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Lemon Chiffon: The Next day

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For Deb…she asked.


She stretched her legs beneath the soft light sheet covering her and felt delicious twinges in muscles and places she hadn’t used in ages. Curling further onto her side she looked out the window at the bright and remembered how last night he had commanded her body to its utmost limits, starting the minute they entered his car.

Foster Pearson was his name and he was everything Tasmin Ferrer dreamed of and wanted as a lover. Yes, he was intelligent, gorgeous and appealed to her need to be sexually dominated, but she also found him to be so much more than just the man who seduced her out on the balcony last night.

Oh what a wonderful night it had been. After he had so masterfully fucked her before anyone who happened to be standing outside and cared to look, she’d given her apologies to her friend and together they’d left the party for his house.

A gentleman, he held doors open for her, placed a helpful, if unnecessary, hand on her elbow and then opened the passenger door. As Taz prepared to enter the car his words brought her to a complete stop.

“If you want to take this to the next level, you will be naked for me.”

Concern raced across her thoughts, what was she doing? How could she be sure of him? She did not really know him and somewhere inside of her had to be some form of self-preservation.

In the streetlight she tried to find the assurances she needed but could see nothing and was about to decline his offer when his big hand moved to stroke along her arm.

“I will not hurt you, ever, but promise I will give you undreamed of pleasure.”

After his words sank in, Taz was not entirely sure why but it felt right to go with her gut and she started to take off the clothes that remained on her body. Stepping out of her decorated thongs, she removed both her soft velvet silk lemon yellow halter top and satin skirt, and handed them to him.

“While your garments are lovely on your body, you are too beautiful to be covered.”

“Thank you.”

Courteously he helped settle her naked form into his car and she watched as he moved around to the driver’s side. After he deposited her things onto the backseat and sat behind the wheel, he turned to face her. She felt his eyes slowly tracing all over her. There was no hiding her body’s reactions to his lustful gaze.

Her nipples were red hard point dancing on the tips of her quivering breasts. She squeezed her thighs together to try and ease the throbbing need and to stem the flow of her arousal filling the car.

For a long time he did not look away from her body and oddly she found the silence and his undivided attentions comforting.

“Yes, you are really very beautiful. Spread your legs wide for me, let me see your cum coated thighs while I drive us to my home.”

It took some doing but she moved her hands to rest on her knees, slowly unclamped her legs and pushed them apart, bending her legs to give him a better view of her pussy. She knew their mutual spendings that had not already seeped down her legs would pool beneath her on the car’s luxurious leather seats, but if he was not concerned about it, then she would not be either.


He turned on the engine and pulled away from the curb and the night went delightfully on from there. The respect and open adoration he had been shown back at Şanlıurfa Escort the party made it obvious he was a powerful man, the house they eventually pulled up before hinted at a great deal of wealth.

They were in a townhouse across the street from the city’s main attraction – the park. When he came around to open the car door for her she was swimming in desire and did not care who saw her naked body. Using a key he opened the main door and then used a security panel to release the locks on the inner panel.

Stepping in to the foyer there was no hinting, she decided the man beside her was one who wanted for nothing.

Wasting no time they went straight up to the third floor where his bedroom was located and played the night away. Oddly it had ended up being a rather romantic evening.

Champagne had been waiting beside the bed but it had been ignored for some time. Slipping to her knees and loving his cock with her mouth was where she had started and could have stayed all night long. Eventually he’d popped the cork, poured them both a glass and had toasted each other.

She had not dreamed to think of a future beyond this night, maybe the weekend but it was difficult in quiet moments like this to not want more.

Breath hitched in her chest when Foster pulled her back, close, to rest flush against his hard and eager body.

“Morning beautiful.”

“Morning.” The moan that followed was all about his hand moved up to clasp hold of her breast and tease the tip. After a particularly hard pinch he slid his hand down and teased her nub out, tugging and pinching the bundle until she was begging for her to take her.

Moving out from beneath his hands, she turned around and slipped onto her hands and knees, ending with a seductive look over her shoulder.

“Please? Will you fill me all up?”

“With pleasure.”

Once on his knees behind her he took little time in burying his cock in her eager depths.


After a few easy strokes she bent her arms to rest on her elbows, a position which moved her pussy higher, giving an even more thrilling line for him to thrust down.

It quickly became obvious to her that Foster was in no hurry to climax, but his large hard rod made her very frisky and the need to get naughty tickled her brain.

Then he gave her ass a slap, her pussy clenched tightly around his steady dick and she begged.


“You like that Taz?” He gave her rump another spank just as he thrust back in to her depths.


“Did you know you have a delectable ass?” Another long slow retreat of his long and thick cock accompanied the question and ended with a sharp slap.

“Ohhh…please, fuck me…”

“But I am baby.”

Over and over again, he slowly moved in and out of her moist claps, occasionally ending with a smart spank, briefly lifting one cheek and leaving a red mark behind.

Spreading her legs wider, lowering her head to rest on the rumpled bed, raising her ass up even higher, nothing she did brought her relief. Finally, not able to take it any further she started to move one hand down to tease her clit, rub it until she squeezed the seed out of him. But he stopped her.

“No, am I not giving you pleasure this morning?”


“Please what?” Slowing his fucking motion until he had Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan buried his hard cock deep inside her, then he pushed a little hard to lodge an infinitesimal amount more of length, scrubbing his balls over her hard bundle. Teasing her until she was ready to break.

“Please Foster, I beg you, fuck me…hard and fast.”

And thank goodness, he did.

Without delay he started to pound his big hard cock in and out of her soft wet pussy. There was a delicious liquid sound followed by a slapping noise from their sweat-covered bodies.

With his hands on her hips, he held her steady for his possession and she screamed her pleasure.

“Yes! Harder, fuck me harder!”

“Here baby, here you go, take all of my cock and I will gift you with pleasure.”

“Oh yes…yes Foster, ohhh!

Her breasts were excited and tender from where their tips had been repeatedly rubbed over the sheet. Taz arched her back, looking for more from his rod and felt her pussy tighten in pleasure when his balls knocked against her clit. Mere seconds away from climaxing and someone walked in on them.

Stunned, her pussy clenched and held tight to the cock buried inside her depths.

“Hey Foster, well, I guess having a sweet wet pussy to bang is worth missing our meeting.”

“Oh man I forgot all about that, got caught up in the beautiful Tasmin here.”

“Makes perfect sense to me, go ahead I’ll just sit over here and wait for you to finish.” The other man moved into her range of sight and asked politely “That is as long as your jewel doesn’t mind.”

“No, we don’t mind do we baby?”

“Ummm, no, no I don’t mind.”

After the man was settled in a chair off to the side of the bed, perfectly placed to watch their activities, he started to fuck her again…slow and easy, while still maintaining a conversation with their visitor.

Tortured was how she felt. His movements were slow and steady, and she was still sitting on the cusp of an orgasm. Euphoria sat there right out of her reach, if only he fucked her harder, faster, let her touch her clit, anything to push her over the wall and into the gentle arms of satisfaction.

It was not embarrassment that kept her still and quiet, but a desperate need to come. Afraid if she moved or said something to break into their conversation he would stop and that was not something she was willing to accept.

With that thought entering her conscious she set out to break him down, friend or not, dominate or not, she was a woman who deserved his undivided attention. Especially since he started this seduction.

The men were speaking of a piece of property across the river that they were developing and she squeezed her muscles, clenched around his slowly retreating cock. She concentrated on pulling the meat back into her heat.


Head still resting on the bed she did not look around at Foster to see how he was taking her silent rebellion. But she was looking at the visitor from beneath her lashes and he was entranced by where the couple was linked.

He pulled hard on his length, releasing some of the length only to give in to temptation and plunge back into her pussy. Once he was again happily buried in her slit she held tight and then released the grip, massaging his rod and working her own pleasure to reach higher.

After Escort Şanlıurfa a mere moment of being on the receiving end of her special attention, he began to pummel her pussy with his cock.

“Oh baby girl, I’m sorry…”

In and out, harder and faster than before and she could not hold back her screams of pleasure. Gripping the sheet for purchase Taz held herself steady to receive his attentions, because they were worth it.

“Oh yes, yes!”

“Here you go baby, I won’t ignore your needs ever again.”


“It seems you have a rather luscious lady there.”

“I do, here I’ll show you.” Stopping his movements with his cock buried deep inside her, he helped Taz up until she straddled his lap. “Put your arms around my neck and show my friend Dean here what an incredible set of tits you have.”

Put on display once again by this man and she felt her pussy quiver with excitement. She was so close to coming and it did wicked things to her desire when people admired her, whether from a distance or within a distance to touch.

“Well, well, well, those large nipples alone are worth missing a meeting for.”

Foster held a creamy white breast in each hand, stroking their softness, but of course she wanted more.

“Oh please…”

“Okay precious, okay, how is this?”

He reached up with his thumb and first finger and pinched the pointed tips, hard. Again and again, he tweaked and twisted, pulled and strummed until she was a writhing mass of womanhood who tried to fuck herself on and off his cock.

“Easy baby, easy now.” He leaned over and whispered in her ear, “I’ll take care of you. Rise up on her knees and hold on to my neck.”

In this position he had space to move his cock in and out of her intimate clasp. Maintaining a hold on her breasts, her nipples in specific, he started to fuck his length in and out of her. It was slow but not like it had been earlier. She could feel his need riding through him and would have fallen to her hands again if she thought he would accept it.

But for some reason she didn’t think he would.

As he picked up speed her breasts were wildly shaken while he still grasped hole of her nipples.

With consecutively more power, he thrust into her, enough oomph was on the end of each stroke to send his balls up to swish against her nub. Once, twice, three times he shoved his meat into her and between that and his hold on her breasts, she could take no more and fell apart.


He kept screwing his cock into her but she could tell it was becoming more of a trial. His rod felt impossibly larger and she was sure it had begun to pulsate. Wanting him to break, she used her internal muscles to grip his shaft and bore down, trying to make him work even harder to fuck her.

“Shit Taz!”

Big rough fingers held her soft breasts firmly and they jiggled out of control from the force of his movements.

Releasing her pussy’s fierce grip, she allowed him to thrust in and out of her pussy like a rabbit. Quick, hard, deep, over and over until he blew.


Buried deep inside her, he pulled her hard against him and she felt his cock splash load after load seed against her walls.

Feeling wickedly delicious and satiated, she let him soothe her with soft words whispered in her ears and a gentling of her body by his hands.

“I’m keeping you Taz, in my bed and at my side, with some part of me inside you at all times.”

“Yes, please.”

The man viewing their pleasure moved his hand down and squeezed his hard-on, not bothered that the couple appeared to have forgotten his presence.

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