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Let’s Play Doctor

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Cum In

Jeffery was another of my online acquaintances. He was semi local and seemed to have some similar interests, so we decided to hook up. We picked our time and date and I set out.

Driving out to his place, I realized it was in the middle of nowhere. It was 5 miles off a paved road and right next to a river. It was the kind of place, where if you screamed, no one would hear you.

Jeffery is a fetishist. Everything has to be perfect with him and he’s very cold and clinical. Were it not for a hard cock, one would never even know he was aroused. He agreed to launch right into our selected role play. I was nervous as hell but got ready to play my part as I pulled up to his house.

I knocked on the door, he answered, wearing a lab coat. “I’m here for my appointment.” I say, he acknowledges this and leads me in to a back bedroom. He asked me to undress and sit on his exam table (turns out to be his son’s bed.) I can tell he’s nervous, and a bit excited. We go through the whole process of a normal physical, blood pressure, ear, nose and throat checks, breathing checks, etc. Then he had me stand up and doing some bending and stretching to test my flexibility. There was nothing out of the ordinary about any of it, aside from the fact that I was naked.

Then he told me it was time to take my temperature. I’m used to an oral thermometer so I opened my mouth. A little smile played across his face as he informed me that a rectal measurement Escort Bayan was much more accurate. I could tell this was definitely what he’d been waiting for. He turned me around and gently eased me into a bent over position. My feet were shoulder length apart, so it was a fairly modest bending, not the legs spread, ass spread position I’m used to. I could hear him putting lube on the thermometer, though I hardly I needed it. The took two fingers and spread my ass just enough to expose my tight pink hole.

The glass thermometer was cold as it slid in easily. It was such a tiny object, but there was something undeniably erotic about it and I instantly felt my cunt moisten. He twisted the implement around a little bit, pulled it out slightly as then pushed it back in. I was doing my best not to moan and keep everything professional. After about five minutes, he pulled it out and informed me that my temperature was normal and that we would proceed to the next part of the exam.

He had me lay sideways on the bed, legs spread widely and feet propped up on a chair. I knew that he had already noticed my arousal, but he didn’t say anything. He pulled on a latex glove and poured a little lube on his fingers. He inserted two deep inside my aching pussy and I had to bite my lip not to moan. He felt all around, sides, top, cervix. When he’d decided that everything felt normal, he pulled out and reached for the speculum that had Bayan Escort been sitting nearby. He poured more lube on it, I’m not sure why as I think I was wet enough to accommodate just about anything.

He slid the cold plastic device in and started opening it. Even at a normal doctor’s appointment, this aroused me. The stretching that ensues is transcendental. He opened it wider than most doctors do. He was definitely a but uncomfortable, but that just turned me on even more. He got his flashlight and did his visual exam. He even went so far as to take a swab, being very thorough with the motions of the q-tip. Finally we were done and he released the speculum and pulled it out. He took some tissue and wiped me up, he needed a lot of tissue. As the final part of the exam, he once again inserted a gloved, lubed finger inside me. But this one penetrated my tight, wanton asshole instead. I don’t think I could have been anymore tormented. I was being penetrated in all sorts of fun ways and I wasn’t even allowed to enjoy it. Another finger went in, probing, stretching, filling. After what seemed an eternity, he pulled out and wiped me up once again. He instructed me to get up and get dressed so I did.

I thought we were done, but after reviewing my chart (empty clipboard) he informed me that I had lapsed on my immunizations and that would have to be corrected. This was a part of the role play I had not been expecting and I was Escort extremely hesitant, which I voice. He then showed me all his sealed needles. In retrospect, I probably still should have said no, but at the time, that was enough convincing for me. I watching him unwrap the needle. Then he instructed me to turn around and bend over again. I complied apprehensively. He lifted up my skirt an pushed my panties into my ass a little. He cleaned the area with an alcohol wipe and then asked me if I was ready. I knew I was as ready as I’d ever be and I said yes. I felt a slight pinch, a hold, and then a pull out. The syringe had been empty and he’d injected nothing. For the first time, he broke the play and asked me if I was comfortable with a real injection. Naturally I asked what was going to be put inside me, he told me saline which is harmless. He showed me the still sealed bottle of solution so I consented. I assumed a receiving position again, more alcohol wipes and clothing adjustments. This time I didn’t get a warning. I felt the pinch of the needle and then the pressure of the fluid pushing into me. It stung slightly but was not unpleasant. Once again, I felt a sudden dampening of my cunt. He pulled my panties back into place, stood me up and told me we were finished.

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, the play ended and we began some actual conversation. I had thoroughly enjoyed myself even though there had been no release. It had been amazing foreplay and I was certainly looking forward to more. We shared some notes, and suggestions on how to make it better. It was nice to relax after the rigidity of the play and I knew there was more to come. But that is for another story.

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