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Late Nights

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While you are in your last meeting of the day I finish sorting and clearing out the final stacks of paper on your desk. I swear they breed at night. I glance at the clock wistfully… its already past 7:00 p.m. and it doesn’t look like the night will end anytime soon. I should leave, but I know you’ll need me to go over your notes and get them prepared for tomorrow.

Besides your clock is a picture of your wife and kids. She’s beautiful…I hope she realizes how lucky she is to have you. I’d take you in a heartbeat…in more ways than one! “Stop fantasizing…he doesn’t think of you like that. He doesn’t think if you at all…except that you’re a great employee.”

Shaking my head, I turn to your back desk and want to smack something…this desk is worse than your main desk! Grumbling I tackle the files, so engrossed I don’t hear you come in and close the door. I don’t even know you’re there until I feel you pressed up against my back, your hands on my waist. I gasp, jumping in surprise, and feel your lips brush my ear. I moan, your teeth scraping, biting at my neck, your tongue following and soothing that delicious ache. You grind your hips into my ass, your cock hard and eager.

I turn my head and your lips capture mine, your hot tongue delving into my mouth, claiming it while your hands push up my blouse and bra, exposing my breasts to your seeking hands. My hard pebbled nipples press into your palms, your fingers Samsun Escort pulling on the tips and causing my pussy to flood, soaking my lace thong until its completely damp. You use your nails to pinch them and I moan, pressing my ass into your crotch, rubbing and grinding against your cock. I feel it jump, so I reach around and slide my hand down the front of your slacks. I rub my palm over the head and feel my hand moisten with your precum.

You growl against my mouth, then push me face down onto your desk. I feel cool air against my thighs as you pull my skirt up, exposing my black thigh high clad thighs and black lace garter belt. You mutter something appreciative as you continue, pushing up my skirt revealing my creamy white ass cheeks parted by the scrap of now soaked black lace thong. The lace scrapes my thighs as you pull the thong down my legs, and carefully past my black stilletos. I hear you take in a deep breath, smelling them before stuffing my thong into your pocket. “Lovely, now let’s see if that pussy is as sweet as it smells.”

I hear your zipper slide down and your belt buckle hit the floor as you take off your pants, and suddenly your hot cock is pressed against my ass, resting on the crevice. Before I can say anything, a small scream escapes my throat when your hand lands hard on my right ass cheek. I can feel the heat rising off of my flesh, and then your left hand connects with my Samsun Escort Bayan other ass cheek. My pussy is dripping and aching, wanting to be filled, and you know that is exactly what I need.

You wedge your foot between mine and force my legs apart. I stumble a little but before I can move your hand is pressing me down hard on your desk again. In one swift move, you thrust your cock deep inside my pussy, stretching and filling it. Oh god, you’re so much thicker than I thought. I can feel you scraping my pussy walls and it hurts, oh it hurts…but it feels so fucking good. I can’t help it…I scream your name.

You grunt out a little chuckle that changes into a deep moan as I squeeze down, milking that velvet hot cock of yours. You pull out until just your tip rests inside, then thrust hard into me again. I swear your cock grazes my cervix, and all I can do is moan. Again you pull out, agonizingly slow, and thrust into me. Over and over until I can’t take it anymore.

I look over my shoulder at you. Your head is thrown back, the overhead light highlighting your silvered hair and I can see where it used to be dark. You tilt your head down and I can see your bright blue eyes glittering with lust. I lock eyes with you. “Russ…fuck me. Please just fuck me…hard.”

It was like that was what you were waiting for, and your control broke. With an animalistic growl, you grab my hips and Escort Samsun start to fuck me with a fervor. I grab onto the far edge of your desk while you hammer your thick rigid cock deep into my sopping wet pussy over and over. I feel like you are going to split me in two, but the pain feels so good, I start to thrust back onto you, wanting every inch as deep inside of me as you can go. My nipples graze the files on your desk; I bring one hand up and grab my breast, twisting and pinching my nipple, using my nails to pull at the aching bud. Your fingers dig into me and I know tomorrow I will bare bruises.

One of your hands leaves my hips and fists in my hair, pulling my head and arching my back. The combination of the pain and your steel cock ramming my quivering pussy brings me to a mind-blowing orgasm as fireworks go off behind my eyelids. I cream all over you, convulsing and squeezing your pulsating cock, you shudder and scream, ropes of your hot cum spurting deep inside me. You cum hard, your hips still thrusting as you continue to fuck me.

Finished and exhausted, you lean over me letting go of my hair and rest your head on my lower back. You press little kisses into my flesh, you lips dancing along the curve of my spine. Finally, you stand up, your rapidly softening cock pulling out of my fucked raw pussy, and help me up off your desk.

Caressing my cheeks with your thumbs, your hands cradle my face as you kiss me, softly then deepen it until our arms are wrapped around each other, our lips locked. Eventually we pull apart, smiling. We get dressed in silence, continually stopping to kiss, or touch one another.

And I can’t help but think, “Wonder when the next late meeting will be?”

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