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Late Again

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I sat at the door waiting to hear his car pull up. Looking at my watch he was already 15 minutes late.

I decided to give him 5 more minutes if he wasn’t there I was leaving. I didn’t want to be late for the Halloween Party.

His 5 minutes had passed so I grabbed my coat and keys. Slamming the door and thinking to myself how could I have possibly thought that he would show up. My neighbors watched me go down the steps in my fire red Shedevil costume. My ensemble was red. All red. From my horns to my feet I adorned the color of passion. Which is what I thought the night would lead to… Well it did, but not with my boyfriend.

I started my car and out the road I went. After getting onto the highway a man passed me in a black truck, he was pointing to the back of my car. I didn’t know what he was trying to tell me so I waited till he was past me and I pulled off the road on an emergency pull off spot… And there it was my tire was going flat.

“Damn!!” I cursed “I’m going to be really late. “

I went to my trunk and opened it, when I saw headlights pull in behind me. I was relieved to see that there was still a kind hearted person to help me change the tire.

Out of the truck stepped this beautiful silhouette. He was tall, nicely built, dark haired man.

“Looks like you could use some help!” he said… His voice made me melt.

“Yes, I do need some help. I’m on my way to a Halloween party and my date never showed up, now this… I guess this is a sign that I shouldn’t go to the party. ” I replied to my knight in shining armor.

“Well let’s see if we can’t get this tire changed and get you on your merry way. “

As he leaned into my trunk I look at his ass, it was nice. Levi’s always make a mans ass look good. He must have felt me staring at his body, all he did was turn around and smile at me… Busted. Yes I was busted, but it was well worth it.

He took the jack out of my trunk and got down on his knees as he was putting my car in the air, he said he needed something else out of the back of the car could I get it for him. I went to the back and pulled out the lugwrench..

“Is this what you need?” I asked, knowing full well that it was the right thing.

“That’s it, just set it down over here. “

As I walked over to him, he followed me with his eyes, they were burning through me like hot daggers. Never have I ever felt this way with a total stranger before.

“So Miss SheDevil, do you have a name?” he asked

“Isabella, my friends call me Bella. “

“I like that name, mine is Dylan it’s a pleasure to help you out!” he said.

“Nice name, I Samsun Escort went out with a Dylan in school, but as with all high school romances, you get older. Last I heard he was living in Colorado. “

“Well I’m not that Dylan because I don’t think I’d have let you get away. Where’s the party at?”

“Down in the city. ” I answered him “Can I help you with anything?”

“Well I don’t need help with the tire but your more than welcome to come closer so I don’t break my neck trying to look at you and change the tire at the same time. ” he laughed.

I walked over to the side of the car and leaned up against it. He told me that was much better.

God he was so hot. His shirt was unbuttoned to the middle of his chest and you could see just a tinge of chest hair. Not to much though. Looked to me like it was the amount that I liked. He started to take the lugs off of the tired and one of them landed over between my legs, when he reached over to get it his arm brushed against my calf, sending a fury of fire through my body.

“I like your costume Bella, it’s too bad your date stood you up, he’s the one who’s missing out. I always loved a woman that’s not afraid to dress up as you are. ” he said.

“Thank you, it is to bad that he didn’t get there, I’m sure we would have had a great time. “

Within minutes my tire was changed. But I got the feeling that he was killing time he kept fumbling things and dropping them, I went to pick up a wrench that he dropped and our faces met.

An awkward moment, what do I do. Nothing or something.

I chose something.

We were eye to eye, I lightly touched his lips with mine. He liked it, so I started to push my lips tighter onto his. We kissed passionately for a few seconds. As I pulled away from his mouth I started to stand up. He looked up at me with these eyes. I wanted this man more than anything. Right there, I didn’t care that we were parked along the highway. I wanted him.

As if he were reading my mind, I could feel his hand sliding up my legs over my fishnet stockings,

he started kissing my leg while his hands worked softly over the other leg. His fingertips found the garters as did his soft wet mouth. He began kissing my inner thigh, running his tongue just over the edging of the hose. I was getting very hot and very moist. His hands worked their way to my ass. I could feel his breath on my clit and this just made me hotter. Pulling me closer to his mouth he slid my thong to the side where he teased me with his tongue. I wanted to explode. He slid his tongue into me, fucking me.

I was wet and about to come when Samsun Escort Bayan he stopped.

“I think we need to take this someplace else. ” he said, as he took my hand and took me to the back of his truck. ” I hope you don’t mind here, I just don’t want the whole world to see what I’m about to do to you. “

“I have a blanket on the backseat of my car, why don’t you go get it. “

He smiled and said “Don’t go anywhere. “

Like I really would..

He laid the blanket onto the bed of his truck, I was sitting on the tailgate he leaned into me and kissed me so hard it took my breath away. Wrapping my arms and legs around his body I pulled him in closer to me, I could feel his cock pressing against my hot pussy, throbbing at the thought of what was about to thrust in and out of it. We slid into the back of the truck, he pulled up the tailgate and shut the cap window. We had our privacy. It was getting dark. Luckily he had a little flashlight in a toolbox. He turned it on.

He took off my shoes, kissing my feet. I reached down and grabbed his tshirt lifting it over his head, he had a gorgeous chest. Glistening with little beads of sweat, I leaned up kissing his chest running my tongue around his nipples, they got hard. He let a soft moan which turned me on more. He started to fuck me with his fingers starting out with one then two and rubbing my clit with his thumb. Our lips met again, I drove my tongue deep into his mouth, he sucked on my tongue letting me fuck his mouth with my tongue. Slowly he kissed my neck, as he was kissing my neck his hands guided themselves under my dress lifting it up over my head. He looked at my body in the light of the flashlight, slowly leaning into my breast he kisses them leaving a wet trail, the evening air chill gives me gooseflesh. As he undid my bra I ran my fingers over his chest, up his shoulders and worked my way back down to his jeans. I unbuttoned his jeans and slid them past his hips. He wasn’t wearing anything underneath them. I felt his rock hard cock, it was hot from all the excitement that we’ve been causing each other.

I pulled him close to me kissing him long and hard. The tip of his rod teasing my clit. I have never in all my life had such passion running through my body. I wanted him more and he knew this. He guided his cock into me slowly, I thrust my hips up to drive him deeper into me. I exploded with every thrust my pussy became wetter and tighter. We rolled over and I was on top of him, he ran his fingertips over my nipples making them hard, I fucked him harder.

“You feel so good. ” he said to me as he sat up just enough Escort Samsun to take my nipple into his mouth sucking it, biting it while doing the same to my other one with his fingers.

I held his head burying it into my tits. Grinding on him I could feel his shaft run up and down my clit. I love clitoral stimulation I can cum all night that way. And it happened. I felt a rush of heat running through my hips. It felt like and earthquake has just hit my body. With every throb of my pussy he raised his cock deeper into me. It felt so good I came. I leaned down kissing him, he put his hands on my ass and pushed me up and down his cock.

He rolled me over onto my back kissing his way down my body to my navel. then to my hips.

Sliding his hand down to my pussy opening both of my lip he touched my clit with his tongue. Sucking it with his mouth. Fucking me with his tongue. This was driving me wild. “I’m going to cum again. “

This made him work me more. He place my clit between his teeth and bit it softly while flicking it with his tongue, my juices flowed like a river. He did not stop, he drank my juices fucking me with his tongue. I wanted to die this felt so good.

“I want you to fuck me, I want to feel you drive your cock into me!” I moaned.

He kissed his way up my body, he was hot, the head of his cock was so hot. He slid his cock into me fucking me. Our bodies sticking together from sweat. He forced himself into me so deep he reached the top of me. When he knew he couldn’t get any deeper, he worked his way in and out of me. I pulled his chest to my mouth and sucked on his nipples. He liked this.

His thrust became faster and harder. And the heat from his cock rubbing against my clit made me orgasm. We came at the same time. I kissed him long and hard running my hands over his back, up his neck to his dark hair.

He laid beside me covering my body with his. “What time did you say you had to be at this party?” he asked me.

“I was supposed to be there at 8, but I really don’t feel like going now. ” I paused for a second “But you’re probably late for something. So I should let you go. “

“I wasn’t going anywhere really. Just driving to the city. ” He said.

“Well if you don’t have any plans, you could go to the party with me. ” I didn’t think he would say yes but he did.

“Really, hey I haven’t been to a Halloween party in years. “

“I have a bunch of costumes back at my place, do you wanna go there and freshen up. Maybe pick out a costume. “

“Sure I’ll follow you there. ” Dylan said “Bella, I sure am glad that your boyfriend stood you up tonight. Otherwise… “

I interrupted him and said “This wouldn’t have happened. And I’m sure glad it did. Thank you!”

and I kissed him.

“Mmmmm, Bella I can’t wait to know you better. ” He said.

We got dressed and headed back to my place. And well that’s another story in itself.

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