to blink back surprise. He hadn’t expected the naked expression on her face. She looked like someone who’d been wounded and was still trying to hold it together regardless of the pain. She looked like someone who’d traversed a darkness with teeth and made it out the other side with hardly any bite marks.

“I like you.” Charlotte leaned in and traced her tongue up his neck before whispering, “I like the way you taste and the things we do. it makes all Sincan Rus Escort of this-” She gestured around them, and Will couldn’t tell if she meant his apartment or the city itself, “-bearable.”

Will felt his whole body cry out for her, but he resisted. Not wanting to give in to her so easily, he turned and threw water on his face, hoping it would cool off both his anger and his excitement.

“Okay,” he said at last. “I get it, but you called me three times today. Three. Times. You can’t keep doing that. I have to work.”

“But-” Charlotte stroked his back. “I just wanted you to come home.” Her explanation sounded matter-of-fact as if this simple request was sweet and innocent and not at all unreasonable. But there was a sinewy earnestness to it that Will understood. But that didn’t change the fact that he had a job to do.

Will sighed and turned back to her. “I can’t come home just to fuck you.”

“Why not?”

He didn’t answer immediately. Instead, his eyes lingered down her body, where he watched his cum slowly dribble down Charlotte’s inner thigh. Maybe it was the nasty sight of it, or how it reminded him of the cruel and strange sex that came before, but the urge to do it all over again hit him again, this time like a hammer blow, and Will had to close his eyes in a vain attempt to calm his mind. “Y-You know why.”

He felt Charlotte stand chest to chest with him, like lovers during a slow dance. He felt the heat of her lust baking off of her, or was that his lust? Either way, when Will opened his eyes, the naked look that she’d worn a moment ago was gone. Instead, he saw only mischief and wanting.

“Well,” Charlotte started in a smarmy tone. She raised a hand before letting it trace down Will’s chest. “If you don’t want me to call you tomorrow, you better give it to me now.”

Will felt his jaw tighten as he stared daggers at her. Charlotte acted as if she didn’t notice. Instead, she took one of his hands, brought it to her lips, and kissed in between each knuckle. “I know you’re frustrated with me, so if you want-” She pulled his hand up and wrapped it around her throat. “You can give it to me nice and rough. I’ll even cry and struggle if that makes you feel better.”

Will Etlik Rus Escort hated how much the idea turned him on, and before he could stop her, Charlotte peered down at his twitching cock. “You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

Will didn’t answer, at least not with his mouth. He grabbed Charlotte by the throat and forced her back into the bedroom and onto the bed. When she was flat on her back, Will leaned in so close that their noses touched, studying this woman who preyed upon him. How had he gotten so caught up in her web? And why was he so addicted to her? How was it that no matter what he did to her – spit on her, slapped her, spanked her, flogged her with his cock, choke her, fucked her until she was sweaty and writhing in chaos – somehow, it always felt like she was the one in control?

If there was an answer, he wouldn’t find it tonight. Instead, Will slowly tightened his grip around her throat. “Yeah,” Charlotte croaked. “Just like that.”

He turned her head, letting his lips brush against Charlotte’s ear, and said, “I thought you were going to cry and struggle for me.” Charlotte bit her lip one final time before her face fell into disarray. Then, she started to cry and beg.

The next day Will came out of his Nine o’clock meeting discretely yawning into his fist. He still wasn’t sleeping so well, only now it was for entirely different reasons. When he arrived at his cubicle the flashing light on his landline caught his attention. He had a new message.

He called Charlotte and wasn’t at all surprised when she picked up right away.


“I thought we discussed the problem with you calling me at work?”

“I know but-” she hesitated, letting her words drop off in a perfect moment of phone static.

“Is everything okay?” Will asked. “Are you alright?”

“No!” A curt and keening answer, like a sulking child. “My throat hurts and my body aches.” She sighed deeply. “I think you should come home and take care of me.”

Will leaned back in his chair and look over at the wall clock. It wasn’t as if he was busy today and he had enough sick leave, so why not? For someone to come home to; for someone whose thoughts, words, and actions stimulated him like no narcotic ever could. For someone who pushed him, but always made sure he had a soft landing. Why not?

“If I leave now, I can make it to the metro and be there in forty-five minutes.”

There was a moment of silence before Charlotte answered. “Really?” he voice laced with quiet disbelief.

“Yeah. We can put on some old slasher films, and I’ll rub you down and…” Will let the insinuation hang for a moment before finally adding. “Why not?

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