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My name is Andrea and I’d been married for almost twenty-two years until a fateful night when I’d gone to the gym. When I turned fifty, I realized the spark was gone from my marriage. With Ben either working overtime at the office or traveling, my life had become little more than a dull, everyday routine.

I joined the gym not only to get back into shape, but also hopefully meet new people. Ben’s comments about my body thickening over the course of our years together became more frequent and began to wear down my self-esteem.

While I’m far from model material, it isn’t as if I’m unattractive. I was still between 145 and 150 pounds at five feet, two inches with bobbed dark hair with its occasional gray strands kept under wraps with regular colorings. Many say I’m still pretty for my age, but with full breasts and a thick ass (which my dear now ex-husband never failed to mention it had gotten wider each day), I had to wonder if working out was making any difference. According to Ben, he didn’t see much change and even questioned if I was actually going to the gym three days a week.

Since Ben was on the road a great deal (and likely having affairs, though I was never able to prove it), I went to bed alone, often riding my vibrator to multiple orgasms while I watched adult videos of uninhibited gorgeous women and well-hung male hunks sucking and fucking several partners.

The men who turned me on the most in the films were well-endowed studs with dark features and hard bodies, though not overly muscled. Seeing those men as they fucked their female – and sometimes male – partners really gave my vibrator a workout.

I guess I could’ve been like some much braver women and found a lover, but doubted the kind of men I found attractive would think the same about Beylikdüzü escort me.

One thing about vibrators, they were always ready for action and didn’t care what I looked like.

I went to the gym Friday evening to ease the boredom that once again crept in every room of the quiet house. When I arrived, there were only two other people and a staff person. I figured with the nice evening and upcoming weekend, most people were either on dates or hitting the clubs and bars.

My eyes were drawn to a man who was working out on one of the machines. He smiled at me and I couldn’t get over how.hot he was. He had to be at least twenty years younger than I, with the smoking dark looks that I liked. I looked around the room expecting a girlfriend or wife not far away. Otherwise, why was a man like him spending time at the gym on a Friday night?

When he finally spoke, he had an accent that I recognized as some type of Latin heritage. “Quiet here tonight.”

“Yes it is,” I replied. “It’s a nice evening, so I guess everyone is out enjoying Friday night.”

“You here alone?”

“Uh…yes.” I felt a little color rise in my neck.

He smiled in response before coming over to sit beside me. We chatted a little more while I finished working out on one of the machines.

I almost jumped out of my skin when I felt one of his hands on my knee.The jolt of electricity that passed between us as he looked into my eyes almost made me faint. It became clear that he was attracted to me and wanted to do something about it.

He removed his hand and pulled off his T-shirt. I held my breath at the sight of him. His muscles were well-defined, and a small amount of near-black hair covered his upper chest.

He kissed me fiercely as his hand slid under Beylikdüzü escort the leg of my shorts and began to explore the area between my thighs.

He put one of his massive arms around me and his tongue invaded every inch of the inside of my mouth. I could plainly see the bulge in his workout shorts and could think of nothing else except how much I wanted him inside me.

His hand concentrated on my sex. I felt alive for the first time in years! I wanted that hard-bodied sexy young stud to rip off my clothes and fuck me as hard as he could right there in the exercise machine room.

His fingers continued to plunge in and out of my pussy with my legs spread wide, and found their way deeper inside me. The feeling made my head spin with lust. He finger fucked me a little longer before he withdrew them and stood.

I became disappointed, wondering if he was just a tease not about to finish what he started, and it drove me crazy!

“Meet me at the whirlpool in a few minutes,” he said before he left the room.

I couldn’t figure out why he wanted to go in the whirlpool right after he’d gotten me so worked up. Still, he wanted me to meet him, so I went to the locker room and changed into the two-piece bathing suit I kept specifically for swimming and the whirlpool.

He was waiting when I walked in. When I stepped in the whirlpool to join him, I soon discovered he was totally nude in it and his cock was fully erect.

I had no time to react when he pulled me up, sat me on the edge, and, in one smooth move, pulled off my bottoms.

He spread my legs and lowered his mouth between them. His tongue caressed, teased, and tormented my pussy. I extracted my tits from under my bathing suit top, and he massaged my breasts with his spare hand in time Escort Beylikdüzü with licking and finger fucking my moist slit.

The thrusting fingers inside me seemed to know just where to put pressure and he drove me wild. I was about ready to come when he withdrew his fingers and tongue and pulled me back into the water.

He pulled my legs up to his waist and I felt his cock slide into my sex. I squirmed and wiggled, trying to give him more access to push more of his hardness into me. I wrapped my legs around him as tight as I could while he fucked me me like a man possessed, pumping his long, thick shaft in and out of me nonstop.

I moaned and writhed as I came at the feeling of his hot Latino dick fucking me harder. I don’t know how long my orgasm lasted, but it seemed to be an eternity. He looked into my eyes while his throbbing member invaded my insides, fucking me so fast, the outside world became a blur.

His balls became a tight knot and his cock swelled. I felt his semen pass into my body while he howled with pleasure. It seemed to spurt in me for an eternity, like he would never stop coming. He never looked away from my eyes until his cock and balls were completely drained.

He kissed me again before lowering my legs from his waist and stepped back with a satisfied smirk on his face. “By the way, I’m Luis,” he said. “Are you busy the rest of the weekend?”


I filed for divorce on Monday morning and began an intense affair with Luis that has lasted to the present day. He loves my extra curves and my age makes no difference to him.

While we still go to the gym together, we now have our own whirlpool in which we relieve our first night together often. Before I met Luis, I never realized sex in a whirlpool could be so hot – and I’m not talking about the water temperature.

Luis is still a wonderful lover, and he was the perfect solution to recharging my once dull life. Sometimes sexual encounters with a dark stranger can turn into something exciting.

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