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Lauren and Kendrick Ch. 03

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It was a marvel to him how easily she fell asleep after sex. She lay there with her back to him no more than fifteen minutes after she tried to apologize for squirting on him. She was so sweet and innocent, and it was that trait that ultimately drew her to him. There was no hardness to her, none of the attitude other women seemed to have after getting their hearts broken, or feelings hurt a couple of times.

He found himself reaching out to wrap his arms around her. Lauren stirred softly and looked up at him quizzically. He mentioned several times that he wasn’t much of a cuddler and it puzzled her to find herself pressed against his chest. Too sleepy to actually think about the contradiction, she simply curled herself into him, letting the slight smell of his cologne and the natural scent of his body lull her to sleep.

“Baby girl….”

“Hmm…?” She answered through the fog of her slumber. He was pulling her on top of him and she felt his dick thickly across her stomach as he positioned her. “What Kendrick?” she whined, finally opening her eyes.

“I want you to ride.” He stated flatly. Instantly, her cheeks warmed from embarrassment of his bluntness and her pussy thumped responsively.

“I don’t know if-” she couldn’t even look at him.

“Just sing the nastiest song you know in your head, and grind.” He instructed. The lamp on her nightstand was on, and he could clearly make out her teeth digging into her bottom lip as she decided whether or not to go along with his command. He reveled in her bashfulness. “I’m waiting.”

Swallowing, she rose up on her knees and wrapped a hand tightly around his dick. She searched his eyes for encouragement. They told Samsun Escort her to continue and she did, guiding him to her entrance. Her bottom lip trembled as he stretched her. Lauren tried to look away, but he wouldn’t let her. Kendrick wanted to see the look on her face as she felt the newness of this position. He loved the fact that even though she was on top, he still managed to dominate her physically.

She breathed in deeply, as he seemed to be touching completely new places from this angle. Slowly, she sunk all the way to the base of his dick. It was excruciatingly slow, ensuring both of them felt every sensation there was experience, unintentional as it was.

“God damn, girl.” He groaned. She only whimpered in response, burying her face in his neck. She did what she said, running the beat and lyrics of a song she heard every weekend in the club through her head. His hand settled on her small waist while the other rested on her neck. The sounds of her moaning, practically sobbing, into his neck make him want to burst inside of her. She moved almost perfectly, with him gently reminding her to move up and down when she got selfish and started grinding her hips in slow circles. Everything about him was so intense for her…she could feel her own wetness dripping from her in a way she had never really felt before. Being on top of him with him was an experience completely unique from what she felt with anyone else. She felt hotter…almost fevered, and breathless. She was trying to be quiet, but these sounds she had never made before still managed to erupt from her throat. The song began to fade into the background as she rode him, her own wetness helping her slide Samsun Escort Bayan up and down his dick. God his dick was perfect…

Softly, he pulled her hair, pulling her out of her haven in his neck. She stopped moving, her face showing her worry that she had done something wrong.

“I want to watch you.” His eyes caught hold of hers again and wouldn’t let go. Self consciously and more clumsily than before, she began to ride him. “Sing your song.” The movement of her throat told him that she had swallowed nervously at his suggestion. Despite the nerves, she obeyed. Lauren closed her eyes and began the slow grinding motion she created before. He watched her for a few moments, until her head tilted backwards as she lost herself in the pleasure. She was stunning. Her chocolate skin had become dewy from the light sheen of her perspiration, her full lips parted sensually, and her brow knit as the pleasure built. Before he really knew what he was doing, his hand wrapped around her throat squeezing gently. Her eyes flew open in surprise. Her first instinct was to grab his hand, but his eyes told her not to. She rode him, fear mixing with her pleasure. He knew she was close, despite her apprehension and he tightened and loosened his grip sporadically as she rode him. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from his. As his hand gripped her throat, it was like he held her very soul in his hands. The wetness leaked from her as she realized she had no control over her body. As she neared her orgasm, the lack of oxygen began to make her light headed. The combination of the two made her head swirl with a frenzied yet lethargic euphoria she had never experienced during sex. The closer Escort Samsun she got, the harder and faster she rode him, but something about the orgasm seemed just out of reach. She pressed her hips desperately into his pelvis, searching for her release.

“Now, Chocolate.” He rasped. “Cum for me.” He released her neck just in time for her to throw her head back, crying out in pleasure. He allowed himself to cum with her, as her back arched in that sexy way she seemed to have, putting her breasts on display. When it was over, her entire body seemed to sag as she tried to pull herself off of him. Every muscle seemed fatigued and she trembled as she struggled to lift her own body. Carefully, he pulled her off of him and laid her on the bed.

“I…how did you do that?” she asked softly as Kendrick looked down at her.

“What Chocolate?” He let himself relax onto the bed next to her.

“Make me cum like that…I never thought…” she didn’t bother to finish.

“I didn’t do anything. I just told you to cum.” It was almost like he was dismissing her. He had to have noticed it, too.

“But…” her brow furrowed in confusion.

“You needed permission to cum, so I gave it to you.” She pursed her lips at his answer, unsure of what to think about it. He ran a hand through her hair and patted her cheek, smirking in his arrogant way. She huffed and turned over. She had a lot to think about.

The rest of the weekend went in this manner. Him teaching her things about her body, exposing her to things she didn’t even think she would have liked. He chipped away at some of her shy self consciousness, forcing her to touch herself on the dining room table. He taught her how dirty sex could be, teasing her with the head of his dick until she screamed whatever dirty phrase he’d conjured up for her to say. He was grooming her. She didn’t realize it but he was turning her into his own personal fuck toy, teaching her to do all his favorite things.

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