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Let Me Eat You Out

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Big Tits

Welcome, gorgeous creature.

Today we’re going to try something a little different. Today we won’t trouble ourselves with stories or drama, with fabricated scenarios or roleplaying or predetermined relationships. We won’t even worry about partners.

Today is all about you.

We will take our usual trip into the realm of imagination…but not fiction. Today, everything here is as real as you can imagine it. As real as you and me. This is your journey, not some character’s. You are experiencing your own story—and reaping all the rewards for yourself. Today, I’m speaking to you directly.

Because today I’m going to eat you out.

I am going to spend a good…long…while…doing nothing at all but pleasuring your pussy with my mouth.

Shut the world out.

Clear your mind.

Focus only on these words.

Feel yourself in your body.

Feel your body.

Feel what it feels.

I’m going to ask you to stand up slowly now, and begin removing your clothes. Take your time; don’t rush. Feel the fabric sliding across your skin. Feel the open air on your body as it’s exposed—your nipples…your ass. Remove one piece of clothing at a time, thoughtfully and deliberately. Continue until you’re completely naked.

As you’re taking off every last stitch of clothing, I want to set out some ground rules. The first is that once we begin, there will be no edging. You can cum whenever you want, as much as you want. I will never deny you, and you will never have to hold back. Whenever you feel like you can have an orgasm…just let it happen. Then begin again, and build to the next orgasm.

The second rule, though, is that we haven’t begun yet; and until we do, there will be no touching or stimulation. For now I want you to focus your entire being on listening to my words, on letting them flood your mind, and on the sensations they bring to life in your imagination. Just Şanlıurfa Escort listen, and feel with your mind.

Now that you’re naked, I want you to lie down on your back, arms at your sides. Look down at your flawless body. Appreciate how soft and shapely you are, how finely tuned your body is to experience the most delicate physical sensation and pleasure.

Now I want you to spread your legs wide and expose your pussy. As I climb up between your thighs, lie still and listen to me describe to you all the things I’m about to do.

I’m going to start with the softest strokes of my fingertips up your inner thighs. As I settle between your legs, I will place my hands on either side of your vulva, and then bend over until you can feel my breath on you. With one finger, I’ll gently expose your swelling clit so that I can flick my tongue lightly up and down on it.

As your breathing intensifies, the work of my mouth will too: my tongue will massage your clit more and more firmly, until finally I close my lips on it, sucking and licking. Eventually, I’ll remove my hands, so that all you feel is my mouth on you.

As your wetness increases, my mouth will want to taste your juices. My lips and tongue will wander over and around and between your lips, with long, wet licks up and down their entire length. With perfect little moans of lust and pleasure, you’ll spread your legs as wide as you possibly can, and push your hips upward to shove your overheated pussy up into my mouth.

For a moment I’ll stop licking you, and lift my head to catch your eye, wanting you to see my face shiny and slick with your wetness. As we share that brief eye contact, my hand will cup your whole vulva, gently pressing and massaging and rubbing; and then I’ll return to your pussy, sucking and tonguing your clit firmly and hungrily. If it feels good to you, you can tell me not to stop, and I’ll keep Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan going as long as you like. You can clutch and pull my hair, and force my head to just the right spots to pleasure you best.

As you look down to watch me burying my face in your pussy, you’ll feel my two fingers begin gently pushing into you, exploring your warm, wet hole, stretching you out so that I can slowly begin fucking you with my fingers. As my mouth continues to work your clit, my fingers will gently slide deep into your pussy and back out again, then in, and out, over and over. I’ll turn my hand over to find your G-spot, pressing and stroking it with my fingers as they fuck you.

By this point, you may feel like you’re going to cum, so I want to remind you that you should let yourself reach climax as quickly and as often as you like. Let each orgasm wipe your mind clean, as if the rest of your body falls away and you exist only as a cumming pussy. I’ll want to feel your throbbing furnace tighten around my fingers…I’ll want you to squirm and shudder and twitch and moan. And with the continued stimulation to your G-spot you might even squirt all over my face and in my mouth. Nothing will make me happier—I’ll be so eager to be bathed in your juices.

As I suck your juices from my fingers, I’ll tell you how good you taste, and about the indescribable joy it brings me to do all these things to you—I’ll even show you how big and firm and erect my cock is, just from pleasuring you. I’ll remind you to focus on how good it makes your pussy feel. I’ll gaze into your eyes as I slowly, so slowly, lean back in for more. When I do that, you should focus on the sensation of my wet mouth all over you…on the heat in your loins…on the coolness you feel as your wetness and my spit commingle and drip down onto your ass.

Just as you’re settling back into your pleasure, you’ll feel me stop Escort Şanlıurfa for a split second and slap your pussy. The jolt will cause your whole body to tremble for an instant, and feeling that will make me slap you again. But I know I won’t be able to keep my mouth off you for long—I’ll be too desperate to dive back into you, to explore your pussy with my mouth, getting to know it as if it were a familiar, warm, safe den of ecstasy. I’ll be too eager to spread your lips wide with my fingers and moan into your hole as I tongue-fuck you.

Remember that anytime you want to cum, you can. We can keep going as long as you want. Eventually, though, I’ll want to lie back myself, and ask you to climb up and straddle my face. As you look down at me, past your breasts and your sopping crotch, I’ll tell you to descend, ever so slowly, guiding your pussy down to press it against my waiting mouth.

While you grind hard on my face as if you were fucking a cock, my hands will grab and rub and slap your ass, and maybe even do a little anal teasing. My lips and tongue will be working and working on your pussy; I’ll be drowning in your heavenly taste, the taste of rosewater, beauty, desire. I could let you ride my face for hours if you like—for as long as you want, through as many orgasms as you want. I want you to lose control completely, bucking your hips against my mouth and writhing in limitless pleasure as sensation overwhelms you again and again.

From there, gorgeous creature, we’ll move on to many other moments of ecstasy. I’ll be as hungry for your pussy as I was when we started, compelled by the need to taste and smell your pleasure, to tongue and suck your clit, feeling your warmth radiating onto my face, pushed on by your moans. I hope you get so lost in how my mouth feels on you that you forget how to utter any words other than the wordless language of sexual bliss. I hope you cum over and over, always drawn back in afterwards by your insatiable thirst to climb the orgasmic mountain all over again.

That time will come. But for now, I think we’ve established enough of a framework to begin. So if you’re ready, let me start with the softest strokes of my fingertips up your inner thighs….

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