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Lea’s New Best Friend

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Writer’s note: This story contains some terms specific to my “Greenbird” related stories: Andyne (people with bird wings), Renoige (furry catlike people), and Amphibious (sorta fish-like people who can live underwater).


“Well hello there new best friend,” said Lea. Lea was an andyne; just over two meters tall and pale with a large pair of pure white-feathered wings. His jaw-length hair was white too, though he was clearly in his mid-twenties, and wrangled back into a short spiky ponytail at the back of his head.

Lea sat down heavily on his couch next to his “new best friend,” a large blue insulated water cooler full of ice water. Lea had no idea how much it held, but figured it would be enough to dilute a single bottle of Kannar. The dorm room he was staying in was a bit larger than average, with his bed on one side and a small living area on the other: a worn plaid sofa against the wall with two side tables and a small thin-screen television in the corner, sitting on the metal desk that had come with the room.

Lea popped the latches on the top of the cooler. The bottle of Kannar he intended to drink was on the side table next to him, and all he had to do was twist off the top and pour it into the ice water. Since he hadn’t measured the water at all, Lea was gratified when the water level stopped just shy of the cooler’s lid as he tipped in the last of the Kannar. He used a stirring spoon he’d nicked from his sister’s quarters and mixed the beverage carefully; Kannar was a fancy brand of liquor brewed from an infusion of dagger root, a plant that was considered toxic to most humanoid species. It was drunk safely by andynes, usually diluted with something like ten parts water to one part infusion.

That evening was the end of Lea’s last working day before his first real break in months. He’d come to the airship almost seven months before, when his sister’s husband had died suddenly. The loss had caused his sister to have a nervous breakdown, and her second – Azriel – had had to take over, with Lea’s help. Co-captaining an airship like the Greenbird had an extremely steep learning curve, but Azriel was extremely competent, and there wasn’t even a hiccup in operations. However, both Lea and Azriel had had precious little time off since everything started, and they had both been looking forward to this break for months: the airship was docked over a forest city for maintenance and supply orders, and would stay that way for three short but glorious days.

“So,” Lea patted the cooler next to him. “What should we watch? I vote…um…” Lea turned on his television and scrolled through his entertainment library. “Give me a sec.” Lea perused his downloaded movies and shows for several minutes, and eventually settled on a series he’d recently found called Bays of Our Lives, an animated soap opera about manatees who owned feuding fashion empires. Once that was decided, he poured his first bottle of diluted Kannar and drank it in a single gulp. The drink was unusually bitter, but Lea didn’t want to get up for more water to dilute it and poured himself another.

Lea vaguely followed the fashionista/model manatee love triangles on the television for three back-to-back episodes before the pressure in his lower belly started getting distracting. Lea’s hand dropped into his lap. Kannar wasn’t an aphrodisiac, but it made the region between his legs unusually sensitive, which helped him hold his bladder when he really had to go.

Lea yawned again and sat up carefully. He chugged the rest of the bitter liquid in his current cup of diluted infusion and used his wings to push himself off the couch into an awkward standing position. He felt like he was going to leak and froze for a long moment. The moment passed, though, and he picked up the remote.

“Hoo, I gotta go,” Lea sighed to himself. He paused his soap opera and turned to his cooler. “Hold down the fort while I’m gone. Don’t change the channel on me, alright?”

The cooler didn’t respond.

“Thanks, you’re a peach,” yawned Lea. He slid a hand down the front of his pants, to both adjust and lightly stimulate himself to ensure he wouldn’t leak on the short walk to the bathroom. “See you later, best friend!” he said, stepping out into the hall.

Despite the late hour, there was somebody else out in the hallway: a young, pale black-haired human man, who hastily rounded a nearby corner and skittered into the bathroom. Lea didn’t give the man much thought as he ambled toward the bathroom door, but did register another pair of footprints echoing up the hall as he grasped the door handle.

One of the stall doors slammed shut when Lea entered.

“Hello?” Lea called.

“S-sorry about that,” said a voice in the closed bathroom stall. After a hesitant silence, Lea heard the guy in the stall unzip his pants and moan desperately, letting go into the toilet bowl. Lea approached the nearest urinal and pulled out his dick. It was harder than he’d anticipated so he stood and waited, Maltepe Escort trying to focus while listening to the human man peeing in the stall. It helped a little, and Lea was able to force out a little of the straining flood in his bladder. After about thirty seconds he was able to relax and let it flow slowly, until the bathroom door opened behind him. The human in the bathroom stall stopped peeing abruptly, and a large, fluffy renoige man with black fur walked in. It broke Lea’s already precarious concentration, and the flow into the urinal became a drip. Lea groaned.

“Jack?” called the renoige man. The room suddenly became noticeably warmer, and there was no response from the man in the stall. “I know you’re in here, I can smell you.” The renoige man strode behind Lea over to the stalls and pounded on the door. The man in the stall gave a quiet, distressed moan.

“Excuse me,” said Lea, turning around. “Hiyno Dmeytri, right? You work in delivery and ironworks, yes?”

The renoige man’s amber eyes widened in surprise, then shock. “How-…how do you-“

“I’m the captain’s younger brother. I remember Azriel interviewing you.” Dmeytri stared at him, speechless. Lea kept talking. “If you’re not going to use the bathroom, can you at least wait until your friend is done taking a piss before barging in?”

Dmeytri nodded slowly, his eyes wide. He was almost as tall as Lea, but the volume of fur he had made him look much bigger. It was then that Lea realized his cock was still sticking out of his fly, fully-erect with his long foreskin pulled back. He quickly covered it and Dmeytri stepped back, looking as embarrassed as Lea felt.

“Oh uh…yeah. Sorry,” said Dmeytri, shrinking away. He left the bathroom door without another word.

Lea turned back to the urinal. It took some effort, but he was able to empty a little more of his bladder. Meanwhile, the man in the stall finished his pee after some hesitation, and opened the stall door as Lea was zipping up. They both stepped up to the bathroom sink at the same time, and Lea noticed the human man’s eyes: they had no irises or pupils and instead were a solid, burning orange, glowing from within against the bathroom’s harsh fluorescent lights. Lea searched his mind for the man’s name.

“Mister…Jack Tahney?” said Lea slowly. The man looked up a little, recoiling from the sink. “Feeling better?”

“You were listening?” gulped Jack, turning pale while his eyes burned brighter. “I’m sorry.”

“Well I wasn’t trying to,” Lea replied, reaching up with one damp hand to rub his temples; the Kannar had definitely been stronger than normal, and it was making him a little lightheaded. “And you shouldn’t apologize for using the bathroom, we encourage that here.”

“Heh,” Jack laughed half-heartedly. There was a long, awkward pause, which Lea eventually broke:

“You off for the night?”

Jack nodded.

“Then why was Hiyno bothering you?”

Jack hesitated again, reaching for the paper drying towels. “He um…needs a new delivery partner because his old one requested a reassignment.”

“Oh yeah,” yawned Lea. “I almost forgot about that…he wants you to be his…delivery partner?”

“Yes,” said Jack.

“And you don’t want to,” Lea yawned again. “Do you?”

“I really don’t want to,” Jack agreed quietly.

“Then don’t,” said Lea. “I can talk to Azriel about transferring him out of delivery, so he won’t need a new partner.”

Jack’s eyes brightened a little. “You…you’d do that?”

“Well,” Lea slurred a bit. He paused for a moment to take a deep breath and clear his head. This was not a great time for a complex discussion; the effect of the Kannar was very slowly getting stronger. “It’s been a month, so we might have to transfer him anyway.” Lea turned on his heel and started toward the door to the hall. “If it makes you more comfortable I can walk with you back to your dorm.”

“You don’t have to,” Jack said quickly, fidgeting. Lea knew what Jack was, and the odd flickering quality of Jack’s eyes unnerved him a little.

“I want to,” said Lea. “And I should stay on my feet for now anyway. It keeps me awake.”

Jack resisted the idea a bit more, but seemed relieved when Lea decided to walk with him anyway. Jack’s dorm room was all the way on the other side of the ship. Jack squirmed when Lea asked him about it, but still responded to the question:

“I was hoping if Dmeytri didn’t see me go in, he wouldn’t follow me.”

Lea scratched at his head. He took a few extra seconds to think about his response before speaking: “Well…I mean he doesn’t have to, he’s a renoige. He can probably find anyone on the ship by smelling them.” The words sounded dumber than Lea intended, but he supposed they got the message across clearly enough.

Jack sighed. “Oh. Great.”

“Would you like to talk to my sister? She’s a trained counselor and also the captain. She’d definitely help you if you asked.”

Jack Anadolu Yakası Escort paled. “No. I like my job on this ship, I don’t want to lose it.”

“But you won’t,” said Lea. “You haven’t broken any rules, and you haven’t set anything on fire yet.”

Jack’s eyes dropped to his feet. Lea tried to pull his free-floating drunken mind back together.

“I mean…I’m not saying I think you will, Azriel wouldn’t have hired you if you couldn’t control your um…uh…fire…thingy.”

“Pyrokinesis,” corrected Jack, staring down at his hands under the tap. “And thanks, I guess.”

“No problem, buddy,” Lea slurred again. He couldn’t tell whether Jack was being sarcastic or not, but resolved to talk to Azriel about transferring Dmeytri to a different department as soon as possible.

They arrived at Jack’s door, and he unlocked it almost furtively, glancing around.

“Thanks for walking me back here,” said Jack.

“No probs,” said Lea. “Lemme know if Mr. Hiyno bothers you again. Good night, friend!”

“Good night,” said Jack shyly, closing the door.

On the walk back to his room, Lea tried very hard to remember to transfer Dmeytri. He stopped in the small communal men’s dorms sitting area to search for something to write it down with, but didn’t find anything. He was near the stern of the ship, and he could think of one place, just a short walk and elevator ride away from a veritable hoard of writing implements: his sister’s quarters.

Lea leaned back against the back of the elevator and pawed at his crotch, both to hide the pounding erection and to contain the rapidly-mounting pressure in his bladder; it seemed to be filling up again quicker than it should’ve been. He wondered for a fleeting moment what was wrong, and then promptly forgot about it when the elevator chimed on his sister’s floor.

“Pen, paper, transfer whatshisface,” Lea puffed to himself as he rushed along at a wobbly but brisk walk. It was thoroughly unpleasant on his bladder, but he could feel his head getting increasingly fuzzy by the second.

In what seemed like no time at all, Lea stood at Arin’s door. He patted down his pockets for his keys, but they were all empty. He didn’t want to knock on the door and wake his sister at that hour just for a pen, so he racked his brain for another plan. While he stood there his bladder spasmed painfully. He tried not to clutch at it, and decided to start walking; if nothing else, it would get him closer to a bathroom, or a sink. Anything with a drain or a bucket, he thought desperately, glancing around.

Lea didn’t get very far before he felt the first hot splash of urine around his waistline. He yanked the front of his shirt up, revealing the swollen head of his cock, sticking up out of his waistband. “Oh no,” he moaned, trying and failing to hold in another gush of piss. It splashed onto his shirt and soaked easily into his work pants.

“No, no no no,” gasped Lea. He ran to the nearest corner, rounded it, and found what he was looking for: an open door. He sprinted for it, and found that it was a parts storage room for the ship’s delivery rafts. The room was filled with shelves, holding all the different components in neat cardboard boxes labeled with serial numbers. At the end of the room was a large, dismantled chest-style toolbox. There was a note on the floor in front of them that said “caution: wet paint” and below it in small letters: “Property Of Jynt.” One of the toolbox’s larger drawers was almost fully dry and sat upright on the floor. Lea was sorely tempted to use it, but couldn’t bring himself to mess up the paint job. He rushed to a small gap in the shelves and pulled his soaked clothing out of the way.

Despite Lea’s desperation, the stream he released against the wall was slow and reluctant, and it didn’t help that his cock was extremely sensitive, swelling visibly as he pulled back his foreskin.

Lea looked over his shoulder past the shelves: the door had mostly closed behind him, and no one could see him from the hall. He looked back down, raised his shirt and slid a large hand down over his full lower belly, and around his aching shaft. It felt good, and Lea leaned back on his heels, spreading his wings awkwardly for balance in the tight gap between the shelves. After a few seconds of gentle stroking, he stopped leaking. He hadn’t had a chance to come in the past several days, having spent them preparing for his break. Clear precum bubbled out of him, and he began pumping at himself a little faster. It made his wings twitch, bumping both of the shelves next to him and rattling their contents. Lea jumped at the sudden noise, and it gave him a brief, intense rush of adrenaline.

Lea sped up his hand, trying very hard not to moan in case anyone passed by. He felt the orgasm coming on and aimed downward just before the first ejaculation shot out, spattering the wall. Several more large spurts followed, and Lea had to twist himself a little to keep his İstanbul Escort wings from hitting the shelves again.

Lea stood there panting for several seconds before his flow resumed. It was slow at first but picked up as he relaxed his body. He felt warm and shaky and suddenly a little sleepy, and relieved himself for the next minute straight against the supply room wall. As he put his dick away he could already feel his bladder filling up again, but it was a big relief.

“Much better,” Lea sighed to himself. He grabbed a nearby roll of disposable shop towels and gave the wall a quick wipe-down before mopping up the small lake of piss under the shelves. It didn’t take long, but while he was searching for the garbage can he heard voices in the hallway outside and froze. Lea listened intently; they were quickly approaching the door. He expected the voices to pass, but to his horror, they stopped almost directly in front of the supply room door.

“Stop!” puffed a familiar voice. “I…I can’t hold it-“

“It’s just a little further to the elevator, you can do it,” said another, unfamiliar voice.

“I’m sorry, I just can’t,” moaned the familiar voice. Lea finally placed it: his sister Arin. “I’ve been holding it since last night, and I guess I just drank too much water.”

“Alright,” said the familiar voice. “There has to be a broom closet around here. We can mop it up.”

Lea briefly considered going out to tell his sister about transferring the renoige guy, but he had a strong suspicion about the unfamiliar voice: for the past couple of weeks Arin had been sneaking off in the middle of the day, and when Lea had dropped off some lunch at Arin’s quarters for her birthday, he’d noticed two cups on the coffee table and heard someone trying to move around quietly in the bathroom. He never asked because it was an old Andyne taboo to talk to people about their sexual relationships. Lea crept over to the door for a look, hoping he was wrong and saw the slight, pink-haired human woman standing next to his sister. They both had their backs to the door, and the pink-haired woman was removing her pants. It was difficult to see around Arin’s dappled brown wings, but she was wearing a long elegant white dress, and her shoulder-length crimson hair was carefully bound up at the top of her head. Lea’s stomach sank: he didn’t know what they were doing, but his sister had dressed up for it. Lea backed away from the door and plugged his ears, blushing madly, but not before he heard the pink-haired woman’s name.

“Thanks, Tawny,” panted Arin. She spread her legs, gathered up her skirt and pushed out her pelvis. “Now, you might think the key to power peeing is pressure, but that’s only half the battle,” said Arin. “The other half is keeping the power in a stream, not a spray.”

“Here,” prompted Arin, patting her mons. “Pull the sides up and out a little.”

Tawny shyly stepped over next to Arin and reached a hand out, placing it between Arin’s legs.

“I promised you’d have hands-on experience,” said Arin while Tawny spread Arin’s unshaven pussy. Tawny gave a small but genuine snort of laughter. “Pull them up a little more, we’re going for distance,” grunted Arin.

“Don’t worry, I learn best-…” Tawny paused to watch Arin let go, sending a torrential stream of clear piss far up the dimly-lit hallway. “…with a hands-on approach.”

Tawny played with her finger in Arin’s stream every so often as the flow shot up the hall. “Aaahhh, this feels great,” Arin sighed as her flow finally began to slow. She pushed out several more big squirts before she was finished.

“You really had to go,” said Tawny, rubbing Arin’s engorged clitoris. She kept it up for a few seconds before Arin gently pulled her hand away.

“This is nice, but don’t you need to pee too?” asked Arin. Tawny blushed but stepped over next to Arin and tried to imitate Arin’s posture: she spread her legs wide, stuck out her pelvis, and pulled up the front of her work shirt.

Arin twitched her wings, staring at Tawny’s straining cock. It looked even bigger and more impressive on Tawny’s slight frame when she was standing up. Tawny pulled it up a little to expose her pink, twitching vulva. Arin slowly reached over and spread the petite lips.

“Aren’t I supposed to do that myself?” squeaked Tawny.

“You’re the one that asked for the pee lessons,” said Arin. “I’m gonna need to know how your flow works if I want to teach you anything.”

“Oh. Fair enough,” Tawny leaned back a little, and let go in a messy, hissing spray. Arin’s deft fingers directed it into a defined stream, but it only lasted a few seconds. Tawny finished and let out a huge sigh, letting herself drip onto the linoleum floor.

“That was a lot for a human,” purred Arin. She hovered her face just inches over Tawny’s, looking into her steely blue-gray eyes.

“That’s a high compliment, coming from you,” said Tawny, meeting Arin’s gaze.

Inside the supply room, Lea peeked out of the doorway. His stomach dropped again: Arin bent down slightly and kissed the pink-haired woman, who started fondling her breasts. Lea began to back away again, but froze when Tawny pulled away from Arin.

“If we’re going to do this, let’s take it back to your room,” said Tawny.

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