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Leah Ch. 03

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Daniel and Leah had been dating a little over a month. And neither of them was aware that there being together as a couple was planned and executed by Dane, Daniel’s roommate and Leah’s last sexual partner. Dane had taken the vulnerable Leah and opened her to knew ideas, taken her ass, basically used her as much as he could with out alienating her – normally, the girls feelings weren’t important to Dane; but in Leah’s case she was a co-worker and he didn’t shit where he ate. If their split was amicable then Leah wouldn’t ruin his chances with other woman from the hospital.

Leah’s former relationship with Dane was a sensitive issue with Daniel, he never spoke of it, but on the few occasions that the three of them were together Daniel always stayed close to Leah. It was fine with Leah, she wasn’t sure of what to make of the situation. Dane didn’t act any differently toward Leah at all, he wasn’t mad about her leaving him for Daniel, in fact Dane remained flirtatious as he always had been, he just never made any move to be more. He had in fact moved on to another woman or two — Leah had seen them both first at the house Dane shared with Daniel and Sam, and then again at the PICU’s favorite after work bar — the women looked very similar; fake blonde hair, big breasts probably not natural, and threw themselves at Dane. But Leah was almost oblivious; she was for the most part content with Daniel.

Daniel was a sweet man. He adored Leah, and worshipped her pussy, like a wanton fool. If he wasn’t thrusting his magnificent cock in her he was licking her to orgasm. Leah had never came so much in her life. But Daniel was tame, a little too timid; she needed adventure to keep things exciting no matter how much he satiated her. Leah tried sending him pictures on his cell phone of her pussy hoping to initiate some phone sex; the pictures brought Daniel to her apartment for a good long fucking but no phone sex. Leah got out some handcuffs that her former fiancée had bought for her, but they didn’t stimulate Daniel into anything more than light bondage. Leah tried to suck him off in and alley outside of a restaurant without luck – She did however convince him to eat her pussy inside the car while it was parked in the parking garage surrounded by cars; she screamed out her orgasm hoping to be heard, wishing to be seen. She liked to get loud, twice now causing her neighbor to complain; pounding on their adjoining apartment’s wall, it excited Leah to know people were at least listening to her fuck and cum.

Leah had begun dressing more and more provocatively when she goes to the apartment complex’s gym. She likes showing off for the men in there. Her favorite outfit was a loose pair of shorts and a low cut sports bra that showed off her tits when she bent forward and her hard nipples to the utmost. The shorts were loose enough around her legs that when she sat on the butterfly machine, legs widely spread over the bench, her pussy was exposed to who ever was on the treadmill looking at her in the mirror. She had caused more boners than she could count that way. And she’d always rush home to use her favorite dildo, a blue gel with a dolphin at the base to stimulate her clit, to bring herself to orgasm thinking of the guy she’d just flashed her pussy to.

Then one afternoon Leah went to the gym disappointed to find it empty, but to her delight one of her favorite men to tease came in. He was attractive, maybe a little younger than Leah, and had a nice ass that Leah openly stared at while he stretched out before taking his place on the treadmill next to Leah’s. Leah cut her warm-up short to move to the butterfly machine and spread her legs for this guy. Leah had just begun working the machine, after placing it on a lower weight that she could do a large number of repetitions, to give this guy a nice long look at her pussy. And he wasn’t even trying to hide the fact that he was staring at her pussy either. But when he stopped the treadmill and turned around to stare Leah was surprised. The stranger just stood there leaning on the treadmills controls staring at her; his eyes would occasionally drop to her tits or her pussy but then they’d return to lock eyes with her. Leah noticed that his cock was hard and lying to the left in his shorts.

Leah wasn’t sure what to do — was he going to attack her, had she gone too far? Leah’s back was to the gym door, and there were a lot of things between her and the door. The mace that Jim had bought her was on her keychain lying on the bench 2 feet in front of her between her and the stranger. What had she gotten herself into?

‘Hi I’m Randy.’ The stranger offered.

Leah didn’t respond she just kept working the machine. She wanted to cover her pussy but in these shorts she’d have to move off the bench to do it.

‘I didn’t mean to scare you.’ He continued. ‘I’ve seen you in here a couple of times and we’ve never spoken. I just wanted to introduce myself.’

His voice and demeanor were friendly, non-threatening, but he continued to eye her body. But who could blame him Şanlıurfa Escort she was putting it on display for him.

‘I’m Jane.’ She offered him her middle name incase she was reading this situation wrong.

‘Jane you have the sexiest body I’ve seen in along time.’ Randy if that was his name said.

Leah smiled and ‘Thanks, you’re not too bad yourself. But I’m seeing someone.’ There she threw it out there, hopefully, that would end this awkward and a little frightening encounter.

‘That’s nice, I’ve got a girlfriend myself.’ Randy said, again letting his eyes drift down to her exposed pussy. ‘But that doesn’t mean I don’t have an active and healthy sex drive.’

‘That’s it! I’m out of here!’ Leah thought and reached for the pepper spray keychain.

The stranger didn’t move but said ‘No wait, I’m don’t want to do anything to hurt you or our respective partners, I’m not the cheating type but I do like to look and be looked at.’ Leah paused and settled back down on the exercise bench, her facial expression softened, so he continued ‘I normally do this kind of thing on line but my hard drive crashed so I’m sort of stuck, and you obviously like to be looked at.’ And then he moved his hand to massage his obvious hard on that was still concealed in his shorts, he rubbed its length, and then squeezed the shaft and held it just looking at Leah.

‘You do like to be watched don’t you Jane?’ Randy inquired. Leah sat back and purposely spread her legs again exposing her pussy to his eyes. ‘I thought so… I’ve seen you in here more than a few times now and you always make me so horny that I go home and masturbate thinking about your body.’ The corners of Leah’s mouth turned up ever so slightly when he admitted beating off, so he paused letting Leah think about what he said, to fully enjoy the thought of him getting off just the memory of her; he knew that she probably got herself off when she got home after flashing the men in the gym.

‘I’d like to jack off in front of you… and for you to join in and get off too if you like.’ Leah’s eyes widened slightly at this. Randy took that as a good sign and pushed his shorts down low enough that his cock sprang up and bounced lewdly. His cock and balls were shaved clean, Leah liked it the clean shaven look, she shaved Jim regularly, and here was a nice clean soft pair of balls and cock for her to look at. Maybe she should shave Daniel tonight?

Randy just stood, he was waiting for a sign to see if Leah would run or not. And she held her ground, her eyes rarely leaving his cock. So he gave his cock a few test strokes, bringing it to full hardness, and making Leah even wetter.

‘You like to show off your pussy don’t you Jane?’ Randy asked. ‘Yes.’ Leah replied.

‘Does it make you hot to know guys are looking at your pussy?’ he asked. ‘Yes.’ Leah answered.

‘Are you hot & wet right now?’ He looked down as if trying to answer the question himself. ‘Yes.’ Leah croaked. ‘Show me.’ The stranger almost begged. Leah scooted her ass forward on the bench pulling the shorts up her legs and reached down pulling the shorts to the side exposing all of her pussy to his eyes. Randy began stroking his cock as he looked at her clean shaven pussy.

Randy could see a small tuft of hair disappearing under Leah’s shorts and wondered ‘What design are your pubes trimmed into?’ Leah pulled the leg of the shorts up and over to show him the small ‘landing strip’ of pubic hair, slightly darker than the hair on her head. ‘The cuffs matches the collar – nice very nice – I bet you like to have your pussy licked don’t you? That’s why you keep it so clean and smooth.’ Leah nods and a small moan emanates from her throat at thought of her pussy being eaten.

Randy delved further. ‘I bet you run home and get yourself off thinking about the guys who’ve just seen your gorgeous pussy don’t you Jane?’ Leah didn’t even pause; she nodded her head in the affirmative and said ‘Yes.’.

Randy’s eyes left her crotch and moved upward to her chest ‘Your nipples are so hard — they’re begging to be pinched, licked, bitten — do you like to have your nipples handled roughly?’ Leah softly moaned again the frank and dirty talk was really having an affect on her ‘Yes.’

Randy almost begged again ‘Can I see your nipples?’ Leah released her shorts and grabbed the lower edge of her sports bra and pulled upward exposing her entire right breast and then the left as well. Randy took in the lovely sight; her left breast was slightly larger than the right — both nipples were hard and surrounded by a light pink areola that was just darker than the flesh of her breasts. They looked firm and to be about 32 b or c cups.

‘Nice, very nice.’ Randy was now jerking off with some intent. ‘Your pussy, show me your pussy too.’ Leah again stretched the shorts to the side so that her entire pussy was in view and this time she scooted down a little to tilt her pelvis upwards. Leah’s pussy lips were slight engorged, puffy, and glistening in the bright fluorescent Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan lights of the gym room. Leah’s belly was flat and taught and her ribs were clearly visible — she definitely kept herself in good shape.

Randy took Leah’s change of position to be her acquiescing to the situation ‘You can finger yourself if you want to get off.’

But Leah didn’t move, she was still a little unsure of the situation, if she were going to make herself cum she’d inadvertently close her eyes and she didn’t trust this stranger enough to do that. Besides she was enjoying watching this guy jerk off too much to close her eyes right now anyway.

Randy was jacking off with his right hand holding his t-shirt up off his belly with his left hand; his balls were tight under his fisting hand and cock. Leah wasn’t completely sure of this situation, and she wanted to get this over with wondering how long it would be before another tenant came in to use the gym. She started to reach for her pussy with her free hand when she realized that her pepper spray key chain was still tightly grasped in her right hand. Laying the keychain across her right thigh so as to not block his view she then reached in her crotch and pulled her pussy lips open to show this stranger her pink inner lips. And that was all it took, Randy moaned, making three or four additional strokes of his cock and came. Thick ropy shots of jism landed on the treadmill in front of him, 5 shots in all, each gradually getting smaller until a sixth and final shot landed on his shorts stretched tight around his thighs.

Leah immediately released her shorts pulling her hand away from her pussy and tugged her bra back into place, and without a word to ‘Randy’ she ran out of the gym to the public bathroom down the hall. Once inside the relative safety of the closed stall she smoothed her clothes out and took several deep breaths. Wondering how long it would take ‘Randy’ to leave the gym. He’d need to wipe up the cum that he spilt on the treadmill, maybe wipe his cock off, and his hand, Leah contemplated how much time he’d take… and then ventured out of the stall and played in the sink sort of washing her hands, but checking out her still very hard nipples in the mirror. ‘Who could blame this guy? I look fucking hot! And I flashed him my pussy twice – no three times – before today. And when he did finally speak to me I didn’t make a move to cover myself, so who could blame him? And he had a nice smooth dick…’ Thoughts, questions, justifications, flooded Leah’s mind.

When what Leah guessed was a suitable amount of time had passed, she quickly made her way to her car without even glancing toward the gym. At the car there was a piece of paper on the windshield under the drivers side windshield wiper — it was handwritten; a website address and then in cursive text try this it’s safer than the gym — Randy (randy-all-the-time) Leah looked all around and saw no one. How did he know which car was hers? She left, driving around the complex twice, before parking and going in her building still checking for any sign of ‘Randy’ – at least he hadn’t followed her home. Could he already know where she lived?

Leah closed and double locked the door after running in to her apartment and stripped off her clothes and flung her self on her bed reaching for her faithful friend the blue gel dolphin dildo. She sank the dildo all the way until the dolphin’s nose was against her clit and turned on the vibrator, the familiar hum filled the air, and she fucked herself for all she was worth cumming in a stomach and thigh twitching crescendo. Leah’s phone rang while she was still recovering from her orgasm; legs splayed wide, pussy drying in the room air. Leah looked at the caller ID, it was Daniel’s cell, and she answered ‘Hey you sexy man you! What can I do to you?’

‘Wow, you’re horny!?!’ Daniel replied, not really surprised. Leah responded ‘For you anytime, anywhere, anyway you want it!’

‘So what have you been up to that got you all hot and bothered?’ Daniel wondered aloud. ‘Just playing with my dildo and thinking about you.’ Leah partially lied, a half truth anyway.

‘Well I hope that you enjoyed yourself, because that’s all you can have right now. I’m working late again — maybe two or three hours tops though — if you can wait?’ Daniel said hopefully. ‘I don’t know; I’m wet and ready for you NOW.’ Leah offered.

Daniel didn’t like the sex talk in public like this ‘Well, if you can wait just a little while I’ll come over and help you with it.’ ‘But I wanna cum now.’ Leah pleaded, her fingers twisting her left nipple, pulling it out away from her breast and letting it bounce back to repeat the process.

‘Well keep doing what you were doing, that’d be good till I can get there won’t it?’ Daniel was getting frustrated. The thought of Leah laying there on her bed, spread eagle, with that blue dildo buried in her pussy, and cumming with those long loud moans of hers — was sending blood to all the right places — and he couldn’t Escort Şanlıurfa do a damn thing about it. Damn that girl — she could make him hard at the drop of a hat; when they laid on the couch spoon fashion she’d take the front so she could rub her ass against his cock — instant boner! Or she’d grab his cock when they’re driving and stroke it till it was hard. Or she’d pull out her tits when he’s driving; she knows how her tits drive him crazy. ‘Not as good as your hard cock and tongue would be… but okay. Just hurry.’ Leah relented. Her fingers now circled her clitoris still damp from her previous orgasm.

That did it he’s, now he’s at his desk with a full on hard on ‘I won’t be getting up for a while.’ He thought. Leah continued ‘I’ll be waiting for you.’ Leah had a good idea that he was probably half hard, she didn’t imagine that she had that much power over his penis. Had she known, she would have been more merciless — calling him at all times just to make him hard. ‘I’ll be there as soon as I can ‘kay, bye-bye.’ Daniel clicked off the line silently cursing this girl he adored, and his tented pants.

‘Well Damn!’ Leah said aloud to no one. ‘I need to get off again.’ She thought to herself. Her fingers were still playing with her clit, the dildo laid where she left it on the bed spread between her spread legs. And this just wasn’t going to do it, she needed something exciting, something new… ‘Wait-a-minute!’ Leah exclaimed, hopping off the bed, and almost running to the kitchen counter where she laid her keys and the note from ‘Randy’. She’d have to remember to hide that so Daniel wouldn’t ask what it meant — I no he wouldn’t appreciate me showing my cooch to strange men — or friends for that matter.

Still naked Leah sat down at the counter where the laptop was set up and waiting. There was an email message from her mother; reminding her to keep Thursday afternoon and evening open for her visit — she had a surprise for her. There were a couple of emails from friends at work blah…blah…blah. She replied to her mom’s email saying that she was off Thursday and Friday as planned but had to work 2nd shift on Saturday and Sunday, but justified that she could spend time with the ‘boys’; Leah’s two brothers who had very little contact with their mother since the divorce — holidays, summer visits, and the like… and then assured her mother that they would spend Monday morning together before her mother’s return flight home.

Now, what was that website… she typed it in and clicked the arrow. The page loaded slowly but had a frame work of still pictures around the screens edge of different people, men and women, ordinary everyday people with different backgrounds of what she assumed was homes and schools from the looks of it. And then a larger webcam image pops up in the center — ‘Welcome we want you to watch and be watched. Feel free to chat with people in the safety of your home, and if you hit it off, just go for it! If you’re just an exhibitionist at heart and don’t care who sees you then go for it anyway! Read our legal disclaimer, and sign in.’ This sounded too good to be true… could it be this easy?

Leah clicked on the I Agree button and the next page started to load. There was a decent amount of information needed and a picture was requested to go along with her screen name of ‘horny_all_the_time’. Should she show her real face or just choose an avatar? What if someone she knew was on here? So she picked an avatar with blonde hair and blue eyes — no option for hazel brown eyes like hers but it would do…

And then finally Leah was in the main chat room — it was hard to keep track of the conversations that were going on, so she scanned the list of additional chat rooms for a topic that fit; female exhibitionists, male exhibitionists, couples, women seeking women, men seeking men, fetish, and finally private chat.

Leah clicked on ‘male exhibitionists’ and about twenty or so ‘channels’ appeared — most were green indicating activity, but a few were red with no activity. There’s also a button on the opposite side to upload a webcam image — no she would wait to see what this was all about.

Leah clicked on the first channel and a pop up window with a webcam image of a hand stroking a short cock with a paunch hanging over his hairy crotch filled the screen. Leah wondered about the man behind the camera, his screen title was ‘poosseeluver’, but she envisioned an older man without a woman friend jacking off as his only release. Hell, this old man could be anyone. It could be Dr. Bauman from the hospital, hell; it could even be her dad. Leah quickly closed the window.

After a small pause to expunge that thought from her mind, Leah clicked the next active channel down — up came the same window, but this time it was apparently a younger man with shaved crotch and hairless belly. Now this was more to her liking and Leah lightly started toying with the lips of her pussy as she watched this guy stroke it — he was really going for it to and came faster than Leah would have liked — he came in a kind of flood, no spurts, no shots, just flooding over the head of his cock and hand. And then he did something that really surprised Leah, with his jism free hand he picked up the webcam and turned the camera to his face where he licked his fingers clean of cum.

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