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Lessons Learned Ch. 11: Date Night Pt. 02

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Chapters Ten, Eleven and Twelve cover one 18-hour period between Brinna & Zach. The author has requested they be posted over three consecutive days so that the reader doesn’t have to wait any significant amount for of time for the three parts to conclude. Enjoy!

Lessons Learned, Ch. 11, Date Night Part II

Zach froze in mid thrust buried deep inside of me. We both listened hard.

“I’m telling you I saw them together at the club,” a male voice said. “They were practically fucking on the dance floor. He totally had his tongue down her throat.”

“You’re so full of shit. There’s no way a babe that hot was with Zach. He’s probably in his room jerking off to porn. Typical geek Friday night,” the second voice responded, laughing.

“Oh shit!” Zach whispered urgently. “Tyler’s home. He was supposed to be out all night. Oh fuck, Brinna, I’m sorry.” He tried to draw away from me.

“No,” I whispered back. “Don’t you dare get up.”

“The bedroom door’s not even all the way closed,” he hissed. “They might see you. I’m so sorry. I’ll try to distract them for a few minutes and you can sneak out.”

“Fuck that. I’m not sneaking out! I have every right to be here and I don’t care if they know I’m here or not.”

“Won’t-won’t you be embarrassed? They’ll tell everyone.”

I stared up into his eyes. Eyes worried that I might be embarrassed about the opinions of a couple of ignorant assholes, concerning our relationship. Eyes reflecting despair over the return of a dipshit roommate, ruining everything. I thought this ’embarrassed to be seen with me’ issue was resolved long ago.

I got mad. Then I got loud.

“Oh Zach,” I moaned loudly, “Oh god, keep fucking my hot pussy with that monster cock of yours.” I flexed my hips against him.

Down the hall, there was a second of dead silence, followed by the sound of furious whispering from down the hall.

“Brinna!” Zach whispered, shocked, He looked alternately horrified and amused. “They can hear you!”

“I want them to hear me.” I kissed him, hard, then I spoke again, as loudly as the first time, “Oh yeah, baby, that’s it. Fuck me good.” I was just as loud as the first time. I smiled wickedly at Zach, who was turning red in the face. “You better get to it, Zach. I still need to cum,” I said quietly, rolling my hips against his. “Finish what you started.”

“Oh god,” he softly moaned, dropping his forehead onto my shoulder. Briefly, I thought he wasn’t going to continue, but then I felt his cock swell. He started to rock against me again, tentatively at first, until I began whispering to him, urging him on, praising his sexual prowess and pleading for my sexual release.

“I hope you don’t think I’m a slut. You know, for getting so hot, knowing your roommate can hear us. Hear me getting my pussy filled by your giant cock,” I whispered. Zach moaned again, picking up the pace until he was driving into me so forcefully the headboard was rapping on the wall, bedsprings squeaking noisily. I clenched my fingers on his ass cheeks, urging him to keep thrusting.

“Christ!” one of the boys in the other room exclaimed. “He’s really giving it to her.”

Zach was grunting with the force of his thrusts, and I was lost in the feeling of him hammering my pussy, and the sounds we were making.

“Oh fuck Zach,” I cried out loudly, “I’m gonna cum, baby. I’m gonna cum all over your big cock.” I wrapped myself around him tightly, needing to anchor myself against the oncoming wave of my orgasm. It threatened to be even stronger than the one he’d given me earlier.

I hoped his bed would survive the pounding. We were both slick with sweat, and breathing hard. It felt like we were running a marathon.

“You fuck like a god,” I added loudly, for Tyler’s benefit, twisting a metaphorical knife. Zach stifled a laugh, his face buried in my neck, lips against my skin.

“I can’t hold back much longer,” he warned and, knowing he was close to his own orgasm pushed me over the edge.

“Oh fuuuuuck!” I shouted, barely coherent. After that, it was just nonsensical cries of passion pouring out of me, as an orgasm ripped through my body. My pussy squeezed and pulsed around Zach, letting loose a torrent of cum over his thickness. My hips jerked spasmodically against his, no longer under my control.

“I’m gonna cum, baby, fuck yeah, here it is. Oh god!” Zach groaned loudly. I felt him release the first spurts of seed deep inside me, grinding himself against my pubic bone, and pumping his hips with each jet of cum.

An indeterminate time later, my heartbeat finally began to return to normal. Zach eventually stirred, lifting most of his weight off me, once I loosened my grip. I felt drenched with a mixture of our juices, leaking from between my legs.

“Every time I think it can’t get any better, it does,” Zach said. I had to agree. I had started to think the pupil had surpassed the teacher. He could melt me, with just a few well-placed caresses, and his tireless desire to take me. I flexed my inner muscles and he gave a little moan.

“You’re so hot, Zach.” I gently sucked his bakırköy escort bottom lip between my own, feeling his cock twitch.

“Behave yourself,” he ordered with a smile when I released his lip.

“What will you do to me if I don’t?” I asked wickedly.

“I’ll fuck you until you can’t walk straight,” he said, voice full of promise. We laughed together.

There was a light rap on the open door. Tyler’s head popped in as we looked in that direction.

“Hey Zach?”

“What the fuck, man?” Zach shouted, pulling out of me and rolling to the side, to shield me from view.

“Oh, hey, sorry, I, uh, we, uh, weren’t sure you were home.”

“Yeah, okay, I’m home. Get the fuck out,” he said irritably.

“Sorry, man,” came the retreating voice. We heard more urgent discussion from down the hall.

“I should get up and shut the door.”

“Leave it,” I said with a naughty grin. “Let them hear and envy your sexual prowess.” We snorted laughter into each other’s shoulders. He caressed my belly with the backs of his fingers, trailing lazily over my rib cage and under my breasts, making a wide circle.

“You’re drenched,” he observed, eyes drawn to the junction between my legs. “It felt like I gave you a gallon. I couldn’t help it after feeling you cream all over my cock the way you did.” He leaned down and gave me a smoldering kiss. I felt his limp cock stir against my thigh.

“Get a towel or something and clean me up,” I said, spreading my legs wider as his cum trickled from my pussy and ran down my ass crack. He gave me another kiss, before springing from the bed, then searching through his closet.

He stood at the end of the bed, a bemused look on his face, as he stared at my exposed cunt. His cock was twitching steadily, no longer hanging limply between his legs.

“We tore your stockings,” he said suddenly. His eyes flicked to mine. “Sorry, Brinna. I’ll replace them.”

“They were just for you anyway,” I answered with a smile. I rolled off the bed and stood. “Take them off me.” His eyes jerked back to my stocking-clad thighs. Standing before him, legs slightly spread, I felt a large dollop of his cum begin to drip from me.

Without a word, he knelt, catching the escaping juices on the soft material of the black shirt he’d removed from his closet. He lovingly and thoroughly wiped me dry, placing a kiss on each of my inner thighs. Task completed, he absently dropped the shirt, and reached for the clasp holding my stockings up. His fingers brushed my thighs as he worked. He unhooked the garter belt, letting it drop to the floor, before rolling the stockings down over my legs. He kissed the insides of my thighs, down to my knees, as he went.

Finally, I stood before him, completely naked, feeling deliciously satisfied and certain that our night was just beginning.

“I want you to stand here and wait for me.” I said, brushing past him. Retrieving his shirt, I dressed myself, buttoning it strategically to just conceal my breasts and pussy. “I’m going to the kitchen for some water. Want anything?”

“Brinna, don’t go out there! I’ll go. They still don’t know it’s you, for sure. You can still leave after they’re out of the way.” He caressed my cheek. “You don’t have to do this.”

“I want to,” I answered seriously, giving him an open-mouthed kiss hot enough to melt stone. “Now that you’ve had your birthday present, I hope you’re ready for your Christmas present.” I gave him a smile full of promise.

“What’d you get me?” he asked, concern and curiosity warring on his face. I recognized that conflicted expression. He was trying to be practical but, at the same time, his cock was telling him to let it go.

“I’m going to get on my knees and give you the best blowjob you’ve ever had.” I licked my lips. “This is the night.”

“The night?”

“The night I deep throat that enormous cock and feel you cum down my throat.” At that, he groaned and reached for me. I danced lightly away from him. “Not yet, big boy. First, water, then a pee break. Then you can have your present.”

I sauntered down the hallway toward the living room where a hushed, yet intense, conversation was still in progress. When they saw me, both boys stopped speaking and stared wide-eyed. As luck would have it, the second voice belonged to Reggie, head of the hyena pack from the class Zach and I shared. I gave them my sexiest smile.

“Hey, fellas. Sorry about the noise. We thought we had the place to ourselves. I hope you don’t mind.” I breezed past them and into the kitchen.

I opened the fridge and liberated a bottle of cold water. Carefully considering the remaining contents of the fridge, I grabbed a bottle of beer for Zach. Taking a deep breath, I stepped back into the living room. Both pairs of eyes were waiting for me, unblinking. Tyler gave me a crooked grin.

“Got enough to share?” Reggie sneered, clearly not referring to the beverages in my hands.

“Sorry, boys. You’ll have to get your own.” I strolled past them with a disdainful look. I made sure to walk slowly enough to tease them with the view bakırköy escort bayan of my ass, jiggling under the tail of Zach’s shirt. There’s not much that feels sexier than wearing your lover’s shirt after a good romp.

Returning to the bedroom, I leaned against the doorjamb and looked at Zach. “Damn Zach,” I said, in a voice that carried. “You’re always hard and ready to go, aren’t you? I hope you’re ready for the best blowjob you’ll ever have. I’m getting wet just thinking about you shooting your wad down my throat again.”

Zach blushed a bright red, knowing the boys could hear, but that didn’t stop his cock from stiffening markedly. I licked my lips, with my gaze locked on his swelling member.

“You’re so big,” I purred, extending the beer toward him. I grinned, noticing his hand trembling slightly, as he accepted the bottle. We both drank deeply, regarding each other from arm’s length. I capped my half full water bottle, tossing it aside. Still in the doorway, I unbuttoned the shirt, tossing it away also. I stepped inside the room, and turned to push the door closed. As expected, I spotted Tyler and Reggie at the end of the dark hallway, staring toward Zach’s room. Not much would be visible, this far down the dark hallway, but they would see my silhouette in the doorway. I blew them a kiss, then closed the door, except for a small gap. I wanted payback for the man they derided, all semester, as a geeky loser. I wanted those bullies to hear my enjoyment of this man.

“Stroke it for me,” I commanded softly. Zach clumsily set the beer on his nightstand in his rush to comply. “Wait.” I took his hips and turned him a bit, so he was mostly facing the bed. “There. That’s how I want you. Now, stroke your cock.” I stepped back to watch as he grabbed his shaft and started fisting it with steady strokes. “That’s good,” I breathed. “Not too fast, not too slow. Just right, Zach. You always know what I like.”

“You liked showing them your body, didn’t you?” he asked in a low voice. “Letting them see your beautiful tits. Your nipples got hard. Did you know that?” He swallowed. “Touch them for me.”

I cupped my breasts in my hands, as if I were offering them up to him. I smiled.

“Like this?”

“Touch them,” he begged.

With a knowing look, I let my fingers play over my breasts, teasing myself until my nipples had become erect points, straining and begging for more attention. I pinched and rolled them between my fingertips, watching as Zach’s strokes began to increase in speed.

“Not too fast, baby,” I reminded him. He paused, firmly gripping his rod.

“Touch yourself,” he demanded in a rough voice.

“I am,” I reminded him, continuing to toy with my breasts, as dampness flowed between my legs.

“You know what I mean. Play with yourself. Rub your clit. Fuck your fingers.” His fist went back to work. “Do it, Brinna.”

“You’re sexy when you take charge, baby,” I cooed, letting a hand trail down, over my belly to the triangle of neatly trimmed hair between my legs. “Is this what you want to see?” I asked, teasing my swollen outer lips.

I heard the front door of the apartment open then close. I shrugged to myself. Maybe Tyler and Reggie went to find their own fucktoys, as I’d suggested.

“Fuck yourself,” Zach said again. I slipped a finger between my slick lips and plunged it deep. My lips parted, my breathing becoming heavier. I slowly worked one finger inside, before withdrawing and lifting it to my lips. Zach hungrily watched, as I slowly licked the fingertip, then slid the whole finger into my mouth. “I’m going to fuck your mouth for you, Brinna.”

I pouted, playfully, returning my finger to my pussy. This time I buried two fingers inside of myself and used my thumb to brush over my swollen clit. As I moaned at the sensation, his fist worked faster over his cock.

“I need you in my mouth, Zach.” I crossed to him, kneeling gracefully with my hands braced on his thighs. He groaned as he looked down at me. I realized he’d never seen me in a subservient position. During previous blowjobs, Zach was always either seated, or lying on the floor with me. I tapped his wrist and he released his cock. I smiled into his eyes, as I ran my tongue along his shaft, from the underside of the base to the head. My tongue swirled over the cockhead, before teasing just the crown with the tip. I could still taste our mingled juices on his cock. He groaned and closed his fingers loosely in my hair. My eyes on his, I smiled at him, placing one hand flat against his hip bone, letting him know to keep still. I nibbled and kissed my way back down his rigid member. It seemed to have a heartbeat of its own at this point. I could feel it pulsing under my tongue. Sensing his eyes on me, I teased his balls with the tip of my tongue, before sucking one into my mouth with gentle pressure. He drew a sharp breath, making a low noise in his throat.

“God, Brinna,” he moaned, when I released it with a light kiss. I stroked his shaft, marveling again at the ten-inch cock in my hand. It was always the quiet ones, I thought, amused escort bayan bakırköy at myself for still being so dick-struck by Zach’s size. It wasn’t just the length, though, because the girth was equally impressive, and more than a little responsible for my ongoing fascination with having him buried in my depths. As I’d told him the first time I’d seen it erect, he had a beautiful cock.

I opened my lips and slipped the wide head inside my mouth, applying light suction, as I continued to stoke him. I alternated sucking and stroking, swirling my tongue around the head, and teasing his slit. Precum coated my tongue, as I slowly worked him into my mouth.

“Are you sure, Brinna?” he asked, hand clenching and unclenching at his side. I recognized this behavior he used to help ensure self-control, to avoid thrusting or otherwise disrupting my efforts.

“Mmm-hmm,” I murmured, mouth full and preoccupied with the task of relaxing my throat, so I could take him deeper. My murmuring created vibrations around the cock in my mouth. His eyes glazed over and I recognized, from the expression on his face, that he was lost to the sensation. I fought a moment of panic, feeling like I was suffocating. I forced my gag reflex to relax, as I took the last of Zach’s cock down my throat.

“Ohhhh fuck,” he ground out between clenched teeth, as I finally succeeded in my goal. “Oh god, Brinna! I can feel the back of your throat. That’s it baby. It feels so fucking amazing.” He was breathing heavily. I sensed him about to thrust, so I warned him off by applying subtle pressure against his skin, with the palm of my hand. “I’m not gonna last much longer, Brinna. I’m gonna cum in that your beautiful mouth, and shoot a load down your throat. Is that what you want?”

“Mmmmm,” I groaned, deep in my throat, vibrating his cock more strongly than before. His hands trembled noticeably, as he tried not to cut loose and fuck my mouth with abandon.

I withdrew a few inches, then slowly slid my mouth back down, until his cockhead bumped the back of my throat again. I repeated the action three more times, until Zach’s eyes rolled up followed by his eyelids closing. I knew it would take very little to send him over the edge. I simply moved my mouth over him, without any suction or tongue twirling, but it was enough to have him boiling.

I heard a slight scraping sound and flicked my eyes to the doorway.

It seemed that Tyler hadn’t left after all. He stood in Zach’s doorway, fisting his hard cock in his hand and staring with open-mouthed wonder at the sight before him. I had no idea how long he’d been watching.

The sight of Tyler’s naked lust, as he watched me deep throat his roommate’s enormous cock, gave me a strong jolt between my legs. I would have buried my fingers in my sopping pussy, if I hadn’t needed all my concentration to finish the job on Zach. I felt wild with the exhilaration of finally, fulfilling one of my oldest fantasies involving Zach and his beautiful member. An added bonus was having his insufferable roommate watching it happen.

I pulled back a couple of inches and this time adding a light suction.

“Oh fuck, that’s it baby. I’m gonna cum.” A shudder racked his body. “I’m gonna cum,” he repeated harshly. I pulled back just a bit more, resting his cock on my tongue and sucking harder. His eyes opened and focused on my mouth. “Take it, Brinna,” he grunted, grabbing my head in his hands. He held my mouth still on his cock. I felt it swell on my tongue before he gave a deep grunt of satisfaction, and the first pulsing jet of his cum splashed the back of my throat. I swallowed rapidly, shocked at the copious amount he had unleashed. Knowing his capabilities, and dealing with the reality, were two different things.

His cock pulsed on my tongue again, unleashing a second wave of his salty seed. I whimpered a little, working to swallow it quickly. My eyes began to water with the effort.

A sharp cry came from the doorway. Zach’s head swiveled, in time to see his despised roommate shooting his own load. It shot out in a thick, ropey stream, splashing onto the carpet a few feet from where we were engaged.

Zach released my head and began to pull back from my mouth, leaving a third deposit coating my tongue, before he slipped from between my lips. A fourth pulse splashed my lips, chin, and neck, as Zach grabbed his wildly waving cock. There was another loud groan from Tyler as he continued to enjoy the view.

Zach’s eyes began to clear of his lust. He pumped his cock with a fist, quickly milking the last of the spunk. Being in the midst of his overpowering orgasm, he was clearly struggling with his displeasure at finding Tyler jacking off in the same room. A final splatter of cum landed across the top of my left breast, as his eyes came back to find me, concerned, but still heated.

“Brinna,” he whispered lovingly, using his thumb to swipe at the mess he’d left on my lips and chin. I licked the tip of his thumb, then he placed it between my lips, giving a soft moan as I sucked the salty essence from his thumb. Ignoring Tyler, our eyes stayed locked as he repeated the gesture with the dollop on my neck as well. I made love to his thumb with my mouth, while his eyes burned into my skin. Reaching for me, he lifted me to my feet by my elbows and cradled me against his body, turning a bit to shield me from Tyler’s sight.

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