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Leah’s Wild Sexual Adventures Ch. 03

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Chapter Three::: Leah Fucks the Doctor

Leah finally arrived downtown, at the gynecologist’s office. She went and took a seat in the waiting room after talking to the receptionist. She was a little bit late for her appointment, but luckily there was another slot open, and all she had to do was sit and wait there a short awhile. She sat down and began reading a teen magazine. She was reading an article on dating and romance, when her cell phone began ringing persistently. She took her cell phone from her book bag, reading the number on the caller ID. “Nikki,” she whispered, answering the call.

“Yes, its me…” Nikole said. “What are you doing?”

“Well, I am waiting in the gynecologist’s office for my appointment…” answered Leah. “What are you doing?”

“Still lying here in bed…. thinking about last night… wondering if it was all a dream….”

Leah chuckled softly. “No, it wasn’t. Pinch yourself, Nikki. It happened.”

“How will I ever look at you without bursting into giggles now… remembering….?” asked Nikole breathlessly.

“I don’t know…” said Leah as she was grinning at the thought of Nikole’s giggles. “You were really naughty, Nikki. I didn’t know you were such a bad girl.”

“I always knew you were bad… but ummmm … not THAT bad. I am still really sore, but… I want to do it again.”

“You do?”

“Uh huh… When can we… do it again?”

“Soon, I promise. For now though, I am going to be opening my legs for Dr. Lincoln. I hope he doesn’t realize how naughty I have been….” said Leah. “I mean, your brother fucked my ass… you licked my pussy… then I fucked the shit out of Mr. Morton…”

“Ohhh myyy Gawd, you didn’t!!!” Nikole gasped, nearly dropping the phone. “When??”

“About a half hour ago… damn was he good!!!”

Nikole chewed her lower lip. For some reason she was feeling a bit jealous. She should have known that Leah would never give up her wild ways. “Uhhh… well, I’m gonna go. I have a lot of homework to do…. talk to you later,” Nikole said, hanging up the phone.

Leah stared at the phone after Nikole had cut the connection. If she hadn’t have known better, it would seem Nikki was a bit upset about something. Leah shrugged. Maybe she wanted to get fucked by Mr. Morton, too. She then remembered Mr. Morton’s comment about how he wanted Nikki as well. For some reason, the thought of that REALLY bothered Leah. No one was gonna have Nikki. For now, Nikki was all hers….

Thinking of Nikole’s screams of pleasure last night, Leah started getting all hot. That’s when a nurse entered the waiting room, calling Leah’s name. Leah smiled really big, standing up and following the nurse down the hallway to the exam room. “How are you doing, Leah?” the nurse asked, as she took Leah’s temperature and then proceeded to take her blood pressure as well.

“Well, my pussy hurts….” Leah said bluntly. “Ummmm… maybe the doctor can help with that…”

The nurse just stared in shock, disbelieving the words that had popped out of Leah’s mouth.

“Yeah, perhaps he can,” said the nurse, thinking of the sexy blond doctor. After the nurse left, Leah started getting naked. She sat down on the exam table, anxious for tekirdağ escort Dr. Pierre Lincoln to arrive. His sexy French accent really turned her on. She was hoping she could French kiss the yummy French doctor before the exam was over…. and much, much more. As she was thinking of him, Leah slipped her hands up her paper nightgown, playing with her nipples. She sucked in her breath as she pinched them, making them rock-hard. She then spread her legs open, cupping her pussy. “Ooooo I am so wet… ” she moaned, as her pussy was dripping on the exam table. Leah began to tease the lips apart with a finger.

That’s when the doctor walked in. He saw Leah there, touching herself and moaning. The doctor stood there, totally stunned. This had certainly never happened before in his 15 previous years of practice. But Leah was such a sexy little thing, and he had noticed in previous exams how aroused and extremely wet she had appeared to be. He had been Leah’s gynecologist for the past 4 years, ever since she had become sexually active at age 14.

Leah was circling her clit with her finger, looking at the doctor with a little grin on her face. “Hello Doctor,” she said, as though nothing out of the ordinary was taking place.

Dr. Lincoln walked in, closing the door behind him. “Hello, Leah… what appears to be the problem today?” he asked, his eyes glued on her parted legs as she was slowing tracing the cleft of her pussy with a sticky-wet finger.

“Well, Doctor….. my pussy is very, very sore. Will you take a look at it… and tell me what is wrong? Maybe there is something you can do to make it feel better?”

“Mmmmm…” the doctor said, staring at her parted pussy lips. He couldn’t help it. As a gynecologist, it was his favorite part of a woman’s anatomy. He loved touching pussies…. he even dreamed about them, imagining he was fingering them in his sleep. With a wicked gleam in his eyes, he approached the exam table, feeling his cock rise up against his long white doctor’s coat. “I think I can help you take care of that…” he said in his sexy French accent which made Leah melt like butter. “But first I must examine your breasts.”

Then before Leah could do anything else, he reached out, tearing open the paper gown to reveal Leah’s beautiful breasts. He let out a harsh hiss. This girl was totally hot. He lay his big hands on her breasts, lightly molding them in his palms. “How does that feel, Leah?” he whispered.

“Ohhhhh it feels sooo nice, Dr. Lincoln,” Leah said in a dreamy voice.

“Your breasts are not hurting?” he asked as he fondled them slowly and gently.

“Uh— uh … cause Travis didn’t touch them… and neither did Mr. Morton. Only Nikki did… and she would never hurt me,” said Leah, spilling it all out for the doctor.

“Nikki?” whispered the doctor as he lightly pinched Leah’s hardened nipples. As Leah had named off all her lovers, Dr. Lincoln became more and more hopeful…. he was anxious to place his own name right there on the top of her list.

“Ohhh yes, Nikki… she’s my best friend, and I never do anything without her….”

“You don’t say,” the doctor quipped, caressing and molding Leah’s full breasts. tokat escort “And she’s been touching your breasts, huh?”

“Ohhh yes,” said Leah with a grin. “Last night I made love to her…. well, after the fiasco sex with her brother…”

The doctor looked a bit shocked. “I see,” he said. “Is that when your pussy started hurting?”

“Well, ummmm… no, not really,” said Leah, not wanting to tell the doctor she had been ass-fucked. “I think maybe you better take a look at it. I think I have over-used it too much…”

“Yes, Leah… I really do think I should take look at it…. maybe there is something I do to make it feel better,” Dr. Lincoln said, taking his hands off Leah’s perfect breasts and going to the end of the exam table. He started to get his huge light ready, shining it right onto Leah’s pussy. “Just spread your legs wide open and place your feet into these stirrups.”

Leah lay back on the table, parting her legs wide and placing her feet into the metal stirrups. She scooted her ass down to the edge of the table, giving Dr. Lincoln an amazing view of her perfect pussy as he went to take a seat on the little stool at the end of the table. She let out a moan as the doctor began to trace her pussy lips with his finger. He hadn’t even bothered to put on his latex gloves. “Ohhh Doctor… that feels sooo good,” Leah said in a hot moan. Her pussy was dripping with her excitement. She couldn’t wait till the doctor placed that speculum inside, spreading her tight pussy wide open.

“Your little clit is so hard, Leah,” the doctor said, tracing it with his finger. This girl was so ripe. The doctor began to fondle himself with his free hand, wishing he could fuck her.

Leah wiggled her ass a little, feeling the naughty doctor playing with her super-aroused clit. “Ohhh yes….” she cried out. “That feels sooo good. But my pussy hurts sooo much. Please make it feel better.”

“Ohhh I will. I will,” the doctor promised. He then inserted two fingers deep inside of Leah. He slid them in as deeply as possible, slowly withdrawing them. They came out slick with Leah’s juices. “Gawd Damn,” he groaned, catching the scent of her juicy pussy. He didn’t know how much more of this he could stand.

The doctor reached for a tube of some soothing salve off the little metal tray right next to the exam table. He opened the tube and squirted a glob of it onto his fingers. He began to rub those fingers against Leah’s pussy. “How does that feel?” he asked.

“Ohhhh … it feels so nice Doctor. Don’t stop!” Leah begged, feeling her clit tingle unmercifully. The doctor was going to make her cum with just his fingers.

Watching Leah squirm, the doctor shoved his fingers into her, pushing them in and out in a rapid, erotic rhythm. Leah screamed, her inner walls clamping on the doctor’s big fingers. “I’m cumming!!!!” she yelled, her pussy juices flowing onto the doctor’s hand.

The doctor grinned widely, pleased at Leah’s orgasm. He too desperately needed to cum. Her pussy was wide open, waiting. “Leah, I must fuck you. Your pussy needs my sperm,” he said, reaching into his long white doctor’s coat and freeing his erect cock. He began to slide trabzon escort his huge tip into her, feeling the tight little walls parting to take him. “Ohhhh yeah!!!” he groaned, shoving forward till every inch of him was buried inside her. She had the tightest, slickest pussy he had ever had the pleasure of fucking. With deep hard thrusts, he began to pound himself in and out of her.

Leah was making little squeaking sounds of pleasure as he was plugging her. Her hands came up, the fingers teasing her hard nipples as the doctor rammed himself ever deeper into her heat. Leah’s eyes rolled back into her head, as she began cumming hard, screaming out the doctor’s name.

The doctor rammed into her deeper, feeling her tight little pussy squeeze the life out of his cock. “Fuck!!!!!” he exclaimed, his shaft nearly bruised by the force of Leah’s orgasm. He suddenly exploded deep inside of her, flooding her with his hot seed. He couldn’t believe the force of their orgasms combined. This was definitely the best fuck he had experienced in such a long time.

“Leah,” he groaned, slowly sliding his cock out of her dripping pussy. His eyes met hers. “Is your pussy better now?” he asked in a whisper.

“Maybe….. but I really think you need to examine it a little bit more…..” Leah said, a wicked little grin on her face. “Can you put the speculum inside me…. please… ohhhh please?”

“I could examine your pussy all day,” the doctor answered, sitting down once again on the stool and reaching for the metal speculum.

He opened Leah’s pouting pussy lips, gently inserting the twin blades of the speculum. It slid in quite easily due to the lubrication of his seed and her cum. He pushed it in as deep as it could go. He then snapped it open as far as possible, getting a nice view of her pink wetness. He licked his lips. “Damn,” he groaned, cause never in all his years as a doctor and looking at countless pussies was he as turned on as he was now.

“Ohhh Doctor, that feels sooo good. That thing spreads my pussy so wide,” Leah moaned, playing with her erect, tingling nipples once again. “I am sooo horny. Tell me, Doctor, what can I do to stop being so horny all the time?”

The doctor had her pussy wide open, and he was gazing at it. He then put a little lube on his finger, slipping it slowly into her tight little asshole. He began to slowly thrust that finger back and forth inside of her. Leah let out a little whimper. This felt so damn good, unlike Travis’s ass rape last night. She could really get into this.

“Well, Leah, I suggest you fuck as many people as possible. Maybe then you will stop being so horny all the time….”

“Ohhh wow… I like the thought of that.”

The doctor chuckled, sliding his finger deep into her tight asshole. “Fucking is what I prescribe…. It’s doctor’s orders, Leah.”

Leah moaned, her pussy needing to cum again. “Play with my clit, Dr. Lincoln. Make me cum…” she begged.

The doctor made Leah cum… then cum again. She came so much, she could barely stand. She knew she had to go home and get some rest. She kissed the doctor’s cheek, then reached for her skirt and blouse after hopping down off the exam table. “Thanks, Doc,” she said. “My pussy DOES feel much better now.” Leah then walked out on wobbly legs, thinking of who next she’d like to fuck. Getting some ideas, she started home, ready to crash. She climbed into bed and slept for 12 hours straight. Fucking and cumming had taken a lot out of her. Perhaps her over-used pussy needed a rest…..

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