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Lake House

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I inherited a lake house from my grandparents after they passed away. It was on a large private lake with houses scattered about its perimeter. The roads to the homes are all unpaved. At first glance, it appeared rustic, but the majority of the homes were all very contemporary with all the luxuries one would expect in a modern vacation home.

Most of the homes were left vacant except for a few weeks out of the year. Only a few were occupied year-round. On my side of the lake, there was only five other homes with permanent residents. Pam Richardson lived just down the road. While my grandparents were still alive, they would often check in on her. Pam had no family and living at the lake year-round left her with very few friends. After I moved in, I began stopping in to check in on Pam and spend some time visiting with her.

She was a nice woman in her mid-fifties. She rarely left her home due to being slightly agoraphobic. She spent the vast majority of her time sitting in a chair watching television. She hadn’t owned a car the entire time I’d known her. She had groceries and other amenities delivered from local stores. What she couldn’t get delivered, I picked up for her.

Her shoulder length hair was graying. She was plump with rosy cheeks and teeth stained from years of cigarette smoke and coffee. She was always happy to see me and never had a negative word to say about anything. Other than the constant haze of smoke in her home, I truly enjoyed spending time with her.

Over time, I made a habit of stopping in to visit her twice a week. Her health was a little questionable and I wasn’t always sure when she might need me to pick something up. But with winter approaching, I knew there would be days that I’d prefer to stay indoors. And she didn’t always answer her phone when I called. I needed to have a solution before the snow began falling.

That solution came to me while I was running a few errands in a nearby small town. I’d stopped into an electronics store to pick up a new wireless router. When I checked out at the register, the man behind the counter, Charlie, told me they offered an installation service. He must’ve realized how unsure I was about installing the router myself. When I told him I lived at the lake, he smiled and told me that wasn’t too far away and the installation wouldn’t be a problem.

Our conversation continued and I eventually told him about my worries regarding Pam. I shared with him that she was even less computer savvy than I was. So whatever I did needed to be extremely easy to use. I could almost see the wheels turning in his head as he considered a solution. What he suggested was setting up a ‘security like system’ between our two homes. He thought installing a few webcams in both houses would allow the two of us to see each other. He even thought it would be possible for her to view my cam on her television. It sounded perfect and he helped me to choose wireless webcams and told me when he installed my new router, he could set up our homes with the webcams too.

The next day I visited Pam before Charlie was due to arrive. She initially thought it was a waste of money, but after explaining that we would be able to see each other as if we were in the same room, she told me it was a good idea and thanked me for worrying about her. She then became concerned if she’d be able to make it work.

Charlie stopped by and installed my router and the webcam software. He had me enter a password to protect against other people peeping in on me. He then helped me to position a pair of webcams in my living room. Before we finished with my home, Charlie showed me how easy it was to add additional cams to our little network.

We then made our way to Pam’s home. She was a little nervous about having company and was up off her chair when we arrived. I’d already warned Charlie that we should try to get in and out as quickly as possible. And he did just that. In a very short period of time, Charlie had a webcam pointed at the chair Pam always sat in. I’d purchased a package of six webcams with the idea of placing them around Pam’s home. But she refused. She said she was always in her chair and that was the only place I needed to see.

Charlie then played with her computer and television until a view of my living room appeared on her big screen tv. He was patient and had Pam switch from her television channels to the webcam several times. He wanted to be sure she understood how to do it. He also taught her how to switch from one of my webcams to the other. By the time he left, Pam was very confident that she could switch between them. On his way out, both Pam and I generously tipped him.

Pam and I were both anxious to see how our webcams would work, so I left shortly after Charlie. When I arrived home, I switched on my laptop and saw Pam sitting in her chair waving at me. When I spoke, I don’t think she was expecting to hear my voice. She was soon laughing and told me to stand in front of my other webcam so she could try switching between them. Bostancı escort I saw the little red indicator light change between them and knew she had been successful.

Over the next few weeks, Pam and I talked for several hours each day. The audio through my laptop was a little sketchy, but it worked. It was almost like we were living in the same home. There were times she changed to watch television so she could watch her game-shows. Afterward, she would change back to the cams in my home. She figured out how to use the mute function and it got to the point that I wasn’t sure when she was watching me and when she wasn’t. The only way I could tell was by the little red indicator light. We soon began talking less and less. Instead, she would just watch me move about my home.

Once I got over the awkwardness of having Pam watch me all the time. The idea of this woman witnessing my life became routine. She would sometimes just start talking and scare me half to death. Other times she would tell me where something was that I was looking for. And on one occasion, she told me my zipper was down.

I happened across the extra webcams one evening and out loud I announced that I still had them. I asked Pam if she had any suggestions on where I should put them. I heard her mic turn on and she asked how many I had. By then I knew she spent the majority of her time watching me move about my home. Without looking at the cams, I laid them out of the table in front of me and said, “Three.”

In a calm tone, she replied, “Hmm, how about one in your shower and the other two in your bedroom.”

A chill shot up my spine and I looked at the closest cam and did the ‘tsk-tsk’ thing with my fingers. I told her she was terrible. She teased me, telling me it was just the two of us. She reminded me she was homebound and needed all the entertainment she could get.

Biting my lower lip, I looked at the cam and told her I’d think about it. Just after midnight that same night, I rolled out of bed and made my way to my living room. I picked up two of the extra cams and placed them on either side of my bed. The third I aimed at my closet and the area where I stood to change my clothes. After activating all three new cams, I went back to bed and lay there thinking about what Pam would potentially see if I weren’t careful. Just as I was drifting off to sleep, I heard Pam’s voice through the speaker on my laptop. She spoke in a very soft voice, “Goodnight Sweetheart.”

I glanced around the room and saw one of the cams I’d just placed was activated. I squirmed under my covers and looked at the cam and whispered, “Goodnight Pam.”

Waking up the next morning, I sat up in bed and stretched my arms above my head. After yawning, I almost slid my legs out from under the covers. But it was obvious that my penis was very stiff beneath my underpants. The little red light was lit on the first cam I looked at. I whimpered, “Pam? Are you there?”

She immediately replied in a very cheery voice, “Yes I am.”

I asked her to please look away, I had to go to the bathroom. She told me she wouldn’t. She told me the point of putting those cameras in my bedroom was so she could watch me. I squirmed under my covers and told her she was terrible! But she was correct. I’d put the cameras out so she could watch. The whole point of putting them where I did was so she could see me at my most vulnerable.

It sounded like she was breathing heavily while I contemplated running to the bathroom. But I swallowed what little pride I had and slid out from under the covers. I wore a t-shirt and my underwear, that was all. I stood there with my hands at my sides and let Pam see my little erection poking against my underwear.

My hips squirmed in a circle when I asked if she was enjoying the view. Her voice sounded raspy when she told me she was. She went on to say she’d enjoy it even more if I took off the rest of my clothes. My penis throbbed hard and my back arched. I’d known the woman my whole life, from the days when I used to come to visit my grandparents during my summer holidays from school. She was easily old enough to be my mother. And I stood there with her watching while I seriously considered stripping for her.

Hooking my fingers into the bottom of my shirt I slowly pulled it upward exposing my pale, almost hairless stomach and chest. I asked her if she really wanted me to take my clothes off. She growled that she did. She really wanted me to strip naked. I slowly pulled my shirt up and over my head. I spun it around on my finger and then tossed it onto my bed.

I stood in my room with my hips grinding around and a moist spot quickly growing on my underpants near the head of my penis. Seconds before I would have dropped the last of my clothes for Pam, I dashed into my bathroom. I quickly lowered my underpants and tossed them back out into my bedroom. I heard Pam call out to me, daring me to go back to my bedroom.

Of course, I didn’t. I went to the bathroom, brushed Anadolu Yakası Escort my teeth, took a shower and got ready for the day. Wrapping a towel around my narrow waist, I tip-toed back through my bedroom to my closet. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw which camera Pam was watching me through. With my back to both of the cams, I slowly opened my towel all the way. Pam called me a tease, which I was!

After closing my towel, I chose my clothes for the day and went back to the bathroom listening to Pam call me a chicken the whole time. I spent that entire day teasing Pam with taking off some of my clothes. From her reaction, I think she was enjoying it as much as I was. By the end of the day, I found myself to be extremely horny when I started off to bed.

I would have usually changed into clean underwear and a t-shirt. But that night I wanted to do something different. Something a little more daring. With Pam silently watching me from down the street, I sat on my bed and I took off my shoes & socks. With only my bedside lamp lighting the room, I slipped under the covers. I took off my shirt and tossed it across the room. My pants were next and quickly followed by my underwear. I was completely naked under my covers and Pam knew it.

I struggled to get to sleep that night. The red glow of the cam kept drawing my attention. And quite honestly, I couldn’t remember ever being so horny before. Very late that night, I whispered, “Pam?”

Her reply again came almost immediately, “Yes Sweetheart?”

My body writhed under the covers. I whimpered, “I’m really horny.”

Her voice sounded raspy when she said, “I know you are Honey. Do you need to take care of it?”

I whispered, “Yes, I think so. Are you going to watch?”

Her answer came in a firm voice, “Yes.”

I squirmed under the blankets and slowly pushed them downward until I was completely exposed. My stiff spike of a penis was throbbing wickedly and already leaking. I spread my arms and legs wide apart and asked if she could see me. Her answer was raspy and between heavy breaths, “Yes.”

I reached down and looped my first finger and thumb around my penis. I slowly stroked up and down. I whimpered softly, “Pam, can you see what I’m doing?”

She moaned back to me that she could. She told me I looked perfectly adorable.

I squirmed on my bed and let my fingers dance up and down my skinny penis. I could hear Pam’s heavy breathing and knew she watching my every move. I hadn’t planned on this happening and didn’t think about what this would do to our relationship. All that I cared about was making myself cum with Pam witnessing the entire event.

Usually, I would squirm around and buck my hips only when I came. But having Pam watching made me feel so nasty. I was putting on a show for her. I found myself writhing and moaning for her. As my orgasm approached I whimpered, “Pam!”

She said, “Yes Sweetheart?”

I chirped, “Pam, I’m going to cum!”

In a deep, throaty voice she said, “Do it, Baby! Cum for me!”

My back arched and rose up off my bed. My toes curled into knots and my mouth fell open. It felt like every muscle in my body went taut when my little balls pulled in close and my penis erupted three, long, pearly-white ropes of cum.

It took me several moments to catch my breath. Even before I’d completely calmed down, I called out to Pam. She replied, telling me that was the sexiest thing she’d ever seen. She told me we needed to get a few more webcams so she could get different views. In a soft voice, I told her that could be nice.

Before my juices started running onto my bedcovers, I got up and made my way to the bathroom. I wiped up my mess and then went back to my room. That night I slept without covers. I wanted Pam to be able to see me if she chose too. And every time I looked around my room, the indicator lights proved she was watching. Just before drifting off to sleep, I whispered, “Goodnight Pam.”

Her reply was soft and in a caring tone, “Goodnight Sweetheart. I love you.”

The next day I got showered and dressed as I normally did. But before lunch, Pam talked me into removing my clothes and spending some time naked. After having her watch me run around my home naked for a few hours, I was beyond horny. I soon found myself on my bed, playing with my throbbing penis once again. This time Pam was much more vocal with how much she was enjoying my performance. She told me I had the sweetest looking little penis she’d ever seen. She also told me I had a cute little ass. It was crazy hearing her voice tell me things like that. Up until recently, I’d never thought of her as a sexual being. But I was beginning to learn more about her with each passing day.

After I’d cum and was laying there in my post orgasm bliss, Pam told me she’d called Charlie from the computer store. She said he would be stopping by my house later that week. She told me she’d hired Charlie to install as many cameras as were necessary so there wasn’t Kadıköy Escort a square inch of my home that wasn’t covered. He’d also be installing a few microphones and speakers so we could better hear each other.

I looked at the glowing camera and whined, “But Pam! I do need some privacy!”

Her voice came back sounding playfully firm, “No you don’t. You started this. I’m only taking it to the next logical step.”

Charlie stopped by four days later as promised. The first thing he did was change the password on the webcam app to a phrase Pam had told him. Pam had warned me about this earlier. Instead of placing the cameras in places I could reach them, he used a ladder and hung them from the ceiling. He hung them from all four corners of my living room, in three of the corners in my kitchen, in all four corners of my bedroom along with one directly above my bed. That same set-up was done in both of the guest rooms. My bathroom was equally covered. There were two pointed at my bathtub, another at the sink and the last at my toilet. Charlie also hung microphones in the center of each room and speakers on two walls.

While Charlie worked, he reminded me that this had begun so I could keep an eye on Pam. He pointed out that the tables had turned. Now it was Pam keeping an eye on me. I squirmed where I stood and agreed that I hadn’t planned on this happening.

Charlie told me there were a few other widows who lived on the opposite side of the lake that he knew would enjoy watching me too. He said if I ever wanted to give them access, it would be pretty easy to set them up. The thought of even more people watching my every move nearly made me squirt in my underpants. I thanked him but told him I wasn’t ready for that.

Before Charlie left, we called Pam and asked her to flip from camera to camera throughout my house. We also checked the microphones and speakers, everything was working perfectly. Moments after Charlie had left, Pam’s voice interrupted the silence in my home.

“Oh yes, this is much better. Sweetheart, why don’t you take off your clothes and give me another show.”

She hadn’t even finished talking before I began removing my clothes while I stood in my living room. My little penis was stiff as a pencil once again. I began playing with myself while turning around, following the camera indicator lights as they came on.

Pam began talking to me while I played with myself. She told me that Charlie now had the password my webcams. That grown man could log in and watch me whenever he wanted. She whispered, “He could be watching you right now.” She let that thought hang for several moments before asking, “How does that make you feel Precious?”

I whimpered softly and kept tickling my penis, “Oh God! It’s nasty! Do you really think would?”

She told me she didn’t know for sure. But she also reminded me that he offered to connect the other widows around the lake. Pam asked me if I’d want other women watching me.

I was getting close to my orgasm and as I squirmed on the couch with her looking down at me from above, I tried to explain that I didn’t know. She’d only been watching me for a short period of time. And I was still getting used to that. However, I did confess that I was really enjoying having her watch me.

That’s when she interrupted me. She explained that if I enjoyed having her watch me so much, imagine what it would be like to have 3 or 4 other older women watching too. She told me I could make every widow around our lake very happy.

I squealed in a high pitch just before I came. Again, my hips bucked up wildly and I gasped for breaths as the orgasm washed over me. As the last creamy rope of cum spurted from my little pink penis, I remember giggling. I giggled like crazy at what I’d just done and I giggled at the fact that I loved the idea of every widow around our lake watching me perform. I couldn’t tell Pam these things because I was laughing so hard. But when I’d calmed down, I told her I liked the idea of cheering up the widows of our lake.

The next few days I spent trying to get used to Pam watching me do EVERYTHING! Having her watch me bathe was actually easy to get used too. I enjoyed having her there for most of the time. The one place I felt uncomfortable was at the toilet! Luckily the camera was positioned so she only got a side view of me whether I was standing or sitting. But talking to her while I went to the bathroom opened new doors of humiliation and embarrassment for me.

Weeks had passed since I’d gone to visit Pam in person. I’d honestly been avoiding it due to all she’d seen me do. But one morning, after bathing but before getting dressed, I told her I would come to visit her if she’d like. She told me she’d enjoy that. When I reached into my closet to get something to wear, Pam suggested I come just as I was. She said it wasn’t that cold out yet and there were only a few other people on our side of the lake. She told me if I made the trip to her house in my bare skin, she would make it worth my while.

When I asked what she meant by that, she told me I’d have to come and see her to find out. We bargained back and forth for several minutes until we agreed that I could wear sandals. By the time I’d stepped into my sandals, my little penis was already stiff.

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