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Legal Business and Illicit Pleasure Ch. 02

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Anne found herself recounting the events of the previous week as she lay in bed in a different but very similar hotel a week or so later. No such fun tonight she thought as she remembered the flirting over dinner, the move back her bedroom, the foreplay and sex that followed. The first penetration, the following bed sessions and then the raw rather rushed frantic fuck as she was bent over the sofa in the morning whilst awaiting her taxi. She recalled sitting in her first class seat on the train with Andrew’s cum leaking from her pussy into her expensive silk panties. Her pussy was in need of attention now, and she reached for her personal phone, and messaged him….a simple, casual, “Hi, hope you’re having a good week and that you’re fully recovered from the case”

Andrew replied in a few seconds “Hi, not a bad week, but nowhere near as exciting as this time last week”

Anne smiled and replied “Are you referring to the thrill of winning the battle re the claim?” Knowing full well what he was actually alluding to..

“I had something more enjoyable than that victory in mind tbh” He replied.

Anne smiled and sent “What could possibly have been more exciting than that?”

He rose to her bait and replied “Personally, the high point for me was getting you in your room, kissing you, sucking your amazing hard nipples, eating your sweet wet pussy, fucking your mouth and pussy, and sending you off to the train with my cum deep inside you just before you left. – In fact I must have cum at least another 6 times since whilst thinking about you and what we did…”

Anne liked his directness and the words on the screen made her feel hornier as she imagined him wanking his thick hard cock whilst imagining her and the way they had fucked.

The conversation became more intimate and soon messages turned into a phone call as they both lay naked on their beds, some 50 miles apart. They shared memories of “That night” and delighted in telling each other what they were doing as they masturbated. Andrew asked her to put her stockings and heels back on before using her fingers to masturbate. This made her even more aroused as she described the look and feel of the smooth sheer stockings and the sensation as he hand moved up her inner thigh and to her wet engorged pussy lips.

As Andrew described how hard his cock was and what he was imagining, Anne’s fingers slipped over and around her protruding clitoris. She had discovered the joys of masturbation many years ago and knew exactly what to do to build herself up to a powerful orgasm. She had a high sex drive and had regular sex, both at home and away, but there were still plenty of occasions where she yearned for the thrill of an orgasm whilst being alone. Wearing her heels and stockings made the experience more erotic, and whilst phone sex with anyone other than her husband was a rarity, she found Andrews voice and masterful suggestions very horny and soon her fingers were replaced by her toy and she imagined his hard cock pounding her and filling her hungry pussy with his cum as he had done the previous week. As they both climaxed and the call ended, it’s purpose fulfilled, Anne wondered what the next move may be.

It would be fair to say that Anne was no angel. She was a consummate professional at work and was a formidable and well respected lawyer. She had been married for many years and to virtually anyone looking from the outside, she would be the last person they’d expect to be getting up to many of the things she did to satisfy her lustful demands. Anne’s work did entail travel, and stays in quality hotels. These did present opportunities for uncomplicated and spontaneous sex, as any attractive female traveller will know. She avoided mixing business with pleasure, and the uncomplicated hook-ups were just that; one off encounters that rarely made it beyond the early hours, as she sent her latest conquest back to his own room once her itch had been suitably scratched. The night with Andrew had broken her business and pleasure rule, and she was now contemplating breaking her “for one night only” rule, as she wondered if they could meet again. Technically he was not a client, and she had on several occasions had regular meets with guys who gave her what she wanted.

Andrew was very much of the view that he would like to experience the joys of her body and mind again, and made that clear. She was not only a very attractive, smartly and sexily dressed lady, but also a very uninhibited and skilled lover. He had enjoyed seducing her, and all that followed and the experience of cumming deep in her tight pussy and again in her willing mouth was definitely worth repeating!

Opportunity presented itself the following week, when Anne was due to stay away, alone, after meeting a client on the Tuesday afternoon, and then again the following morning for a hearing. She floated the idea past Andrew with the name of a hotel, and it was one he had also used and its location Keçiören Escort fitted in with his work requirements. His PA booked a room as she would normally and he and Anne arranged to rendezvous as soon as they’d arrive – both knowing what would immediately follow.

Anne had a leisurely start to the day, it was not worth travelling to the office so had an extra hour after her husband left for work before she had to catch her train. Knowing that she was not only dressing for work, but also play, she selected one her sexiest lingerie sets which would be safely hidden away from her clients but would definitely excite Andrew. The bra was lacy and showed her full breasts off perfectly and the knickers not only felt amazing to wear, but the transparent mesh displayed her well trimmed strip and smooth skin beneath it. Suspenders and brand new sheer black stockings completed the look, hidden by a black pencil skirt and dark grey silk buttoned blouse.

Andrew teased her by text message throughout the day, and the train journey allowed her the freedom to glance up from her papers and read the rather direct and erotic messages he sent. It was safe to say that by the time she put her personal phone away and met her clients, she was suitably aroused and looking forward to her hotel, his tongue, fingers and cock. She arrived at her room and freshened up, let her hair down and touched up her subtle makeup, before messaging Andrew – 214… the only signal he needed. Anne opened the bedroom door, and left it with the latch just disengaged before walking back across the room and leaning against the desk to await her companion for the night.

Andrew walked in, closed the door and locked it, before walking over and making a point of giving Anne the once over. His smile and nod suggested to her that he approved of her outfit and was keen to see what was underneath. The kissing began, and it was fair to say that the sensation matched their first encounter. Anne had expressed the desire to “take the lead” and Andrew had agreed, telling her to be as forward and direct as she liked, he would go with the flow. Within minutes of their first kiss, his trousers were undone and Anne had his cock in her hand. It hardened as she stroked and squeezed it, before crouching and taking it in her mouth. Andrew leant back against the back of the sofa as she took his erect penis deep into her mouth and licked and sucked it. Anne was fully clothed and the sensation of this lovely hard cock in her mouth had made her nipples erect and she could feel her pussy throbbing. She had her plan and it entailed taking his first orgasm in her mouth, before getting Andrew to do his thing with his magical tongue and fingers as his cock recovered. She recalled that his recovery was pretty impressive for a guy in his 50’s, and was therefore sure she would be lining herself up for a long slow fuck once he’d “let off steam” in her mouth the first time

Andrew looked in the full length mirror and could see Anne devouring his cock as she caressed his scrotum and full balls. He ran his fingers through her hair and pulled her mouth onto his erection. As predicted, he soon reached the point where the outcome was not only inevitable, but very close. Anne looked up at him, willing him to release his semen into her mouth as he had done a week before. He gripped the sofa and swore as thick creamy bursts of his cum spurted into her willing mouth. There was no doubt in his mind that Anne was a proficient and willing cock sucker. She had a great technique and the act seem to arouse her as much as the benefactors of her oral pleasures. Little did Andrew know that within the past 5 days, she had not only fucked, but also sucked off her husband more than once, and had spent Saturday afternoon with her young lover, who at less than half her age, not only had the length and girth that left her so satisfied, but the stamina that any man over 45 will wistfully look back at as a fond and distant memory. He was able to fuck her, and be rock hard again within 5 mins and then go again and again. it was quite common for him to cum 4-5 times during their illicit 2-3 hour trysts, and Anne was more than a match for him, with her pussy and mouth being willing receptacles for his beautiful young cock.

Like her young friend, Andrew came hard, be it in her pussy or mouth, and as she looked up, he gripped her hair, moaned loudly and started to ejaculate in her mouth. She continued to lick and suck his softening member until every last drop of his creamy cum had been consumed. Andrew pulled her to her feet and proceeded to kiss her, as before he had no aversion to passionate kissing just after she had swallowed his load. He kissed her lips and neck and whispered “Your turn now…I’m going to undo your blouse, and pull your skirt up, suck and bite your nipples, and bury my face in your pussy. He had specifically requested that she did Etimesgut Escort not change any clothing after her day, wanting to not only see the “Solicitor Chic” exterior, but also smell and taste her sex after a day where her pussy had been moist and swollen, and her knickers had taken on that scent and the taste of her wetness.

As promised her blouse was unbuttoned to show her revealing lacy bra, both nipples erect and visible, and desperate to be sucked and teased. They were soon in his mouth and with her straps lowered, Andrews mouth alternated between her left and right nipples, with his fingers pinching and rolling whichever one was not being sucked. Anne loved nipple play, she had discovered the sensitivity of them long ago and there was no doubt that the intense attention they were now getting, would mean that he would find a very wet and aroused pussy when he moved his attention to her swollen mound.

Anne’s skirt was pulled up and Andrew started pressing the lacy material of her knickers against her slit, and his fingers alternated between light and heavier pressure as he continued to lick and suck her nipples. Anne was moaning softly and writhing, desperate to feel his mouth on her clitoris again.

“Go down on me now, lick me and taste my cunt”

Andrew smiled and kissed her, whispering “I love it when a woman knows exactly what she wants…tell me what you want?” His fingers were rhythmically rubbing her through her knickers and she could feel herself getting wetter and wetter with each stroke.

“I want you to lick my pussy and clitoris, I want you to pull my wet knickers to the side and taste me, fuck me with your tongue and suck my clitoris hard until I cum.”

“Then I want you to bend me over and fuck me hard, hard and deep, I want you to cum inside me again, like you did before my train.”

Andrew was happy to oblige and she was soon leant back on the sofa with her skirt around her waist and his head between her stockinged thighs, licking her through her soaking lacy panties and telling her how erotic the scent of her sex was and how he was going to “lick your sweet cunt until you cum for me”.

The same mirror offered Anne the view of his rear as he knelt between her splayed stockinged legs, eating her pussy. She loved the sight and feel of her legs in stockings and heels and having a man between her legs with her legs draped over his shoulders made for a very horny sight. Anne ran her fingers through his hair, and he stopped only to remove her sodden panties, giving them to her. She held them and felt the wetness and smelt the scent of her soaked pussy. With no obstruction, Andrews tongue started to penetrate her, and she felt his lips form a seal around her cunt. He sucked on her clitoris and gently nibbled it. It felt like it could explode, and in no time she felt her first orgasm building and tightened her legs around his neck as her orgasm erupted, and despite the hypersensitivity, Andrew showed no sign of stopping and one orgasm became multiples as her cunt was licked and sucked and penetrated by Andrews very experienced tongue. He finally pulled away and stripped off before standing before her wanking his cock and smiling at her, as she imagined what was about to come, and how her hungry pussy would soon be filled by this meaty shaft.

The chosen position was non negotiable, Anne knew exactly what she wanted and Andrew had no objection as she turned around and bent over the back of the sofa, still fully clothed apart from her knickers. Andrew feasted his eyes on the sight before him. Her black stocking clad legs, from the Louboutin shoes to the suspender clasps and contrasting skin which drew his eyes to her wet swollen pussy lips which were helpfully being parted by her as she reached between her thighs, ready to feels his cock and guide it into her hungry pussy. He moved forward and started teasing her with the tip of his cock, caressing her arse and buttocks, his knob made contact with her swollen clitoris and she helped by moving herself against it and coating it with her copious natural lubrication. The presence of a cock to stroke and suck and a good fingering and a skilled tongue ensured that there was absolutely no danger of lack of lubrication for penetration. Anne often had a wry smile when she read ads or saw tubes of lubricant in the Chemist, her own body providing ample supplies to aid the entry of even the longest thickest cocks she had ever encountered. After liberally coating his cock with her juices, Andrew changed the angle of attack ever so slightly and she gasped as he filled her with one steady thrust. Her pussy felt full and throbbed as his knob reached as far inside her as it could.

Despite enjoying being in control (sometimes) this position was all about the man…she was bent over, her head down and arse up, being fucked…not fucking, but being fucked…hard, deep and at whatever Demetevler Escort pace he wanted…and it felt amazing. Every position has its merits and variety is the spice of life, but for raw unbridled fucking, why not go back to nature…where the male enters the female from behind, thrusts deep inside her to the point of her gasping as she feels so full, and then proceeds to fuck until he is ready to release his seed in her womb. We may think we are civilised and the comfort of a nice hotel room and being dressed for sex and foreplay assured more of a build up, but as Anne was bent over and could feel the rush of blood to her head, she was being fucked just like a lioness in Africa or a bitch on heat. Each thrust of Andrews cock led to a moan and gasp from her as her tight pussy was stretched and stimulated. Her earlier plan had worked, swallowing his first ejaculation had ensured that his next would be far less likely to occur quickly. They both knew this, and he was able to thrust harder and faster than he would have dared first time round, without the fear of a negligent discharge.

As joyous as being fucked from behind over the sofa was, Andrew suggested a change of position, moving her to the edge of the raised bed (so many hotel beds are at the perfect height for fucking – accident or design?), he positioned his cock against her wet labia, and her stockinged legs over his shoulders. Anne had undone more buttons on her silk blouse, and was playing with her breasts and nipples as he penetrated her deeper than before if that was possible. Again, a position where the female lies and takes what is given to her, Anne enjoyed being fucked like this, and the sensation as his balls touched her pussy with every thrust led to some amazing penetrative orgasms. Andrew was enjoying the view, her facial expression indicating passion and lust, and the sight of her teasing her ample breasts and nipples was an added turnon. It was barely 5pm and instead of being stuck in the office or preparing to leave, here she was with a nice thick cock pounding her hungry pussy. Andrew was getting closer, and Anne’s words of erotic encouragement and the sight of her pinching her hard nipples made his cock twitch. She soon felt the sensation she knew and loved as his cock prepared to release its load deep inside her as they climaxed together.

Andrew withdrew his cock and this was followed by a river of semen which he then massaged in and around her shaven pussy. They both lay back exhausted and laughed as they noted that she had made him cum twice and it was only just gone 5pm. They planned to have dinner later, and then decided to use the beautiful pool and spa for an hour or so first. They cleaned up, and Andrew headed to his room for his swimming gear and they agreed to meet at the pool in 10 minutes.

As he completed his first length, Anne appeared in a beautifully fitted high leg swimming costume, there was a hint of camel toe, and her cleavage was showed off to perfection. She climbed in and they swam and chatted for a while, with a few others swimming lengths and dipping in and out of the spa, sauna and steamroom. As a regular swimmer at home, Anne did a few lengths then headed to the jacuzzi to relax as Andrew continued to swim.

As she lay back enjoying the sensation of the jets against her back and shoulders, Anne was joined by an equally well presented female, they exchanged smiles and made small talk. She introduced herself as Fiona and said it was her first time at this hotel, and how lovely the facilities were. She was staying for one night in preparation for meetings in the area the next day, and they were soon chatting about various hotels, good and bad and the joys or not of business travel. Fiona was possibly a couple of years younger than Anne, and was divorced with a grown up daughter. She made reference to Anne’s “husband” being a good swimmer, and Anne smiled, and explained that Andrew was not in fact her husband. Fiona apologised for assuming he was having seem them in the pool together earlier.

“Let’s just say, I do have a husband, but on this occasion, my companion is another”

Fiona smiled back and replied “Good for you, I’m sure like me you get plenty of offers when you stay away – and yes I have occasionally had an offer that appealed to me.”

Anne smiled and since they were on the same wavelength, and she was not some prudish spinster, explained that she had an encounter with Andrew, and that this was round 2. She went on to say they had arrived earlier and were planning to dine later and then spend the night together. Fiona gave her a wink and replied “Lucky you – think of me as I have room service and a G&T whilst watching crap on TV!”

Anne smiled back at her and said “You should slip into something sexy and head for the bar…you could have a very good night, it will be full of men who would love to entertain you!”

Fiona looked at Anne and said, “If you were alone I’m sure she could have had a very lively evening, and who knows how it would end up.”

Anne sensed that Fiona was flirting with her, but needed to test the water. “do you think we’d both end up pulling some hunky young guys, or would they all head off with the tarty young things I saw strutting around reception, with their false eyelashes and pouty lips?”

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